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Dear Neil, this is not so much a question as a thank you. I just watched "Terry Pratchett - Back in Black" on BBC 2. Towards the end, there was a part of an interview with you in which you cried. This broke, or rather unlocked, something in me and made me break down and cry for a long time. Some of my tears were related to the subject, some to everything else going on in my life. I hadn't cried in a long time. It was very helpful and a relief. It might sound weird, but thanks for your tears <3

It was strange, and unexpected, breaking down in an interview in an empty Chinese restaurant early one morning: I think it was because the night before it had been Terry’s public memorial, and now it was private, and I was talking about my friend, not about the public persona. At the end of the interview, Charlie, the director/interviewer said “I’ve never said this before to someone I’m interviewing, but would you like a hug?” and I said I would.

“Well, at least that bit won’t be on TV,” I thought. “It would be too embarrassing if it was.”

But it seems to have let other people cry too, for Terry and for what they needed to cry about, and for that I’m grateful. So you are very welcome.

Discworld began as an antidote to fantasy. There are so many cliches in the view of fairy tales with the wizards and witches, and so forth, and it would be fun to treat them as if they were real life.  Discworld had a condom factory and why not?  You couldn’t do that in Middle Earth. You couldn’t even THINK about doing it in Narnia.
—  Terry Pratchett: Back in Black
Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.
—  Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky
I Need You

Summary: Mickey realizes what he needs to do to keep Ian from joining the Army.

Word Count: 828

“Don’t,” is the last thing Mickey said to Ian. He wanted to say more, to tell him he can’t survive without him, but the words wouldn’t come out.

The newly wedded Milkovich boy knew that he needed to stop Ian from leaving and going into the Army, but he wonders if Ian will even listen to him. Mickey was the one who got them into this shit, but could he get them out?

Mickey turns over in his bed and looks at the clock, which reads 2:04 AM. He jumps out of bed, puts clothes on, and heads out the door. Ian Gallagher was not going to leave him.

When he arrived at the Gallagher household, he didn’t even bother knocking. From past experiences, he knew there was a key under the mat for the back door. Once we walked in, he breathed in the silence. It was odd for there to be no noise in a house as crowded as this one.

He makes his way up the stairs to his secret boyfriend’s bedroom. Mickey slowly pushes the door open to see Ian packing a bag. Walking forward, he puts his hands on Ian’s shoulders.

Mickey can tell Ian knew it was him, because he seemed to thoughtlessly lean into the touch. “Ian, don’t go to the Army.”

At the sound of voices, Carl jolted awake, but no one noticed. Instead of letting the two boys know he was there, he studied their positions and noticed that it was not a good time to intrude. He couldn’t help but wonder why they seemed so close.

“Mickey, I can’t stay.” Ian shrugged him off in sadness.

Mickey let out a frustrated grunt. “Yes, you can,” he tried to stay calm.

Carl notices as Ian slowly grew more and more angry. What are they talking about? What is happening?

“Mickey, listen to me clearly. I cannot fucking stay.”

“Why?” Mickey challenged. “Too afraid? Is that it, tough guy?” His voice sounded cold to Carl’s ears, but Ian heard the desperation.

Ian scoffs harshly. “As if.” He rolls his eyes. “You’re the only pussy here.”

“Say it again and I’ll rip your fucking tongue out, Gallagher.”

Ian turns from Mickey’s gaze. He could punch him right now, but he doesn’t want to wake the kids up. “You know it’s true. Scared to admit how you feel. Scared to love me. Scared of your dad. Scared of your wife. Scared of your brothers. Scared of telling me– the only person who has never fucking looked down on you– how you feel.”

“You know what fuck you, you don’t know shit. Maybe I am fucking afraid! Maybe! I am always facing my fears for you though, you asshole. I fucking kissed you. I asked to sleep over for God’s sake. I was trying to be better for you!” Mickey put his faces in his palms trying to hide his defeat. He’s never admitted anything like this too anyone before, but it needed to be done if it meant keeping Ian.

Ian dryly laughs. “Yeah you were progressing. Then Terry found us and it went back to the way it was before when you gave even less of a shit about me. I’m just a warm mouth to you.”

Suddenly Mickey launched himself at Ian and pulled him in for a hard kiss. When they separated they were both breathing heavily. Ian shut his eyes to take in the moment. “Fuck,” he said under his breath.

“You know I didn’t mean that when I said it,” Mickey said softly. Ian breathes in shakily as a response.

Carl’s mind was going all over the place. Are Ian and Mickey fucking behind closed doors? Must be after seeing a kiss like that, Carl ponders. Mickey Milkovich is gay?

