Now, who is Hoseok for me?

Hoseok is my so called ‘THE bias’ of BTS (since all of them are my biases… oops).

Hoseok is my inspiration.

Hoseok is my sunshine.

And somehow he is hated and under appreciated.

Why is that, however?

Perhaps it could be because he is too kind

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It could because he genuinely loves and cares for his members

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And in generally is kind to all. After all, there are those who can’t fathom the idea, that someone might actually be nice and supportive to other people.

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Maybe he gets hate for trying to stay positive. Some people feed on negative energy and thus really wish to bering someone with good vibes down, they want to bring down that precious smile, to destroy it.

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And of course, one of the biggest reasons people hate him is because he is so talented. And as a result he achieved fame along side his members

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And it pains me, oh it pains me so much to see this amazing, beautiful young man get hurt.

It hurts me so much to see people throw insults at him simply because of jealousy, because the feel threatened.

Hoseok deserves the universe.

Remember the video, when on his birthday he saw a video filmed to wish him happy birthday? Remember how emotional he got, how touched and honoured?

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He didn’t waste any time, making sure to thank all the people around him, to hug them, hold their hand, anything to express his gratitude.


This is a young man who had the ability to do a full solo song for the groups album and he chose to write a song about his mum, for his mum, thanking her for all she went through. 

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This is the young BOY who said to himself that the only way he can make his mother proud, the only way he can repay her for all her sacrifices is to ‘become successful.’ Even if that meant selling his all.

Selling his body to endless practice

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Selling his private life

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And even selling his own emotions.

What does that mean?

Well, on one hand Jhope is a sunshine, on one hand he is Hobi.

A sunshine with a smile so pure

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A sunshine with a laugh so genuine

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A sunshine who just loves to play around

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Yet on the other hand, he is Jung Hoseok.

Someone with a deadly passion

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Someone with extremely powerful emotions

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Someone rather serious

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Someone who smiles much more calmly

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And honestly, I love that calm side just as much as I love the sunshine side.

Because part of the allure of Hoseok is that he is a very full rounded human being. A very beautiful one inside and out. And so what i hope is that Hoseok actually allows himself to be himself (whatever that truly is). 

Im sure that his members are alway there to support him.

Hoseok’s existence seems to be making everyone happy.

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But its those precious moments when Hoseok is happy for himself, content with his own self that he shines like the amazing star he truly is.

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When he allows his emotions to overtake him

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That my heart just fills with happiness to the brim as I realise that yes, I do love this young man in some sense.

It is then that I smile because he gives me happiness, a reason to be excited, a reason to work hard.

Which is why I wold like to ask more people to pay attention to tis amazing young man.

Looks are subjective, dance is subjective and so is the ‘great’ rap style. Just because he doesnt fit your ideal type does not mean that you have to start creating movements in order to bring him down. If your favourites do not deserve to be destroyed, the neither does Hoseok, or any other innocent soul.

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I hope Hoseok stays happy.

I hope he IS happy.

I hope he gets more opportunities to shine, to create his own work, develop his own self both as an artist and as a human being.

I hope he stays healthy because unhealthy Hoseok is broken Hoseok and nobody wants that. No, not because people would stop stanning, but because we do not want him to be in pain.

But if he is, I hope he does not feel like he is a Burden to BTS or ARMYs.

Because he isn’t.

Angel Hobi down mean perfect Hobi for me. It means a relatable Hobi, someone who is human, kind, emotional, loving. Angel Hobi means that by being himself, Hobi gives us one more reason to smile and go through our day.

And it would pain me if he doesn’t know what he means to me, to us.

We ARMYs support, love and cherish Hoseok to the fullest and i pray to all entities that he knows that.

Because his smile is one that must never fall.

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Because his smile is one that deserves to forever stay genuine.

Lets spread the love for this amazing young man!

Thank you for reading!

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Zhang Yixing// Sovereign - Part 2

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Summary: Two kingdoms are at war with another, and being the illegitimate warrior, wildcard princess, you’re appointed to the war council - along with the youngest prince of your allied country, Prince Yixing. He’s arrogant, believes he knows best no matter what - but you’re exactly the same. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8)
Scenario: Royalty!AU 
Word Count: 3,825

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That feeling when...

