Legend of Korra: Next Gen Master Post

I decided to upload the master post of all the kids first, even though I still haven’t uploaded Bopal babes and Irosami babe’s bios yet. Currently, my writing creativity is constipated, it won’t come out. So, for all ye impatient ones here is what all the kids look like.

Hope you like them! :) (Btw the kids are in order oldest to youngest)

  • Makorra: Katara & Rai
  • Bopal: Pearl & Yunru
  • Kainora: Liang, Meili,& Meifeng
  • Irosami: Shen

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So I finally got around to at least getting the Makorra baby character sheets done! Bopal, Asami, and Kainora babies on the way soon!


-Mako and Korra’s first child.

-An Energetic, fre-spirited, tall (she is almost as tall as her dad, but shorter than Rai who towers over all), badass firebender queen.

-When Korra was pregnant with Katara other Red Lotus members, who were in hiding, attempted to end the avatar line again. Hoping that Korra’s pregnancy would make her more vulnerable. There was one close call, but the Red Lotus were unsuccessful and eventually all imprisoned. However, the experience hit Mako very hard, and for the first few years of Katara’s life he was very over protective of both her and Korra. Eventually, Mako calmed down, but even when Korra was pregnant with Rai he was very on edge.

-She showed signs of firebending when she was only a few weeks old. Causing Korra and Mako some alarm. They questioned what kind of power child they spawned.

-When Katara was a toddler she didn’t understand the concept of what the Avatar was and told everyone that she wanted to be just like her mommy when she grew up, she wanted to be the Avatar. Korra and Mako weren’t exactly sure how to handle the situation, and didn’t want to shatter her dreams, since she was so head strong on it. So, they kind of kept their mouths shut for a year before telling her the process of becoming the avatar. They broke the bad news to wee Katara together after she started question why she still couldn’t bend any element besides fire.

-She was very close to her cousin, Pearl,(who was born a year earlier than her), and Asami’s son, Shen (born the same year), before Rai and the other team avatar babies were born.

-She is very passionate like her mother and doesn’t take anyone’s shit, but as she mature she became observant and in control like father, but still maintained a goofball and energetic deposition.

-Despite the fact that Katara and Rai are very close and get along well, Katara would pick on and play small pranks on Rai, since he was such a grumpy kid.

-Both Katara and Rai have Korra’s signature front pigtails because when they were growing up that was the only hair-do Korra knew how to do, and the two of the grew so accustomed to having them that even into adulthood they kept a similar style.

-Shen would often tease Katara, by pretending that he liked her when they were kids. I started off ironically, but eventually he really fell for her. However, because Katara is so driven by her ambitions she never really gave him the time of day, and still thinks he is just continuing his childhood pranks.

-She eventually joins the United Forces to be like both of her parents and help the people of the world.


-Makorra’s second child and a waterbender.

-Because Rai came after Katara he got all of her hand-me-downs, since she was such a tomboy, and Mako and Korra hated clothes shopping. It took until Rai called family meeting in the living room to read a long hand written statement for the reasons he should be able to upgrade to his own wardrobe that Mako and Korra finally got the message.

-When he was a kid he was very quiet and stuck close to his mom and dad whenever the family went out. He also was a very cranky baby that extended into childhood. He often got embarrassed because of his family, since his mother and sister could in irrational at times and his dad was also trying to crack lame lines and jokes.

-Despite being cranky and quick to anger he was also very gentle. It took some guidance from Jinora, and his parents involvement and encouragement before he finally truly relaxed and became a happier freer person.

-His personality also took a more positive turn when Korra took the family back to the southern water tribe for an extended vacation. Rai loved the Southern Water tribe. It was quieter, more peaceful, and prettier than Republic City in his opinion. He felt most at home there.

-Eventually, Rai moves in with his grandparents in his late teens to help Tonraq with leading the Southern Water tribe. Rai becomes very into politics after that, and in the future becomes the new elected leader of the Southern Water Tribe.

-Both Rai and Katara have parts of Mako’s father’s scarf. When Mako’s grandmother fell ill before she died she told Mako to give the scarf to his kids for a good luck charm. Katara showing off her big sister skills decided to only take a small part of the scarf and give the rest to her baby brother who never got the chance to know his great grandmother very well.

Alrighty that’s all I have for now. Hope you like the kids!

Cel Shading Tutorial by mwah

So, I got an ask from one of you lovely people asking if I could make a tutorial on how I color, or more specifically, how I colored for the Legend of Korra generation II kids.

Compared to shading with a brush tool, which is my usual, I decided to use cel shading, because it is clear cut and in my opinion the easiest style of shading. :)

Alrighty here we go! 

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I got bored and decided to draw the makorra babies I came up with, Katara and Rai as adults, and both of them being a blend of their parents features and color schemes. Along the way I came up with Asami’s future child, Shen. I guess I intended for him to be an irosami baby, but in all honesty since he looks sooooo much like his mom his pop pop could be anyone. I also believe though that Shen totally has the hots for Katara.

So, I finally reached over 1100 followers!!

I want to thank you all so much for your love an support whether you’re new or have been here for a while! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to upload has much due to foreign exchange, and school work, but hopefully I’ll have more time during spring break! :,)

But since people where enjoying the makorra babies I thought it would be fun to draw the kids at the same age as their parents in book 4. Comparing the generations in a way.