terry sang

Gaspode shivered.  He paddled into the water, and nudged Gavin’s sodden fur with his nose.

‘Shouldn’t be like this,’ he whined.  'If you was a human, they’d put you in a big boat on the tide and set fire to it, an’ everyone’d see.  Shouldn’t just be you an’ me down here in the cold.’

There was something that had to be done, too.  He knew it in his bones.  He crawled back to the bank and pulled himself up onto the trunk of a fallen willow.

He cleared his throat.

Then he howled.

It started badly, hesitantly, but it picked up and got stronger, richer…and when he paused for breath the howl went on and on, passing from throat to throat across the forest.

The sound wrapped him as he slid off the log and struggled on toward higher ground.  It lifted him over the deeper snow.  It wound around the trees, a plaiting of many voices becoming something with a life of its own.  He remembered thinking: Maybe it’ll even get as far as Ankh-Morpork.

Maybe it’ll get much farther than that.
—  Terry Pratchett, “The Fifth Elephant”
(RIP Gavin, a good wolf and a true friend.)