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Emoji Spells Against Terrorism

Expose those planning terrorist attacks.

Find and arrest terrorists.

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Prevent troubled individuals from being influenced by extremists.

Spread peace and love across the world.

People think the dark web should be shut down. Why that’s an absurd idea.

“The Dark Web.” Sounds scary, right? You’ve probably heard of it, maybe in connection to online drug markets or rumors of terrorist plotting. A sweeping survey of over 24,000 people worldwide by a Canadian think tank shows that 71% of internet users believe the Dark Web “should be shut down.” That actually makes no sense.

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Mark Zuckerberg speaks out against terrorism 

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg released a strong statement of support and solidarity, after bombings in Pakistan killed at least 60 people at a park in Lahore on Easter Sunday. Facebook — particularly its Safety Check feature — has faced criticism in the past over what critics have said was a sloppy or arbitrary application.


Facebook turns on “Safety Check” for Brussels attack

After the phone networks buckled under the weight of communications in Belgium, people cried out for Facebook to turn on Safety Check. Facebook answered the call and activated its emergency service. Immediately, the notifications spilled in. Here’s how to see if you need to check in, check on friends in the area, or to tell someone you’re safe.


After Brussels attack, terrorists are using Twitter to spread false alarms and lies

A collection of jihadi Twitter accounts are spreading information about false targets and attacks this morning, French news site Le Monde reported. Tweets claimed, incorrectly, that there are bombs placed at the European Commission building as well as the local University, Université libre de Bruxelles. Some accounts have put together messages with dangerous images as well.

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Apple won’t help the FBI hack the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone

On Tuesday, Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym of Federal District Court for the District of Central California ordered Apple to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation hack into the iPhone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook. But Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in an open letter that he had zero intentions of complying with the order. Why Cook is taking such a firm stand.

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Fake “Bernie” meme wants to trick Sanders’ supporters into making a deadly explosion

A short infographic pulled straight from the Anarchist Cookbook called “How to make Bernie Sander’s Glowsticks!” [sic] found its way to Tumblr, DeviantArt and Reddit in the past 48 hours. Made to look like a Sanders-approved guide to making small, blue glow sticks, it’s actually instructions for a deadly chlorine explosion. Thankfully, Tumblr users are calling out the truth. This GIF shows what such an explosive chlorine chemical reaction looks like.

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