…you’re tidying up some paperwork and you stumble across a novel proposal that you had completely forgotten about, including outlining, notes, and detailed timelining for the six main characters…

(here’s the text if the image is unreadable for you:)

LIGHTNING IN THE CUP tells the story of the deadly culmination of a three-hundred year war between two mighty nations, and the end of the world…all caused for the amusement of an angry god and goddess.

The world is in its Renaissance:  art, literature and magic are flowering as never since the great Triple Empire was destroyed in mysterious catastrophe, three thousand years before.  Poised at either side of the great continent which surrounds the Central Sea are the nations VOROSHEN and MIROKH, provinces of the old Empire, now finally grown into their pre-eminence as rulers of the known world.  Their ancient rivalry—Voroshen is the more populous nation, Mirokh the greater naval power, controlling the Sea—has been flowering, too. For the better part of the last millennium, they have practiced war against one another as another kind of artform, a violent and lucrative one, using the armies and territories of their various client nations as their battleground.  

Now this graceful, amused, habitual aggression is growing into something more deadly.  Each country has begun to feel it has the right to be the most powerful in the world. The old mindset, which would have seen life as not worth living without the existence of the essential, noble enemy, is passing away.  The new rulers coming to power—a less poetic, more opportunistic lot—believe that it would be better if there was only one “greatest country”.  And the only way to manage that, each side now feels, is by wholesale destruction of the other….

 People on both sides—powerful lords, wizards, politicians—are beginning to realize that the means may be within their grasp.  Mastery of the theory and technology of magic is growing by leaps and bounds, fostered by the patronage of Voroshent and Mirokhel lords for great theoretical sorcerers like ARDAN and ELIEGRI.  Things which would have seemed great wonders even a hundred years ago—cloudcastles, soaring-ships,  scorchfire—have become commonplace:  magic has been turned to the service of man in peace and war, and makes the exchequers of both countries fat by its taxation and control.  Riches and prosperity are more widespread than ever: on the surface, at least, because of magic, peace reigns in both the Great Lands.  

But each nation secretly is looking to magic for the answer to the question of how to get rid of its great rival…and one of them is on the brink of finding it.  Mirokh’s genius-mage ARDAN has learned of the existence of a sorcerous relic so potent that, properly altered and manipulated, it could cause the earth to open and swallow a whole country down to ruin.  Eagerly, Mirokh’s lords send an expedition into the Debatable Lands to find this thing and bring it home, for their glory and the final destruction of their enemies.

What none of the Mirokhel suspect is why this relic has now been found.  

…And then things get interesting.

Note to self: import into Scrivener. Add to ToDoIst project list. Schedule for more research after completion of YW#11 draft. Possible scheduling: spring/summer 2018.

(sigh) Just what I needed before I’d even had my tea. Another novel.

The social and political visage of anarchism is a free, anti-authoritarian society, one that enshrines freedom, equality and solidarity between all its members
—  Nestor Makhno

The USSR existed from 1917-1991.

The PRC has existed since 1949 and didn’t become revisionist till decades later.

Same for socialist Vietnam since 1954.

Cuba since 1959 has and still at least claims to fall behind Marxism-Leninism to this day.

The DPRK although not socialist has existed since 1946-1948 depending on what you count as existing and still exist to this day.

The only “anarchist” territory that seems to have broken 20 years is the EZLN which doesn’t even want people to call them anarchist since 1994.

The one that’s broken 10 years is a democratic confederalist army/territory, the YPG that’s lasted since 2004 with the aid of the US for counter-terrorist reasons.

There’s a reason why there’s more “tankies” than anarchist across the world. It’s barely worked. If the country you seem to hate so much because of Stalin and such has lasted longer than all your attempts combined, maybe that says something about your tactics.

before you leave

◇ A moment with His Highness Prince Zitao before he leaves for war.

◇ Huang Zitao x reader

◇ vampire!au + historical!au + prince!au

◇ dedicated to @catou1305

◇ word count: 779


You could see it all from here. From the green fields in the distance, to the lanterns that decorated the village what seemed metres from your eyes. The low rumble of joyous chanting and music accompanied the bright, colourful explosions that burst into the night sky.

The whole kingdom was celebrating. Every corner was covered with beautiful red and gold lanterns, beautiful flowers and ribbons in respect and happiness that the prince was finally marrying.

“The festivities are beautiful, are they not?”

