The sheen of sweat on Hanazawa’s face gave him an eerie kind of shine, if it didn’t mean that Hanazawa was ill it would have looked as though he were glowing. Shigeo lightly pressed the cool damp flannel against Hanazawa’s forehead as the other shifted and sighed, he felt Hanazawa press up into his touch. 

“Thank you so much, Kageyama-kun,” Hanazawa said, voice strained and his smile weak, “you seem to always be saving me,” he added, sweat rolled down his temple. 

“I’m just helping out,” Shigeo replied, he was a little stunned by Hanazawa’s words, he didn’t think of it as saving people, to Shigeo he’d just done what he’d thought was right. “You’ve helped me too,” he said, he pulled his hand away and left the flannel atop Hanazawa’s forehead as he leaned back. 

“It’s that humility that attracts people to you in good and bad ways,” Hanazawa murmured, his eyelids fluttered as he struggled to keep his eyes open, but he lost the battle and swiftly fell into slumber. 

Shigeo was left to sit there as Hanazawa’s words sank into him, his face felt as feverish as Hanazawa looked. Whether or not he’d actually saved the other, Shigeo wasn’t sure, all he knew was that he had been helping someone like him. His palms dipped into the mattress as he leaned over the other and watched Hanazawa as he slept, if he really had saved Hanazawa then he was thankful onto himself because the boy beneath him with golden hair and a sharp mind was worth saving. 

College Au

Au where Mob after his accident in middle school he has forgotten everything to do with his powers.
And his powers themselves seem to have vanished.

Until one day he gets dragged to a party by his best friend Tsubomi.
He meets a boy with purple and light blonde (almost white) hair.
He feels vaguely familiar but Mob shakes it.
They hit it off and before he knows it they’re moving in together.

Things are quite cute and domesticated until Mob starts finding clues that literally everyone in his life is hiding something.
There’s photos of the two of them from they were fourteen that he doesn’t remember being taken, Teru and Ritsu seem to have a history, and to make things weirder things be moving on their own and sometimes if Mob gets particularly emotional things shatter

And all the while he has to deal with homework, a teacher who seriously has it in for him, and some sort of creepy cult that thinks he’s their god.

You know, typical college things


Hͧ̿ͫ͆AV͆̔͛͐̚E̡͒ͨͯ̃͗ ̨ͣ̓ͨ̇Ỷ̑͑̎͊͆̚Oͤ̔̾̏̎̇͆U ̇͛̓͝RͨE̅ͯ͏Aͤͪͪ̉C̴̃̓H̍Eͦ̎̕D͒͢
ͨ͌ͤ̈̓ͪ͒͢ ̑̂͒̀̓̉ͦ1͑̊ͮ̏͐0̵̐ͥ̒ͮ̽͂ͫ0̐̒̈̿̀ ͤ̂̇̅̅͝Ÿ́ͦ̎ET̵ͦ

Mob Psycho 100 minicards in preparation for con season!
(Where is season 2 ;___; )

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