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Can you do the dragonite family please? c:

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  • The entire Dratini line has been shown to suffer from the effects of a population bottleneck that occurred about five thousand years ago
  • Some theorize humans had a hand in their population decline, showing evidence ancient populations in Kanto ate the dragon-type in ritualistic practices


  • Dratini are extremely energetic, some even say they are full of life!
  • They must constantly eat because of their nigh-exponential growth, even leading them to take bait from fishing hooks
  • The Dratini in Kanto’s Safari Zone are stocked, and rather friendly. They’re known to sometimes surface and beg for food
  • They enjoy curling around their trainers like scarves, but as they get bigger, this can sometimes tip the trainer over!
  • You can tell when one is going to evolve, as the tail begins to gain orb-like tumors, as well as on the neck, where its orbs will go
  • One close to evolution may grow a bit less energetic, even try to control the clouds above (which is kinda amusing)


  • A freshly evolved one usually doesn’t have a good handle on its weather-controlling powers
  • When rain falls but the sun shines, it is called a “Dratini’s Evolution” 
  • Their ability to fly comes with experience in creating and controlling wind patterns around its body, lifting it and making it “fly”
  • It does not like being touched on its orbs, but someone it trusts may touch them
  • As most of its power is contained in its orbs, losing one can be a fatal experience!
  • Close to evolution, it will rapidly gain weight and the color of its scales will gain a ruddy hue


  • Dragonite are as intelligent as people, and if you treat one with respect and an equal, you’re bound to establish a good relationship
  • It has a kindhearted streak, hating to see creatures drowning, and will rescue people and pokemon it finds stranded
  • There is a famous novel where a mariner is stranded on an island due to a kindly dragonite, and spends ten years on it
  • Most ports have a Dragonite statue. It is believed erecting one brings good fortune and weather
  • Sometimes, even lighthouses are stylized with dragonite motifs!
  • Its mastery of the weather allows it to reach its blistering speeds and even calm whirlpools!
  • They love being kept busy, and they make for perfect mailcarriers!

apparently reylo “erases finn from his own narrative”?

sorry, didn’t realize finn’s sole narrative purpose was to be a romantic interest to rey and couldn’t exist in the narrative non-romantically