terrorist plot

If you’re using the terrorist attacks in London to try and push your political ideas or islamophobia, fuck right off.

No, we do not need guns in the UK. The availability of guns wouldn’t have helped the situation, but made it 100 times worse. Those terrorists attacked people with knives. Imagine the absolute fucking carnage if they’d been able to shoot.

No, the policy of ‘keep calm and carry on’ does not demonstrate our weakness. It’s the ultimate act of defiance against terrorism, which by it’s very definition attempts to disrupt our lives and make us too afraid to continue. I agree that action must be taken, but our refusal to submit to fear is one of the things I am proudest of about our country, and in all honesty, what else is there to do? Action is being taken against terrorism - MI5 stop dozens of terrorist plots each year. But if we can’t eradicate the cause of this hatred and violence, terrorism will never end. We can’t catch every terrorist. Someone will always slip through the cracks.

No, Muslims are not the problem. Muslims are not terrorists. Terrorists are extremists, whose actions have nothing to do with the faith that they falsely swear allegiance to, for Islam is a religion of peace, and Islamic extremism is nothing but a perversion of that. Having seen Trump’s tweet about his ‘Muslim ban’, I have never been more furious. That ban is not an anti terrorism measure, but a policy of racism and islamophobia, and I speak for the majority of Britain when I say that we want nothing to do with it.

Now is not the time to argue, to profess ignorant political ideas or to perpetuate racism. People have died. Have some fucking sympathy. Let us grieve.

Annoying Interruptions [Eggsy Unwin Imagine - Request].

A/N: Hello lovelies, here’s a Eggsy Unwin imagine, based off this anon: 

  • Eggsy imagine, please? You both are sexually frustrated because Merlin and Harry is always interrupting.  

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader.

Part Two. 

Warnings: Uh, there’s nothing explicit, but there is some content that is sexual in nature, nothing detailed. If that’s not your thing, please don’t read and to be sure, please, please, only read if you’re an adult

Rating: M, just to make sure, because I’m paranoid! 

Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own anyone. All the characters go to their respective owners/creators. 

P.S.:Thank you for requesting and I hope this is all right! :) I’ve checked this over for mistakes and whatnot, but if any have managed to slip through, please forgive me.

Living the life of a spy was a tough business. Dealing with terrorists and plots to destroy the world, was something you had to deal with on many of your missions. You weren’t complaining, but when you actually found some spare time to relax, you’d like to be able to do that freely. If you weren’t on a mission, then you were training, or helping new recruits train and if not doing any of those things, you were busy filing through paperwork and briefing for upcoming missions, or debriefing for past ones. It constantly felt like you were doing something, so when you got back to your room after an exhausting day, you collapsed on your bed, just wanting to fall asleep.

Your boyfriend, Eggsy Unwin, had other ideas. He waltzed into your room unannounced, a breezy, carefree smile on his bright face, his light green-blue eyes sparkling in the evening light.

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The Recruit (Chapter 8) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 52″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Slow burn, some touchin’, kissing cursing maybe?, PTSD and sexual assault flashbacks, guns… no actual violence though I don’t think.

Author’s Note: I loved being able to write the reader as a badass without Mitch’s help. Like, you were already awesome without him, so imagine how incredibly awesome you make each other. crazy, I know.

y/f/i = your first initial, y/n/n = your nickname

Summary: Y/N struggles with Mitch’s absence from The Barn.

Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine

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It had been three weeks since he pressed you up against his bedroom door and kissed you. You hadn’t seen him since.

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Soldier injured in terrorist attack at Le Louvre, France

Little over an hour ago (9am GMT) soldiers managed to gun down a man who attempted to attack them with a machete near Le Louvre, the famous art museum in Paris. It’s said the attacker tried to enter Le Louvre itself.

The head of the Paris police states that the man shouted “Allahu akhbar” and managed to injure a soldier. The attacker was critically injured after the armed patrol opened fire.

The nearby area has been evacuated as the French ministry said a “serious public security incident” is underway.

A backpack worn by the attacker is being investigated by explosives experts.

