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"hello father Bottons, I heard your the go to guy for this consultation stuff....ok, I REALY needs this. There is this girl back in Whiterun that I like and I don't know if she likes me back and its driving me insane!" *is probably overthinking it and being a little paranoid*


I’ve been gifted a new character. No, not made by me, but by a friend; @bravemustaine

He, who for whatever reason, wished to axe this wonderful character, and I simply asked if could I have her before that happened. Since I always wished to play, but could never make a female Argonian I was happy with, I admittedly bounced a bit upon being told yes. There were a couple issues at first, him having used ECE, which has preset slots not compatible with racemenu, but I managed to create a custom race with the files he gave me. Miraculously, it’s not much different than making a follower.

This is Zaura. A barbarian - sort of “Judge Dread” - style Argonian with an ice-colored underbelly. Her sword, while not the most lore-friendly thing in the word, is one that rivals her height. Yet she’s capable of wielding it with one hand, despite its name, the Zweihander, otherwise in her eyes, it is a peacekeeper. Any crime committed before her, or noticed, and the malefactor becomes but a ubiquitous stain upon it, despite their entitled plea.

She is very tall. Zaura is perhaps a person and three heads high, and very scant when it comes to clothing; both of which I’m very unfamiliar with.

One thing I can say about her with no reluctance is that she’s fun as hell to play. Thanks Brave.

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