“…Magizoologist remain confused at the origins of the North American ‘Pukwudgie.’ Though resembling many members of the Homo Terrus family (which includes the Gigan, Troglodytae, Americanus, Himalayus, and, despite the protest of the International Collegium of Goblin Scholars, Cobalus families), the Pukwudgie exhibits a sort of magical power uncommon to other members of the species. Though far from purely malevolent, the Pukwudgie have a truly savage sense of humor and a set of social norms and conventions that have completely baffle Magianthropolgists. Friendly overtures to Puckwudgie individuals have been met with everything from scorn to outright violence for over three hundred years.

Those few Wizards and Witches that descend from Wampanoag tribe native to the North Eastern Region say that attempts to deal fairly with these mischievous denizens of the swamps and deep forests is an exercise in pointlessness. They claim that the Puckwudgie are, indeed, descended from the might Giants that once roamed North America, shaping the mountains and chasing the great mammoth herds that dwelled here. Unlike their European and Asian counterparts, these giants were largely a peaceful and benevolent race, and in the ancient days they were allies of the People of all Tribes. But as time went on, the Age of Great Things passed, and soon all the massive beasts that were once so common began to vanish. The fate of the great North American Giants differs depending on which tribe you talk to. Some say they went to sleep in land that had spawned them, becoming great hills and small mountains until the day would come when it was time for them to awake once more. [1] Other tribes are more practical in their assessment of the fate of the Giants, claiming they simply began to die out when their natural prey, the mammoths, began to go extinct and the world began to warm.

The Wampanoag Tribe, however, don’t believe that all the giants died or went into deep sleep. One giant, named Maushop, was a powerful sorcerer in his own right, and while he could do nothing to save himself, he could save his children. Maushop cast a powerful spell, which was meant to transfigure his children into smaller things, but Maushop miscalculated. His seven sons and seven daughters crumbled before his eyes, becoming 98 demonic Pukwudgie. Maushop, who had guided the tribes for centuries, told the Puckwudgie to live amongst the tribes, and look after them while they were gone. But in growing so small and breaking so thoroughly apart, the Puckwudgie had also become jealous and resentful. They hated that they had been made to change, they hated that they were now smaller than the humans, and they hated their father for making them that way. So the Puckwudgie became tricksters and demons, each a little crueler than the last. Eventually, a powerful witch named Squanit, who had learned much of her craft at the knee of Maushop, was forced to take steps, defeating the strongest of the Pukwudgie in combat and forcing them into sacred vows that they would no longer plague the Tribes.

This, the Native Wizards claim, was Squanit’s only folly, for while they were prevented from harming the tribes directly, the arrival of Europeans only stoked their savagery. They are still consumed with spite, and while much of their viciousness has been dulled over the centuries. their magical powers are still as sharp as ever. They can pass unseen, and create blinding mists, summon fire, and craft cunning illusions. Magizoologists working in the field in New England, and especially the Muggle state of Massachusetts are advised to avoid the little creatures whenever possible.”

-Magical Species of the American North East, by Hazel Goode, 2007.

[1] Some scholars of Native American History and Magical Practice claim that the famous Ghost Dance attempted in 1890 was a call to these slumbering Giants, as tribal sorcerers sought their aid in defeating further European encroachment. The violence with which this ceremony was put down and its participants dealt with by both Muggle and Wizarding authorities was supposedly a testament to the fear the magical community felt at the potential success at such a ritual…and some claim the MRD maintains the last remaining notes on how to complete the ritual somewhere in their Dark Files.

Found among the ruins of a carriage, Alba was taken in by the Ry'pha, a race reminiscent of our own Garudas, and raised under their care, learning their strange magics and fighting styles.

The Ry'pha may be an isolationist race, but Alba wanted to find her own way out in the world. Since then, she’s settled down in a forest and build her home up in the canopies where nobody can find her.

She watches those who come into her territory from the branches above, and steals small things here and there. If she finds you interesting, she may even sketch you onto the paper she’s stolen over time.

If she really finds you interesting, or if you discover her presence, then she may even speak to you!

A New Day

After the events of last night we all returned to the inn. Nak and I took turns at night watching after Amber and Nik. It wasn’t hard since Amber refused to leave his side and could usually be found wrapped around Nik sleeping. I patched up Nik’s minor cuts and Amber took care of the more major injuries. As morning crept around I decided it was time to figure out what was going on and what we were going to do. I call Nak to Ambers room and sit down.

Terrus: Alright, there are a couple things that we need to do. First we need to set a course. Amber, you said you wanted to join us? 

Amber: Yes I would, if thats okay with you.

Terrus: Its fine but we travel where I am going with no exceptions.

Amber: Okay.

Terrus: Second…this is really for me..what did exactly happen last night?

Amber: What do you mean?

Terrus: I mean your magic. I’ve never heard or seen anything like it before.

Amber: Oh that…well if you really want to know I can explain it.

Terrus: I would like that..its just I need to know what it can do to people and if we can use it or if its too dangerous.

Amber: Okay thats fair Terrus. Well where should I start? mmmmm Oh I know.  Uncurls from around sleeping Nik and sits up. I am trained as a medic. 

Terrus: A medic?