Lips drag along your neck, a hand smoothing over your bare breast gently simply to touch you. The throbbing in your neck has dimmed to a light hum of numbness, and even as your love thumbs over the bite marks softly, you can’t find it in you to smile.

“Please, tell me what plagues your mind, my queen.” There’s desperation in his voice, and you vaguely register your mind taking a break from the plethora of violent images that wracked it. It’s a breath of fresh air, and it’s evident from how your breathing comes much easier. He can hear it.

He cannot call you that yet — his queen. Because you aren’t, not yet, and if you will be or not relies solely on if he comes back to you. A fear that haunts your heart like no other — that tomorrow, you’ll bid him goodbye, and that will be your last encounter. Werewolves are dangerous, after all, and that’s exactly what he’s going to fight against.

“You leave tomorrow,” you whisper. You don’t look over your side at him, perhaps too scared to face him and instead choosing to focus on the luxurious decorative fabric that draped down, surrounding the bed like a colourful halo. “I… Nothing, I suppose. I am simply worried about your wellbeing. There is no matter.”

“I was not aware that you feared the werewolves so much,” he murmurs after a few minutes. You can only sigh, inhaling deeply as you turn on your side to face him. Even now, in the low light, completely bare, he looks utterly regal. Truly, a king.

“They are powerful, my love,” you remind him perturbedly, clasping your hands with his tightly, tightly, tightly, like this is your last time. And gods know that it might be. “Their bite is fatal to your kind. There is not yet a suitable antidote to heal a werewolf bite—”

“And I have armour,” he assures strongly, composition not faltering when he releases one of his hands from yours, soothing his thumb over your cheek. How, you wondered, could he be so composed? You were sure the anxiety broiling in your stomach was reciprocated — you knew he sometimes feared for his own life — and yet, laying in front of you now, he seems much more level-headed than you could ever be at a time like this. Prince — King — Zitao, indeed.

“If armour protected those who wore it as well as you expect there would be no fatalities in this war,” you mutter to yourself, hating how the word roll over you tongue. You’ve grown to hate the word war, along with many others that never fail to leave Zitao’s mouth when others are around: territory, combat, strategy.

“Our armies are superior to any warriors they can muster,” Zitao continues, “And while they may be brutes, they are not stupid; when they see the battle has been lost, they will surrender.”

And that may be the case. But who’s to say that it would be a lost battle for them? They were too unpredictable, and too difficult to guess their next move. This whole war was, actually. Vampires and werewolves, black and white, night and day. It was near impossible to guess the outcome.

“There should not be a worry in your heart, my love,” he finishes softly. Your silence continues to speak lengths to him, your eyebrows furrowed and your eyes clouded with thought. “I’ll return to you. And when I do…”

“We will hold a marriage fit for the queen you are,” he grins, watching your face light up at the mention. He presses his lips to your forehead, speaking between pecks, “And it will be the envy of all the Five Realms.”

“As long as I become your queen, I have no worries,” you finally speak, surrendering your prying thoughts to him and closing your eyes when Zitao wraps his arms around you, pulling you to his chest. The far off sound of bright explosions and folk songs make your heart flutter, and you doze off to the sound of happiness. This was truly home.

Dangerous territory

The British army have endorsed Ruth Davidson and appointed her an honorary colonel.

I believe it is both completely inappropriate for the army to endorse a current political leader or for a political party to accept that.

Of course politics is a fact of life but it is a touch concerning when the lines between national politics and the military are blurred.

That and seeing Ruth Davidson strut about in a military uniform gives me the dry boke.

twitter feed | Min Yoongi


Word Count: 1,075

Pairing: min yoongi x reader

When a bad headache leaves him bedridden, Min Yoongi decides to bide his time on Twitter.

   Another day passes in the Bangtan dorm and the boys are indulging in some rare off time. Most of the boys are somewhere downstairs, loudly playing around as they relax.

Yoongi, however, is upstairs, nursing a headache in the absolute darkness of his room. He’s been laying there for twenty minutes, maybe even more. He himself isn’t even sure. The two things that he is sure of is that his headache has not gone anywhere and staring at the wall isn’t helping at all. As his eyes drift across the many cracks in the ceiling, his thoughts are a languid mess of mush and fragments. He’s spaced out yet is fully aware of the loud laughter and footsteps from his beloved members. He’s also fully aware that his beloved members are the cause of his headache and the reason why it’s stayed all this time. He still tries though, rolling from side to side and even stuffing a pillow over his face.