The attack comes after several terrorist plots have been prevented in several European countries over the last few weeks.

x, x


Lesbian Crime Thriller 

Dichen Lachman and Stephanie Beatriz play girlfriends and former NYPD detectives who uncover widespread corruption and a terrorist plot that would throw New York into chaos. Not knowing who they can trust, the lovers go on the run and attempt to warn federal authorities before it’s too late…

Eurus is Sherlock

I know this idea has come up more than once. In this post I will try to collect as much evidence, mostly from TFP, as possible - visual, textual, and narrational. 


In this first scene together their hands seem to melt into each other. Sherlock does not expect to be able to touch his sister, and then their fingers interlace just like that. In the second picture both have become one. Sherlock is shining through Eurus’s reflection, her hear roughly being place where his heart is (head/brain and heart becoming one). 

Additional note: If we assume that this is her real hair as opposed to the wigs she wore in TST and TLD, they both have dark curly hair. 


  • Sherlock and Eurus are very close in age. True, it’s never twins. But at least Irish twins, it seems. (Or just one person after all?)
  • Sherlock has been deemed a genius from the beginning. Eurus “was described as an era-defining genius, beyond Newton.”
  • Both play the violin. Eurus even plays a Stradivarius as does Holmes in ACD Canon. 
  • Sherlock had no friends before John. “I had no one.” 
  • Both love to be dramatic.
  • Both are prone to violence: Sherlock torturing the cabbie / throwing a man out the window / shooting Magnussen. / Eurus’s violent behaviour in TLD and TFP. 
  • Both are seen in a cell of some kind: the padded cell in Sherlock’s HLV mind palace / the Sherrinford cell (All places from the HLV mind palace have real counterparts - so what about the cell? And how probable is it that two siblings both have been inmates of a cell in a mental hospital/prison at some time?)
  • Both are in a way attracted to Moriarty and are willing to play games with him.
  • Both are given delicate tasks/cases by Mycroft that concern state security (the Bruce-Partington plans/Irene Adler/the Parliament bombing in TEH/the planned terrorist attacks mentioned in TFP).
  • Sherlock experiments on John in ThoB. Eurus experiments on Sherlock in TFP.
  • Both are very focussed on knowledge: “I don’t like not knowing.” / “She knew things she should never have known …”
  • Both are disguising themselves / hiding in plain sight.
  • Both are being used by Mycroft for matters of state security and intelligence.
  • Both are believed to be dead for years. Both times Mycroft is involved in the plots to fake their deaths. 


  • “She was different from the beginning.”/”Because he attacks people who are different and preys on their secrets.” (Why Sherlock hates Magnussen)
  • “Listen. This is my hard drive and it only makes sense to put things in there that are useful.” / “I remember everything; every single thing. You just need a big enough hard drive.
  • Sherlock being involved in the flight of the dead/saving Irene from terrorists/revealing the terrorist plot in TEH /  “She predicted the exact dates of the last three terrorist attacks on the British mainland after an hour on Twitter.” 
  • “In any event, there is no prison in which we could incarcerate Sherlock without causing a riot on a daily basis.” / “The depth of Eurus’s psychosis and the extent of her abilities couldn’t hope to be contained in any ordinary institution.“ 
  • “That in your case, solitary confinement is locking you up with your worst enemy.” This can also be applied to Eurus’s imprisonment in Sherrinford.


These are a lot of similarities. Too much for coincidence, if you ask me. To me, Eurus is an exaggerated, overdramatic version of Sherlock himself. What he could have become without John’s friendship and Mycroft’s support, without the friends he has found quite late in life. 

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Nothing makes me hate Mace more than this scene. Obi-Wan has just become the victim of a terrorist plot against the people of Coruscant, suffered major organ damage and was bleeding out in Anakin’s arms, and now Mace is giving Anakin a lecture about being worried? 

Here is where we begin to see just how much it tears him up to be a part of the Jedi Order. If he hadn’t rushed to the scene, Obi-Wan would have been dead. How is that wrong? The Force can’t be with you when you’ve broken your back and shit.