“You can’t fucking leave me. I married her because Terry was going to kill you. I’d rather be fucking miserable than watch you die, okay? I need you, Ian.” His forehead was pressed against Ian’s. They were so close they could feel each other’s breaths. “I love you.”

Ian started nodding rapidly. He finally understood. He also knew how hard it had to be for Mickey to say all of that since he has never been good with words. “I love you too,” he kissed Mickey again. “I love you too.”

“Please,” Mickey desperately whispers into Ian’s mouth. No one has ever heard this sad tone come out of a Milkovich, and it is not something to get used to.

“I’m not leaving,” he pulls his face back to look in Mickey’s eyes. “I’m not leaving you,” he kisses his forehead.

Holy shit, Carl thought, they’re really in love. Once they separate they give each other the purest and most caring look Carl has ever witnessed between two people.

Out of nowhere, Mickey’s head jerks to look at the top bunk, where Carl is laying. “You just gonna keep starin’ at us?”

“Shit,” Carl said. “Sorry.”

Robin’s Nest: Part 12

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1334

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

        Your eyes won’t leave their faces. So many versions of your children are standing before you, some of them completely grown. Your sons grow up handsome, and your daughters grow up beautiful. You’d smile if it weren’t for the cloud surrounding them, and the pain in your eyes.

          You’re the first one to break the silence, your voice is a bit shaky, “Time for bed, no patrol tonight.”

          The younger kids start moving towards the stairs but Dick and Jason protest. One look stops the argument before it begins, and they start moving towards the stairs. You can feel all eyes on you, and one look tells you everything you need to know, these people don’t know who you are. In their worlds you don’t exist.

          You straighten your back, and adjust Terry in your arms before moving to step in front of Bruce, “I’ll put on the coffee once the kids are in bed.”

          Bruce smiles, “Nothing I say is going to convince you to try and get some sleep, is it?”

          You shake your head and simply say: “For better or worse.”

          He kisses your forehead and says: “I love you.”

          You kiss him and then say: “Love you too.”  

          You move up the stairs. You grin a bit as you hear giggling, you follow the sound to your bedroom. All of your kids are in your bed. Helena and Damian are jumping up and down, Tim is curled up next to Dick, Jason is playing a videogame, and Cass is drawing something. You lay Terry down in the bassinet before crawling onto the bed with your kids.

          They’re all smiling, happy and healthy, and there’s no signs of darkness or sadness in their eyes. You kiss and hug each of them, before reading them several chapters of a Harry Potter book.

          Everyone is fast asleep by the time you crawl out of the bed, well, all but one. You bend over him, “You okay Tim?”

          There’s a moment of silence before he says, “They didn’t know who you were.”

          You swallow, “What makes you say that?”

          Tim smiles just a bit, “When daddy said, ‘I love you,’ a few of their mouths dropped open. They’ve never heard him say that before, and if he’s never said that, then you weren’t there.”

          You smile and kiss his forehead again, “You are so smart my little detective. Try and get some sleep.” He just nods, and closes his eyes, and with one last look you leave the room.

          You move quietly down the stairs, voices reach your ears as you hit the landing, and for some reason you just stop. You stop, sink to the floor and listen.

          “He said I love you, to another human being. I didn’t think that was possible in any dimension.”

          Another voice scoffs, “It’s one of many things all our big, bad, bats are supposed to have in common. No emotional connection, closed off, and never let anyone in.”

          Another voice clears his throat “The old man was married to his work, everyone left him in the end.”

          A younger voice this time says, “He wasn’t exactly the best parental figure. From the sound of it, he never really cared for any of us.”

          That has you surging forward, you’re in the doorway in the next three seconds. All eyes turn towards you, and you say, “Apparently you don’t know him that well.”

          “Look lady, we get it, you married him, you adopted this universe’s version of all of us, and you know that he loves you. But I’d also be willing to bet that he’s never home, and the job always comes first. Even if that’s not true, our version of the old man is one where it is. He only cares about Gotham.”

          Your face moves into what Dick has always called “Mom’s no nonsense face,” and your voice hardens a bit. “I’ve known Bruce Wayne from the time we were ten years old. I’ve been married to him since I was nineteen. So understand this right now, if there is anyone in this world who knows how stubborn and focused that man can be. It. Is. Me.”

          You take a deep breath, “I was there through the training, the traveling, heck I was there when the idea of Batman was conceived. I was there to monitor the computers, and stitch his wounds, hell, I’m the only one who can get close to him when scarecrow gets him with that awful gas.”

