Toronto - Summer Textile Program for Women

For who?

Young women* aged 16-29 who have experiences with being homeless, street-involved, or living on the margins.

*SKETCH recognizes and affirms a wide gender spectrum. In this case “women” represents anyone who identifies somewhere on the female spectrum.


A textile arts program. Learn sewing machine essentials, hand sewing, simple patterns, fabric design/printing, embroidery, and other employable skills.


At SKETCH’s Creative Enterprise Hub. 180 Shaw Street, which is in the Trinity Bellwoods Area.


It’s a 10-week program, starting July 22nd to September 26th.

TAVIS policing cleansing downtown Toronto in the lead-up to World Pride

It is easy to imagine what this will mean for the poor people and people of colour in Brazil’s World Cup cities — increased police harassment by an increasingly aggressive, well-armed and empowered police.

Although the scale of the operation is different, a similar process of police intervention will become evident, as the Toronto Police Service (TPS) launch an “anti-violence” initiative in the downtown East End of Toronto. In anticipation of the three million participants in this month’s World Pride event, increased numbers of police will be active in the area between Wellesley Street East and Shuter Street, and Church Street and Parliament Street between June 16 and September 8. The operation brings 24 additional constables and 12 staff sergeants to the neighbourhood.

These officers won’t be cracking down on the tourists in town. Instead, it will be the poorest residents of the neighbourhood who will be the target of the TAVIS units. TAVIS or the Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy was launched by the Toronto police in 2006 in response to a spate of gun violence. The TPS describes it as “an intensive, violence reduction and community mobilization strategy intended to reduce crime and increase safety in our neighbourhoods.” It uses an increased police presence, and “engagement with community members… to deal more effectively with the root causes of crime.”

Toronto - Card Making Party for LGBTT2SIQQ Prisoners!

Monday, December 8th, 2014

SKETCH Working Arts
180 Shaw Street
lower level
Toronto, Ontario


Please join us for fun and easy card making! Cards will be sent to queer/trans/2S/intersex prisoners.

Let’s try to brighten this December for incarcerated folk by making goofy, cute art.

Supplies and guidelines will be provided, but feel free to bring your own art-making things. Snacks may be in the mix.



organized through Krafty Queers, a space for queer, trans* & two spirit youth 18-29 to Konnect and Kreate, as a project of Black and Pink, an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other.

sway4pay | dance party benefit (toronto)

A benefit fundraiser for the Ste-Emilie Skillshare

August 5th, 2014
The Beaver
1192 Queen West

Makeup Master Michiko 10-11
dance party 11-2

In honour of the skillshare and the Montrealaise culture from which it sprang, we are starting the weekend on Tuesday. Get with it.

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/
Start the evening right with makeup artist Michiko. Whether you’re into fantasy, glam, or just a little touch-up, fae can give you what you need. Bring any makeup you have and want to learn how to use, and definitely BYOmascara. Come early to guarantee a spot!

International DJ Superstar Kenneth North is coming out of retirement after hosting such monster parties as Gayfinity, PWR BTM, and Soft Serve. Nothing exfoliates like some bass for your face.

To complete our beauty regimen, let DJ Zehra help you shake out those toxins and shimmy into morning. Come get soca / reggae / hip hop / your fav remixes.
/\ /\ /\ /\ /\

Ste-Emilie Skillshare is a community art space in Montreal, run by and for people of colour, trans people, queers. They’ve been going hard for eight years, running on volunteer labour, donations, and illegal quantities of fairy dust. Now they’re being evicted in the name of gentrification and are trying to raise funds for their new home.

Krafty Queer Apocalypse Survival Guide Workshop Series Extravaganza Series!!!!!!

All the workshops will be amazing, but i’d love for folks to come hang out with me on May 24th for the greeting card event. We’ll be practicing different low-tech ways to make prints, skills that are super transferable to mediums other than greeting cards and will obviously be useful once Ford Nation destroys Terronto once and for all.

dress code - bad bitch art fag krafter: paint splotched clothes, dyeing experiments gone wrong, mom jeans that you’re dying to cut up into daisy dukes anyway, glitter (obvs)

self-guided gallery tour

Stop 1: YYZ Artist Outlet

Amazing. Seripop turned this tiny room into a cave/ recycling bin/ interactive show poster. The way i first get introduced to these two artists was through the posters they’d design for shows in Montreal. They’d be wheatpasted all over, and even if they were often completely inscrutable, they were always dizzying and eye-catching. So imagine walking inside one of these things and getting to crawl around underneath it. That was my morning.