I have heard through the grapevine that haters are trying to pin Kara losing her job on Mon-El because Kara told him she would get into trouble and he told her to do it anyway but I feel like that’s ignoring a very important fact… that’s exactly what Kara taught him to do.

In that conversation they addressed her hesitation, pointing out that by publishing the article there could be negative consequences that could affect her career. And I don’t blame her at all - it’s a serious decision and there is nothing wrong with thinking it through.

But all Mon-El did was cut it down to the most relevant fact - it was the right thing to do. Kara’s own words when she was training Mon-El were that they were to protect citizens above all else.

When Mon-El’s feelings for Kara put civilians at risk she was angry because protecting the people is their job as heroes. Kara may not have been facing a physical battle but the message was the same. Putting their own needs aside for the greater good is what makes them heroes.

I hope that Kara either gets her job back or this leads to something new and exciting for her that she’ll love. But regardless of how it works itself out, this was Kara’s choice. She was being just as much of a hero by publishing that article as she is when she’s stopping armed robberies or thwarting terrorist plots or delivering puppies.

It’s easier to face those things when she has superpowers, she runs straight into danger when that’s the case. But when she was taking this kind of personal risk she needed support and understanding and a reminder that doing the right thing has to be what ultimately guides her choices. Mon-El did exactly that for her.

If he had said that she shouldn’t take the chance I would have been angry and heaven knows the haters would have had a field day. But he didn’t - he trusted her judgement and encouraged her to do what was right. That’s not just being a good boyfriend - that’s being a good hero.

if you look at fight club from marla’s perspective it’s about a down-on-her-luck woman living in poverty and touring support groups for kicks who gets swept up in some weirdo’s terrorist plot to destroy society or whatever the hell and honestly? that’s a movie i’d fuckin watch

On July 15 last year, in an attempted coup, a faction of the Turkish military bombed government buildings, blocked roads and bridges and attempted to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The coup attempt was quelled by the next day — but Turkey has been feeling the repercussions ever since.

The government has engaged in sweeping purges, arresting tens of thousands and firing more than 100,000 people from their jobs, including civil servants, university professors and soldiers.

But the primary target of Erdogan’s wrath is Fethullah Gulen, an Islamic scholar in his late 70s living in exile in the United States. Erdogan blames Gulen for masterminding the failed coup attempt. The government has declared Gulen’s movement a terrorist organization.

Cleric Accused Of Plotting Turkish Coup Attempt: ‘I Have Stood Against All Coups’

Photo: Bryan Thomas for NPR

Krypton vs Daxam Metaphor

Krypton and Daxam seem like a metaphor for US & Middle East. I’m sure that people living there wouldn’t see it, but I’m an Indian and I just can’t un-see it since the day Kara just assumed that he’s a terrorist plotting to kill the president, without any proof & they had the whole “You people attacked us without provocation” conversation. 

I mean sure the hedonist & prude thing goes the other way round in the real world and both sides got their hands dirty with slavery, but I guess they didn’t want to make it too obvious. But the political structures are pretty obvious. 

The refugees that escaped war are the 1 percenters of those countries who could afford to escape and now they are starting from the bottom in countries that took them in. So I love the prince to bartender thing. 

This show has done such an excellent job with the indirect metaphor that most of the fandom reacts to Mon-El like they do to actual middle eastern refugees, either they understand what he is going through and empathise or they completely demonise him and use Daxamite stereotypes to insult him, nothing in between. 

I mean, look at the aesthetics of the two planets and think of the real world sterotypes everyone attaches to these two regions. 

Plus remember how Krypton was destroyed because it exploited it’s natural resources and the counsel was oblivious to climate change until one year before the planet’s destruction? Does that remind you of a country where a senator brought a snowball to make a point? The only powerful country that is refusing to become a part of the climate change discussion? 

I just hope Kara handles Mon-El’s secret with diplomacy and doesn’t take the favourite American route with him! 

PS: Before I get an unaware comment “But he’s white mayo” or “But, but all middle easterns are brown”, Middle East is very diverse and has Caucasian people too.