It’s when he hears the sound of something made of glass- maybe a plate, maybe a cup- fall to the ground with a startling crash followed by a cascade of confused curses and childish “oohs” does he shoot up. Sitting up, he cradles his pounding head in his hands and releases an irritated sigh, fingers massaging the bridge of his nose. Yoongi decides that if he can’t get it to go away then he might as well do something instead of being totally bored.

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History of Eos

Thank you Twilight Mexican for the full fleshed-out version! 

History of Eos

The history of FFXV’s world can be roughly divided into the “ancient calendar” era when the gods were active, and the “modern calendar” era centered around mankind. The story of this work begins shortly before the signing ceremony of a ceasefire agreement is to be carried out in the modern calendar year 756.

Main Events of the Ancient Calendar Era (A.E.)

Ancient Times/Age of Myth

•The ancient civilization Solheim thrives

•Its prosperity as a technological civilization includes airships and Magitek Armor.

•The Six reside in the world

•The gods’ Great War of Old breaks out due to Ifrit’s betrayal

•Solheim is destroyed

•As those chosen by divinity, some humans with unique attributes (special abilities) hold political authority

•Along with political power, the “King” has such powers as being able to summon weapons, and the “Oracle” has powers such as the Covenant and healing.

•In addition, the Oracle possesses the ability to converse with the gods, establishing a dialogue between The Six and mortals.

Approximately 2000 years ago

•A plague spreads due to a parasite; the population drops sharply

•The Crystal and the Ring of the Lucii are brought from the gods, who went to sleep; the King at that time founds the Kingdom of Lucis

•The gods forge the Ring of the Lucii, give it to the King of Lucis along with the Crystal produced by the planet, and command the royal family to protect the Crystal.

•The Kingdom of Lucis constructs 12 humanoid statues

•The 12 statues were made as caskets into which the souls of the dead kings come to reside. Within these caskets, the successive generations of kings continued awaiting the emergence of the “King chosen by the Crystal.” In addition, these statues have the role of protecting the Crown City as the Old Wall (Knights of the Round).

•The plague is suppressed through the efforts of the Lucian king

Approximately 2000 years ago to 755 years ago

•The world stabilizes and several nations are founded

•In successive turn came Tenebrae, governed by the Fleuret Oracle family; the communal alliance of Accordo, with its parliamentary system and commercial prosperity; and the Niflheim Empire, where the Aldercapt family sought to reconstruct the ancient civilization.

Main Events of the Modern Calendar Era (M.E.)

First year of the Modern Era (755 years ago)

•The four nations of Lucis, Tenebrae, Accordo and Niflheim establish a common calendar

M.E. 358 (398 years ago)

•The Niflheim Empire initaties military aggressions

M.E. 359 (397 years ago)

•The Niflheim Empire conquers Tenebrae territory to within sight of Fenestala Manor, wherein reside the Fleuret family

M.E. 501 (255 years ago)

•The imperial army discovers daemons, mysterious creatures they treat as a new lifeform

M.E. 606 (150 years ago)

•The Niflheim Empire commences aggressions against both Lucis and Accordo

•The outcome of this war is that the allied forces of Lucis and Accordo are defeated. Lucis takes the measure of erecting a second Wall around the circumference of its Crown City, Insomnia. In addition, as the existence of the first Wall is generally a secret, the second Wall comes to be referred to simply as the Wall.

M.E. 722 (34 years ago)

•Ardyn Izunia enters the Niflheim Empire. He proposes the development of the Magitek Troopers

M.E. 723 (33 years ago)

•The Niflheim Empire begins mass producing Magitek Troopers

M.E. 725 (31 years ago)

•[2/22-4/1] The Kingdom of Lucis and the Niflheim Empire are at war

•Lucian King Morse (Noctis’s grandfather) – being pushed back and defeated by the imperial army, who introduced the Magitek Troopers to the battlefield – is forced to take action in light of the Empire’s troubling advance. He is able to resume resistance with renewed intensity by scaling back the Wall, which had enclosed the general Cavaugh region outside Insomnia, to just the city’s ramparts. Regis, who was prince at that time, was fighting on the front lines alongside Cid, Clarus, and Weskham, but withdrew because the Lucian army was defeated.

