Venezuelan Regime Kidnaps 2008 Friedman Prize Winner Yon Goicoechea

Pro-democracy leader Yon Goicoechea, winner of the 2008 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty, was arrested Monday in Venezuela. 

Goicoechea’s detention comes just prior to massive popular protests against the government that are planned for this Thursday. 

“Sticking to the pattern it has followed over the past few years as the crisis has deepened, the regime is doubling down on repression rather than adjusting to political or economic reality,” says Cato scholar Ian Vásquez. “His kidnapping shows just how insecure the regime has become and the importance of speaking truth to power.

Diosdado Cabello, the second most powerful person in the regime, publicly announced that the government had arrested Yon on the bogus claim that he was carrying explosives. In the video broadcast on national television, Cabello referred to the $500,000 Friedman Prize award that Yon received as evidence that Yon was some sort of foreign-employed agent bent on terrorism.

“That man was trained by the U.S. empire for years,” Cabello said, “It looks like his money ran out and he wants to come here to seek blood. They gave him the order there in the United States.”

This is an old trick of the Chavista regime—distract attention from the severe political, economic and social crisis that it has inflicted on the country. Venezuela’s so-called Socialism of the 21st Century has produced shortages of everything from food and water, to medicine and electricity. Hunger is becoming widespread, the rate of violence is among the worst in the world, and the regime has become extremely unpopular.

Nobody is sure exactly where Yon is being held or under what conditions (though we believe he is in a cell at the headquarters of the secret police in Caracas). The Venezuelan government stopped being democratic and respecting the rule of law years ago, but we nevertheless call on it to release Yon immediately and treat him with the basic rights to due process that should be afforded to any Venezuelan citizen.

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Algerian man slices throat female police officer in France: “motive unclear”

31-year old Algerian man pretended to want to file a complaint in a police office in Toulouse, France. He grabbed a police officer’s gun, when that failed he took a knife from his pocket and stabbed her in the throat repeatedly. She is in serious condition.

“The motive is unclear.”


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Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
August 30th, 2016
Overpasses For America

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Counter-terror experts fear ISIS extremists armed with knives will target a Western church for their next wave of attacks.

Christian leaders are being warned to increase security and avoid wearing clergy collars in public.

New counter terrorism advice is being urgently issued to vicars and churches across the UK this week over fears an attack on British religious institutions is now likely.

The new measures follow the murder of a priest by two ISIS terrorists in France last month, amid fears the same could now happen in the UK.

Experts warn that a terrorist attack on churches “is coming.” Places of worship in the UK, which are ‘easy targets’ for extremists, are now being urged to take precautions and beef up security.

A draft of the measures being issued and seen by Mirror Online – called Counter Terrorism Advice for Churches – urges religious leaders to prepare for incidents and to be on alert for attackers, who are likely to be armed with knives.

The Christian church is feared to be Islamic State’s new target.

Last Sunday Catholic Priest Albert Pandiangan was stabbed during by an ISIS-inspired knifeman during mass in Indonesia – who then tried to set off an explosive device but failed.

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Catholic priest Jacques Hamel, 85, had his throat slit by knife-wielding assailants wearing fake explosive belts when he was taken hostage at his church in Normandy on July 26.

The slaying has prompted guidance for religious institutions in the UK to be rewritten.

This is being done by former police officer Nick Tolson, who has advised the Home Office on counter-terrorism measures since 2012.

He is writing the measures for National Churchwatch – which produces personal safety advice to people who work at places of worship.

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Mr Tolson told Mirror Online: “Since the French attack we have to look at the possibility of an attack on a church in this country. The risk level has gone up.

“Churches in the past were considered low risk – now we know an attack is coming… and churches are one of the easy targets.

“It’s likely to be a knife – not a machine gun, but we are covering that too.”

As well as advising religious leaders how to avoid being targeted, the measures give directions about what to do if an attack takes place.

It reads: “If someone produces weapons during a service (and this will usually be a knife or blunt instrument) then you will need to get people out of the church.

“They are at risk, it only takes seconds for someone to stab a large number of people as we have seen.”

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It also advises religious leaders how to handle Sunday School children who may get separated from their parents in the event of an attack.

It continues: “Obviously the safety of children is paramount and understandably the parents will be frantic.”

The document gives advice on:

Preparing for a terrorist attack

CCTV, alarms and controlling entrances

Challenging suspicious people

Dealing with disturbances during services

Getting distance from the attacker or scene of the incident

Taking cover in the event of ‘gunfire or explosions’.

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‘A US air strike killed nearly 60 civilians, including children, in Syria on Tuesday after the coalition mistook them for Islamic State fighters.
Some eight families were hit as they tried to flee fighting in their area, in one of the single deadliest strikes on civilians by the alliance since the start of its operations in the war-torn country.’

#PrayForSyria and please spread awareness. 