Stop 2: Ghost Dance: Activism. Resistance. Art.

This exhibit at Ryerson left me a little underwhelmed. For one, it was very “new media,” which i can really only take in bits and pieces. It’s pretty video heavy, and therefore not super interactive. What they had was great, and i especially loved Jackson 2bears’s piece in the entrance way, but i just didn’t leave with anything that i could hold in my mind, you know?

Stop 3: Wu Tsang’s Show’s Over

Seeing this exhibit on its final day was the real impetus for biking around today. I had no idea what to expect, but I loved his movie Wildness about these weekly parties they threw in Los Angeles. Figured it was worth a shot. What i found was two separate films playing, one on a projector and the other a television with headphones. This smaller one was my favorite. So emotional and brilliant, and his performance in it was tough, brilliant, caring.
I also really loved the space. There was no one else there, on one to greet me or interrogate, everything was dark and isolated with curtains. It felt so cozy and private but still illicit and seedy, like a drug den or no-hands-allowed sex party. A couple people walked in while i was there, but we made no eye contact, ignored each other, gave space and kept our own. I wish every gallery felt this way, mildly dangerous and wrong.

NOW: If he were alive today, what would Bowery be doing?
BRUCE DOW: I don’t think he could be alive today. That kind of mad, exuberant, intense, angry talent can’t burn long.

NOW: What would he think of this show?
BRUCE DOW: I think he’d love it. He’d love the talent and the honesty of the company. Then he’d sue the theatre, shut the place down and remount the show himself, claiming authorship.


Fuck ‘Leigh Bowery was meant to die so young’

Fuck 'lady gaga is the heir to Bowery’s genius’

Leigh Bowery was one of a kind. Sometimes he was really fucked up and relied too much on shock, like that nasty swastika outfit for instance. In addition to being a sometime asshole, though, he was also a remarkably innovative skid queer artist who is still ahead of his time decades later. This lady gaga play is a monstrosity, and dragging Bowery into it disgraceful.

Long-time residents of the neighbourhood, many of who are poor and under housed, feel that the police are not here to protect them, but rather that this is a campaign of police repression as part of an ongoing effort to gentrify, a.k.a ‘revitalize’ this area through the process of social cleansing and is an effort to push poor people and services out of the neighbourhood. Frank Coburn, a resident and member of the Toronto Harm Reduction Alliance, says ‘Rampaging police officers will not be in the interest of public safety. If anything, the opposite is true’.

get in touch with OCAP to get involved

TTC free for disabled people's support persons

Support persons travelling with people with disabilities will no longer
pay a fare on the TTC

January 6, 2014

As of Jan. 1, a support person accompanying a TTC customer with a
disability will no longer be required to pay a fare. The Accessibility
for Ontarians with Disabilities Act defines a support person as someone
who assists a person with a disability with communication, mobility,
personal care/medical needs or with access to goods, services or

A new TTC Support Person Assistance Card is now available that permits
one support person to travel with a fare-paying customer with a
disability on a single fare. Additional travel companions must pay a

Until March 29, the TTC will permit a support person to travel on a
single fare with a paying customer on the honour system. Starting March
30, customers will be required to show a Support Person Assistance Card
when they are accompanying a fare-paying customer with a disability.
Application forms are now available on the TTC website and must be
certified by a health care professional.

The TTC will hold several photo ID sessions at select subway stations in
early 2014 where eligible customers can submit their application and
have their photo taken for a Support Person Assistance Card. Locations,
dates and times will be posted at ttc.ca and communicated widely when
they become available. Customers may also submit an application in
person at the Sherbourne Photo ID Centre or Davisville Customer Service
Centre. Alternatively, customers may submit their application by mail
with two passport photos accompanying their application.