          And as for those kids up there, they are my children. With the exception of Cassandra, I gave birth to each and every one of them; Richard Thomas Wayne, Jason Alfred Wayne, Timothy James Wayne, Damian Lucius Wayne, Helena Martha Wayne, and Terry Allen Wayne. And while I may not have given birth to Cass, you better believe that I fought for her. She is just as much my child as any of the others.”

          There’s this look of surprise on their faces before a young man steps forward and asks: “You’re their mother? Their birth mother?”

          You nod, “Yes.” This look of shock and surprise passes over all their faces and you say: “I don’t exist in your worlds, do I?” Their faces tell you everything. You nod more to yourself than anyone else, as you go to sit on the couch. They all make room for you, their eyes never leaving you. After a few moments of silence you say: “Tell me about the worlds you come from.”

Hey guys my family member works at blizzard and gave me the script for the Doomfist reveal

You update your game, which is disguised as just another patch. You sigh. You open the game, and as you try to skip an opening cutscene, you find you can’t. Suddenly, as Winston is speaking, the wall behind him breaks down. It’s Doomfist. Winston says “It’s you”. Doomfist, voiced by Terry Crews, shouts back “ITS ME”

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For that Ship-game thing: DickKory 11 or 20 please

20: things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

At the sound of Donna’s quiet voice, Dick stops just short of entering the main sitting room in the tower.

“- and I’m still so young, I’ve got my whole life ahead of me.” Donna sighs. “Maybe I’m just a naive kid. Sometimes I feel like I’ve known Terry forever, but other times..”

She stops mid-sentence, and Dick can imagine her downcast eyes, along with her fallen expression.

Oh. So it was one of those conversations; the kind that would not receive his interruption well.  He makes a note to talk with Donna later, but for now he should just -

“Do you ever feel like you’ve rushed things with Dick?” Donna’s voice rings through the room, and Dick freezes.

Perhaps he can stay for a little while longer. Is it technically eavesdropping if the conversation topic is the listener?

He hears the melodic sound of Kory humming in contemplation, before she responds.

“No,” she says, her voice soft as velvet. “No, I don’t feel that way at all. Dick is amazing. He’s smart and kind and interesting.” She pauses, before adding, “and very attractive.”

Donna gives a fond laugh at that.

“I think,” Kory begins, before pausing once more. The silence stretches out for only a moment, but to Dick’s anxious ears it feels like forever. “I think I’m in love with him.”

Dick’s heart, no matter how cliche it sounds, skips a beat. His breaths stop entirely, and his mouth falls open the slightest bit in shock.

“Have you told him yet?” Donna questions, breaking Dick out of his trance.

“No,” Kory admits. “Maybe we’ve been moving too slow.” Her tone is only slightly joking.

“Your first meeting involved a kiss,” Donna points out, a smile clear in her voice. “A long kiss.”

Kory’s laughter echoes through the room. “I suppose you’re right.”

“You should tell him,” the woman he has come to think of as a sister says. “He feels the same way. I see it in the way he looks at you; like you’re the brightest thing in the room.”

Kory is silent for a moment, the resounding sound of Dick’s heartbeat being the only noise he can hear.

“Maybe I will,” she says at last, causing Dick’s heart to flutter. “But back to you. Do you love Terry?

As the conversation shifts, Dick takes his leave.

He can’t help but turn the discussion over in his head. Kory loves him.

But what if Donna’s right? Maybe they’re just naive kids, experiencing a new sort of thrill. Maybe they’re young and stupid, and this can only end in heartbreak. Kory’s still only getting used to this planet, let alone it’s occupants. Maybe this is just a fling, Maybe she’ll discover someone better than him. Maybe -

He thinks of her warm hand in his own. Of her breath tickling his neck, and her musical laugh. Of how her smile outshines the sun, and how being in her presence for no more than a just few minutes causes his own face to break into a grin. Of how, despite the fact that he spends his nights leaping from buildings and swinging on grappling hooks, he has never felt more like he is flying than when her lips are on his own.

