• Capitalist Society: People are lazy.
  • Me: Eh, people aren't lazy, we just don’t like – and can’t live decently or happily within – a system while constantly being exploited. How about questioning why it is that our society values a person’s life only in direct proportion to how much they produce and how efficiently they do it? How about asking what life might look like if our entire existence did not revolve around – and become defined by – wage-labor?
  • Capitalist Society: Work or die buddy. Your choice.
  • Me: That's not a choice. It's coercion. It is the imminent threat of violence enforced by a system which deploys state terror to cement and expand the borders of capital, which controls how we live and think to constantly reproduce forms of self-management like a autonomous clock set in motion, needing only the slightest nudge to continue ticking onward. It is as much as a choice as trying to swim while drowning.
  • Capitalist Society: Call in sick again and you're fired.

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How do you feel about that possible Hijab Ban? I feel like that's an infringement on personal freedom and enforcing that would be gov overreach and wouldn't thwart terrorism.

I would be inclined to agree.

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How are the Daddy's as bed mates? Do any of them hog the covers? Snore? Talk in their sleep? Tend to flail? Suffer from nightmares? Sleep walk? Touch you with their cold feet? Cuddle something? Need to touch? Things of that nature :)

God, I love this one! You have no idea lol

Newt-He tends to move a lot in his sleep, might accidentally smack Reader in the face a few times. Might even mumble a bit, Nifflers and bloody devil tend to be the common words he utters. Reader will probably wake up to him constantly snuggled into her though.

Stephen-Suffers from nightmares, wakes up often throughout the night. Holding reader as she sleeps is a common thing to calm him, even if it still means no rest. He doesn’t move much, in fact aside from waking with night terrors, he’s rather quiet.

Marius-Knocks out pretty easily, but does get nightmares sometimes. When he does, they’re rather violent, and he thrashes around. Surprisingly, he doesn’t care too much for blankets. Uses them only when he’s actually cold. Can fall asleep in one position and stay that way all night.

Jack-Falls asleep easily enough, but when he’s had a troublesome day it takes him longer. And he’ll lay down staring straight ahead in deep thought. Uses one blanket, and it’s thin enough to regulate temp to his liking. Doesn’t move much, quiet sleeper. Likes lying on his stomach.

Eddie-He snores. A lot. Loudly. Moved around quite a bit too. Prefers to be without a blanket, and he’ll usually wake up with the blanket already on the floor, or tangled in it. Kicks a lot in his sleep. Drools. And def hogs the bed.

Balem-Quiet sleeper, has very lucid dreams though. Often wakes up thinking they’re real and throws a fit if it was something he disliked. Hogs the bed, purposely pushes Reader if she’s in his way. Gently of course…But, then he can’t help but pull her into his arms, basically if its attention he wants (much like a cat) he’ll take it. Needs a billion pillows and a really smooth and cool blanket.


On 8th April Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel visited the site of the recent terror attacks in Stockholm. When asked by the press how Sweden can move past the tragedy the Crown Princess said only one word: tillsammans or together. Her word choice has already become a symbol of a rallying cry for unity and love across social media, amongst monarchists and republicans alike. 

I live in Stockholm and there’s been a suspected terror attack. A truck was hijacked and drove down our busiest shopping street, through crowds of people and into a department store.
People are dead.
People are injured.
There’s been a shooting at a different location.
The entire city is on lockdown. Commuter trains, subways and buses are off.
People are locked inside public buildings and their jobs.
Other places evacuated.
All the theaters and cinemas have closed.
The police are discouraging people from walking through specific central areas.
The streets are filled with people who are walking home.

I work at a preschool and we decided to take the children inside, the phones rang warm with parents who would be late, who couldn’t come and pick up their kids.

It doesn’t feel real, they got us too. It felt inevitable, and it was.

Fuck terrorists.