To all my friends: Armantel’s thoughts to people nearing the end of 2.X

(Note that he may not know he feels this way himself in some cases, so it’s his subconscious thoughts. I tried to make it fairly obvious who each of them are for. Note there are no npcs.)

“I would stay by your side until death, if you let me. You are not good, and that is good– you are intoxicating in the best of ways, that every other wine seems to lose its appeal by comparison. I love you with all of my being, though I cannot express it. Yet why did fate have to harm you so?” 

“I’m most grateful for your kindness. You’re a truly nice person. I’d go to the ends of the earth to save you, were you in trouble, and I wish you all the happiness in the world.”

“Sweet, sweet, innocent one. Please take care of boss well. I hope no one corrupts you, for innocence is a thing of value to those who desire it.” 

“Teasing you is terribly fun. I want to believe you have a good heart, somewhere beneath all that rudeness.”

“I really do need to frequent your bar, if only to see your face again. You’re most fun to converse with. Perhaps the upcoming trip to ul’dah ?” 

“Hair like a snowflake– passing fair– with a mysterious air. I wonder if you were truly real? I wonder if I’ll ever meet you again.”

“Where are you, my botanist friend? I’d greatly love to meet and talk with you again, lovely and interesting as you are! …I hope you’re alright.”

“Beast-tamer…. reckless in words, but impressive in deeds. I wonder if you could teach me? I hope you make peace with the boss, if you haven’t.”

“You both seem so kind. I’d like to meet you more often. It’s also nice to meet other elezen when abroad.”

“When boss said he had a brother, I can’t say I expected it to be someone like you… but you’re quite alright, really!” 

“I want to see more of you, you seem an interesting person! Y’weta told me you like eggs. I’ll have to give you some…”

“You’re so soft and fuzzy and fluffy and I’m so glad you’re at the fc house for me to lie on when everyone is away.”

Knitting Together Individual Frames of a Larger Narrative: Paul Flannery, Drawings


Paul Flannery is a multimedia artist. Not much is knows about his work and life, apart of the following introduction he wrote about his pencil drawings: My drawings illustrate ways in which individual bodies connect together and interact to create a communal whole. As such they act as a kind of …

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Metaphysics and other Dystopian Illustrations by Erdem Ergaz


Erdem Ergaz (1977) is a Turkish painter living and working as an artist and teacher in Istanbul. His paintings focus on the collision/adaptation of the human being with  the technological era, seen from the angle of faith, supernatural events and conflicts. The technological drive inherent in E…

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Hey guys! I haven’t seen anyone posting about a good thing that happened in Canada today too.

For those who don’t know, Canada is made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Our provinces are considered co-sovereign under the Constitution and have their own lieutenant-governors. Our territories are not considered sovereign, but parts of the federal realm, and have a commissioner instead. I guess it’s somewhat similar to territories of the United States, except that their representatives can actually vote and participate in the government’s House and Senate - though their seats are few.

Today the Northwest Territories were given rights on par with a province’s! So now Northwest Territory land is officially recognized as their land, not the government’s, and they have the authority to control their own resources.

Why it’s great:

  • The money profited off of the territory’s resources will go to the people of that territory, and not the federal government.
  • The people of the territory now have autonomy and the power of self-determination to build a better economy.
  • Financially and socially, the northern territories have suffered under a lack of water resources being available to remote communities and utter lack of crime control. Why? Because the federal government simply could not be bothered to take care of the people in the territories they were meant to protect.
  • Now that they have rights to control their own assets and resources, help can be given to the people who need it.
  • More Aboriginal representation in their own affairs!
  • The first territory to gain rights on par with a province was Yukon territory, and now Northwest - giving Nunavut, the third province, ample prcedent to push for their own autonomy!

I think they’re cute. Not the fucking big, nasty, huge, fugly ones. But the little hidden ones. It’s like a persons way of claiming their lover. You see a boy or girl with one peaking out from under their shirt collar, you know they’re taken. You know they have someone special. Its like a persons way of claiming them, like, “you’re mine.” I dunno, I just think it’s cute.