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I'm still relatively new here. What readings would you recommend?

Capital by Karl Marx
Capital in Manga by Variety Artworks
Capital Illustrated by David Smith
Reform or Revolution by Rosa Luxemburg
Workers’ Councils by Anton Pannekoek
Why Marx Was Right by Terry Eagleton
Ours to Master and to Own by Immanuel Ness and Dario Azzellini
Subterranean Fire by Sharon Smith
Four Futures by Peter Frase
Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici
Red Rosa by Kate Evans
Democracy at Work by Richard Wolff
A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn 
Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen
Socialism…Seriously by Danny Katch
The Reactionary Mind by Corey Robin
Parecon by Michael Albert
Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism by David Harvey

These have probably informed my own ideas the most, so I highly recommend them. I apologize for not being able to provide links to these at the moment. Capital is free online, as are Reform or Revolution, Workers’ Councils, and A People’s History. Hope this can be a helpful reading list for you!


New Girl

Requested by: Anon

Fandom : DC Superheroes

Prompt : Terry McGinnis crushing on a new hero

Pairing : Terry McGinnis x Reader

Today was a workout day. Which meant every member of the batfam had to be up and ready by five am.

Today was also the day that Bruce decided to introduce the newest addition to the family to others.
The newest addition being you.


“I forgot how tiresome this was..” Tim yawned over a cup of coffee waiting for Bruce to appear.

“For once I agree with you Timmyboy.” Jason was also displeased about waking up early.

“Some superheroes you are..” Terry mumbled from his seat keeping an eye out at the entrance of the cave.

“Were, I swear to God he reminds me of the demon so much!” Jason glared at the young man.

“Agreed.” Tim nodded his head sipping on his coffee.

“What did I miss?” Dick descended down to the cave just in time as Bruce arrived with you.

“McGinnis insulting us.” Jason scuffed getting up to examine the newest arrival.

You were tad shy, standing behind Bruce.

“This is Y/n, from now on she will be training with you. Terry I’m holding you responsible.” Bruce gave Terry a meaningful glance before going up the stairs and leaving you all alone with the men.

“So, who did you lose?” Jason asked but Tim smacked him.

“He meant to say his name is Jason, my name is Tim, that is Dick and next to him Terry.. We’re missing a few people but you’ll meet them soon enough.” he said with a warm smile and you smiled back urging out a small hello.

Terry seemed smitten by the new girl unable to utter a word. Of course Dick noticed smirking behind him.

“Um.. So Terry, when do I start?” you asked timidly.

“Uh yeah.. Well we.. Uh, tomorrow?” it sounded more like a question than a statement but you shrugged not willing to question it.

“Alright, well when McConfused gets his head screwed on back he can join us, but for now follow us so we can show you around.” Jason tugged you by your arm and you swiftly followed but not before glancing at Terry again.

“You okay Terry?” Dick asked the boy who was completely lost.

“No.. I MEAN YES!” he tried to conceal the fact that he was gone the moment he saw you.

“I won’t tell anyone, although I’m sure everyone already sees it. Good luck.” Dick winked at Terry and then disappeared as well.

“Y/n.. The new girl… Yeah…”

Hope you liked it!
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Thank you for reading! ❤
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You are so stupid if you think the west memphis 3 are innocent. Fibre belonging to Jason and Damien was found at the crime scene. Jessies confession was spot on. He got the time they were killed right and the cause of death and he even knew about the castration when it wasnt even made public. Damien had a necklace that contained his blood and one of the victims. What about the knife found in a lake behind Jason's home and what about Vickie Hutcheson statements? All of that is solid evidence!

Don’t call me stupid just because I have come to a different conclusion of a trial than you. People have different opinions. It does not mean they are stupid…

First of all, that fibre evidence was re-tested and proven to not be the same material found in the home of Damien and Jason. It was deemed “demonstrably unreliable and incorrect.” (x) You know what was found at the crime scene, though? A hair found in a knot on one of the shoe strings used to bind one of the boys, which matched Terry Hobbs. (x) No DNA belonging to the WM3 was found at the crime scene.

There were so many inconsistencies in that “confession” that it shouldn’t have been used in trial and wouldn’t be used in trial in this day and age following studies on the phenomenon of false confessions. The police literally fed him what to say and he just repeated it, often making him repeat it until he got it correct. He began by saying he met Jason and Damien at 9am and killed the boys and left at 12 noon, but we know that’s incorrect because they were all in school until 2:45, Jason included.

RIDGE: Alright, when did you go with them?
JESSIE: That morning
RIDGE: At 9 o’clock in the morning?