Posting all the character sheets I’ve drawn so far, plus the brand new “Bellwether Family Portrait”

Meet the Bellwethers. Aster, son of the infamous shamed Mayor Ash Bellwether does his best to keep up the families professional appearance. But behind the veneer of class and prestige is the stink of booze and cigars. His father’s life and death ruined him, and he takes it out on those around him, most notably his wife Clover. Clover runs an antique shop, and is even more quiet and soft spoken than Dawn, which makes it even easier for Aster to walk all over her. If it weren’t for his death during the “Zootopia’s Last Night” Terrorist plot, Clover most likely would have been the one in the ground first.

Gustav is a goat with a lot of heart, but in pretty bad physical shape. He was born with a deformity that causes one of his horns to grown in frail and crumbling, leading it to breaking apart easily and bugs nesting in the open horn. In addition to that he also also one of the few goats in the modern day born with the genetic marker for a fainting disorder, which Val finds hilarious. Gus’ closest friend is Vernon Hunter, a wolf he met in high school. Since then the two have always been in each others lives in one way or another, most recently with Vernon working under Gus at Bug Burga. Gus is kind, and generally friendly, but a little absent minded at times, and he loves traditional role playing games.

Also, yes Maze controller is a reference to that terrible Mazes and Monsters movie with young tom hanks, it’s hilariously bad. Also Asriel shirt.

At first blush Val seems like your typical troubled teen. She’s snarky, inappropriate,and has a dark sense of humor. She’ll also swear up and down that ‘Old Red’ is the only thing she loves, and that the bike is her spirit animal. Needless to say a lot of mammals don’t put up with her long enough to really get to know her. Val is deeply loyal to her friends and family, and knows when to drop the sass and lend an ear to her loved ones. She even reluctantly puts her friend Vernon before the possible destruction of 'Old Red’ in the 'Rehabilitation of Dawn Bellwether" story. A lot of Val’s personal life is murky and unknown, and she likes it that way. But much to her chagrin Vernon and Gus are aware that her Dad is just a hard working office mammal, and not some hard as nails ex-con.

Then we got Nick and Judy, on vacation in Bunnyburrow at least for the drawing. Kinda have their personalities down. They were pretty well explained during the film. But now having four years on the force and a few near death experiences under their belts the developed an penchant for being terrified for the other ones safety at nearly all times. In the events of the story they reconcile these fears and confess their love for one another.

Finally we have Dawn Bellwether, newly paroled and out of prison through the course of the story she is desperately trying to make a new life for herself. Unfortunately most mammals won’t give her the chance aside from Vernon Hunter. Vernon is a large wolf, who’s slow to anger and has a habit of acting before fully thinking things through. He was the first to give Dawn a chance right out of the gate, and later they end up saving eachother’s lives and eventually falling for one another. I drew them apple picking because at the time it was picking season where I lived.

So that’s all the character sheets so far. I think I’ve only got one more for this story featuring Don Polaraski and Dr. Gnu. Enjoy.


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for the five things meme: Leverage OT3, five times a date turned into a job


Hardison guesses he shouldn’t be surprised when Eliot has asked the waitress why she’s so upset before they even get their drinks and has a bar patron shoved against a wall in the alley by appetizers the first time they all actually manage to go out to a restaurant that isn’t the brewpub.

“I’m thinking it’s probably that landlord who keeps messing with his tenants’ apartments a few blocks away,” Parker says, thoughtful, while Hardison taps his feet waiting for Eliot to get back before their soup goes cold. “I’ve been meaning to get to him.”

Eliot comes back from the door, looking steamed as hell and pretty satisfied with himself. “I think you may have to move him up the list,” says Hardison.


Parker is the one who insists on going to the zoo, and also the one who finds the display about how they’re trying to save a grizzly from a circus mistreating it but need money for legal fees.

Hardison already knows he isn’t going to get to see the penguins when she looks up from the display, beams at him and Eliot (who was already adopted by three elephants, because he’s Eliot), and says “Okay, then, let’s steal a circus!”