M.E. 729 (27 years ago)

•Morse, Lucis’s 112th king, dies. Regis, the 113th king, is coronated

M.E. 732 (24 years ago)

•Lunafreya is born in Tenebrae

•At the same time, Gentiana begins residing with the Fleuret family.

•Regis marries his childhood friend, Auraia

M.E. 736 (20 years ago)

•[8/30] Noctis is born in the Kingdom of Lucis

M.E. 741 (15 years ago)

•Regis is informed by the previous kings of Noctis’s destiny

•Regis establishes a personal defense squad, the Kingsglaive

M.E. 744 (12 years ago)

•Noctis is attacked by the daemon Marilith and receives a severe injury

•Fenestala Manor is set ablaze in an attack by the Niflheim Empire. The Oracle Sylva dies

•The Niflheim army attacked the palace, targeting Regis, who was staying in Tenebrae for the purpose of Noctis’s recovery. Amidst the tragic unfolding, Lunafreya’s mother, Sylva, lost her life. Moreover, this event was publicly treated as a simple accidental fire.

M.E. 745 (11 years ago)

•Shiva, the Glacian, awakens in the Ghorovas Rift of the Vogliupe region, and attacks imperial territory

•The imperial army fought back and killed Shiva. The imperials lost the majority of their forces, and so began developing Magitek Troopers that would specialize in opposing gods.

M.E. 748 (8 years ago)

•Lunafreya, who was under imperial surveillance, is inaugurated as the youngest Oracle in history (16 years old)

M.E. 755-756 (one year ago to the present)

•The Kingdom of Lucis and the Niflheim Empire agree to a peace treaty signing. Noctis and Lunafreya are announced as engaged

•Shortly before the ceasefire signing, Noctis departs from the Crown City, Insomnia, along with Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, and heads for Altissia in preparation for the wedding. Regis’s intention is for this to allow Noctis to escape from the country. Regis, who recognizes that the Empire’s intentions with the treaty are merely ostensible, secretly plans to counter them.

M.E. 756

•[5/16] The Niflheim army attacks Crown City Insomnia on the day of the peace treaty signing ceremony

•Regis entrusts the Ring of the Lucii to Lunafreya, and is then killed by General Glauca.

•[5/17] It is reported that the Crown City, Insomnia, has fallen

•At the same time, the deaths of King Regis, Prince Noctis, and Lady Lunafreya are reported.

Ōhōri Tsuruhime (1526 – 1543) was a Japanese Shinto priestess who took up arms to defend her island home of Ōmishima in the 16th century.

Daughter to the Chief Priest of the Oyamazumi Shrine on Ōmishima, Ōhōri was only 16 when she inherited her father’s title following his death from illness. Her elder brothers had been killed in battle fighting invading Ōuchi forces from the mainland of Honshu. Ōhōri had been in trained in martial arts all her life and when Ōuchi forces further encroached on the Oyamazumi Shrine’s territory, she raised an army to resist them. She claimed that she was not merely a mortal warrior, but a divine avatar of the shrine’s kami (god-spirit), Mishima Myojin.

When Ōuchi samurai raided Ōmishima in 1541, Ōhōri led her forces in driving them back to the sea. When they returned 4 months later, her fleet met them on the open sea and she boarded the Ōuchi flagship to challenge their general to single combat. The general, named Obara, was both surprised and scornful at being faced with the young woman and mocked Ōhōri by likening her to a prostitute. In response Ōhōri cut him down and his ship was bombarded by horokubiya (grenades) launched from her nearby ships, forcing the Ōuchi once more into retreat.

Ōhōri continued to successfully defend her home for a further two years. However following the death of her fiance in battle, she committed ritual suicide by drowning herself. She was 18 years old. To this day she is remembered as a Japanese heroine and her armour remains on display at the Oyamazumi Shrine.

If Russia would become a fictional character

I was somewhat charmed by the idea of transforming different countries into fictional characters. With Russia being the country I am most familiar with, I decided to sit down and contemplate the possible personality traits that would pertain to Russia’s international and domestic image.

