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So if I were to offer you a bowl of metaphorical skittles with the chance of some being poisoned, you would eat them? If so, you put the safety of yourself, your fellow countrymen, the culture and the country itself at risk. That's with ignoring the overwhelming evidence that the so called "refugees" are not refugees but economic migrants, rapists and terrorists. Or all 3. So unless you want a repeat of Cologne, Paris or Nice, don't be such a retard.

The fucking bullshit skittles nonsense?  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING?

You fucking idiot, we just dealt with your bullshit skittles metaphor.  Which, by the way, was originally coined by Julius Steicher, who was demonizing Jews.  Yes, the same Julius Steicher that was hung at Nuremberg.  Fucking read something before you make a total ass of yourself next time.

Overwhelming evidence that refugees are rapists & terrorists?  Show & prove, son.  Because in Germany (you know, the country taking in more refugees than any other European country), it turns out that there is absolutely zero correlation between refugees and any increase in sex crimes.  In fact, German crime stats show that despite giving shelter to 1.2 million refugees, there has been no uptick in crime whatsover.  Well, with the exception for a five-fold increase in attacks on refugee shelters by dipshit xenophobes like you. 

Has there been any terrorist attacks committed by actual refugees on their host countries?  Not in Cologne, not in Paris, and not in Nice, motherfucker.  None of those assholes were refugees.  Get your facts straight.    

The U.S. has harboured 750,000 refugees over the last 15 years.  Guess how many have committed an act of terror in the U.S.?  ZERO!

If you’re soooooo worried about terrorists, you fucking racist liar, then you should be pressing to deport nazi shits like yourself, since in the U.S. they are twice as likely to kill people in terror attacks than any sort of “jihadist”; in Europe bigots like yourself are five times more likely to kill someone in a terror attack than any kind of religiously-motivated terrorist.

Us, we’re more worried about what would happen if we didn’t take in refugees.  For example, the four Syrian refugees in Hamilton, Canada that stopped an arson attack & caught the arsonist wouldn’t have been around to put out the fire and arrest the asshole.  Or the Syrian refugees that, even though they basically have nothing themselves, raised money to help the people of Fort MacMurray, Canada when their entire town caught fire.  “We understand what they’re feeling. When you lose everything, you have to start from zero. You lose your memories, your items. It’s not easy. It’s something very sad. We can totally understand their feeling,” said Syrian refugee & fundraising organizer Rita Khanchet.  Yeah, I bet Canadians really regret letting her into their country.  

Economic migrants?  Fuck off with that.  There are now 59.5 million refugees in the world.  63% of them originate from Afghanistan, the DRC, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria. You think people leave their whole lives behind and take just what they can carry and risk their lives & the lives of their families for kicks?  Ask someone to slap some sense into your empty, entitled head.      

Oh, you’re worried about how refugees will affect your precious country’s culture?  Like we said not two weeks ago, prioritizing your country’s “culture” (which we guess is like a precious museum piece that must be kept in a magic cultural vacuum lest it be HORRIBLY CORRUPTED SHOULD ANY INFLUENCE OUTSIDE OF ITS PRECIOUS BORDERS LEAKED IN!  BETTER GET OFF THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE & YOU RUIN YOUR COUNTRY’S CULTURE FOREVER!!!) over the lives of other human beings is the most fucking cowardly, shitty thing we can imagine.  What kind of monster would say “sorry refugees, you’ll have to continue to risk your lives because I don’t want you introducing different food or folk dances or whatever to my magical fairy-country that has no cultural influences from outside of its borders?”  

Sitting behind your keyboard, fabricating lies & pathetic excuses about why you shouldn’t literally save people’s lives by helping them find a safe place for them and their families to live after fleeing horrors that you’ll be lucky to never experience in your life - you are a cowardly, disgusting, sorry excuse for a human being.  