An IS attack in Kabul, Afghanistan today (23.07.16) has killed 80 people (May they rest in peace) and wounded more than 250. A peaceful gathering of the Hazara minority Shi’a Muslims were targeted.  (Sources: x / x / x  )

I ask everyone to reblog to remember that Non-Western countries, POC, Muslims, and more specifically Muslim Minorities are not to be swept under the rug and forgotten while everyone pours attention and support on selected European countries.

EDIT: France: 84 dead, 120 wounded, shooting occurred, possible hostage situation EDIT: no hostage situation happened, shots were 30 from the police to the driver, and several shot by the driver to the civilians, apparently from a big caliber short gun.

Attack began at 23:20
Truck drove over the people watching fireworks in Nice, celebrating Bastille’s Day
Has been confirmed to be a terror attack
Pray for citizens and security forces safety

EDIT: source in Spanish + video in English in the tags and in a reblog EDIT 2: fingerprints and ID found in the truck confirm the driver to be Muslim, however, no links with Daesh have been confirmed, and he was not on the surveillance list, the subject was not suspected of terrorism, but had committed armed robbery and traffic violence, once falling asleep while driving. EDIT 3: witnesses says he seemed nervous, but aimed to kill as many as possible, he was armed with a high caliber short weapon he used to kill more people, and with a fake hand grenade and long weapons. ID of suspected collaborator found on his house.

This is Abinta, Tarishi and Faraaz. They were slaughtered last night during the Dhaka attacks. Please remember their names

Remember that Tarishi went to UC Berkeley and started an amazing clothing line called EthiCAL Apparel, which aimed to eradicate poverty.

Remember that Abinta and Faraaz went to Emory and were extremely hardworking students and radiated nothing but positivity everywhere they went.

Faraaz is a hero that was murdered for trying to protect his friends. The terrorist group leaked photos of them, dead, lying in pools of blood - holding on to each other. Please don’t let these gruesome images be what they are remembered for. Don’t let this awful event define them, remember them for the mark they made on this world.

These three were senselessly murdered in their home country and I will not rest until they are memorialised. Please stop turning this into a political debate, please stop trying to bash our amazing country. Just remember that these are real people, they had real lives and friends and ambitions. Remember them.


Woah what the fuck is going on?

Both of the bridges are closed down in Istanbul. And tere is a tank on E-5??

F-16’s are flying past Ankara. People heard gunshots and military police confiscated polices weapons. What the hell Turkey?

Noluyor amk?



I’m not sure if anyone’s going to read this pretty long and possibly boring post, but as a person who lives in a country that faces terrorism every single day (Turkey), i have things to say.

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I remember my childhood, which was not so long ago. I remember that my school had this trip to a book fair. You know, a place you can buy cheap books and stuff. I remember my mom not letting me go there because of some bombings that happened in Istanbul a week or so ago. I wasn’t allowed to go out without my mom, except for school, for months. I remember not understanding what’s happening, and i remember crying.

Now i study in Ankara, the capital. You may remember, some bombings happened in Ankara in the last few months. Just a few months ago i was about to leave my dorm room for a walk. I really like walking in evenings. As i opened the door of my room, i heard a terrible noise. The first thing i thought was, “Oh, is it raining!? Come on, please don’t be a thunder!”. I went back to the window, and saw that it was not a thunder at all. I was confused. Then my mom called. She was terrified. She was crying on the phone. I kept asking her what was the matter but she kept crying. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then she stopped and said, “I’m so glad that you’re safe.”. When we hung up, i was devastated. Nope, it wasn’t a thunder. It was a bomb. I now wish that what i heard that very evening WAS a thunder.

I remember calling and being called by friends to make sure each of us are okay. I remember foreign friends sending messages, asking if i’m safe. 

If you haven’t been through this, you may not understand how hard it is to go through all of this. And now imagine. This is just me. Imagine the terror millions of people faced on those damned days. All over the world. Imagine the pain, the fear, the tears and the losses. Stop for a while and think about all the innocent lifes that has been lost to us. 

This has been happening here for so long. This has been happening all over the world for so long. Now i see posts like “Pray for Nice!”, “Pray for France!”, “Pray for Istanbul!”, “Pray for XXX!” But it doesn’t work that way, you know. No matter if you have or don’t have a religious belief, deep down inside, you know that it doesn’t work that way. Don’t just sit there and pray for people. You know that terrorism is a plague that can not be cured with prayers, even if the prayers come from the purest of hearts. 

Now i know, i know that we can not make this plague vanish overnight, but we can fight it. We can fight it until the very end. 

We can fight it with education. 

We can fight it with equality. 

We can fight it, and we CAN defeat it. 

So, no matter what cultural background you have and your ethnicity, don’t teach your future children to stay away from people who are different then themselves. Teach them to accept everyone as they are, and to love everyone as they are.

Don’t teach them to just sit and pray. Teach them to act.

Teach them to care.

Teach them to help.

Teach them to love, not hate.

Teach them to make this world a better place.