To define Russia’s outer image, stereotypes could come in handy. For instance, Russia is often perceived by foreigners as:

  1. … a cold country with plenty of snow and ice to last a lifetime;
  2. … a dangerous place to be in, and a difficult place to live in;
  3. … having authoritarian leadership;
  4. … inhabited by people who never smile and are ready to spontaneously sacrifice themselves for their motherland;
  5. … grand and majestic: huge territory, big army, big bears, big missiles, big problems, etc.;
  6. … unyielding, as all who attempted to invade it had to eventually abandon their cause;
  7. … having plenty of wilderness that has not yet been touched by civilization;
  8. … underdeveloped and orthodox — utilizing older or outdated technology and over-emphasizing the importance of traditions and religion.

There could be more, but I’ll leave it at that for now. Next let’s look at how Russia is perceived by Russians from within. It is a country that:

  1. … has a varying climate, ranging from snow and ice at -50°C to sweat and sand at +50°C;
  2. … is a casual place to live in, but difficult to get around in;
  3. … has/had leaders ranging from pathetic and embarrassing to strong and suave;
  4. … is inhabited by people that are willing to be helpful, honest and supportive to complete strangers, even if such would entail sacrificing time and personal belongings;
  5. … is definitely grand and majestic in all senses of the word, and for this reason is pride-worthy but also very resource-demanding;
  6. … is unyielding to the enemy out of sacred respect to the achievements and sacrifices of preceding generations;
  7. … has plenty of wilderness to explore and to get away from the madness of urban life;
  8. … was bestowed with an important duty to humanity, and thus has to preserve its orthodox ways, possibly to prevent an ever-changing world from going astray.

From this we can gather that, externally, the character:

  • is cold as ice and, like snow, possesses simple and elegant beauty;
  • is silent and reticent;
  • is difficult to keep up with;
  • is authoritative and domineering;
  • is uncompromising;
  • is mysterious and unpredictable;
  • is bad with technology and prefers to use old proven tools and methods, thus…
  • is opposed to innovations.

Whilst deep inside, she:

  • experiences a wide range of emotions;
  • is at times carefree and disorganized;
  • is aware of her flaws and extremely self-conscious;
  • will go out of her way to help someone in need;
  • holds great pride in her heritage and family legacy, but is forced to spend a lot of time and effort to maintain it;
  • prefers to restore her energy by spending her time one-on-one with nature;
  • prefers to live in stability and harmony;
  • upholds tradition and respects God.

Why I decided that it’s a “she”? I tend to perceive the west and the east as representatives of masculine and feminine energies, respectively. Russia is often defined as a European country, but was always reluctant and unfitting to be recognized as a representative of western civilization, partially due to its world-view, partially due to the fact that most of its territory resides in Asia. So to me she is a woman that is domineering and endurant, but also very feminine and motherly.

Animated stereoview portrait of a US Army officer and his family at Fort Garland, Colorado Territory, 1874. By Timothy O'Sullivan.

Source: Library of Congress.

anonymous asked:

Is an Asian able to serve the USA Army as a recruit, translator or a nurse/medic?

Anon sent me a PM explaining that they were referring to those who were enlisting under the naturalization through military service process and they apologize for the ambiguity of the ask. Because the answer to this question is essentially just “yes,” I’ll explain this process more.

So someone who wants to become a U.S. citizen can join the armed forces. These are the following qualifications and specifications from USCIS.gov:

-Good moral character,
-Knowledge of the English language,
-Knowledge of U.S. government and history (civics), and
-Attachment to the principles of the Constitution of the United States by taking an Oath of Allegiance to the United States.

Such recruits are also exempt from having to have a physical presence in the U.S. or from having a residence in the U.S. 

Since 2009 we’ve been able to naturalize citizens directly after basic training, although if the service member discharges under anything less than a General Discharge their citizenship may be at risk.

The citizen’s family and children are also naturalized, although the application process still takes time.

A service member who dies in service before being naturalized can be posthumously naturalized, and that naturalization can count toward their spouse/children.

Over 100,000 citizens have been naturalized through this process.

When I was enlisted and going through training, the most common recruits looking for this naturalization were Samoans, who don’t have American citizenship upon birth despite being a U.S. territory, even though Puerto Ricans have had this right for over a hundred years. Other common groups of people I saw were Filipinx and Guamanian, although in my basic training we had a recruit from Hong Kong. 

