Muslim suicide bomber who smuggled device aboard in wheelchair sucked out of plane when bomb went off
A wheelchair-bound MUSLIM suicide bomber is alleged to have been responsible for the explosion which tore a hole in the side of a jet in Somalia. Investigators said the suspected MUSLIM terrorist, thought to be part of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group, may have faked a disability to bypass security checks at Mogadishu airport.

Younus AlGohar reveals Saudi Arabia’s discreet plan to become a world superpower.

Main points:

  • The radical doctrine of Wahhabis obviously depicts their intentions; it is a geopolitical game. Their target is to acquire land and power.
  • Saudi Arabia wants to rule the world. They are dreaming of world domination. Jihadi Islam is the main Saudi industry and its export.
  • The purpose of religion isn’t acquisition of land or power, but for man to submit to God. Understand that terrorists don’t practise Islam.
  • In democracy, the law is legislated by people. Theocracy is a system of government whereby religious laws are imposed, e.g. Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi Arabia is a theocracy, but they have double standards. Sharia Law doesn’t apply to royal family and Wahhabi scholars. Saudi Arabia is a half dictatorship and half theocracy.

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On Lesbos, a Courageous Doctor Struggles to Save Syrian Refugees and Help Locals
Dr. Zoi Livaditou is a Lesbos native. She has worked as an emergency medicine doctor in war zones in places like Afghanistan, Gaza and Haiti. Now crisis has come to her home.

One woman, Zoi Livaditou is going out everyday off the coast of Lesbos trying to save the lives of thousands of refugees who are flooding into her island. 

“She updated me on what was happening: Dozens of people were stuck inside the trawler and were probably dead.”

“I cannot cry anymore,” she said. “I am just becoming crazy.”

Boston on lockdown: April 19th, 2013

A little girl watching the view of light armoured vehicles, and two SWAT members peacefully roaming on the street as they hunt for the second surviving perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombing alias Dzhokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev. Vehicles of war aren’t normally seen wandering on the streets of the US until the manhunt of the marathon bomber came.

Two days ago, the Colombian armed forces dismantled a massive illegal gold mining operation on the river San Bingo, on the Cauca department, which was used to fuel the communist terrorist group ELN.

The gigantic damage to the river is more than visible on this picture, its course completely destroyed, the vegetation that used to surround it mostly gone, and what’s left of its waters heavily contaminated by mercury.

It has been estimated that a hundred years and 50 million dollars would be needed to fix this environmental disaster, such is the destruction bought by there monstrous communists cunts that plague my country.. 

Today: We talk with Peter Bergen, CNN’s national security analyst, about his new book The United States of Jihad.  You’ll probably be surprised by the average profile of “homegrown terrorists.” Bergen says, “These are not young hotheads of the popular imagination. They’re late 20s, middle class, married, as educated as normal Americans… mental problems actually at a lower incidence than the general population.”  Bergen documents how social media has been used to recruit Americans, and how one American who traveled to Somalia to join Al Shabaab, was assassinated by them, and live tweeted his own assassination. Hear the interview.
Dos detenidos por apología del terrorismo en unos títeres del Carnaval
Los integrantes de la compañía Títeres desde Abajo sacaron una pancarta con el lema Gora Alka-ETA
By F. Javier Barroso

In a puppet show in Madrid, one of the puppets shows a banner saying “Gora Alka-ETA” - a fictional terrorist group, a mix of the names Al Qaeda and ETA - and the puppeteers end up arrested accused of “apology for terrorism”. Not joking.

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So, in Spain, “supporting” a FICTIONAL terrorist band during a puppet show leads you to jail but if you have a bar-restaurant like this is perfectly okay:

Can you imagine a Hitler-themed bar???

diezarattman asked:

I've been reading up on your stuff about Chara and how their real goal is a corrupted True Pacifist ending, and I was wondering, what would they really do with that? You mention they took control of Frisk's soul and killed all their friends, and then everyone else, humanity included, but how would they do that last part? Wouldn't they have to redo the original "suicide and get my soul absorbed by a monster" plan in order to attain such power?

If they killed Toriel and Asgore and absorbed their souls, Chara would gain their soul power. they wouldn’t have the creativity and magical form they would have in the vessel of a monster, but they would still have extremely high Attack, Defense, Speed, Hope, and determination.

It would be like paying Oddjob in Goldeneye with instant kill melee attacks.
Although trapped in the physical form of Frisk, Chara would be able to destroy any humans soul with one slice, and they have a high defense against any magic. You’ve got a short kid that can run like twice the speed of Usain Bolt, kill with a single swing of their knife, dodge like a martial artist, has the determination to keep going and systematically kill everything in their way like a terminator, the hope to get up after each blow as long as they are still capable of moving, and the manipulative skills and mind of a psychology/criminology textbook example of a psychopath.

Chara is clever and resourceful. They could kill 100 people easily, especially if this takes place in Europe, they would be able to kill 1000 if they have enough dodging skills and speed to actually magically dodge bullets, like their soul dragging their body around at that speed could have fatal g-forces, but whatever, magic is the catch all excuse for this.

Chara would be a monster to humans. When you get reports of a demonic child zipping through towns systematically killing people with a magic knife and being tactical and fooling police, an unstoppable thing like that would cause chaos. Look at how scared and hateful terrorism makes people, how hateful and freaked out people got about Ebola. People started signing wills in Boston when the Boston Marathon Bomber was on the run. I remember my mom freaking out and hugging me after I got home from school and being so scared when 9/11 happened and scared they would nuke D.C. and it would reach us. When you see enough tragedies, you learn the societal response of fear and hatred and mass suicide and looting and loss of order and compassion is worse than the original event. People give up hope and give up their humanity. Chara themselves doesn’t need to kill off all of humanity. They just need to get it started and watch as we do it to ourselves.

Words cannot describe the horrors of what we are learning happened in Nigeria’s Dalori village last month. Grim, barbaric, twisted, vile… I just can’t find a word strong enough to describe Boko Haram and their actions. 86 people, mostly women and children, burned alive during a 4 hour siege of the area that already contained tens of thousands of refugees. Over the course of several years, 17,000+ people have been killed, countless numbers have been wounded, 2,000+ have been kidnapped for sex slavery and labour, and 1,500,000+ have been displaced, all at the hands of the infamous Boko Haram, yet most of the world couldn’t care less. Something must be done to stop Boko Haram, there must be an end to this terror which has brought Nigeria to its knees. My heart goes out to the victims of these disgusting acts, the world must rally behind this nation and fight back the same way we have fought back other atrocities across the world. Fight back Nigeria, they cannot win.