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“Love is when… nothing goes the way you want. Yet, you still want to be with them.”

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Do you like other animes o mangas beside naruto?

I’m crying because this is the second time I have to answer this, the first one didn’t publish, I don’t know why. *Sobbing*

Okay, now, sorry for the late, I was really sleepy last night so I couldn’t answer properly. My english is not the best so sorry if something doesn’t make sense, just in case. 

And yes, I like other animes and mangas beside Naruto. Not a lot, just because I don’t have the time to watch/read like I would want to. Now, is pretty clear that beside Naruto, I loooooooooooooove Inuyasha, I mean, please, I need a minute JSJDJJDJS. 

-Inuyasha is the first anime that I’ve ever watch and the first manga I’ve ever read, Inuyasha mean so much to me, I can’t even put it in words. Inuyasha is ALWAYS going to be my favorite, InuKag and MirSan are the all time best couples and I’ve learn so much from this characters, they made me laugh, made me cry, the inspire me so much and I’ve got so many lessons from them. I have no more words for my love for Inuyasha. 

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Now, a little list of animes and mangas:

-Bleach: I’ve started this a while ago, but I haven’t got the time to continue. It was pretty good and I’ll continue for sure. 

-Inu x Boku ss: Okay, just by writing the title I cry a little. I watched the anime and I found it so cute, I laughed a lot and I immediately I fell in love with Soushi, but then… 

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I found out that the anime was just the prologue of the story, so I read the manga, and I’M CRYING. I’m serious here, I cried so much while reading it, It was so hard, I’m mean, I don’t want to give spoilers in case you want to read it, but It broke my heart in so many pieces. Hopefully the last chapter fixed my heart and made my tears worth it. It was such a hard ride but it was worth it, i swear. Besides, the author of Inu x Boku died a while ago and that makes me respect this so much. I think I’m going to re-read it. Plus, I relate to Riri in spiritual levels. 

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-Kamisama Hajimameshita: The anime is VERY cute, and funny, and the way was handle was perfect, because the animation is just like I imagine. BUT, everyone that liked this anime should read the manga. There was a lot of changes in the anime, I mean, A LOT, so please read the manga. There you’re going to find out about the true past of Tomoe and how is connected to Nanami. Bah, I think that I’m going to re-read this one too when I get the time. Plus, Tomoe es the best thing, I love him so much. 

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*I have a problem with white haired guys, even more if they have fluffly ears*

-Vampire Knight: Okay, I started with the anime and I really liked it, It was just like I wanted to watch, but in the moment I finished the first season, I went directly to the manga, I don’t know why I haven’t watch the second season but I think I’ll never watch it. The thing is, the manga was really complicated, with a lot of confusion, decisions, tears, heartbreak, dark past, hard truths, but that made it great. I mean, I couldn’t stop reading although I was suffering for Zero. At first I wasn’t very happy with the end but now I think it made sense after all the storyline. Finally I’m content with it, because when a read the last chapter the first time i throw everything away jajajaja. Now I’m in peace, I think, and the extra chapters make it even better now that I understand the love of Yuki to Zero. I mean I’m a Zeki fan forever and Zero is my babe. If you want to read this, please read between lines, so you could understand Yuki’s feelings towards Zero. 

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*Another guy with white hair. Plus, Zero have purple eyes, just like Tomoe. I have a problem, I know*

*So never answer me why I love Kakashi and Tobirama from Naruto so much*

-Kaichou wa maid sama: One day I really wanted to watch something just fun and light and someone recommend me maid sama, AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It was so hilarious, I laughed so hard during the whole anime and I loved the relationship between Usui and Misaki so much that I had to read the manga, and I did. I couldn’t stop until the day the  last chapter came out and it was sooooo cute. Someday I’m going to rewatch the anime so I can laugh again. I highly recommend Kaichou wa maid sama, really really really. Plus, Usui is really handsome. (Usui’s passion toward a maid dresses Misaki is the best thing in the world, so funny).

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-Say I love you: I few days ago I watched this anime because it was short, and I have to say that I loved it, it was so beautiful. Yamato filled my heart so much, and I deeply loved Mei’s development. I can’t compare it to the manga because I haven’t read it yet, but I will as soon as posible, ‘cause I know there are this of the first chapters that wasn’t in the anime. I recommend this anime so much, I fell in love with the characters and made me melt a lot. Plus, I think that is very realistic somehow, not just Mei or Yamati, I mean, Aiko with her story, and the stretch marks, and the insecurities, that was really real. 

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-Dengeki Daisy: Unfortunately, there’s no anime, just manga, but I recommend it so much. It was an amazing ride, beatiful, cute, with  a little drama, and the perfect amount of suspense. And something really important, there’s a lot of FUNNY MOMENTS. I mean, Teru y Kurosaki are so hilarious, is like their essence. You will even believe those two, I love them so much. Beside, Kurosaki es 25 and Teru is just 17, so the awkardness of their relationship makes it 10/10. 

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I could go on with the new things that I’ve watch, but I’m tired. 

Of course I’ve watched a lot of anime in my childhood, like: Sailor moon (I’m planning on watch the new version soon), Dragon Ball, Pokemon (the first ones), Mermelade Boy, Nube the hell teacher (or something like that), Blackjack, Dan detective academy, Candy Candy, Shin Chan (pls, I still watch it), Ranma ½, and a lot more. 

I would really love if someone can suggest me more anime to watch in my vacations. <3

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