Maybe he loves her, too.

send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic

Numb3rs Ask
  • Charlie: what is something you're passionate about but most people don't understand?
  • Don: how do you react to and overcome your fears?
  • Alan: casual pal type or the actual dad friend?
  • Margaret: favorite memory with your parent/guardian?
  • Eppes House: what is your dream residence?
  • David: what causes do you fight for?
  • Megan: over-analyze or underestimate?
  • Colby: what makes you trust people?
  • Liz: do you have a current crush?
  • Ian: easily lost in a mall or can find your way in a forest?
  • Nikki: are you all look or all leap?
  • Robin: who do you have the best relationship with?
  • Terry Lake: if you could go back in time and fix one thing, what would it be?
  • FBI Office: what are your career goals?
  • Larry: would you ever go to outer space?
  • Amita: do you believe in true love?
  • Mildred Finch: what is something that annoyed you at first but grew on you later?
  • Marshall Penfield: what is something annoying that never ever grew on you?
  • Oswald Kittner: would you rather enjoy a good joke or make someone else laugh?
  • Bill "Waldie" the science guy: which celebrity do you think you would be besties with?
  • CalSci: do you want to pursue a higher education?
  • CharlieVision: do you keep ideas to yourself or share them?
  • Game Theory: riddles or puns?
  • Monastery: where is your safe place?
  • Larry's Ford Model A: road trip to where?
  • Heron's Fountain: how do you de-stress?
  • Combinatorics: play video games or accomplish tasks?
  • Pi: favorite factoid you like to tell people?
  • Koi Pond: do you have any pets? a favorite?
  • Black helicopters: do you like ufos/cryptids?
  • WitSec: are you good at keeping secrets?
  • Afghanistan: where is the farthest from home you've been?
  • Black SUV: what is your dream car?
An extreme shipper (ES) is spreading propaganda claiming that random trolls and not ESers are bullying Mac

Sorry Veils, Bird Whisperer, whatever you call yourself these days. We aren’t falling for your propaganda. 

You can’t stop trying to pretend the ES don’t do hurtful things, can you Veils? You tried to spread your propaganda with the CompuServ group but they saw right through you. You succeeded with Terry but then again it appears Terry needed to believe you in order to obtain protection from ES harassment. 🙄

But we aren’t going to let you successfully spread your propaganda again. Of course most of (not all but most of) the Mac haters on IG are extreme shippers 

We’ve proven that Outlanderlover2013 is your friend the flutist (see POST). She has written awful things on Mac’s IG and on her ex-boyfriend Billy’s IG. She has tagged Mac from time to time with SamCait pictures in the apparent hope of rattling her. She has a following of over 1.1 k, most of whom are ES.

OL2013 was one of the people who went over the top on Mac’s post the other day and got told off by paydin_layne, the CEO of Nagini Brand. She is not just some random troll.

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Prompt: Ok this is specific so hold on. Can you do an imagine where the reader works at buzzfeed and she is asked to do a video swimming with sharks and she refuses then someone is like “what if we get Sebastian Stan to go with you” and the reader is like “if you can do tang then yeas” and they actually get Sebastian to go with you then after words he asks you on a date and fluff. Please thanks

Word Count: 1300ish


Authors Note:

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The storm was really giving it everything it had. This was its big chance. It had spent years hanging around the provinces, putting in some useful work as a squall, building up experience, making contacts, occasionally leaping out on unsuspecting shepherds or blasting quite small oak trees. Now an opening in the weather had given it an opportunity to strut its hour, and it was building up its role in the hope of being spotted by one of the big climates.
It was a good storm. There was quite effective projection and passion there, and critics agreed that if it would learn to control its thunder it would be, in years to come, a storm to watch.
The woods roared their applause and were full of mists and flying leaves.
—  Terry Pratchett  -  “Wyrd Sisters”
12 MONKEYS: 3x05-3x07: Rambling on a lotta TimeStuff…

A write-up on mess of 12 MONKEYS happenings and possibilities from the night 2 of season 3, so, episodes 5 thru 7. 

A transcript of and reflection on Jennifer’s creative struggles in 1920s Paris from night 1…

12 MONKEYS: 3x02: Guardians: Catching up w/Jennifer Goines…

For some scattin’ on some of night 1′s time tech…

12 MONKEYS: 3x01-3x04: Time Vests & Titan…

For some scattin’ on night 2′s Project Charon…

12 MONKEYS: 3x05-3x07: Project Charon?


DEACON: Does Jones know you brought back a paradox in a half shell?

Jennifer brought egg Terry thru from the past to meet chicken Terry. She went as far as having them get pretty much face to face and create paradox sparks. Turtles are so long-lived, could they make up what they lack in human-like consciousness with long life and qualify for Primaries of their own? Gears that turn for Turtle Time alongside Human Time?

Why would he be a Doomsday Turtle, you ask? Because it’s him that causes the destruction of Raritan National Labs? Did you see young Terry while Jennifer was engaged with her visions and drawings? He was making a (super-slow) beeline for his older self.

