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season four countdown
18. “Achilles Heel”
“About Walker?”
“I wish. No. About me.”

Dark Side Of The Moon.

I think that more than anything at this moment, his biggest fear is to learn that Sam ended up in hell. He knows what hell is like, and he can’t bear the thought that he is in heaven, while Sam might be in hell, alone.

real things I’ve done in class
  • sighed and said “straight people”
  • delivered a sick burn on my professor 
  • mild, casual screaming
  • died and went to hell, only to be resurrected when somebody tried to say something fucking stupid
  • used sign language to talk to my friend across the room
  • got burned by a professor
  • straight up just sat in a different class and debated philosophy while looking at pictures of orlando bloom
  • or was it rdj?? honestly who knows or cares
  • nearly smacked my friend like six times lol sorry cameron
  • sold my soul to satan for some fruit by the foot
  • wondered how much i could get paid as an escort
  • scribb scribbl
  • told true ghost stories to scare the children
  • dropped casual hints i was gay in class hoping i wouldn’t have to say it 
  • said it anyway
  • ignored the low and distant hum emanating from deep in the woods, exactly an octave below the pitch of the high whine in my head
  • stared into the void
  • pretended to be taking notes when really i was just writing down the stupid thing someone else just said so i could tell my roommates later
  • wrote fanfiction
  • drank my bodyweight in the tears of men
  • read fanfiction
  • fact-checked my professor with wikipedia
  • swiped left on this class
  • begged God for sweet release
  • bullshat the exam 
  • still passed 
Creepypasta #712: She Was Always The Most Normal

Story length: Super long

I have a friend named Jen. She isn’t remarkably pretty, kind of short, and just on the side of obese. She has torn ligaments in both knees, and, as a result, walks slowly. She’s an enormous nerd, would rather spend her evenings playing video games or table top card games than going out on the town. She’s slow to anger, quick to smile, and all around, people like her. As my name is James, and we’re pretty close, she and I are often referred to by our friends as “J Squared.” I always say that you’re not really best friends unless everyone thinks your dating, and we’ve certainly got that part of our friendship covered.

I met Jen in my first year of college, in the student lounge. Her voice carries, high and a bit obnoxious on first listen, then comforting when you get to know her. You can almost always tell if Jen is in a place simply because you’ll here her first.

I should take the time now to mention her eyes; they’re a shifting hazel, sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes grey, depending both on her mood and what she is wearing. Darking colors will bring out the blue and the green, depending on the shade; lighter colors will bring out the gray. The only constant is the faint ring of gold around the iris.

It was late one Tuesday evening, some alcohol had been consumed, and there was about five of us, including Jen and myself, gathered casually to play games and talk shit, when the suggestion was made we all take a trip to that old abandoned house.

I won’t waste time on describing the house, other than to say it had two stories; every town has a house like it, one that had been abandoned for quite some time, there were rumors of death and ghosts and other such nonsense all around it, and it was something of a ritual for young adults and teens to break in and test their metal.

Everyone else, including myself, seemed to think this was a great idea, except Jen. She was the most verbal proponent, arguing that someone had died in that house just six months ago; it was true, it had been all over the news. Some kid had gone in alone as a test of bravery, and was supposed to be in there only an hour; when he didn’t emerge in the time allotted, the authorities had been called, and they found him dead, spine snapped like a twig. 

The official ruling had been that he’d fallen down the stairs somehow, but there were rumblings there was no evidence of that being the case; that he had been found far away from the stairs he could have fallen on.

But, as the majority overruled her, she had grudgingly come along, the whole ride trying to convince us all to go somewhere else; the cemetary, the old historic cemetary one town over, anywhere except that house.

But we didn’t listen to here, and soon enough, we all found ourselves at the house, flashlights and phones in hands as we crept along through the bottom of the house.

“Do NOT seperate,” Jen warned, and there was enough command in her voice, and we accepted her as leader enough to stick close, no more than a foot between any of us as we moved from room to room.

