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❝ See, I was thinking, Ms. Terzic, ❞ words slipped passed pursed lips on their own accord, the echoes of a deep modulation rebounding against the plastic cell sustaining his CONTAINMENT. ❝ ⎯⎯⎯ what exactly are you gaining from keeping me locked up, again? I’m simply shocked that so many of you could be so blind-sided by mankind. ❞ 

An irascible gaze flickered down to regard the transparent, ductile shackles binding his arms before his body, ones that were wisely utilized in place of ones fabricated by metal. Erik was fully aware no one would simply concede or fathom why he did the things he did, thought the ways he did ⎯⎯⎯ an impetuous effort, is what it was, and he was provided with no other option than to RESTORE their pride by force. ❝ Took you for being wiser than the rest of them once, but how very wrong I was. ❞