I’m hoping that the Terry-dox saves everyone from a more horrific fate, or ends up being part of Katarina’s Project Charon, which ends up being both an escape plan *and* a trap for their enemies.


Are there only four Time Vests in Titan? Magdalena and Hockley seem very ready to be active, aggressive protectors. Lucinda and Mr. Maths-n-History less so, although they did arm themselves to confront Jones and Cole in 1922. With the directive that vests are only to be used in the service of the protection of the Witness, I want to believe that all of the Guardians must have pledged to push the reset button (which includes Remainder Disposal) should the need arise.

So far, tho, we’ve only seen Mags do it, right? And then we saw Cassie kill Mags outside Monkey Mansion in 1953. Lucinda was killed in the Witness Wake revival tent. Hockley was killed by Hannah. That leaves Teach, who managed to Vest away with Athan despite his bullet holes. Teacher of the Year!

Guardian pledge or not, I doubt that Teach splintered to execute a reset. Partly because he may not have had presence of mind in that state—escape would be tip-top priority, and partly because I think he’d be pleased to have the Witness free of Magdalena’s Granny Goodness influence. Where and when Teach would take Athan? Well, perhaps he’s aligned with Malick, who reconstructed Deacon and helped Cassandra. Maybe he’s one of the Titan Fifth Column, and has a designated spatio-temporal safe house to go to.


—A bitchier Cassandra =)

Okay—nitpicking here, but man! Those vests are TOO easy to use, aren’t they? Did Future Asshole slip a manual into Cole’s pocket in the post-apoc Emerson lobby? Did he pass it on to Cassie? Or did Katarina train everyone on the vest’s use after analyzing and testing—beyond the simple once-over we get to see and hear?

But, thank Time they ARE easy to use, right? Cuz Lucinda’s vest gets Cass and Cole out of the Wake gas chamber, and to Monkey Mansion. And in the fight outside said Mansion, Cassandra gets the best of Evil Annie Lennox by pressing a button.

I mean, really, shouldn’t that be coded? Or have a child-proof cap? =)


Crazy impossible thought—Deacon does not find himself in the Word of the Witness or Jennifer’s Primary visions because he is intentionally hidden. Why? HE IS THE WITNESS!

Heh. If only, cuz—dayumn! =)

No, unlikely. Not impossible, of course—it’s 12 MONKEYS, people!—but unlikely. More likely, I’m thinking that he IS intentionally hidden/obscured but as a wild or hidden card, to be played at the right time. For whose side or gain? Well, I can’t be certain, but I do have a favorite possibility…

Malick. When Deacon confronts Olivia about how he’s missing from her boss’s memoirs, she needles him a bit, identifies him as a “fellow” “lost soul” in search of purpose…

DEACON: I am not a god damned Red Shirt! I have a purpose!
OLIVIA: You wanna know your purpose? Ask yourself—what were you made to be?

I’m gonna take that literally, and maybe take “made” as “re-made.” We saw a montage of Malick-Desaad’s surgical work on Deacon, post-Titan-rumble, but I wonder if certain details and procedures were left out. Could technology have been implanted in him? Could he have been mentally programmed while captive and healing? And given that this is Malick, someone of the Army, but apparently against the Red Forest, to what end?

I’d love it if Malick might be the usurper that I’ve been hoping Tall Man would be. Someone with a long game to work within the Army until a perfect moment when he can either seize power or take advantage of some situation to realize a secret goal or goals. What if the powers that Athan wields belong specifically to his body, but someone with the right abilities of his or her own could possess that body, replacing Athan’s will and psyche with their own. Perhaps the true Witness is a malevolent will who possess the body of Cole and Cassandra’s son.

And maybe the carpe-ing of that diem hinges on Deacon!

Also about the Word, but not so much about Deacon…The inclusion of all those artists and thinkers throughout time. Is the Witness identifying them all as Primaries, some of them explicitly focused on Time in their works? Jennifer said Jim Morrison was one, after all. Attributing the eccentricities of such creative minds to Primary-ness is a fun and consistent note on 12 MONKEYS’s reality.


I feel like Jennifer’ vision of a robed man climbing the steps in Titan is something we’ve actually seen already—Malick (I think?) ascending the steps to inform Tall Man that there is a Traveler approaching Titan, when Cole makes his run to save Cassie near Syracuse in 2163.

Not sure if “ring the bell” is directly connected to this, but I think that’s what Jennifer says right after “climb the stairs…”

Is Malick an ally or enemy? Leader/member of Fifth Column/Titan resistance or coup? An usurper of Tall Man/Witness’s power, more malevolent than either?