For ten minutes, nothing happened other than us giggling between each other, and Jen, at my side, seemed to relax a little.

Then the skittering started.

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Priya very rarely trots when we go hiking, it seems, but LOOK. LOOK AT THE TROT.

Fic: Before the Storm

Prompt: Snow and Regina speak before Shattered Sight hits.

BroTP Snow Queen

Rated T.

Mid-4.09.  Warning for the feels.

Henry, David, Snow and Regina left Granny’s slowly, the weight of the oncoming curse cloud heavy on their minds.  “Henry, I need you to go ahead with David, your grandmother and I need to speak for a few minutes.”

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Chapter 9: Confessions Part II

Michael POV:

“Will you promise to remain calm through this process when I tell you?” I nervously asked Robyn for the thousandth time, while analyzing my decision to confess.

“Shit Mike just tell me what’s going on.” She desperately said with a look of confusion on her face. I took a deep breath while looking into her green eyes.

“Robyn, do you remember the situation we discussed regarding my ex-girlfriend and best friend?” I inquired. Noticing her guard going up I detect her mood has changed and I also see fear in her eyes.

“Yes Michael I remember, what about them?” Her voice was stern demanding answers.

“When my ex-girlfriend died she was pregnant. The baby was fathered by my best friend, but I made the choice to stay apart of the child’s life. You saw me with an old friend I had dealings with back in the day who is also the adopted parent of the baby, but she has no idea she’s adopted. I knew I wasn’t the father but I’ve always felt an attachment and deep connection to my baby girl.”

“I wonder if it’s the fact that she looks just like her mother and she is the last piece stemming from her mother I have on this earth.” I think to myself.

“Michael you never told me your ex died or any of this. This may be too much for me to take in.” I stroked her hand and she swiftly snatches it away.

“How did she die Michael?” She asked looking down playing with her fingers and intertwining them.

I’m beginning to feel nauseous and my heart is beating at a dangerous rate. I stroke the pants leg of my jeans in nervousness. Her green eyes are piercing with anger and burning a hole through the side of my face.

I have an idea we both know the answer, but I sit pondering on her question for what feels like an eternity.

"Oh my fucking gosh Michael, did you have something to do with her death?” The terror in her eyes upsets me and breaks my heart. I’m not a fucking monster.

“Robyn let me explain; I was young, dumb, and hurt. It was a simple mistake and I regret it daily.“ I pleaded.

She inches farther away from me scanning the room before picking up a nearby vase. Is she serious? Does she really think I would hurt her in that manner? I would never do that.

"A mistake is forgetting your phone is on the charger on the way to work. A mistake is accidently taking a sip of spoiled milk without checking the expiration date, but being a murderer is some fucking First 48 shit. Did you really kill her Michael? Please tell me.”

“I didn’t kill her or him.” I said.

“Him? Damnit Michael you took both of them out? I think I’m going to be sick.” Her caramel kissed skin began to sweat and her complexion changed.

"I hired someone and I attempted to cancel the hit but it was too late. I’m still haunted by my foolish acts.” She throws her hands in the air and began throwing everything in sight in my direction.

“Get the hell out of my house you murderer. I am truly disgusted please leave.”

“Baby let me explain.” She violently tossed the vase and it barely missed my head.

“Get the fuck out of my house.” She said in an uproar and charging towards me. I feel like the dumbest douche on the planet. How could I upset this beautiful woman?

“I don’t want you to explain shit!! After all the mess I went through with my ex I let you in; another worthless man. I thought you were about something.” I stopped staring at her and looked down. There is nothing I can do at this point. I make my way to the door feeling defeated.

“Robyn I know you may hate me at this point, but I will forever be grateful for meeting a woman like you. I truly enjoyed the times we had together. This affair may have been short lived but I’m still glad we had something.” I stated truthfully pleading my case.

