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Skyrim Random - Thomijin Firehall

Just playing around today. Determined that Thomijin is going to have a pet to follow him around, just not sure what type yet. Maybe he will get a lab like my Darrow follower has. He started out as a destruction mage, now he has morphed into a restoration type I think. Need to work on his face a bit, things aren’t final yet with him.


Dragon studies for my idiots that was supposed to be a quick break from design commissions that turned into. This. I doubt the giant image of all of them side by side shows up well but that’s what I get for making a huge image!

*Edit- Changed the side by side file so it was at least KIND OF readable. Sort of.

Various dragons from my stupid Skyrim fic lmao;;;


Day 7 - Any other background or supporting characters you’d like to spotlight?: Ordinator from Vivec. They’re watching you.

(Day 8 - skipped :P)

Day 9 - Draw what a character would look like dressed in a different character/country’s clothing: Ashlander!Veladrin it is then.