I like that the latest batch of serum seems to preserve “original” personal histories and also somehow fold in those of new/rewritten reality (at the cost of a nosebleed). Remember when the virus was destroyed in the Markridge hanger? Katarina saw time change around her, resulting in her original self having to learn about her new personal history (including her space cowboy boyfriend, Eckland =).

Now, tho, when we see Cassandra interact with her mother, urging her to insist that her younger self accompany her to the museum, memories of that event, true to the new reality, are now hers.

I like to think that Jennifer doesn’t experience this as a result of her visit to the auction house, since when she first arrives, she experiences deja vu, meaning (to me, at least), that she already has memories of that day, faded no doubt, but imprinted on her four-year-old self.

Man, wee Jennifer is SO adorably cool! I’m a little disappointed Leland wasn’t just a bit cooler or prouder of his daughter back then, but not surprised by it. He’s dickish in any era.

Maybe he never took Jennifer to GOONIES, but only went on his own, or with a mistress. Boo.


I know it can’t be enough to base a relationship on, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that Deacon and Jennifer are both so steeped in their common language of pop culture. Some goofy highlights, most of Deacon, it turns out…

  • Deacon wants to storm the castle.
  • Jennifer educates everyone in heist films.
  • Holy shit, it’s Gozer!
  • full-torso vaporous apparition!
  • Jennifer describes splintering as a not-so-fresh feeling.
  • Deacon, perhaps living a dream, reenacts a piece of PULP FICTION at the auction.
  • Deacon refers to Terry as a Ninja Turtle.

It’s hard for Jennifer to see Deacon blowing away innocents, and Deacon feels he’s being consistent, but maybe with a chip on his shoulder? Saying—I’m a Bad Man.

But isn’t that pretty much where Cole was at the start of this? And IS he truly a Bad Man? I mean, don’t ask HIM, of course, but Jennifer herself explains to him how he gave him the advice and chance, set the example, for her to save her own life, and then lead and save others.

Still rooting for HyenaBurger (aka Jenncon, Deannifer, MothKing =).


Hrm…Should that be MotherF-ing Agent Gale? I still like Agent coming first, so I’m sticking with it…

GALE: That’s not fate, that’s dumb luck. Either way, when it’s time for my dirt nap? I’d hope I’d have something to say about it all.

Cole and Cassie totally Marty-leaves-the-letter-for-Doc-Brown Agent Robert Gale in 1953 about Berlin 1961. AND—no flickering lights or nosebleeds! This will have always had to happen! Well, y'know, at least in the last few versions of 12 MONKEYS reality. Cuz, man, look at that trench coat Gale is wearing in 1961. He is wearing whatever the FBI has in the way of bulletproof vest tech under that. Maybe three of them. =)

Hrm…Y'know, I was hoping for another Cole-Gale Time Bros team-up between 1953 and 1961, but since they gave up the McFly letter during this visit, that seems less likely…But—not impossible. No, I’m still holding out hope for it. I think we have yet to see the nefarious “bum hair” associates of Cole’s that Gale refers to in 1961.

I really do think Gale should have another encounter not only with Cole, but “Mother” Vivian/Mantis. I can’t remember exactly what he says about is efforts to track her in 1961, but I think it’s fair to say that the S-Files (for Splinter) are a slight obsession for him. Given Stack’s backhanded encouragement at the Emerson bar, Gale has become a Cold War era Mulder. Maybe Mother and Gale find themselves aligned against the Army for a case and help each other out (or spare one another), maybe over the fate/control of her son, Tall Boy?

I would SO love to see a spinoff with Gale along the lines of X-Files/Night Stalker, with the occasional time traveling partner for special cases. =)


The fob watch that Cassie lifts from the Witness’s museum has an inscription—For my beloved [INITIAL]. What the F is that initial? The cursive and the gold-ness have got me confused as to how to read it. I’ve been told it’s an “E” but the first time I saw it, I thought “C.” The “E” lined up when I thought that Cass said she wanted to name her child “Ethan,” but that turns out to be “Athan,” Greek for “eternal life” or “immortal,” says Wikipedia.

The “C” worked for me cuz then it could be for Cass or even Cole, but from whom? Frack. Hopefully, it will be resolved with context tonight.

Did Malick replace it with a time-dupe? Cuz she’s been walking around with it for a While, hasn’t she?