“Boy I don’t give a fuck about this affair or your existence. From now on you are dead to me like those people you harmed, so good fucking bye.” Her words cut me deep as if she was a butcher with a knife.

I finally exit the door entering my car. I look back at her home one last time sighing. I guess this is really it.

*2 Days Later*

My phone won’t stop ringing and I’m getting irritated. I haven’t been in the mood to talk lately and I haven’t been to my office. My clients are pissed because there is some glitch in their computer system I haven’t fixed yet. I’m swamped with paperwork but nothing matters, because I have to get Robyn back.

“Hello, who is it?” I grumpily stated answering my phone.

"Did you do any investigation on the guy I told you about?” My friend Amber can be such a pest sometimes. She uses the fact that I studied PI back in college, while I was doing a double major, to her advantage.

“What is the guy’s name you are referring to?” I’ve been so busy since the last time her and I spoke that I honestly don’t remember even talking about a guy.

"Christopher Brown, you don’t remember me telling you that already?” My eyebrow sky rocketed through the ceiling. This is Pastor Brown’s name; he seems like a pretty standup guy.

“Oh wow that’s interesting. I’ve been to his church a few times and I also met his wife. We have had a few run ins, they are pleasant people.”

“His wife is my sister actually and I told you she has suspicions and believes he may be having an affair. Can you handle this for me pronto? Please Mike…” Damn this has me curious. Pastor Brown and Kelly seemed to have a pretty sturdy marriage.

“Yes I sure will Amber. You know you’re my girl from way back, so anything for you.” I say smiling. This is extremely surreal I’m in shock.

“Thanks so much Mikey I owe you big time.” She dramatically makes a smooching sound through the other end of the receiver. I laugh and hang up on her dramatic self.

I laid in my bed taking in what Amber just told me. Wow Pastor Brown I can’t believe it. I mean I don’t know him but the few times we came in contact he didn’t seem like the type, he seemed very much in love with his wife.

I have to focus on how to get Robyn back then I’ll do my research. I’ll start with a simple background check since that’s the easiest. This might be waste of time, because I’m sure I won’t find anything. I don’t know why but I just feel like he’s innocent and his wife is being paranoid.

Kelly POV:

Christopher is smiling down at his cellphone and barely eating the dinner I prepared. The kids are still at my sister’s house, because I’ve been yearning for some alone time with my love.

“Is that the only thing you’re going to do the whole time Chris? Play on your phone like some adolescent.” Hell Jaden doesn’t even be on his Xbox this much. What is so consuming that he has barely spoken three words to me?

“Kelly it isn’t like that. People are silly always sending me forward messages with crazy pictures attached.” The word “pictures” triggered something in me, causing me to have a flashback about the nudes I saw once.

He continued tapping his hand smirking as he scrolled through his phone. I walked over quickly prying his hands from his phone and racing to the bathroom. He didn’t know what hit him.

“Have you been talking to a woman Chris?” I say loudly through the thick wooded door separating me and my husband.

“Why would you say that Kelly? You have been acting really looney lately. Stop playing childish games and give me my phone.”

I toyed with the phone accidently causing the lock screen to appear. Damn now I’m not going to find anything.

I sit on the bathroom floor with tears in my eyes. This isn’t in my character to stoop to this level. I do think the talk with Amber didn’t make me feel any better. All it did was heighten my suspicions of infidelity.

I slowly crack the door open and I see a confused Chris coming down the stairs with a night sized duffle bag.

“Where the hell are you going Christopher Maurice Brown?” I toss him his phone walking towards him. I take in his freckled face and 6'2 frame; he is still just as handsome as he was the day I met him.

“I’m crashing at Mijo’s crib tonight to sort out a few things Kelly.” What the hell does he mean sort out a few things? He has to understand I’m a woman and I may act before thinking sometimes.

“But isn’t he still out of town? I don’t think there is a big enough issue for you to do that Christopher. We just had a minor mishap, it isn’t major babe.” I said grinning trying not to break down, and show him my true state of vulnerability.