Amber: Yes it was many years ago. Any how while in training trying to learn the magic required to heal people…everyone I tried to help ended up dying or in worst condition….I couldn’t do it. I practiced all the time and I worked really hard at it but no matter what I did the result was the same…everytime I would attempt magic of any type it would change to what you saw last night.

Terrus: So what exactly is it?

Amber: Its difficult to explain but…simply put I can touch souls of anything living. When I use my magic I create a bridge between my soul and their soul. This bridge is special…by using it as a link I can merge the memories and feelings of the two. If I feel pain they feel pain and if they are sad then I feel sad. 

Terrus: Well that doesn’t sound too destructive. Why would that have gotten in the way of medical training?

Amber: Well to be honest this ability to create a stable bridge is new. It took me a long time to discover how to safely do it…however before I could control it this way the bridge was always corrupted or unstable. What usually happened was once I touched a patient to begin healing them my hand instead entered into them and attached to their soul. It used to always freak me out and I would rip my hand away….but th..the bridge wouldn’t break. Their soul would be ripped from their body and with nothing to hold it together they would crumble away. 

Terrus: I see so the bridge that you are talking about links you to another however if the bridge is not disconnected before extraction then it forces the other soul to give as well. Is that right?

Amber: That’s one way to look at it. Another thing about the bridge is the connection strength. Lets say perhaps I connect to you but something alters the bridge just before or after the connection.. What happened in the past was only a partial tear. Sometimes people would lose their memories and other times their sanity. I haven’t attempted control of memories before for that very reason.

Terrus: Interesting. I think I get how this all works but its still very confusing.

Amber: Well if it would help you understand I can link too you and you can experience it for yourself.

Terrus: Will it be safe?

Amber: As long as you don’t make me angry haha. I’ve gotten pretty good at control ever since….well actual nevermind that would you like to try?

Terrus: I guess it couldn’t hurt.

Amber: Alright try and relax and be calm.

Amber gets up from the table and walks over to me. She closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths before slowly reaching inside my chest. There is  a sudden twitch, a feeling of…weird. Suddenly I hear a voice. It sounds like Amber. There is a sudden feeling of cold and a shiver runs down my spine. I open my eyes to fire myself alone and naked. I look around and see nothing but an endless expanse if space. A figure forms in front of me.

Amber: Okay Terrus. I’ve established a link.

Terrus: Where am I? 

Amber: This is your mind. This place is where your thoughts, memories, and everything about you comes from. Now I could just bust into your mind since this has never happened too you before and you have no defenses. However I am just showing you how this works so I will ask. May I enter your mind? Once I do so the bridge will be complete and you will experience everything.

Terrus: Okay I think i’m ready for this.

The shadowy figure of Amber steps forward and enters the space around me. Images start flying by. Who was that? A picture of me, Nik, and Nak all fly by. I see a young wolf in one picture when suddenly it starts moving. Who is that little girl? Then as suddenly as they started they stop. 

Amber: I’m sorry about that the connection can flow both ways.

Terrus: What I just saw they were…

Amber: My memories. I can see all of your memories. Everything you’ve ever done. Do you understand a little more about how this works now.

Terrus: I think so. Its really weird though.

Amber: For most people it is. I am going to disconnect now, see you back in the room. 

The whole area around me goes dark and I open my eyes again. Amber pulls her hand back out of my chest and sits back down by Nik.

Terrus: That was incredible. Don’t do it again but thats cool. It does however leave me with a question.

Amber: I don’t know everything but I will answer as best I can.

Terrus: This kind of magic would be classified as dark magic and most likely would be on the upper tier of forbidden magic.

Amber: I…I try not too use it very much.

Terrus: No its fine its just every single one of those types of magic has a cost that the user pays everytime they use it. From what I can see there are no side effects for yours.

Amber: Creating a bridge does not effect me. Its a neutral connection that does no harm to the body. However….any kind of manipulation does come at a cost.

Terrus: What do you mean?

Amber: It depends on what happens. Somethings are more taxing than others. What I did last night is an example of one of these instances.

Terrus: But nothing happened. I mean you look fine.

Amber: Well its difficult to notice and it took me awhile to figure it out as well…but last night when I ripped his soul out against his will and destroyed it the immediate effect was the exhaustion. To remove a soul like that goes against everything in nature. The exhaustion is temporary but the after math that follows is irreversible. 

Terrus: What is that?

Amber turns around and moves her tail to the side to reveal a small streak of silver fur wrapped half way around the base of her tail.

Terrus: What the..

Amber: This is the cost every time the bridge is used to remove a soul this silver line gets longer. It may just look like aging but from what I do know from my training is that this streak is actually dead. The pigment cells have destroyed themselves from the strain and it will grow everytime I use it.

Terrus: So what happens when all of the fur turns silver?

Amber: Then it would start destroying the surface tissue.

Terrus: so..

Amber: In other words if all my fur turns silver from using this power and I continue using it then I will die. It won’t be quick, and it won’t be painless. My skin would fall apart and I predict that once that starts happening even if I stopped using the magic…it would be too late. 

Terrus: Well we’ll aim to not let that happen to you. Now i’m still a little confused but i don’t think i’ll ever fully understand it. So we are going to hit the road now. We trek on towards home, and hopefully my friend and mother. Pack everything you need. We leave at noon.

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