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Entry 2 Of New Journal

In The Dusk Hours Of My Winding Swamp When The Land Is Dimly Lit I Know The Hag Roams And Lurks And I Know It Is I She Stalks. I Am Not One To Consort With Fear But My Spine Reaches A Temperature As Low As Gerolds Intelligence and We All Know That Is One Dull Boy. She Torments Me And Grows Nearer Each Passing Day. I Hear Her Hoarse Whispers In The Night And Her Horrid Wails And Moans. I Am Not One To Be Stirred Up By Strange Creatures But Hags And Specters Of This Vile Sort Are The Truest Evils One Could Witness And I Have Been Far Too Calm In The Face Of Terror Incarnate

This card cannot be destroyed by battle. You take no Battle Damage from battles involving this card. Before damage calculation, when this face-up Attack Position card is attacked by an opponent’s monster: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster’s ATK. During your End Phase: Tribute 1 other monster or destroy this card. When this card is destroyed, except by its own effect: Its owner can Special Summon 1 “Yubel - Terror Incarnate” from their hand, Deck or Graveyard.
Can Be Found In: Phantom Darkness (PTDN-EN006), Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years (LCGX-EN197), Ra Yellow Mega-Pack (RYMP-EN070)

Although most effects are designed to be followed step by step, some cards can be played completely the opposite of their main role to just focus on one aspect of their abilities. This thinking outside the box allows various cards to stand out much more than they were designed for, creating completely unique Decks where they take advantage of their biggest features but also able to ignore their flaws. Very few popular cards can take this approach, but is not difficult to find cards and even entire builds focused on this strategy arround playing cards outside their original premise.

“Yubel” is one of the monsters with the highest Level in the game yet one of the weakests due their complete lack of stats, but carries several effects to compensate the latter. “Yubel” cannot be destroyed in battles as well nullify any damage from attacks, making them completely safe from any Battle Phases. However, if the opponent is the one attacking “Yubel”, the attacking monster will turn their ATK into damage for the opponent. There’s a catch for this wall of a creature, as each End Phase “Yubel” must tribute a monster to stay on the field. However, all these abilities and their fee is often ignored in most Decks featuring them, as once “Yubel” is destroyed (Except if we haven’t tributed a monster during End Phase) will summon form nearly anywhere in the Duel their next and stronger form, “Yubel - Terror Incarnate”. While “Yubel” overall can become one of the most powerful Stall effects as long we can keep tributing monsters, Decks arround them tries to abuse the summoning conditions of “Terror Incarnate” to prepare an impenetrable setup.

Thanks to their complete lack of stats, “Yubel” obtain various options to be brought to the field with ease. However the easier method is to dump them directly to the Graveyard, easily achieved with the help of cards like “Dark Grepher” or “Armageddon Knight” among many others. This is because “Yubel” obtaining the assistance of several revival effects, specially if we want them to be destroyed to summon “Terror Incarnate”. Both “Limit Reverse” and “Call of the Haunted” will become their greatest allies, as they’ll be chained against opponent actions with a chance of summoning “Terror Incarnate” if the Traps leave the field. The Gemini “Doom Shaman” is able of summoning “Yubel” from either hand or Graveyard, and if they are tributed for “Yubel” maintenance cost will destroy them and summon “Terror Incarnate” immediately. There are some more traditional methods to summon “Yubel”, like “Sinister Yorishiro” ignoring Tribute Summon requeriments or “Mystic Tomato” bringing them to the field during battle, but is clear that the fastest method is going arround the Graveyard. Don’t forget that “Terror Incarnate” and their final form “Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare” can also be summoned from the Graveyard by “Yubel” requeriments, so as long they aren’t banished we can dispose of them to pay effects or avoid dead draws.

The popular strategy arround “Yubel” is to simply getting them on the field to be immediately destroyed by other sources. As said before there are more than enough staple effects to revive them and be destroyed afterwards. That includes “Limit Reverse” negative effect as once we change “Yubel” battle position will self-destruct, or “Magic Planter” using said Trap or “Call of the Haunted” as cost to draw cards. Obviously destructive effects which affect our field will count as well, activating cards like “Dark Hole” or “Torrential Tribute” to deal with the opponent but also getting rid of “Yubel” in the process. This pretty much makes the entire build more about “Yubel - Terror Incarnate”, as along the battle protection of the original will keep clearing the whole field during each of our End Phases. Not only “Terror Incarnate” is way more devastating than “Yubel” but in case leaves the field (Not only by destruction) will summon their final form “Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare”, allowing us to take the offensive as attacks monsters to destroy them and deal damage while we prepare “Yubel” to be destroyed once again. All three forms however share some features which can work with some other cards, like “The Calculator” increasing its stats by the Level of every monster on our field, or cards like “Battle Mania” and “Savage Colosseum” forcing the opponent to attack them and receive damage.