“He is but I have a key. It’s clear you don’t trust me. We both should sleep on it; you are checking my phone like I’m on your plan and you are my parent, or a chaperon on a field trip. Something has to give, I love you but I have to spend the night at Barry’s. Its best we both sleep alone tonight. Who knows we may say some hurtful things that we don’t mean and that we aren’t ready for. I’ll call you in the morning.”

His words made my blood boil. The “things” that he is referring to, will they hurt him or me?

Chris POV:

I kissed Kelly’s forehead and left. I have to leave this house for the night, because my guilt is eating me alive. Robyn ended our affair, but I still feel like I’m cheating. It’s an emotional attachment beyond sex; she has my heart.

I dramatically stuff my duffle bag filled with a toothbrush and an outfit for tomorrow in my backseat. I flee the scene as fast as my car would allow me. I stopped by a nearby bar, because I’m in need of a drink. I sat on a bar stool and asked the waiter for a shot.

I make a mental note to myself to not get wasted this time. I texted Mijo letting him know I’m staying at his house tonight. My phone began to vibrate and Robyn’s number appeared on my screen. We haven’t spoken in a couple of days, so I answer immediately.

"Hi Robyn” I said. I can barely hear much on her line because her voice is very soft and low.

“Chris I want to fucking kill him, he is a liar. He hurt me baby; he hurt me just like you.” I hate hearing her cry especially over something I did and I’m going to take a wild guess and say this “him” she is referring to must be Michael.

“I’m sorry Robyn. Tell me what happened sweetheart.” I throw a 20 on the counter and headed out of the bar.

“Chris can you come over please?” She didn’t have to ask me; that was actually my next plan. People will never understand us, she isn’t just my love I see her as a confidant and one of my best friends.

“I’m on my way baby hold tight.” I crank my car and headed to her place. It’s funny I can be the cause of her broken heart and the cure.

Robyn POV:

I dried my tears and curled up on the couch waiting for Chris to show up. I just need someone here with me and Mel is still not back yet. These past couple of days have been tough. I’ve been busy organizing the event, but in the mist of that my mind always slips back to what Michael told me; my brain still hasn’t processed it.

He’s a fucking murderer; well not really but close enough. How could he have his ex-girlfriend and friend killed just because they were messing around behind his back? I know that was low down and horrible what they did to him, but damn it wasn’t that serious. He should have let karma handle them. I can’t lie though I already sort of miss his company and our conversations. I was actually starting to like him more and I saw our relationship going farther, but it’s all just so crazy; shit he’s crazy.

“Lord why can’t I find a good man?” I said out loud and suddenly I heard my front door open and close.

“Babe is everything ok? You sounded hysterical on the phone.” Chris said dropping his bag and coming towards me. He sat down and wrapped his arms around me.

“Not really; things are just hectic and I can’t deal with it all.”

“What’s going on?”

“It seems like every time I feel things are going right for me in my life something always occurs to ruin it, and brings me down in the process. First when I got my boutique off the ground I was extremely happy, and then boom my Gran passed away and I felt as if I didn’t want to live anymore. Then the situation with you happened and well we know how that turned out. I was very happy with you for the most part, I fell in love with you but things started happening and we both ended up heartbroken. Then I started dating Michael and I thought I found an amazing man but come to find out he’s nothing like I thought he was and he’s a damn lunatic.” I said on the verge of tears. Nothing ever goes right for me.

“Wait lunatic? What do you mean? What did he do to you? Did he touch you?” he asked with concern and anger in his voice.

“No, nothing like that. I said he’s a lunatic because I learned of some things he did in his past from what he told me, and I can’t get over it.” Just thinking about it made me cringe.

“What did he tell you?”

“I don’t want to explain or talk about it right now, maybe later.” 

“Do you plan on giving him another chance?”

“No, I’m done with all men.”

“Yea, you’re done with all men except for one. You could never be done with him.”

