Kamala Khan improvises her superheroing by dressing up in Pakistani-style version. She meets a local vigilante from Pakistan - Laal Khanjeer also known as Red Dagger. 

- Ms Marvel #12

(And next time, Kamala should team up with the other Muslim heroes such as Dust, Monet, Faiza Hussain and Arabian Knight where they could fight crime, beat up terrorists and bigots.) 

Trump Supporter Arrested for Planning a Mass Shooting at an Islamic Center
A supporter of Donald Trump has been arrested and charged with a hate crime for allegedly plotting a "Columbine-type" mass shooting at a mosque.

If a few Black Lives Matter protesters are violent, the entire organization is labeled as a terrorist group. Why aren’t Trump supporters treated the same way?

Never mind. I already know the answer.

don’t pretend democrats give a damn about marginalized people. we’re their tokens and they cater for our votes but remember how doma was signed into law by bill clinton? remember how hillary clinton referred to black children as superpredators and treated them as such? remember when the obama administration kept the minimum wage in haiti from going over $1? remember when they admitted all men over 18 were considered terrorists automatically at drone strike targets? remember when hillary defended a rapist as a lawyer? this is just what i can remember off the top of my head. republicans don’t give a shit, but democrats are just as insidious! vote who you vote bur don’t pretend they will do marginalized people any favors!


Repost: Berkeley Student react to ISIS flag (Ami on the Street)

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz recently conducted a revealing social experiment on the University of California-Berkeley campus.

First, he waved an Islamic State flag while shouting statements supportive of the terrorist group and critical of the United States. He then switched to the flag of Israel and condemned Hamas, also a terrorist group.

The Islamic State flag demonstration appeared to result in essentially no confrontations, according to the footage published. One person even told Horowitz “good luck” and others seemingly expressed support for his cause.

However, when he began waving the Israeli flag, he was met almost immediately with angry students who accused the Jewish state of being “killers,” tyrannical and guilty of genocide.

Watch and compare the reactions to the two different flags

read here

hey let’s play a game called “i wonder what are the chances that the fact that the furry fandom is majority lgbt by a long shot and is also more welcoming to autistic/nd people than most other fandoms, and the fact that furries have become such a funny internet joke to the point where it’s acceptable for internet funnymen to mock and make fun of furries even as they are literally being murdered and targeted by terrorist attacks, are both somehow linked to each other?”

(hint: the answer is 100%)

the thing about ISIS isn’t that it was a radically more advanced organization than any other terror-group operating in the region it’s just that it chose to operate more along the lines of a corporate entity than a purely tribal military one, which was how a lot of the more ‘traditional’ terrorist groups in the Middle East were doing it up to that point

they got an edge on the competition via social media outreach, which increased their notoriety overseas and allowed for them to take credit for attacks and operations they had no direct role in, which gave them access to word-of-mouth & online recruiting since global news was essentially advertising for them from that point on. As Western agencies closed in on their operations their propaganda departments were able to spread the message further and groups and individuals saw them as worthy of funding and materiel efforts, allowing them to set up both mineral/oil exports and equipment imports into their territory

they aggressively recruited from local populations and sympathetic populations abroad, but they also franchised heavily in a way that even the Al Qaeda network didn’t manage to do, essentially ‘poaching’ contracts and setting up ties w/ groups like Boko Haram. They don’t need to provide any actual physical or logistical (or monetary) support to these groups, but they can tie their ‘brands’ in together and build off of each other’s exploits

their chief benefit, however, was that their early recruitment efforts focused heavily on disaffected government administrators who’d been ousted during the American invasion & subsequent occupation

former intelligence officers, local government officials, military enlisted & officers, anyone with a relation to the baathist party and the Hussein regime were folded into the proto-IS which allowed for them to pursue nation-building efforts and construct something a lot closer to an actual functional regime than just a temporary occupying military force

