Huso on Flickr.

This little dude has been a great distraction from my post-breakup misery. He’s a Soom Teschen I modded the eyes and lips of; I also did his face-up, blushed his fantasy parts, and restrung him. Sill can’t stand really well with those bunny-legs, but maybe glue sueding will help?

Somebody made it home and I actually have a pair of pants that fit his bunny feet. He’s adorable! Hard to stand though on his own. Such kicky little knees. I cannot get over those little feet. His name does elude me however. I’m really fond of his name staying mylo….maybe.


Maria Christina, Duchess of Teschen (Maria Christina Johanna Josepha Antonia; 13 May 1742 – 24 June 1798), called “Mimi”, was the fourth daughter and fifth child of Maria Theresa of Austria andFrancis I, Holy Roman Emperor. She was the Regent (governor) of the Austrian Netherlands in 1781–1793. She was an older sister ofMarie Antoinette.