“Really? Who might that be?”

“You’re looking at him, duh.” He said and I giggled.

“Christopher I will never understand why you’re so cocky.”

“I tell you all the time I’m never cocky baby just confident, but seriously Robyn you can’t judge or be angry at someone for something they did in their past.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“I know that and you know I’m not a judgmental person, but some shit you just can’t let go.”

“I mean it’s not like the man killed someone.” He said laughing and I remained silent.

“So what are you trying to say? I should go back to him.”

“Now you know I ain’t saying that; I’m just saying someone’s past is their past and you shouldn’t hold it against them. As long as they’re not doing it in the present it shouldn’t matter. We all have skeletons in our closet that we’re ashamed of and not happy about, including you Ms. Fenty.”

“I understand all of that Mr. Brown, but I’m good with my decision, so can we just drop this entire conversation.”

“Fine…” He said getting up.

“Wait, where are you going?” I said in an apprehensive tone.

“Chill I ain’t going anywhere baby. I’m just going to change my clothes.”

I flipped through the channels to find something to look at, but nothing worth watching is on. As much as I pay for cable it should always be something on.

“So what are we going to do now, sleep?” Chris said flopping down on the couch with a big bag of chips and licking his fingers.

“Nigga who said you could eat my groceries without my permission.” I said snatching the bag from him and began eating some.

“And you mixed three different kinds in here too.”

“I did, now give them back.” He said taking them and I pouted.

“You can sit there with your lip stuck out all you want, but you still ain’t getting these chips; I’m hungry.” I scoffed and got up making my way to the kitchen.

“Robz while you’re in there can you fix me a sandwich?”

“Hell no!!!”

“Ok, can you put mustard and mayo on it?” he yelled.

“This isn’t a fast food restaurant.”

“I know but can you make me one please?” I rolled my eyes and went back to the living room.

“Here’s your damn sandwich” I said tossing it to him.

“Dang thank you, but why you ain’t put any tomatoes on it?”

“Nigga what?” I said giving him a serious look.

“I was just joking, but what are you doing with that?” he asked referring to the bottle of Vodka and two shot glasses I placed on the table.

“I figured out what we can do.”

“Umm ok, what are we going to do?”

“I want to play Never Have I Ever…”

“Really Robyn? That’s a game we played in high school.” He said chuckling.

“Good so I don’t have to explain how the game goes.” I said filling the glasses with liquor.

“Is this a sneaky way to get me drunk, so you can take advantage of me?” I burst out laughing at his comment.

“Shut the hell up. Do you want to play or not?”

“I’m down”

“Good, you go first.” I said handing him the glass.

“Aight let me think….never have I ever…wait are we going to keep this PG13 or nah?”

“Seriously? We’re grown so what do you think?”

“Ok never have I ever had sex with someone I didn’t find attractive.” He said. I thought for a second and downed my shot, and I heard Chris laughing loudly.

“Nothing is funny Christopher.”

“It is but damn Robyn who was the ugly guy you slept with.”

“You nigga…” I said and he gave me a straight face.

“Aww I’m joking baby. He was my boyfriend in college and he definitely wasn’t the sexiest, but he was good to me.” I said and he nodded.

“Ok my turn. Never have I ever had sex with someone and I didn’t know their name.”

I turned to refill my glass and I saw Chris take his shot.

“What Chris? When?” I asked in shock.

“Let’s just say I was ummm wild in high school. Before I met Kelly of course.”

“Uh huh your turn again.”

We continued playing for another hour and surprisingly neither one of us was drunk; just a little buzzed to say the least. I guess that’s a good thing, because the some of the things I said I’ve never done was beyond crazy and if he would have took a shot for those I would have to side eye him and vice versa.

