Okay but consider this- Oikawa, Daishou, and Tsukishima put in a room together

They are honestly all such bitches. Dirty, underhanded, passive aggressive, mocking BITCHES. All of them. So can you imagine what would happen if they were all together- alone? Gossip. Insults. All around teen-movie girl friendships. Revealing everyones weaknesses to each other, and talking about how to better be assholes. Oikawa teaching Tsukki how to get free things with his (cannonly attractive) looks. Daishou teaching Oikawa how to better get under people’s skin. Tsukki showing Daishou blackmail material and how to get it. 

It would be a fucking shitshow, dude.

(And poor Iwa-chan, Yams, and Terushima too) 

tacetheadphones  asked:

look honestly the world needs more teru ships and fics I've read all two BoKurooTeru (?) fics and I need more every teru ship is a rare pair but BoKurooTeru needs more love

i agree both teru ships and bokuroteru need more love!! to spread some terushima love heres some of my favourite teru fics:

apple curry - terudai, single dad au

best of both worlds - terudai, terus famous & daichi doesnt recognise him

let’s go to a wedding - terudai, fake/pretend dating au

simplicity - bokuroteru, soulmate au + college au

the same old songs with the same old rhymes - bokuroteru, road trips, not super romantic shippy but quality bonding moments

air - terushou, wrong number au (gets angsty at points)

Title: Air
Rating: M
Chapters: 6/?
Relationship: Daishou Suguru/Terushima Yuuji
There, blond hair and piercings glinting in the low light of the apartment, and wearing grey skinny jeans, stood the man he’d had spent the past two weeks texting. He could feel the colour drain from his face.
Alternatively: that wrong number AU no one asked for but I wanted to write


For Penchant by @caelestisxyz

“Smirking to himself, Daishou memorizes the address and time of the party without bothering to pick the filthy piece of paper up off the ground. While the professor drones on about this and that, Daishou daydreams about the endless possibilities for the party. Only an omega lacking self-preservation would knowingly put himself in the kind of situation he intends to prance right into.

What can he say? Daishou has always had a penchant for getting himself into sticky situations.”