Fuck you.


they: “cheater”
“drug addict”
directioners: “he saved my life”
“he told me i’m beautiful”
“he prised my art. he gave me hope”
liam: “he really loves his family”
louis: “he’s got a really big heart”
trisha: “thank you for what you’ve done for us. I’m so proud of you”
comic reliefe: “zayn’ve just saved 100000 lifes”

Did you know, Muhammad is now most popular name for British babies!!!

This is an amazing and beautiful statistic!! No doubt great news to see that Islam is spreading and is the fastest growing religion in the world!!! What made me smile when reading this is that it’s ironic how much the west has tried to put a bad name on Islam labelling us with words such as; terrorist, oppressed, murderers, liars, bombers, extremist etc.. Yet they still FAIL!! They still fail to demolish Islam and prevent the spreading of our faith!!
Alhamdulillah.. May we live and die in the name if Islam.

“…Go on mocking, surely Allah will bring forth what you fear” (9:64)

“…And for disbelievers is a painful doom” (2:104)

Proud to be a Muslim!! Alhamdulillah..

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I wish I could meet all of you Zayn stans because you guys are so kind towards Zayn. And I'm a brown Muslim too so I know how it's like to face Islamaphobia. Whenever I was absent from school my friend would be like "oh did you go for a terrorist meeting?" and I'd always have to shrug it off and just laugh because I have social anxiety and I was too scared to say anything. And it's just like when you tell people your race/religion and you can just feel the tension. When they talk about ISIS in

bad when Islam is really all about peace.

When we see another Muslim we say “As'salam'u'alaikum” which literally means “Peace be upon you”. How can a religion whose very greeting offers peace be one that stands for violence and hatred? Islam is not ISIS. Islam is not hate. And it’s not just towards other Muslims. It’s towards everyone. And it breaks my heart every time people misconstrue our religion. Anyway, thank you for the support you show Zayn and the fight you guys put up against - school, or they talk about terrorists, I can FEEL eyes on me. My skin burns up and I feel guilty and scared. But I didn’t do anything wrong. But I still do. And it means so much to see so many people of so many different races support Zayn because that means they’d support me too right? It gives me comfort to know maybe I won’t be so lonely. Maybe I’ll find friends like you guys someday. I really wish I could meet you guys. I’m so sick and tired of people making me feel like my religion is  Islamaphobia and racism. It means a lot to me.

I’m sorry it got so long. I would go off anon but I just don’t want my ask box to blow up with hate. I don’t. I don’t want people to call me a terrorist or a liar or any other worse things that people come up with these days. Just thank you. Not just to you, but other blogs too. I can’t message you all but I hope my message will spread. I love you guys. Thank you. Warmest regards, Z. (I’m not trying to be Zayn haha my name starts with Z)

Answer: You have broken me. I wish I could give you a hug. Thanks for being so so brave and speaking about it.

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You seem to have cool opinions on the Zayn thing for what I have seen. What I'm confused with is your take on this situation with people calling Zayn on his negative feelings vs. people not calling remaining 1D on their negative feelings - I don't get how you made it about racism? Maybe I missed something. I have watched same to happen to a Jpop group and of course people see it as the leaving person's fault. He chose it (the positive and the negative); the others' didn't have a choice.

at first i wrote a REALLY REALLY long response to this that involved a lot of personal anecdotes & stuff and then i was like “bro, who wants to know any of this stuff about ur personal life” so here’s a slightly shorter version:

to start, im a person who tends to make everything about race, or more accurately, i believe that p much every situation can/should be read with a racial lens. when i look at situations involving any of the five, i look at it with a racial lens, bcos to me, talking about race only when people of colour are involved implies that poc are the only ones affected by race and that it’s “our”/”their” problem. it’s not! so when i talk about race im not just talking about a “marked” race (nonwhiteness), im talking very much about invisible/”unmarked” dynamics, namely whiteness and the ways ive seen whiteness function in fan responses to zayn’s solo career and in fan responses to the ways that the other boys behave (and also, forget fan behaviour, whiteness just as a function of the ways the other boys feel entitled to behave period).