Cassie’s watch, the one found on her corpse at the CDC in 2043. It’s kind of amazing how it’s become so charged with meaning. That she gives it to Cole to keep could mean/result in a way to keep tabs on Cassandra being alive, as we know that she has it on her wrist when she dies at the CDC (we, the audience, get to see the scratch disappeared by Time). However, with the reality shifts that postponed their CDC “see you soon” to 2018, who knows what details may have changed, right?

Still, it’s a sweet and excellent and time travel perfect motif. I guess I’m coming to expect no less from 12 MONKEYS. =)


JENNIFER: Hi, Old Girl…It’s time I had a chat w/Time. So, could you put me thru to her? Hi, Time! Long time listener, first time caller…

AND—this exchange only happens because of DEACON! It’s his advice regarding the free-floating full-torso vaporous apparition that leads her to engage—HyenaBurger! =)


They choose one to join the Army—and promise that they will once again see a lost loved one—and kill all the rest. That’s a pretty F’d up MO. How many times are they able to actually do this before they’re stopped? Y'know, in a timeline where Team Splinter didn’t (apparently) put a stop to the practice.

I had a thought that Tall Dad, Mother, and Mags might be taking advantage of Cole and Cass’s presence at the Wake, post-Athan’s birth, to kill them, but the details of how it goes down don’t seem to reflect that. Only Lucinda seems to know that they’re in the audience for certain, right? I’m not sure what the Witness detects then, since he seems to have been part of a cross-time mind meld during that session, perhaps saving Cass and Cole from a more fearsome and direct attack.


This was a revelation from the first night, really, but I believe that the Joneses all use “Little Shit” as a term of endearment. =)

Also, I have a theory that the canine Little Shit, Katarina’s companion during the dark time she spent alone defending the facility, may be the result of Cole’s first subversion of the dominant paradigm. What paradigm? Killing to make life/the world better. Back in 2033 (I think), Cole and Ramse are tracking a dog, with the plan of turning it into dinner. However, we end up seeing them sharing what little food they have left with the dog instead, and Ramse declaring, “We’re gonna die.”

I think that Little Shit is the child of that dog, alive in 2044 to join Katarina only because Cole spared his mother or father a decade earlier. First/further proof that the only time things change is when Cole/Team Splinter saves someone.

Gotta worry just a little, though, with Little Shit having the run of the place, maybe he’s been immersed and is a vessel for the Witness, spying on Team Splinter in black and white. Hrm…



Katarina learns the truth about the parentage of the Witness by tracking Ramse’s tether to the end of the line. She actually witnesses (!) Cole killing his brother over the truth about it.

What if Katarina sticks around after the eavesdropping—or splinters back and returns immediately—and SAVES Ramse once Cole has splintered back to 2046? That would be a helluva card to play against Cole when Katarina and Deacon face off against the him, Cassie, and perhaps the Witness, no?


Unmake history!

Keep on keepin’ on~


I’m Batman

You’ve known Terry Mcginnis pretty much your entire life, of late he hasn’t been himself, something has changed. You are pretty sure it is more than the death of his father, it’s something else. He has become distant, always looks exhausted at school and on top of that he is failing almost every class. 

Any time you try and ask him what is going on he will use the same excuses over and over: ‘Oh I can’t hang out tonight, got work to do with Mister Wayne.’ ‘I’m tired because Mister Wayne has me working late, he needs me, y/n.’ ‘You know how it is, I need to provide for my family now that my dad’s gone.’ Which you understand, of course you do but the fact you hardly ever see him anymore is upsetting. These days you only ever get to see him in school! You thought you meant more to him than that. 

You and Terry aren’t anything official, everyone knows the two of you are a thing, the two of you just don’t want to put a label on it, not yet anyway. However, you are not sure anymore if you and Terry will ever be a thing. How can you be when he hardly talks to you anymore, never hangs out with you and is hiding something? You know it’s not just a little thing either, whatever it may be, it is big. What sort of relationship would it be you don’t even trust one another? Sure you’ve had your fun together, you even lost your virginity with him. Your friendship blossomed over the years into something more but has hit a snag, unable to progress any further. Perhaps it is time to face the facts and call it a day, it’s probably best for you both. No more broken promises, no more disappointments and no more waiting around. There’s only so much of this you can take. 

It took you a while to think things over but you are now ready to give Terry a call and tell him how you feel, about how you should break things off with each other. You have no idea how he will react, he might be relieved and agrees that whatever this is should end or he will be heartbroken and unable to understand. If it is the latter, you hope to god he will try and fight for you, give you a reason to rethink your decision. 