Peace Trail Track List

1. Peace Trail
2. Can’t Stop Workin’
3. Indian Givers
4. Show Me
5. Texas Rangers
6. Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders
7. John Oaks
8. My Pledge
9. Glass Accident
10. My New Robot

Peace Trail will be available as a digital download, CD, and cassette from December 2  with a vinyl edition following in January.

anonymous asked:

In addition to the terra is a slut for sleeping with Slade, but the latter is just misunderstood from DC. THere's also Qurac where EVERYONE including the was were portrayed as an "EVUL" terrorist. Go figure that if a white nation is under a dictatorship, its the fault of one badman, but if a brown nation is under a dictatorship, its the fault of the entire race of people according to DC's writers.

Then there’s that Cheshire was utterly forgiven for nuking Qurac, many writers making excuses for why this nuclear genocide was ok, “the victims were brown, all terrorists(even the kids?)”, and you’re petty if you hold a grudge against her for it. But if you do something to a WHITE woman, like Dr. Light(former comic relief villain, badly retconned into a EDGY rapist), you’re irredeemable because the victim was WHITE. 

omggggg this is all awful. i dont read a lot of comics (mostly just ntt and tt:eo lmao) so i dont know qurac but bleeehh this all sounds like shit. i hate comics

Man Arrested For Threats Against Mosque Appears To Have Tweeted Trump Support
The accounts warn of a violent uprising if Clinton wins the presidential election, and regularly tweet anti-Muslim and racist rhetoric.
By Talal Ansari

A Twitter account that appears to belong to Mark Feigin — the Los Angeles man who allegedly stockpiled weapons and ammunition at his home and was arrested for allegedly making terrorist threats against an Islamic center — is littered with anti-Muslim, anti-black, and anti-immigrant rhetoric, as well as support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The profile picture of the Twitter account @mfeigin, which lists the name Milosz Feigin, resembles the mugshot released of the 40-year-old-man arrested by the LAPD on Oct. 19.

Tweets allegedly belonging to Feigin were also displayed by the LAPD at a press conference on Tuesday, and further corroborated the screenshot of tweets obtained by BuzzFeed News of the @mfeigin account.

Feigin first came to the attention of law enforcement after he was linked to a call to the Islamic center on Sept. 19, where he allegedly left a message “peppered with vulgarity” in which he “exposed his hatred for the Muslim faith,” Captain Horace Frank of the LAPD said Tuesday.

Frank alleged Feigin called again on Sept. 20 and told a man who answered the phone that he would kill him and other members of the Islamic center.

He allegedly said again that he hated Muslims and stated “his belief that Muslims will destroy the United States,” according to Frank.

He has since been released on $75,000 bail.

Daniel Perlman, a lawyer representing Feigin, said his client is a “good, decent man who believes in brotherhood,” and “anyone who says anything to the contrary simply doesn’t know him.”

“When we receive the police reports, it will become clear that this was all an unfortunate misunderstanding,” Perlman wrote in an emailed statement to BuzzFeed News.

Authorities said numerous rifles, shotguns, and handguns, as well as several high capacity magazines and thousands of rounds of ammunition, were found inside Feigin’s home.

The Twitter account @mfeigin contains multiple violent posts and is blanketed with hatred towards followers of Islam.

The account was active as of Tuesday afternoon but has since been deleted. Screenshots of tweets made by the account were taken before the deletion.

A tweet on the same day of Feigin’s arrest, which was also the last day the account tweeted, says war will begin if Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wins the election, and encourages the hoarding of guns and ammunition.

Another tweet, captured in a story by U.S. Uncut, also supports the hoarding and purchasing of guns and ammunition if Clinton wins the presidential election: “What to do if hillary wins: stockpile ammo – and guns”

Other tweets show an anti-immigrant stance, as well as support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.



That tweet was accompanied by a link to a story about a Michigan township that had to pay an Islamic school $1.7 million after denying it zoning rights. BuzzFeed News covered the same story in September after the Department of Justice filed and settled a lawsuit alleging the township placed “unjustified burdens on religious exercise.”

