It’s Friday I’m lonely and I’ve had two drinks, you know what that means! My face and my filthy ducking apartmeny. Also, duck of autocorrect you know damn well I’m not talking about ducks. You’ll ducking know when I’m talking about ducks ya butt.

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If a warrior got his balls removed somehow, would he still be able to love another with only emotions?

Hello, Meepit!

Considering we have cats here who have a developed religion, culture, naming-system, etc., I don’t see why they wouldn’t love another with only emotions. Now, depending on how realistic you like your warriors, they might have slightly different behavior, being less territorial and more placid interacting with others, but certainly there’s no reason they couldn’t still love another in a romantic fashion! Romantic attraction and sexual attraction are two very different things, and while they can overlap, a person (or warrior!) could have just one or the other as well.

I do hope this helps you!

Knitting Together Individual Frames of a Larger Narrative: Paul Flannery, Drawings


Paul Flannery is a multimedia artist. Not much is knows about his work and life, apart of the following introduction he wrote about his pencil drawings: My drawings illustrate ways in which individual bodies connect together and interact to create a communal whole. As such they act as a kind of …

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Full-power Rowan Whitethorn!!

This started as a simple sketch until the moment I realized Rowan has TONS of tattoos covering his body and lost myself in it *laughs* I was just playing around with some effects, I swear!

Rowan is Sarah J. Maas character from the Throne of Glass series 

PS: I guess a certain fire-breathing bitch-queen was wearing his shirt :^P