I was laying my head on Chris’ shoulder and we were watching one of my favorite movies called Above the Rim. It amazes me that whenever I’m feeling down he can always make me feel better whether he’s the cause of my agony or not. I looked up at Chris face and examined it. I bit my bottom lip at the site. Ugh why is he is so fine? In this moment I really don’t care anymore; I’m starting to feel some type of way. I began to rub my hand across his chest and he looked at me and smiled before turning his attention back to T.V.



“Do you love me?” I questioned and he looked at me like I was crazy.

“What kind of question is that? Of course I do. I’m sure more than you love me.” He said staring back at the movie.

“I want to hear you say it though.”

“I love you very much Robyn.”

“Would you do anything for me?”

“It depends on what it is, but yes I would.”

“Can you do something for me now?”

“What is it Robz?”

“Can you come show me how much you really love me?” I said whispering in his ear and he raised his eyebrow.

“What?” He said looking at me. I had his full attention now.

“You heard me, come show me how much you love me baby.” I stated while moving my hands under his shirt.

“I don’t know, umm are you sure?” he said and I stood up. I grabbed his hand motioning him to stand as well.

“I’m very sure” I said smiling. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as we headed upstairs. It’s going down.

Chris POV:

As I carry her upstairs we engaged in a hard core make out session. She is roughly attacking me with her warm tongue as she nibbles on my bottom lip. I smirk through our kiss in satisfaction. I softly place her on the satins sheets of the bed, but I had to ask one more time to make sure.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I searched her green eyes for an answer and she tilts her head back using her pinky finger giving me the green light to take it there. I motion towards her in excitement; I’ve missed this woman so much.

I place small kisses on her neck making her squirm beneath me.

“Damn I missed you baby.” I whispered in her ear.

“I missed you too.” I worked my way down her body making a pit stop at her chest. I lift her shirt up taking her perky breast into my mouth and hungrily sucking.

“Oh Chris that feels good baby” I smirk taking care of the next breast as I did the other. My tongue dances on her flesh as she softly moans my name. I inch my head further down taking the southern route.

I widely open her legs licking her caramel thighs teasing her. She jerked as I stroked her kitty with two fingers and seeing her open up for me is fascinating.

“Ohhhhhh baby yesss Chris.” I attack her treasure with kisses latching my tongue onto her perfectly shaped bottom lips. She viciously grabs my head pressing down causing me to sink deeper into her ocean.

I nibble on her pearl writing my name in her walls. I’m digging in her like I’m searching for gold; my tongue is her personal fun toy. I felt her trying to scurry back and run from me, but I held onto her legs tighter so she couldn’t move.

“Oh shiiiiittt…ahhhh” Her body started to jerk releasing her passion onto my hungry tongue. I slurped her dry and smiled at a job well done.

I took her limp body in my arms and placed her on her stomach. I licked the tip of her shoulder in circular motions and I softly bit down on her flesh. I massaged her back with my sterns hands working my way up to her shoulders and I lick the nape of her neck.

I situated myself and she arched her back as I inserted in her. I pumped slowly, deep stroking her to make sure she feels every inch of me. I watched her ass slammed on my dick repeatedly.

“Damn…fuck Robyn” She threw her ass back each time being different than the last. I smacked her ass, while flicking her nipple with my thumb.

I switched positions to 69 but she declined.

“No sit back and let me.” She rolled her tongue on the tip of my dick teasing me.

Her green eyes are glued to mines as she deep throats my manhood in her mouth making my toes curl.

"Robyn damn baby” I grunt and she continues placing French kisses on my dick. She bobs her head up and down stroking my testicles.

“Shit” I feel the release of my babies approaching but she sucks harder; she has a tight grip on my nuts.

“Robyn can I fucking marry you?” I shouted half serious, she has amazing skills.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” My babies released in her mouth and I watched in awe as she calmly swallowed and licked her lips.

“I love you Ms. Fenty”

"I love you as well Mr. Brown” We lay in ecstasy satisfied and overwhelmed.

“Chris?” she said kissing my chest.

“Yea babe”

“I want more…”

“Shit you ain’t got to tell me twice.”

