New Tsum Tsum pins will be making their way to Disney Parks sometime in the near future! Some of the upcoming sets are based on Beauty and the Beast, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and the upcoming Disney Villains collection, as well as sets based on the Tower of Terror and Adventureland. 

This is for the asker who sent in the Zankyou no Terror message!

There is an incredible ZnT crossover fic featuring Kageyama as Nine and Yamaguchi as Twelve because, in a not-at-all creepy coincidence, their voice actors play those characters respectively, and those are also their respective jersey numbers. Here it is:

Resonance by RubySmiley
G, 1k

“Remember us.
Remember that we lived.”

Nine and Twelve’s distant legacies are remembered—by the two boys who live on in their names.

muldertorture  asked:

Okay I love the modern torturegate au, but where is Shmi from originally? Absolutely must know!

Well Pernilla August (who played Shmi) is Swedish, so I think modern AU Shmi was trafficked from Sweden.

In the US she lives in Arizona, and Anakin usually went back there when he was given leave. After his injury that becomes a lot more difficult, since Shmi lives in a crappy little upstairs apartment that’s not at all accessible, and Anakin wouldn’t have good access to medical care, either.

Anakin ends up living in New Jersey for close access to the Kessler Center for Amputee Rehabilition (after he’s become a bit of a celebrated cause and the donations start pouring in so he can actually afford care), and Shmi moves to Jersey to be with her son.

(It’s a convenient coincidence that Padme lives on Long Island.)