(later on in the interrogation)

JESSIE: They called me about —
RIDGE: I’m not saying when they called you. I’m saying what time was it that you were actually there in the park?
JESSIE: I would say about 12
RIDGE: About noon?
JESSIE: Umm-hmm
RIDGE: Okay, was it after school had let out?
JESSIE: I didn’t go to school
RIDGE: These little boys
JESSIE: No …no … they – they skipped school
RIDGE: Alright, you went home and about what time was it that all of this was taking place?


There was then a break in the interview and then another was conducted “to clear up some discrepancies concerning time and events in the first interview.” For some reason Jessie offers a dramatically different account of the time.

Gitchell: Jessie, uh, when when you got with the boys and with Jason Baldwin when you three were in the woods and then little boys come up, about what time was it? When the boys come up to the woods?
Jessie: I would say it was about 5 or so 5 or 6.
Gitchell: Know, did you have your watch on at the time?
Jessie: Huh uh (no)
Gitchell: You didn’t have your watch on?
Jessie: Huh uh (no)
Gitchell: Uh, alright you told me earlier around 7 or 8, which time is it?
Jessie: It was 7 or 8.


How did it go from 9am to 12pm to 5pm to 7pm or 8pm?

That isn’t the only inconsistencies within his confession. Jessie said the boys were tied up with rope. They weren’t. The boys were peculiarly bound, yet Jessie said one of the boys was “kicking his feet” and also stated “they could run, which if you have seen the crime scene photos, they clearly could not. They were tied from wrist to ankle.

JESSIE: He was holding him down like, and Jason had his legs up in the air and that little boy was kicking, saying, ‘don’t, no’ like that.
RIDGE: Okay, he had his legs up in the air, alright, what was to keep the little boys from running off, but just their hands are tied, what’s to keep them from running off?
JESSIE: They beat them up so bad so they can’t hardly move, they had their hands tied down and he sit on them
RIDGE: You said that they had their hands tied up, tied down, were they hands tied in a fashion that they couldn’t have run, you tell me.
JESSIE: They could run, they just had them tied, when they knocked them down and stuff, they could move their arms and stuff, and hold them down like, wake up and raise up and the other one just put his legs up.


Jessie even stated one of the boys was strangled to death.

RIDGE: How was he actually killed?
JESSIE: He choked him real bad and all
RIDGE: Choking him? Okay, what was he choking him with?
JESSIE: His hands, like a stick, he had a bit old stick, kinda holding it over his neck.
RIDGE: okay, so he was choking him to the point where he actually went unconscious, so at that point, you felt like he was dead?


And the castration he mentioned was not something only the police knew. Mark Byers stated that Todd Moore mentioned the castration on the night the boys were found. (x)

And also the commercial appeal which is a local newspaper picked up information on their police scanner and heard about the castration and printed it in the next day’s newspaper.

As for the necklace that you claim contained Damien and Stevie’s DNA, that’s not entirely true. One DNA source was consistent with Damien Echols, the other consistent with BOTH Stevie Branch and Jason Baldwin, meaning they had simile DNA which could have come from either. However, Jason Baldwin had also worn the necklace meaning that it most likely came from him.  (x)

The knife found in the lake behind Jason’s house could not be linked to the crime. A group of forensic pathologist, Drs. Werner Spitz, Michael Baden, Vincent Di Maio, Richard Souviron, Terry Haddix and Robert Wood believe the wounds on the boys were consistent with animal predation as opposed to knife wounds:  “The consensus reached by all of those experts was again, that most of the injuries to the skin of the victims, including the severe genital injury to Christopher Byers, were not caused by the use of a knife but by animal predation that occurred after death.” (x)

Vickie Hutcheson completely recanted her statements, saying she was forced into testifying by the police. (x)


Behind the scenes of Ghostbusters (1984)

“Eight years in the making and with over seventy cast and crew interviews Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters is the definitive documentary that charts how Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 came to fruition and how these films were made by the people that made them.

Interviews include actors in the film Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver Annie Potts, David Margulies, William Atherton, Kurt Fuller and Jason Reitman, Director Ivan Reitman, Producer Michael C. Gross, Visual Effects crew including Richard Edlund, Terry Windell, Dennis Muren and Steve Johnson, musicians Ray Parker Jr and The Bus Boys.

In this extended cut we want audiences to experience a little more of what they can expect from this feature length documentary.”


Film Still Collection: Front & Center.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)
Legend (2015) 
War On Everyone (2016) 
High Rise (2015)
Split (2016) 
Bunny and the Bull (2009) 
The Neon Demon (2016)