She climbed on top of me and we both moaned as she slid down. She started to ride me as if her life depended on it. I watched in amazement as she began to roll her hips. I lifted her up and slammed her back down. She turned around into reverse cowgirl position and I roughly held onto her hips tightly; I’m sure I left my hand print.

“Robyn I’m-shit…I’m about to-“I tried to move her so I could release on her back or something, but she wouldn’t budge.

“No daddy stay in…” She threw her head back in pleasure as she started to go faster, and I bit on my bottom lip drawing a little blood.

I’m on edge and I flip her over so I’m on top. She wrapped her legs around me and I began ramming into her like a jackhammer. I made sure to hit her spot over and over. She dug her nails deep into my back and I felt her squeezing my manhood then she stopped and did it again. I loved that shit.

I gave her one last long stroke before she came and I shortly came inside of her. I kissed her lips before collapsing next to her. She laid her head on my chest before falling asleep. I don’t know what came over her all of sudden but I won’t think about it too much. I kissed her forehead before drifting off to sleep as well.

Robyn POV:

*Next Morning*

The noise of my alarm awoke me from my deep sleep. I yawned and smiled at the sound of the birds chirping. I feel wonderful this morning for some reason. I giggled thinking about last night, but then guilt began to creep upon me and my conscience started to eat at me. This happens every time. I rolled over to spot where Chris was, but he wasn’t there. I sat up and looked around my room. Wait I know last night was real so where is he. I know he didn’t leave, did he?

My legs and thighs are aching, because after our “nap” last night we ended up doing it two more times. I slowly got out of bed and walked to bathroom to brush my teeth and do my other routines. I finished up and decided to get back in bed and watch television; I still have a few hours until I have to go run some errands.

I looked down at my fingers and started to think. Why did he leave without saying anything to me? I’m upset about that. Shit he could have at least left a note, text, or something.

“Hey, why the sad face?” I looked up and seen Chris standing at the door with a plate of food and a smile formed on my face.

 “Oh nothing I’m fine.” I said tucking my hair behind my ear and folding my legs.

“You thought I left huh?” he asked laughing and I turned my head looking at the wall.

“Aww baby you know I wouldn’t leave without saying bye first.” He grabbed my chin and pecked my lips.

“Morning Pastor” I said against his lips.

“Good morning beautiful.”

“What’s all of this for?” I said pointing at the breakfast. It looks edible so I guess I’ll eat it.

“I just wanted to make it.”

I got the plate from the tray and began eating.

“Wait you didn’t poison this, did you?”

“If I did it’s too late, because you’re already eating it.” He said and I gave him a straight face.

“Don’t play with me Christopher.” I said cutting into my waffles.

Either I’m just hungry or this shit is really good; I wouldn’t dare tell him that though. He climbed in bed next to and dug his hand in the bowl of sliced strawberries, and I smacked his hand.

“Move…you made this for me, remember?” I said and he mumbled something under his breath.

“Ugh here fatty.” I feed him a piece of strawberry and he took my finger in his mouth and licked it. He pulled me close to him by my arm and our lips met again.

“Mmmm stop it…” I said backing away.

I continued eating and enjoying my food, while Chris watched T.V.


“Huh?” I said taking a bite of my bacon and drinking my juice.

“About last night was that just sex or?” I knew this was coming and honestly I don’t know.

God knows I love Christopher, so much that it’s almost scary, but I don’t think I’m ready to go down that road with him again. Not to mention I just stopped talking to Michael. I don’t know what I should do or I what should tell him.

“Hello earth to Robz” he said waving his hand in my face.

“Oh sorry. Well Chris I love you and you know that, but can we talk about this later?” He shrugged his shoulders at my question.

“Robyn, baby it’s a simple yes or no question.”

“Listen I-we…”I started to say but it felt as if my words got stuck in my throat. He stared at me waiting for a non-bullshit answer, but I couldn’t get my words to come out. What do I do now?