“Can we at least see the penguins before we do?” Hardison asks, but he’s already looking the circus up on his phone.

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Islamic State (ISIS) plots to poison food in US, UK supermarkets - 8 September 2017

 Following a wave of ramming attacks across Europe, as well as more conventional terror attacks including stabbings, shootings, and bombings, the ISIS terror organization is preparing a silent terror wave against American and British consumers.
While recent attacks in continental Europe have drawn front-page coverage around the globe, including a pair of attacks in Spain last month which left 16 civilians dead, ISIS terrorists have been quietly laying the groundwork for a far less bombastic – but potentially deadly – plot against the US and UK.
Security experts have uncovered evidence Islamic State terrorists are plotting to poison food in supermarkets across the US and Britain, according to a report by SITE Intelligence Group, an American terrorism monitor.
According to SITE, ISIS has been instructing members in the West to inject a cyanide-based mixture into food being sold at supermarkets.
Since Iraqi security forces recaptured Mosul from ISIS in July, additional evidence of a terror plot targeting Western food supplies was found, the Italian ANSA news outlet reported.
Evidence of poisoned food tests were found in Mosul, with Iraqi prisoners used as “human guinea pigs”, the Daily Mail reported.
While the recent calls for poisoning supermarket supplies in the West is not the first of its kind, it appears to be the first coordinated, large-scale effort involving poison.
In 2016, a 22-year-old man who claimed allegiance to ISIS was charged with lacing cocaine with pesticides, then distributing the laced drugs at nightclubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, ABC reported.

So here’s my submission for the Superhusbands Aluminium Anthology currently being put together by the hardworking mods @stevetonystudios

I thought I’d give you guys a quick preview of my MCU post-CW fix-it. If you want to read the rest it will be published on the 20th September in the anthology and on AO3:) 

P.S: @cazdraws did art for it and it is BREATHTAKING so even if you don’t feel like reading 10k worth of angst and denial, you should check it out for her art. 

P.P.S.: even if you don’t want that you should check out the anthology because there is going to be TONS of good stuff in there. 


“The Avengers have successfully contained the flow of lava. The city of Akurana has been evacuated with only four casualties to speak of, despite the shocking speed of an explosive volcanic event that no seismologist had seen coming. The following videos were taken by residents after being evacuated in SHIELD Helicarriers…”

The grainy footage has no audio, but it’s impossible for Steve to miss the bright red of Natasha’s hair. She sits on the floor of the Helicarrier with soot-covered children braiding her hair. The scarlet of Wanda’s telekinesis distracts him as she hands out bottled water. Iron Man flies into view, an elderly man and his goat in hand, and gently sets them down near Natasha. At her waving, he comes closer to her and the videographer, the suit flying away to reveal Tony Stark in an undersuit.

Steve sits on the couch and ignores the rest of the newscast.

When the Avengers had been called to mobilise, Steve had already been on the tail of the Friends of Humanity plotting a terrorist attack at a school for mutants. An impromptu team-up with Logan and half a dozen explosions later, the children were shaken but safe, Logan was likely drunk in a bar somewhere, and Steve was ready for extraction.  

There’s a single text on his phone from Tony Stark. They’re professional and impersonal, as they’ve been for months now. It reads, “Have exfil take you home, we’re done here.”

Steve replies, “Affirmative.” He doesn’t know why he does it, doesn’t even realise what’s happened until he hits send on a second message. “I miss you.”

He regrets it the moment he sends it. Iron Man might need Captain America for missions, but if the last year has taught him anything, it’s that Tony Stark doesn’t need anything from Steve Rogers.

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Just because you demand a country for money it doesn't mean the country will give you the money. I highly doubt the uk will give the terrorist £100,00+

I appreciate the distinction, but I wasn’t implying it’s a done deal, I was implying it’s not unthinkable, as similar things have happened before:

Besides that, it doesn’t necessarily depend on the UK at all. If a European court orders the UK to pay it, then that’s it.

