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The 'Banana Bus Squad' and the clown trend

Mini- Recording the whole thing on snapchat.

Terrorizer- Getting his camera out to vlog the whole thing while telling it to go away in his Arnold voice.

Nogla- Literally just babbling because he’s scared.

Moo- “This must be a joke!”

Lui- Pretending to cry in his squeaker voice.

Delirious- Is actually the clown.

Wildcat- Laughing at Brock’s pun– Wheezy McGee.


Vanoss- Looking for Delirious.

Bryce- *hides behind Ohm*

Ohm- *protects Bryce*

CaRtOoNz- *laughing because he knows Delirious is the clown*

This is probably the sharpest editorial piece I’ve ever done.

Recently the Taiwanese horror game Detention goes viral, and because the story is set back in 1960s when the White Terror happened, a lot of tragic story are brought to the light again on the internet.
Detention itself is not so scary as a horror game, the scariest part of the story, is that the murderer is still out there, as the richest party which still holds a lot of power in Taiwan.

Imagine Nazi still alive and thrives in Germany.
So that’s KMT in Taiwan.

“Forgotten? or just too afraid to remember?”

Tsa my favorite anime #2

Aries: Code Breaker

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Taurus: Tokyo Ravens

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Gemini: Terror in Resonance

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Cancer: Gangsta.

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Leo: Vassalord

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Virgo: Kekkai Sensen

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Libra: Beyond the Boundary

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Scorpio: No.6

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Sagittarius: Nurarihyon no Mago

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Capricorn: Code Geass

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Aquarius: Ajin

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Pisces: No Game No Life

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Night Terrors

Night Terrors is an augmented reality horror survival game that is being developed for smart phones. The game scans your surroundings and builds an internal map to determine how best to scare you as you wander around in search of a young girl in need of rescue. The game utilizes your flash and camera while you have your headphones plugged in for the audio.

You will walk around your surroundings while coming face to face with various supernatural or creepy things such as ghosts, clowns, spiders, and demons. We don’t know if the game contains jump scares as of yet since it is still seeking funding on indiegogo.

You can help fund it HERE and watch the trailer HERE


Top Openings of 2014

I chose them based on animation, art and the music. This is only restricted to the anime that I have watched. Of course, this is my opinion and I will not impede and restrict you from expressing yours on this matter. Have fun.

“Even though the origin of this creature is uncertain, most scholars agree she might be the wandering spirit of an ancient witch called Ophylias, repudiated by many for her unfortunate practice of black magic. Eventually drowned in a swamp by an enraged lynch mob, her spirit still dwells the waters and attracts young ladies in order to use their juvenile flesh as a new vessel to finally get her cold, wet revenge. This is why maidens are forbidden to enter the swamp.”

Ophylias is a creature I designed for a personal dark fantasy project.

High resolution: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kZRn2