“So.. you two are supernatural creatures..”
“Supernatural creatures? Repeat that again and I’ll rip your head off.”
“Terry, you don’t scare me. Also I have a bodyguard! He’s in the kitchen… making cookies.”
“Ok, whatever. What do you need from us?”
“I need some information. About wendigos.”
“Wendigos? I hate them! I hate them even more than vampires… Chet, nothing personal.”
“But this is true. They are so obnoxious. Once, while I was still a human, I saw a wendigo… he was eating a girl… and I could do nothing to save her…”
“Well, now you’re not much better. You kill people for drink their blood.”
“This is not the same!!”
“Terry… he is right. I’m a monster..”
“You’ve seen what you’ve done, stupid kid. You made him sad.”
“Heyy! I’m not a kid! We have the same age.”
“I thought you have thirteen.”
“You’re a dead man…”