Although “Yubel” has some cards and monsters to constantly pay their maintenance cost and even a HERO form named “Neos Wiseman”, they’re mostly popular and threatening due their Graveyard exploits to summon “Yubel - Terror Incarnate” and create a stalemate field. “Terror Incarnate” not only is undefeatable in battle like the original, but with its mass removal effect and the ability to summon “Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare” once defeated makes the entire revival strategy highly rewarding. All three forms can be easily summoned from the Graveyard, so once we dump out “Yubel” (And/Or “Doom Shaman”) and have atleast one revival effect we can easily setup their requeriments even right after the opponent gets rid of all three forms. While this pretty much solves nearly all flaws arround “Yubel”, makes them completely reliant of other cards to work for the summoning of “Terror Incarnate”. But as said before there’s barely any difficulties to have “Yubel” ready in the Graveyard, as once we dump them from the Deck by “Foolish Burial” or even discard them for “Montage Dragon” we’ll be already prepared to bring them from the Graveyard for their own destruction.

Personal Rating: A+

+ Invulnerability from battles as well redirect damage
+ Summons “Yubel - Terror Incarnate” if destroyed
+ Several simple setups for the summon of “Terror Incarnate”

- Must tribute monsters to stay on the field each of our turns
- Relies on other cards to work

How Sailor Jupiter Made Me Who I Am Today

I need to take a second to explain why this woman means so much to me.

Forgive me, I’m usually kind of a goofball, but I’m going to get on my cheesy sentimental podium for a second, because I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Sailor Moon moments (from a filler episode no less) and why it affected me so much as a child.

I will always remember the first time I saw this episode. I watched Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) figure skating so beautifully and gracefully; she looked like an ethereal princess gliding around the rink. A handsome male figure skater comes up and joins her. She swoons instantly, and it’s all adorable and romantic (aside from the fact that he’s, you know, a demon who’s targeting her for the Dark Kingdom, but that’s not a total deal-breaker, right?). But for a moment, it gets awkward. Her skating partner can’t lift her because she’s athletic, muscle-bound, and not exactly dainty, so instead, without batting an eye, she lifts him over her head. 

The look on her face wasn’t apologetic. She genuinely was having a blast and didn’t care that taking the traditionally masculine power position might make her seem less attractive to him or that she needed to hide her strength so as not to emasculate him.

To Makoto, lifting him was just as viable a solution as him lifting her.

I always was drawn to Makoto for her interesting juxtaposition of the masculine and feminine. Her version of womanhood was complex, well-rounded, and unique to anything else I had seen in kids shows before. She was at the same time strong and sweet, badass and gentle. On the one hand, a tough self-sufficient independent woman who had lived on her own for years and answered to no one. On the other, a hopeless romantic who liked crushing on cute boys and secretly dreamed of becoming a beautiful bride someday.

I also remember the episode where she gets a lady crush on Haruka because she deeply admires how Haruka is confidently able to reconcile the masculine and the feminine parts of herself, and doesn’t apologize for how anyone else receives her. Someone else’s confusion or inability to put her in a box is their problem, not hers.

“Oh, snap.”

Makoto even admits to Usagi that one of the reasons she learned how to cook was that she felt the need to balance her tomboyishness and her tall, muscular stature with more traditionally girly traits so that it would maybe soften her up and people wouldn’t be as intimidated or afraid of her.

 (Pictured: Terror incarnate)

I may not be able to lift a grown man over my head (YET), but as a tomboy who played soccer and hockey, and was the tallest girl in my elementary and middle school class, hers is struggle I identify so deeply with, and is something I always have and still do wrestle with. Judging by the responses I got from a lot of girls after the AX Sailor Moon Q&A panel where I mentioned that very thing, it would seem that apparently I’m far from alone in that struggle.

And this applies for guys, too. I think both genders often feel ridiculous amounts pressure to align their interests and personality with what’s traditionally more socially acceptable for their biological sex. Men have to worry that they’re being too “effeminate” and if they show too much emotion or sensitivity, they’ll “lose their man card”. Women are told to avoid being assertive or opinionated so as not to appear “bossy” or “bitchy”.

