Trying the provocative way

(because everything else has failed)

You know what? I’ve seen a lot of people really really sad and angry today on Tumblr. Why? Because uninformed Americans posts get thousand of notes, while posts from very well informed french people are totally ignored. And this is disgusting. Why are we sill on Tumblr, posting? We could stick to Facebook, which is, for once, way less fucked up and wrong than Tumblr. We’re doing all these posts because we can’t stand the thought of false ideas being spread.
I kid you not, sometimes I was literally shaking from anger and shock. 

And then, I remembered what happened when the Grand Jury didn’t charge Darren Wilson in Ferguson for the murder of Michael Brown.

My whole dash was full of posts about it. I was very confused about this because, while I was certain Darren Wilson needed to be put on a trial, the sources around the text posts were a lot of legal text, a bit long and complex for my english maybe. 

So I did what seemed the most intelligent, I didn’t interfere, I read all that passed on my dash. And everyone seemed to agree : the voice of american black people was the only one that mattered because they knew what they were talking about.

I also remember a lot of posts talking about Michael Brown, saying that whether or not he had stolen stuff before didn’t matter, that we needed to stop the “perfect kid who was going to go to college” narrative because every black man deserved a life free from police oppression.

And I agreed. I didn’t try to share my uninformed views, I read a lot about this, and still I don’t feel like I know enough to discuss the matter, but at least I’m aware. Because almost no one stopped the voice of black people on tumblr.

But now, we are talking to you about a tragedy that happened in our country. We are explaining to you why it’s important, why it’s relevant, why we would appreciate a bit of concern and sympathy. And what do you reblog? American who don’t speak french and never opened Charlie Hebdo, spewing hate? Some saying that “they had it coming”? Do you know how hurtful it is? My mum was crying when she heard the news, and she wasn’t the only one. 

So yeah, I went there. I drew the comparaison with Ferguson, and maybe people won’t like it. I don’t know.

The thing I wanted to say is that you should have listened to us from the beginning, because you’re going agains everything you normally preach. And I’m so done with that.


Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Waco, Texas on April 17, 2013