terry cole


              Terry Gilliam looks back on Heath Ledger’s last film:

“He would come into work in the morning having to deal with what was going on with lawyers and all sorts of stuff. He’d come in just so exhausted. By the end of the day, he was so (jolly)  again because the work was what it was about. He was so utterly generous to everybody. Lily Cole stuck in there with these really great actors with very little experience. Heath brought it out of her. There were scenes with Christoph where he’s ad libbing. He had never really ad libbed before and I just gave him room. In that scene where Tony is trying to get back in the mirror, saying “Relax. You’ve got chocolate melting over your head;” that wasn’t in the script. It was Heath just flying. Now what’s interesting about it when I look at Heath in “Parnassus,” he looks like a guy that’s 35 or 36 years old. He was 27. He was like ten years older: he looked it and behaved than he really was. It was quite extraordinary. Its one of the great losses. The sad thing was…Philip Seymor Hoffman had another twenty years on Heath. Heath would’ve been whatever. Brando wouldn’t have been close to him, I think.”


Monkey Thought

Hi guys! I’ve finally finished the second part to the Monkey Thought I posted a week ago. In this one I’ve only got a few things I want to talk about so hopefully it’s not as long as the other one. We did get a release date and a renewal for the show while I was writing this. So I may talk a bit about the teaser trailer at the end of this. The closer we get to season 3 the more excited I get. My questions are for the most part unlimited but I’ve managed to get a few of the ones I find most important into this think piece. I hope you all enjoy.

The very first thing I want to talk about is Sam. I really like Sam. I think his father’s an idiot but Sam is alright. I loved last season when he told Ramse that him ending the world and killing everyone else just so that Sam could live wasn’t right. I’m hoping that conversation comes back up and it makes Ramse reconsider a bad decision he’s about to make. I don’t want Sam’s words to just be forgotten because they were truly powerful words to come from a child.

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