And God forbid you be your full-blown, unbridled, unfiltered, strong, smart, sassy self around a guy that you’re interested in. The common sentiment seems to be that if you’re not a demure, coy, shrinking violet, somehow men can't possibly find you attractive. (…Although the fact that Makoto had a notoriously terrible time finding love didn’t do much to assuage my worry that boys would be turned off by my personality. But then again, she was a teenager which is just an all-around awkward time for everyone in the romance department. If they did a Sailor Moon epilogue to show them in their 20s or 30s, I’d be curious to see if Makoto finally got her wish of getting married….annnnd I’m seriously postulating about the long-term romantic prospects of a fictional character. Wowza).

That’s why what Naoko Takeuchi created was so brilliant and progressive in my eyes. The 90s was an awesome time to be a cartoon-loving kid, and I LOVED me some action adventure shows, so at some point I had come to accept that if I wanted to watch shows in that genre, there were usually ever going to be only one or two token female leads (or often none at all). But Sailor Moon was the first time I had seen a superhero team kicking ass and taking names that was comprised of *gasp* girls. My friends and I each identified with and saw ourselves in the different Sailor Guardians (mine was obviously Makoto, so getting to voice her now as an adult is still such a surreal experience). 

You see, when you have an entire team of girls instead of just one or two, it makes the writer’s job easier because they don’t have to be as worried about playing it safe with their sole precious female character, and can therefore be more nuanced and complicated in their approach. You can give them each distinct personalities, flaws, strengths, desires, POVs, etc, because you have more than just one person representing an entire gender. With proper representation, you have the freedom to just show people as human. The good, the bad, the ugly, the quirky, so on and so forth. This goes for any underrepresented group of people.

When I started watching this show, I was young, insecure, and impressionable. I was still trying to find myself and figure out what categories I fit into. Seeing Makoto’s journey showed me that it’s okay to not fit neatly into any box, and that girls can be superheroes, too. You can save the world and vanquish evil and do it while wearing a skirt, cute accessories, and fabulous boots, if you want. You don’t have to sacrifice an ounce of your strength in order to maintain your femininity, and vice versa.

Having that inner conflict represented on screen helped me so much growing up, because it showed me that I wasn’t alone. It inspired me to believe that being strong, courageous, and athletic, and being vulnerable, soft, and, feminine are not mutually exclusive.

On days when I question myself and really really need to be reminded of all these things, I stop, and think:

“Hey. Remember, Jupiter was a princess and a soldier. Don’t make apologies for who you are just because some people’s tiny brains can’t process the fact that you are a fiercely powerful princess, a gentle warrior, a giggling boy-crazy tomboy, a decidedly "unladylike” lady, and undeniably 100% woman.“

So…thanks, Mako-chan.

I am fairly certain that Yubel’s true form is not actually the winged-humanoid we see all the time, but the third form, Ultimate Nightmare.

First up, this conversation-

Suggesting that what Yubel will be turned into will be some kind of dragon.

I would say this fits the King’s description(also I’d like to note how very NOT female this form is. Like at all).

But that’s not all, a couple more interesting instances.

Our s2 foreshadowing of Yubel-

It’s difficult to see because the scene flashes past very quickly and the figure is mostly shadowed, but it is clearly the same being as above(Yubel-The Ultimate Nightmare)

Then we get this scene(from ep 128), from Yubel’s memories as they remember returning to earth. Note the form they took to protect themselves as they returned to earth.

Again, this is another fast moving scene where stuff isn’t clear(thus making getting a decent screenshot nearly impossible, sorry), but you can make out two key things about the figure-

Two sets of wings, and a tail.

Yubel’s humanoid form has one pair of wings and NO tail, and Terror Incarnate, while having a tail, has one set of wings(not to mention the humanoid form screams ‘demon’ not dragon at a first glance, at least to me).

The humanoid form is clearly the preferred form(smaller, less frightening and better for cuddling Judai in obviously) but dragon is still Yubel’s true form.

The bed is a sacred place. When I wake up in the middle of the night and groggily see the plastic bag I use for refuse hanging off the keyboard as a ghost, the last thing I need to be worrying about is ghost bed when I hide under my blanket. Nothing bad is supposed to be going on down there.

In the throes of a heart attack, a man finds himself trapped in a log cabin, set upon by the evil which lurks in Blackwood forest; a mother takes the last bus home, only to be confronted by an unearthly hooded passenger; and a serial killer finds his world crumbling with each shambling step of a nightly visitor. 12 stories exploring terror in all its incarnations can be found within these pages, as the reader is asked to gather their courage, to open the door to the night, to breathe the icy air, and to stare firmly into The Face of Fear.

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~ Mike


no piece of military or surveillance technology will ever terrify me more than the A10 on a gun run. not only can you not fight back against it, if you somehow survive a strike against you and can still hear, it sounds like a demon opening up the very skies to scream at you. it is american terrorism incarnate