Some of these recruits knew English better than others. Some had been training to learn English and U.S. History for three years prior to even going through basic. All worked hard and were good soldiers.


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Great picture of Sniper Corporal Pat McKinney, 31, from 6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, discovers that his sniper suit is somewhat irresistible to the Regimental Mascot, Shetland Pony, Cruachan 4th. Pat and Cruachan were in Glasgow’s George Square as part of Scotland’s biggest recruitment event for the Army Reserve.

On this day, September 13, 1847  US General Winfield Scott captures Mexico City. The Mexican–American War was an armed conflict between the United States of America and the United Mexican States from 1846 to 1848. It followed in the wake of the 1845 U.S. annexation of Texas, which Mexico still considered part of its territory after its secession in the 1836 Texas Revolution. American Indian raids in Mexico’s sparsely settled north in the decades preceding the war prompted the Mexican government to sponsor migration from the U.S. to the Mexican province of Texas to create a buffer. However, the Texians revolted against the Mexican government in the 1836 Texas Revolution, creating a republic not recognized by Mexico, which still claimed it as part of its national territory. In 1845, Texas agreed to an offer of annexation by the U.S. Congress, and became the 28th state on December 29 that year. In 1845, newly-elected U.S. President James K. Polk made a proposition to the Mexican government to purchase the disputed lands between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande. When that offer was rejected, Polk moved U.S. troops commanded by Major General Zachary Taylor into the disputed territory. Mexican forces attacked an American outpost in the occupied territory, killing 12 U.S. soldiers and capturing 52. These same Mexican troops later laid siege to an American fort along the Rio Grande. Polk cited this attack as an invasion of U.S. territory, and Congress declared war.U.S. forces quickly occupied Santa Fe and Alta California Territory, and then invaded parts of Central Mexico (modern-day Northeastern Mexico and Northwest Mexico); meanwhile, the Pacific Squadron conducted a blockade, and took control of several garrisons on the Pacific coast farther south in Baja California Territory. The U.S. army, under the command of Major General Winfield Scott, captured the capital, Mexico City, marching from the port of Veracruz.The 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war and specified its major consequence, the Mexican Cession of the territories of Alta California and Santa Fe de Nuevo México to the United States. The U.S. agreed to pay $15 million compensation for the physical damage of the war. In addition, the United States assumed $3.25 million of debt owed by the Mexican government to U.S. citizens. Mexico acknowledged the loss of Texas and thereafter cited the Rio Grande as its national border with the United States.

Forge of Gods

The Fever of revelation. —“Alright Cayde, give it to me straight.” Cayde-6: “Suicide would be putting it kindly. This mission, it’s more along the lines of voluntary obliteration. We only burden you with this because there’s no one else. Time’s Conflux, the Prince of darkness, Kell of Kells, the Taken King, Aksis and SIVA. Again and again its been you, who delivers us from evil. The innocent out there, they look to you as their salvation. At this point, we all do. And now, after everything you’ve done, we have to ask your legend to venture an uncharted course. To give once more, everything that’s left. This mission, it’s martyrdom.
The Speaker: "Years ago the Vanguard received reports of increased seismic activity at the base of Olympus Mons. The readings were disregarded as atypical, and filed away under anomaly. It was too late when they realized, the scale of that activity was inconceivable, and the true nature of the planetary shifts, was sinister.” Ghost: “At the core of the Cabal War Machine there is a heat unlike anything in existence. A legend smoldering in darkness, an emperor with a heart consumed by hatred. You see, the cabal are born with an unnatural heat. They speak in demolition, and revel in the fury of destruction. They worship the prophecy of a warlord wielding hellfire, commanding the madness of an entire species, all burning alive with a shared rage.” The Speaker: “A force of such magnitude demands immediate attention. And so a summit was held, where the mission became clear. A journey would have to be made. It would be a hellish pilgrimage, the travelers, engulfed in flame the whole way. Their fates were sealed. No retreat, and no surrender, just a final destination at the heart of that furious furnace. Their journey was codenamed, Forge of Gods.” Cayde-6: “So what do you say Guardian? You know how to fight fire, don’t ya?” Embrace the fury of destruction in, Forge of Gods. Journey to the center of Mars, via the Cabal’s immense subterranean empire. Explore the weaponized landscape and test the strength of enraged Cabal on their own territory. Cannibalize an army of hellfire on your warpath to extinguish the legend of the Cabal Emperor.

