• Okita:Thanks dad...
  • Everyone:(stares)
  • Okita:Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Heisuke:Did you just call Kondo dad- you said, "thanks dad."
  • Okita:What? No I didn't. I said, "thanks man."
  • Kondo:Do you see me as a father figure Souji?
  • Okita:No, if anything I see you as a bother figure 'cause you're always bothering me!
Aksys Games trying to localize Hakuouki: Sweet School Life [Update] - Gematsu

Update: To further clarify, Aksys Games is trying to convince Idea Factory to let them license the title for localization. Aksys said at the event that if you really want it, you should let Idea Factory know so they see the demand.

Here’s how you can contact Idea Factory Japan:

IF Japan Twitter, Otomate Twitter

Another method of contacting Idea Factory Japan


Anonymous asked: Hi hi! Could I possibly request something about Hakuouki, please? whether icons or a gifset, if you don’t mind. About the Shinsengumi boys and cherry blossoms? (since it’s such a recurring theme) I hope you’ll have a nice week-end! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hope you like them ^^