terry furry


TERRANCE “TERRY” ASHFORD | 17 (May 26) | Male | Bi | Maine Coon Cat

First born son of Dean and Olivia Ashford, and heir of Cornelius de Winters, Terry is destine to one day become Celestia’s president. However, such a heavy title doesn’t settle well with him. Still, he puts on a mask and fulfills everyone’s expectations while another part of him craves something else.

– Terry has thick fur that alludes to him being bigger than he really is
– He, along with his family, needs trimming when the weather warms up
– Also he sheds
– A lot
– Terry is taller than all domestic cat breeds and even some dog breeds
– (Like Colby)
– He’s still shorter than Merci, only coming up below their eye level
– He has glasses but he mostly wears contacts (until Post-Sundown)
– You need to at level 5 friendship to know about his tragic scars™
– Which are covered up regularly by make-up ‘cause imperfections are bad™
– Secretly a fashion designer who helped create most of his family’s outfits
– Watches classic old movies as a coping mechanism
– Hates milk
– And he hates it because he’s allergic to dairy



Like Merci, Terry went through quite a few designs himself! At one point he had gray streaks in his hair which was an odd design choice. Good thing that didn’t last too long. Also good that he no longer wears those cringe-awful outfits that he did in 2013 - 2014 ‘cause I’m certain his inner designer is currently screaming right now.

The main thing, well, TWO main things I’m glad for now is that Terry actually looks his age (17) and that I finally know how to draw his curly hair. Development wise, I’m working on him still, reworking a few things, but process is looking better than before. Though, red seems to be a color that sticks with him even now, such as wearing red glasses.