In a reply to a tweet about deaths of Syrians in jail posted by Imraan Siddiqi, the executive director of the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, @mfeigin wrote that those deaths did not matter because the 18,000 prisoners were “terrorists.” He added, “fuck them.”

Another Twitter account also appears to belong to Feigin. The twitter account for @FeiginMilosz, under the name Milosz Feigin, regularly tweets support for Trump, as well as racist messages that call for the death of members of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as Muslims.

The account’s last tweet was the day before Feign was arrested by the LAPD at a traffic stop.

Not much else is presently known about Feigin. The Twitter account @mfeigin lists his occupation as a “SOCIAL WORKER,” but a LinkedIn account belonging to a man with the same name, city, and a similar resemblance lists his occupation as “REALTOR AT GOTHAM PROPERTIES INTL.”

Feign also appears to have a Realtor.com profile, which states that he has “over 15 years combined experience as an investor, agent, interior designer, and property developer,” and speaks “fluent Mandarin and Polish.”

A video posted on YouTube by a Mark Feigin is a sales pitch for a coffee that Feigin claims to have invented that is “easier on your body.”

BuzzFeed News’ request for comment from Feigin by email, phone, and Twitter were not returned.

‘Dilbert’ Cartoonist Says ISIS May Want Hillary Clinton For President

by Rebecca Shapiro

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams’ vocal support for Donald Trump is getting even more bizarre.

First, he pledged to join a resistance movement and help kill the GOP presidential nominee if he were elected president and behaved like Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Now, he’s shared yet another strange election-related remark:

If there are no sponsored terror attacks before Election Day, it means ISIS prefers Clinton. They have the means. Think about it. #Trump

— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) October 25, 2016

Adams seems to think that the absence of terrorist attacks in Western countries before Nov. 8 must indicate that the Islamic State “prefers” Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president.

Unsurprisingly, many on the internet were not enthused, with multiple Twitter users criticizing Adams for his statement on Tuesday.

He dismissed his critics as supporters of the former secretary of state and “Clinton bullies” in response.

See how similar the Clinton bullies are? All coincidentally attacking my “sanity” at the same time. https://t.co/cVyiYHRdKl

— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) October 25, 2016

Adams switched from endorsing Clinton to supporting Trump last month. He insisted he had only supported Clinton for his “personal safety” because he lives in California and it “isn’t safe to be viewed as a Trump supporter” there.

Here’s who bankrolls the fight against marijuana legalization
Even by the usual standards of politics, this election’s campaign against marijuana legalization has made strange bedfellows. The largest donors to the various anti-weed political groups around the country include a billionaire casino tycoon, a woman who believes in reefer madness, a drug-crusading former U.S. ambassador, cops, prison guards, booze…

this article is so funny

Tied for the largest single donation to Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, the campaign against the state’s recreational marijuana proposal, was $500,000 from Insys Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company known for selling the painkiller fentanyl in the form of a sublingual spray.

Insys has said it opposes legalization because federal regulators have not approved marijuana for medical use and because the proposed law “fails to protect the safety of Arizona’s citizens, and particularly its children.” But the company is also developing products that use pharmaceutical cannabinoids, a synthetic version of marijuana.

One of Sabet’s most generous individual donors is Julie Schauer, a wealthy art enthusiast who lives in the Washington, D.C., area. Through her family’s trust, she has contributed more than $1.3 million to the organization’s efforts to defeat California’s recreational marijuana proposal… uncovered 2-year-old comments Schauer posted on the website OpenSecrets in which she blamed mass shootings and terrorist attacks, including the Boston Marathon bombing, on the perpetrators’ marijuana use.

In Massachusetts, one industry in particular has joined forces against the state’s recreational marijuana proposal. A wine and spirits wholesalers association kicked in $50,000 to the opposition campaign, and a beer distributors group added another $25,000.