Unearth the forbidden relics of fire-team Ein-10 and their legacy of overpowered weaponry. Take advantage of the savage inheritance to decimate your opposition, before the Vanguard institutes safety regulations on your newfound war prizes.

mask of the Sandman “Sweet dreams are made of this.”
Exotic trait-REM cycle: Increased Armor, precision kills have a chance to turn you invisible.

Heretic’s holster “Of all the parables none withstood the flame.”
Exotic trait-Deep pockets: Increased ammo carrying capacity, picking up ammo reloads your weapon.

the machinist “there’s no substitute for skilled hands.”
Exotic trait-Quitting time: Grants quickdraw.

ATS/6-ATV Widow’s Peek “Rumble Motors. Gravity defiers. Quad thrust lifters. O2 maximied intake. Stylish design. Now in black.”
Exotic trait-Web slinger: Increased weapon handling, and accuracy while airborne, aiming your weapon will slow your descent.“

Abu Al-hawl’s cowl "the visual prowess of Abu-Al-Hawl is feared throughout time and space.”
Exotic trait-Infinite mystery: ADS to highlight targets, marked enemies suffer increased precision damage. Radar stays active while aiming down sights.

Vestiges of Volition “Even if we lose everything else, not this.”-The Sacrifice
Exotic trait-Will and testament: Dying generates an orb, gain bonus super energy while critically wounded.

Sheer simplicity “To sever without remorse, to serve destruction itself.”-The Heathen
Exotic trait-Savage Ritual: Grants improved Soul rip.

Gravedancers “Don’t stop now, the reaper is behind you.”
Exotic trait-Dia de los Muertos: Increased armor and movement speed while supercharged.

Infernal Warden “Tempted to throw away the Key.”
Exotic trait-Broken Seal: Activate your super again to detonate your ward of dawn.

100 proof “this rounds on me.”
Exotic trait-Last Call: Taking damage has a chance to drop ammo.

01100011-AN/Openers “Smell whats cooking?”
Exotic trait-Cant stand the heat: Grants thermal vent, and stoke the forge.

Trouble Stompers “Pain, pain, go away.”
Exotic trait-Winning in the rain: Sprint faster, jump higher, and slide further while wounded.

Torch of Ares “To bear the torch is to wield holy fire.”-Scorched into the hilt
Exotic trait-God of War: Kills grant bonus damage, and generate ammo. Dealing damage consumes less ammo.

(Scout Rifle)
Climbing Silver “the only move we have left.”
Exotic trait-Checkmate: Shots deal bonus damage while critically wounded, dealing damage temporarily increases recovery.

(Pulse Rifle)
Valkyrie 9-11 “The power to choose, life or death.”
Exotic trait-Halls of Valhalla: Reloading starts health regeneration, bottom half of the clip deals bonus explosive damage.

(Auto Rifle)
PHNX-44 “Guaranteed to grind some gears.”
Exotic trait-Dishonorable Discharge: Weapon damage briefly increases melee damage. Melee damage grants bonus weapon damage.

(Hand Cannon)
The Lost Cause “A righteous bullet, rules a cruel world.”
Exotic trait-Justified: Precision damage increases fire rate and stability, kills increase handling speed.

Black Jack “All in.”
Exotic trait-21: dual wielding increases accuracy and fire rate, when shooting from the hip.

Sawtooth “On the road to war, sanity is the first casualty.”
Exotic trait-Interceptor: targets suffer increased knock back, precision damage increases range and impact.

(Fusion Rifle)
Molten Majesty “It is said the effect of time on creation is like that of a dragon’s flame.”
Exotic trait-Scorched earth: fully charged rounds deal lingering burn damage.

(Sniper Rifle)
Depth Perception “Stay out of the deep end.”
Exotic trait-Don’t blink: A precision kill returns the round to the chamber. Increased bullet damage the further it travels.

Consequence “…thats on you.” - Crux to Lomar
Exotic trait-True lies: Superheated rounds detonate on impact.

Magma “The force to withstand destruction, the conviction to bear it to the end.”-Carved at eye level
Exotic trait-Ultimate defense: Creates ricochete damage when taking fire.


Syrian, Russian and co. forces advancing on remaining ISIS-held territory