i do actually agree with u that people see it as the leaving persons fault and that that’s legitimate. part of the reason i havent made an actual original post about zayn leaving (instead of responding to an anon question or putting it in some salty tags) is cos i feel very conflicted about policing people’s legitimate reactions to zayn leaving. my first reaction when he signed w rca was literally “no, no, no, no, no” cos i was so angry that he went about it like that. i dont think he did it in a good way! i didnt wanna sit around and tell people “u shouldnt be angry about this” cos, like, they had a right to be angry! i was angry! so for a while, esp over the summer, i kinda let it slide.

my response to that anon, though, was based mainly on the interviews and reactions to the interviews, and more generally on stuff that happened after the solo career was announced. this is where it gets tricky, cos i don’t actually have an answer for u that’s set in stone. what i said was based on a lot of stuff that i felt but couldnt necessarily put a finger on: it’s in the phrasing of statements like “he’s not the person i knew”/”he’s not the same person he was in the band”/”he’s changed”/”he’s selfish now”/”how dare he talk about the boys like this”/”he’s a fuckboy”/”he doesn’t respect women.” to me, those statements aren’t…necessarily… bad or wrong. it’s the context, tone and phrasing that make me worried and uncomfortable. 

zayn is the same person that he was in the band–if anything, he’s more himself, and has said so multiple times in interviews. he presumably thinks the same sexist things about women that he thought when he was in the band, he’s just stupid enough to voice them at this specific moment*. stuff like “selfish,” “changed,” “not the person i knew”–those are statements that carry discomforting connotations. why has he changed? why is he not the person you (not u, but a general you) knew? where did he, in your opinion, “go wrong”? did he go wrong when he left 1d to hang out with shahid, a fat, brown man? (the demonisation of shahid is sth i initially participated in and now feel fucking horrible about, i reread that guardian article every so often and feel like trash) did he go wrong when he left 1d to pursue music that’s more racially marked because he felt it reflected him better? did he go wrong when he said he left 1d cos he had no creative stake in the music? 

i know a lot of the people who make those statements balk at the implication of those questions (the implication being that their dislike is racially tinged), but i think (and this is notable cos it’s true of 1d too!) the motivations we assign ourselves are not necessarily the motivations we actually have. what i mean by that is that even if u (again, not u specifically, a general u) tell urself “this is why i feel this way” and u think its not a racial reason and u feel very strongly about that, its impossible for u to separate that from the ways we r all raised to think about muslims and about brown people more generally: “sneaky”/”liar”/”terrorist”/”criminal” etc etc etc. to me, the way people talk about zayn on this site has a lot of the tinges of the way people speak about muslims and brown people where i live! the volume and scope of the negative sentiment is also incredibly terrifying to me at a time when muslim, south asian and arab people, especially young men, r being physically attacked and abused for being brown! 

i know this sounds really OTT, like, c’mon saying something mean about zayn is not the same thing as shooting up a gurdwara or detaining a 12 year old with a heart condition for three days without informing his parents but there’s something significant about the way white people talk about brown people when they don’t like us that is what stands out to me there. it’s like disliking us gives them free reign to say whatever. there r plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike zayn. it’s more the way people do it that bothers me. 

i think it also makes more sense if u see my original tags that the anon was responding to, & ill talk about them more here. in plainest terms, zayn is only interesting, relatable, lovable, and vulnerable to white fans when he is in the band and behaving in ways that dont make them uncomfortable. as soon as he left and started doing things they didnt approve of, he was fair game for all sorts of outrageous criticism. it’s as if every ounce of humanity they’d ascribed him disappeared as soon as he was no longer associated with the cracker quartet (read: whiteness). people are denying him agency and humanity in a way they have denied none of the other boys. liam hasn’t received nearly as much flack for his homophobic comments, and tbqh, if any of these white women had wasted nearly as much time being outraged about louis using a racial slur as they are about zayn saying something dumb about women, there wouldn’t be a single louis stan left in the fandom. and yet there are! so…here we are. 

tl; dr it’s not what people are saying, it’s how they’re saying it. also, though, i think it’s all v relative and people have diff opinions and blah blah blah. this is just my personal read on the situation.