terror tapes

Get Over It
Timothy McVeigh
Get Over It

A message from Timothy McVeigh to his victims. This recording is from the interviews Lou Michel conducted with him in prison to write American Terrorist.

I had no hesitation to look right at them and listen to their story, but I‘d like to say to them, I‘ve heard your story many times before. The specific details may be unique, but the truth is, you‘re not the first mother to lose a kid. You‘re not the first grandparent to lose a granddaughter or a grandson. I‘ll use the phrase, and it sounds cold, but I‘m sorry, I‘m going to use it, because it‘s the truth—get over it.

...guess who did it again?

Um…an attempt at a shatterpoint kind of wants to make itself its own minific, if not its own spinoff AU in and of itself.

As in, enough what-ifs piled up, plus a bit of nostalgia after rewatching the first Avengers movie, and now my brain wants to do a remix of TWiFFON’s premise, in which the team actually becomes a team rather than a time bomb, but world domination happens anyway because Tony’s life was apparently meant to be free entertainment for those around him. 

Stop laughing, Natasha! Strange, you too, you have absolutely no room to talk— thanks, Bruce, for the coffee, see, this is why you’re his favorite—okay, Steve, you’re another favorite too, don’t make that face— Clint, cut it out already, you’re a bad influence and Peter’s already a terror with duct tape as is—

…it’s entirely self-indulgent [compared to TWiFFON’s equal parts self-indulgence and spite], and in terms of dynamics it’s pretty similar to the Inception-y AU I Sometimes Want To Take A Crack At. [That is to say, if I were to try to write it, it’d probably be me mangling a ship or two because me and romance are like oil and water and I have no clue how it’d turn out.]


[please send help, the fic ideas are mobbing me and at this rate I might just have another WIP or seven]