centoridellanir asked:

What is their favorite place in Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor?

This is tricky, so I’m going to answer this is three parts;
Azeroth; Eversong woods, he grew up here as his father brought him along on trips (visiting mistresses, but I digress) he loved the colours of the trees and the warm breezes the wind would bring. He also loved seeing the farstriders on their mounts patrolling the forests, he idolized them as children.

 Outland; Terrokar forest, it reminds him a lot of the Night elven forests he was in during the third war and it had a certain beauty to it that he hasn’t forgotten after all these years.

Draenor; Nagrand, he enjoys seeing the herds of Elekk stomp around and all the animals running freely and what have you. He also likes stargazing there and occasionally seeing the alternate Azeroth which makes him wonder so often.