H50 7.24 Promo 

“He ke’u na ka ‘alae a Hina” – When McGarrett gets a tip that someone is plotting a terrorist attack on Oahu, Five-0 searches for those behind it before it’s too late. Also, Chin and Abby have a very difficult decision to make, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. (“He ke’u na ka ‘alae a Hina” is Hawaiian for “A Croaking By Hina’s Mudhen”) 

Also from TVLine:  McGarrett learns that a prisoner he captured and interrogated 10 years ago, and who is still being held at Gitmo, claims to have intel on a possible terrorist attack. Amid flashbacks to his Navy SEAL days, “McGarrett questions whether or not he’s being played — how reliable is this information?” Meanwhile, Chin and Abby face a big decision.

If this wasn’t terrorism...

He sat among them for an hour plotting their execution. An hour listening to them pray and hold service and discuss God’s good grace. It did not humanize them in his eyes. He felt no sympathy. He stead fast in his mission and he shot them down. Not only that but he intentionally left one alive so she could tell people what he did and then he made a bomb threat.

If that’s not a textbook definition of “terrorism” then you need a new fucking dictionary.

Things Are Going To Be Okay

I’m noticing a lot of posts on my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr feeds, mostly from a lot of the younger #Strangers (10 - 20 y/o or so) who don’t remember what happened the last time Islamophobia swept the world fourteen years ago, saying how they’re afraid. Afraid because the world is so chaotic and unstable right now. Afraid because people are talking about World War III. Afraid because of the amount of (usually biased) politics is being shoved down our throats by the media. I wanted to just take an hour out of my evening to write you all a personal message and I really hope it finds its way to you somehow if you’re sitting at your computer worrying about what’s going to happen in the world.

When I was in my earliest years of secondary school, 9/11 happened. The world stood and watched in horror and silence - our generation had never witnessed violence and terror on this scale before. We all sat at my granddad’s dining table during his birthday dinner that evening with the television on, watching the same repetitive twelve seconds of footage being played over and over again on the screen. I didn’t sleep that night because my aunt and cousin were flying to Spain on holiday the next day, and we were all convinced another attack or hijacking could happen at any moment. The entire world held its breath and was on standby as we waited for a second terror plot of the same magnitude to hit the media… and we prayed it wouldn’t be our own city.

It never came. At least, not until the London bombings of 07/07/07 - almost six years later.

I have a flashbulb memory of being on vacation with my family in Weymouth at a holiday park in 2003, at the evening entertainment cabaret. My dad, who was a little tipsy with holiday spirit at the time, pulled me aside and told me that he had been looking into a lot of the media without mum knowing about it, and that he was terrified they would call people up to go to war through conscription, much like they did in World War II. Everyone was screaming there would be World War III, we would be bombed in our homes and the terrorists would rule the nation. Masses of the general public had been so overwhelmed with propaganda about suicide bombers, plane hijackers, and Islam that they were chomping at the bit by the time the vote came to British Parliament as to whether or not we would go to war with Iraq. “We need to get Saddam Hussein while he’s still over there, before he comes over here for us,” my dad told me as we watched the coverage of the Parliament discussion and voting one evening. “The thing is, he’s got all these nuclear weapons, and those Muslims want to kill us all because we’re infidels, we don’t believe in their God.” Just a father explaining to his wide-eyed, frightened daughter who was just old enough to start understanding politics why we were planning to send armies over to the Middle East to slaughter and bomb the terrorists. Like these innocent bystanders, these normal people just like you and me, weren’t even human. The terrorists.

Weeks passed, months passed. Some kids in my class, Mike and Violeta, went on a “hunger strike” to protest the war; I rolled my eyes at them like the brainwashed, good citizen I was and told anyone at school who would listen, “We have to go to war, it’s the only way to make sure they don’t nuke us.” Just as I’d been told by my father, and every bit of media being thrown at me by the telly and newspapers. There were genuine rumours about conscription and rationing, and Islamophobia was everywhere. I can’t even imagine what Muslim Brits had to go through during that time. I just remember that impending sense of one day… one day, we could be sitting at our dining table, and suddenly we could be getting bombed. I thought about that when Pietro was explaining the twins’ background in Avengers: Age of Ultron, how they had been bombed during a family dinner; I thought about how I lived terrified of something that was, in hindsight, extremely unlikely to happen to me, whilst it was something some teens lived in legitimate fear of. Because we were actually led to believe that we would be bombed out of nowhere by the terrorists.

