This video shows us what it was like to be on the ground after the South Tower collapsed on 9/11. I have viewed this footage before, and the quality was very good, but I stumbled upon this newer version that is enhanced a bit more, and the quality is honestly staggering. I’m used to viewing 9/11 through a grainy lens, as most did not have very good video cameras available, but seeing footage like this so clearly is really something else. We see the absolute chaos as people scrambled to understand what was going on, and how they could help. Many of the emergency workers are covered and choking on dust that came from the collapse of the South Tower, but they still press on to try and help anyone they could find who needed it.

A few significant timestamps:

2:51 - When the camera pans to follow the firefighter as he walks back toward where he came, we see a man covered in dust with a big camera around his neck. This man is Bill Biggart, a photographer who lost his life that day when the North Tower collapsed. His camera was found later and the last pictures taken were pointing up directly at the North Tower as it burned. This is probably the last footage of him alive.

13:16 - This is a shot of the traffic sign that directed people toward the World Trade Centers. As you can see, it’s been ripped from the ground and laying among a bunch of other twisted metal that came from the first collapse.

17:41 - The cameraman asks a man if he could ask him a couple questions. The man responds with, “I’d rather not. Just having a bad day,” followed by a thank you when the cameraman says okay. The man stops briefly and asks him if he knew where everyone was going, the cameraman says he doesn’t. Then we see the man walking off, carrying a bunch of his co-workers bags (that I assume he wishes to give back to them). One of the bags drags behind him, leaving a trail in the dust as he goes, seemingly without a destination. I found this shot very powerful.

18:07 - The North Tower collapsing. I was really impressed with the way the guy holding the camera didn’t say a word, and actually tried to wipe down his lens before the giant dust cloud hits him. He keeps the tower in the shot for as long as he can as it falls. The sound is loud and horrifying, followed by absolute darkness as the debris totally blacks out the sun. From this moment on, the lighting is dark and smoggy, and we get to see the immediate aftermath.

Something else I’d like to point out is throughout the video, we can hear those chirping sounds that come from the safety device firefighters have that goes off after not detecting motion for more than 30 seconds (Post for reference here). These sounds may be from the firefighters who were buried in the debris when the towers fell.

Again, the clarity of this video is really incredible and definitely something to watch (it’s a bit lengthy, so feel free to skip around) if you want a closer look of the horror that day, and what it was like for those experiencing it from the outside.

The US: *lets 1 in 5 children go hungry*

The US: *lets children die of illness and cancer because their parents can’t afford medical care*

The US: *lets children get led poisoning to the point of brain damage*

The US: *lets children in school get slaughtered because they refuse to enforce stricter gun laws*

The US: “we need to bomb Syria because they are using chemical weapons against their people. Think of the children!”

Remembering Khaled al-Asaad today, the heroic archaeologist who died defending Palmyra from ISIS.

They beheaded him because he to refused to lead Isis to the hidden Palmyra antiquities.

He gave such memorable services to the place and to history.

Never Forget. 

I remember vaguely watching 9/11 on TV at the age of 6, although my memory is too hazy now to be sure. 

And remember:

Terrorism is ALWAYS wrong. 


I have noticed a disturbing trend in modern society where people try to excuse, explain away, or apologise for the motives of terrorist organisations and their adherents. Or they try and make relativist comparisons between foreign policy and wilful mass murder. 

Not only is this deeply distasteful, not only does this desecreate the memory of the dead: it prevents us from teaching children the difference between right and wrong. 

Almost 3000 innocents died because of a wicked ideology that believes slaughter is holy. The families of these murderers (who are affluent) and their governments are still channelling their money into the murder of other innocent people across the Middle East and beyond. They are our enemies. 

Never Forget. 


9/11: No one jumped that day

One of the more horrific aspects of 9/11 is something many people would rather not think about, let alone see. When those planes crashed into the World Trade Centers 1 & 2, we saw the debris that was violently torn from the buildings, but when you look closer at the objects that are falling, we realize it’s not just debris. We realize that people are raining down from the towers.

The media deemed the jumpers too graphic for mainstream consumption, thus they worked to airbrush those frozen in mid-air out of the picture, as to not upset anyone. We all but forget those who fell to their death - it’s too horrific to face. While I understand this, I do not think we should forget those who fell from the towers that day.

WARNING: This post includes many details pertaining to those who fell. It is disturbing and upsetting. Read with caution.

Those who were on the upper floors of the South Tower speak of what they witnessed immediately following the impact of the North Tower. They remember seeing people stumbling in a confused fashion, seemingly falling right out of the building and into the air. The first reported jumper came only four minutes after the initial explosion. Many fell within seconds of one another. Many fell simultaneously from separate windows. Some deliberately jumped. Some seemed blinded by the smoke and disoriented. Some were forced out by the explosion. There are reports of those who tried to climb down the outside of the tower for safety and lost their grip. It is estimated that over 200 people fell that day. There are reports that some held hands with each other as they fell. Most fell alone. The descent from the upper floors to the ground took about ten seconds. One firefighter by the name of Daniel Suhr was killed by a body that came down from the towers, instantly breaking his neck.

It is reported that the vast majority of jumpers came from the North Tower. The sound of the bodies hitting the ground was unbelievably loud - the only footage from the North Tower lobby filmed by one of the Naudet brothers caught many of those impact sounds. First Battalion Chief Joseph Pfeifer, one of the first firefighters on scene, pleaded into the PSA microphone,

“Please don’t jump. We’re coming up for you.”

This message was not heard by anyone, as the PSA system stopped working after the plane hit the tower.

All of the deaths from 9/11 are listed as homicides, even for those who ‘jumped.’ They were forced out of those windows by the fire, smoke and the unbearable heat. One man who identified one of the jumpers in a picture as his wife finds comfort in knowing how she died. She escaped the fire and the smoke to the open air. “It must have felt like flying.”

I have researched 9/11 for many years. I have seen just about every angle of the buildings, when they fell, when the second plane rammed into the South Tower - I’ve seen the entire event play out from numerous perspectives. No matter how many times I see the footage of the falling people, I wince away from the screen; it’s so difficult to see these people falling to their death. I don’t want to look. But I think it is important that we do look, and we acknowledge them. They should never be forgotten, not for one second.


Remember bike lock guy?

He hit seven -SEVEN- people over the head with a heavy steel lock. The most known of the victims was on his knees trying to calm tensions between two sides and urging people to not fight.

He spent a total of 4 days in jail.

He was charged with four counts of felony assault w/a deadly weapon causing great bodily harm. Instead his hearing and felony charges were dropped and the judge let him off with misdemeanor battery. Both the wearing of a mask during the crime and the bodily harm he caused were swiped off the table.

2014 Peshawar school massacre

On December 16th at the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan, over 140 people were killed by six Taliban-connected gunmen when they opened fire on school staff and children. The age of the children were between eight and eighteen. Another 100+ people were injured in the attack. 

Pakistan responded to the attack by lifting its ban on the death penalty and in 2015, they hanged four militants connected to the massacre.