You hit the call button and patiently wait for him to answer. So far it is just ringing out, causing you to sigh heavily. Of course, he won’t pick up, he never does, why would this time be any different?

Hey, it’s Terry. I can’t take your call just now so leave a message and I’ll get back to you asap! Stay Schway!” The familiar sound of his voicemail fills your right ear. At this rate, you have heard it at least over one hundred times. So much so that you can recite it off by heart now. 

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Degrassi Themed Questions: Seasons 1-13
  • Adam Torres: What gender do you identify as?
  • Alex Nuñez: How far would you go for money?
  • Alli Bhandari: Name something you're passionate about that a lot of people wouldn't expect.
  • Anya MacPherson: Do age differences in relationships matter?
  • Ashley Kerwin: Are you afraid of needles?
  • Becky Baker: Are you religious?
  • Bianca DeSousa: Would you ever get married/engaged in high school?
  • Blue Chessex: Are you a good artist?
  • Bruce the Moose: Ever stolen a street sign?
  • Campbell Saunders: Are you good at something that you hate?
  • Chantay Black: Have you ever encouraged others to stand up for something you believe in?
  • Clare Edwards: Are your parents still married?
  • Connor DeLaurier: When was the last time you felt like you didn't belong?
  • Craig Manning: If you could be famous for anything, what would it be?
  • Damian Hayes: Are you and the person you like competitive?
  • Danny Van Zandt: Have you ever acted protective toward the significant other of a sibling?
  • Darcy Edwards: What can always make you happy no matter how bad you're feeling?
  • Dave Turner: Have you ever dated someone much taller or much shorter than you?
  • Declan Coyne: Would you want a twin?
  • Derek Haig: Do you and your best friend fight a lot?
  • Drew Torres: Do you play any sports?
  • Eli Goldsworthy: What does your room look like?
  • Ellie Nash: Do you like to write?
  • Emma Nelson: What are you doing to help the environment?
  • Fiona Coyne: Have you ever been drunk for something really important?
  • Frankie Hollingsworth: Do you ever feel like your parents pick favorites?
  • Grace: How many piercings do you have?
  • Hazel Aden: Have you ever felt like you had to hide what you believe in?
  • Holly J. Sinclair: Do you like to keep busy?
  • Imogen Moreno: What's unique about you?
  • Jake Martin: Ever gotten high?
  • Jack: How do you usually style your hair?
  • J.T. Yorke: What makes you smile?
  • Jane Vaugn: Recall a childhood memory with as many details as you can.
  • Jay Hogart: Has a lie of your's ever received consequences?
  • Jenna Middleton: List your favorite baby names.
  • Jimmy Brooks: Have you ever been scared for your life?
  • Johnny DiMarco: Have you ever taken in a friend when they needed it most?
  • Katie Matlin: Do you know how to play Poker?
  • K.C. Guthrie: When was the last time you stood up for a friend who was being picked on?
  • Kelly Ashoora: Have you ever slept in the same room as someone of the opposite sex?
  • Leia Chang: Are you a good dancer?
  • Liberty Van Zandt: How long was the longest crush you've ever had?
  • Luke Baker: Have you ever bullied someone and regretted it?
  • Manny Santos: What's the biggest change you've made in yourself?
  • Marco Del Rossi: Have you ever kept a big secret from your parents?
  • Marisol Lewis: What kind of guy/girl do you tend to fall for?
  • Maya Matlin: Who do you miss right now?
  • Mia Jones: Have you ever tried to balance a job with school?
  • Mike Dallas: Where do you go to be alone with your thoughts?
  • Miles Hollingsworth III: Do you and your parents get along?
  • Mo Mashkour: Ever been in a band?
  • Owen Milligan: Last time you felt abandoned?
  • Paige Michalchuk: Describe your favorite outfit.
  • Peter Stone: Have you ever lived alone?
  • Riley Stravos: Do you anger easily?
  • Sav Bhandari: Tell the story of your first kiss/what you hope it will be like.
  • Sean Cameron: Are you or any close friends/relatives involved in the military?
  • Spinner Mason: Have you ever betrayed a best friend?
  • Terri McGreggor: Have you taken any of your exes back?
  • Toby Isaacs: Do you wear glasses?
  • Tori Santamaria: What makes you feel pretty?
  • Tristan Milligan: What are you insecure about?
  • Wesley Betenkamp: Most awkward moment?
  • Winston Chu: Who's your most loyal friend?
  • Zane Park: Are you confident in who you are?
  • Zig Novak: Any regrets?
  • Zoe Rivas: Are you good at hiding your true feelings?