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B99′s Day at the Aquarium

Okay, so headcanon this:

The next time the 99 has to go to one of those out of town cop conferences, it’s in a city that has a really nice aquarium. After an entire weekend of shameless begging, tears, half-assed bribery attempts and more begging, Holt agrees to Jake’s request to take the squad to the aquarium on the way home.

What happens is as follows:

—Jake and Amy immediately get into a competition to see who can take the goofiest selfies in front of the exhibits.

—Terry makes a beeline for the gift shop but can’t decide which stuffed animals to bring to his girls. He ends up buying most of them and spends the rest of the trip with his arms full of stuffed sea creatures. (“Terry did this in the wrong order.” - Terry)

—It takes Gina less than 30 seconds to get an entire school of sardines to follow and mimic her every move. She tells anyone who happens to walk by that she is their overlord (whether she is referring to the fish or the passersby is open to interpretation).

—Boyle spends an inordinate amount of time at the touch pool, but keeps yelping every time he picks up a sea urchin. After the sixth time of making everyone jump from his squeals, the attending marine biologist politely asks him to leave. Boyle ends up at the seal tank, where he immediately makes friends with one of the younger ones and engages in a game of hide and seek. He has never been happier.

—Hitchcock and Scully never actually look at any fish. They just go right for the cafeteria and eat a bunch of seafood because they think it will “strike fear into the fish’s hearts.”

—Rosa spends most of the trip hanging in the back of the group, neither confirming nor denying if she thinks the aquarium is worthwhile. She does, however, buy a cute little seahorse necklace at the gift shop when no one is looking.

—Holt enjoys the aquarium far more than he thought he would. He is just giving Terry (arms full of stuffed sea creatures) a very detailed lecture on the majesty of the sea turtle when they notice that Jake has somehow managed to get his head stuck in a plastic shark mouth display. Amy is laughing her head off and taking as many pictures as she can. When it becomes apparent that Jake can’t get out, it takes the whole squad to somehow wedge him out of there. After an appropriate number of blackmail selfies, of course.

—The trip ends (after a substantial lecture from Holt on proper aquarium behavior) with a group photo in front of a large tank, where they are promptly photobombed by a dolphin. Gina texts the photo to everyone. They all find different ways to display the photo at home and at work (picture frames, scrapbooks, refrigerator magnets, lock screens on their phones, etc.)