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To anyone who thinks there's no possible way of Jyrus becoming canon

Literally every single person thought the exact same about Solangelo. No one thought that Rick would possibly make a SECOND queer character, let alone a gay couple!! I mean what would the parents think!? This is a children’s book after all!1!1! But look what happened. Rick Riordan broke barriers and not only made Nico the first gay character in his children boom series, but he also wrote him to have a crush on the main character and eventually get together with another character in his next series. I’m not saying Jyrus is definitely becoming canon. I’m just saying don’t rule out the option.

this is very important!!

i received a message last week about andi mack presenting white culture with just poc faces. this show is very progressive compared to disney’s other shows in their current line up. the show is the first to center around an asian american family and most likely have a main queer character. however, as the message stated, it doesn’t portray an asian culture which the family identifies with. culture is part of one’s identity and the writer totally brush over that fact. i’m not asking for stereotypes of caricatures of what the family should be, but there needs to be an acknowledgement towards it. 

before anyone says it, i know hamm is white. but that doesn’t mean that cici should forget about her culture. she’s asian, and it would be great for disney to promote her culture. it would be beautiful to highlight the culture without making such racist gag jokes, like what disney has done before.

like caricaturing korean culture

or making kennedy from ant farm magically have a terrible japanese accent after she was exposed

and one of the reasons why disney sucks at having asian characters and talking about asian cultures in their shows is the lack of asian writers. andi mack, a show that focuses on an asian american family, is written by white people. there lacks the authenticity and development because white people don’t understand what it means to be asian. having writers that do will create stories that show the struggles and positives of being asian.

thank you @nappeun-yuja for this. i never thought about it since i was busy loving the diverse characters and complex story. but it needs to be said.

[the scene] me, an adult, sitting in bed, rly emotional bc of cyrus goodman looking back at jonah beck because if someone “looks back that means they like you, and as more than just a friend”

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do you think Andi Mack will be better than gmw?

Yes, assuming Disney sticks with it and its decreased censorship, and doesn’t pull a S3 So Weird on it.

However, that doesn’t mean GMW wasn’t good. It was (flawed? Ofc. But still good). Considering it was developed in 2012, when Disney was still in super censorship mode (Jacobs had to fight to get Flaws made, I mean..), it did a good job. Jacobs didn’t break the Disney ceiling but he certainly gently tapped it a little at least. And you also have to take into account the story Jacobs wanted to tell wasn’t supposed to be over after only 3 seasons, he had written a storyline for 4.

So it’s really not fair to compare two shows without considering the contexts behind them (also GMW is a multicam comedy and AM is a single cam dramedy, which also plays into the differences). If Terry Minsky pitched Andi Mack to Disney in 2012, I highly doubt it would get approved/written as it is now. If Disney had approached Jacobs in 2016 instead of 2012, perhaps Jacobs would get more leeway in terms of what he could cover and write.

This return to less censorship/condescension of kids programming is something Disney decided to do only *after* its ratings declined dramatically in the past few years. And in the past few years, what has been its top rated show? GMW. Not necessarily with the 6-10 y/o but with the preteens, teens, and millennials. Disney noted that trend and incorporated it into their new programming (Andi Mack clearly aimed for the preteen/teen audience, TSR spinoff aimed at nostalgic millennials). Just kinda sucks GMW didn’t get to enjoy the benefits of this change.

just watched episode 11 of andi mack and i must say

that was one of THE BEST episodes. it finally acknowledged the extremely problematic relationship b/w andi and jonah. like thank GOD. i love jonah, dont get me wrong, he’s obviously a sweet kid but it was difficult to see him start to expect things out of andi just bc he asked her. and obviously he never realized it bc jonah is a middle school boy who’s completed blinded by “she-who-will-not-be-named”. but i am so sincerely proud of andi for sticking up for herself and more importantly, being 100% UNAPOLOGETIC about it. once again, bless terri.