Are/were these fears irrational? While I might look back at the fact that most of that “war” consisted of us rampaging through Iraq blowing shit up, no, I wouldn’t say it was irrational. Any day, at any moment, another terrorist plot could have been unveiled. It can happen, at any time, but that is a fact that has always been there, even if you’ve never seen it. Terrorism isn’t an organization; it’s not a country, or a person, or a regime. Terrorism is an ideaology. It is a belief, a set of morals, a way of life passed down from people to people. Terrorism has no religion, it has no colour or creed. The only thing various incidences of terrorism have in common is people. History is ripe with instances of terror (Google homework: IRA, Black September, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Guy Fawkes, Brigatte Rosse, Front de libération du Québec, Al Quaeda). So while this is a very real and frightening threat, it’s definitely not a new one!

The other thing history is ripe with is examples of propaganda. If you don’t know much about propaganda, one of the most famous uses of it is how Hitler and Joseph Goebbels managed to turn the German populace against the Jews in the lead up to World War II via antisemetic images and stereotypes. There’s great examples of it in Harry Potter too, with how the Ministry of Magic was printing anti-Mudblood pamphlets? THAT’S propaganda! And let’s also not forget that Captain America was first started in the 40s to promote anti-Nazi beliefs and to encourage young people to want to sign up and fight like Steve Rogers in the lead up to America joining World War II; also, Iron Man was created in the 60s as Capitalist vs Communist propaganda (if you don’t believe me, go back and read The Invincible Iron Man and look at the villains he fights!). And the point of a lot of propaganda, especially in the early stages, is that it’s very, very, very subtle, and very related to pop culture. To translate that to the year 2015, propaganda would take the form of Internet memes, biased blogs and news outlets, and Facebook sharing. 

And the main reason I wanted to switch the focus to propaganda was to explain what you’re about to see all over the news: because a lot of it will be propaganda. You will see the word “islamophobia” used over and over again, either in a way that enforces it or dismisses it. You’ll see people claiming that Islam is a religion that breeds violence, and that refugees could be terrorists in disguise. They’ll throw “facts” in your face that have no basis in truth. This is called fear-mongering; it’s a media and government tactic used to drive citizens into a panicked frenzy so that they will give up more of their rights and beliefs in order to feel “safe” again. 

Remember: everybody wants you to be afraid! The way to simultaneously fight both terrorism and fear-mongering governments is simply to not let them frighten you into giving up your personal morals, beliefs, or rights

The Internet exists and it is a wonderful tool to gather a wide variety of information. All information is likely to be biased slightly or far left (Liberal/radical), or slightly or far right (Republican/conservative), so always make sure you check your sources before believing everything you see or read! Chances are if you heard it on Fox News, it’s going to be biased to the hard right and there may be some facts that have no business calling themselves facts. Here is a list of some of the recommended unbiased news sites on the Internet:
- The Independent (UK)
- Huffington Post
- The Real News
- FactCheck.org 

I suppose if I had to summarize this post with a TL;DR paragraph, it would be this: you are about to see some things posted in places the Internet knows you will see them that are psychologically designed to play on your biggest fears and insecurities and terrify the ever-living shit out of you. This is because people want you to be afraid. When people are afraid - for themselves, their families, or their country - they’re easier to manipulate. The best way for you to remain safe and educated on what is going on is to a) question everything you see/hear/read and b) read as much as you can from unbiased sources that are less likely to post propaganda

Nothing we are experiencing is anything more than humanity has experienced before, and the good thing is that, this time, there are more educated people and less ignorant ones floating around. And remember - things are never, ever as bad as the media makes them out to be. ;) 

Good luck and stay educated!

~ Kiery