Great picture of Sniper Corporal Pat McKinney, 31, from 6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, discovers that his sniper suit is somewhat irresistible to the Regimental Mascot, Shetland Pony, Cruachan 4th. Pat and Cruachan were in Glasgow’s George Square as part of Scotland’s biggest recruitment event for the Army Reserve.


Members of the British Territorial Army 4th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment, conduct an International Security Assistance Force patrols around Kabul, Oct. 24, 2008. ISAF is assisting the Afghan government in extending and exercising authority and influence across the country, creating the conditions for stabilization and reconstruction.


Reservist At War

A reservist soldier with the Territorial Army (TA) is pictured on patrol in Afghanistan.There are around 30,660 Volunteer Reservists in the UK. Coming from all backgrounds, regions and jobs, these are ordinary men and women who give up their time to train and serve alongside the Regular Forces.

Volunteer Reservists are called out to supplement the Regular Forces whenever Operational demands require it. If they’re mobilised they’ll carry out the same roles to the same high standards as their Regular counterparts. They also receive the same world-class training and develop the same skills.


London reservists test their military skills on Exercise LION STAR 9

Soldiers from the Honourable Artillery Company, London’s Army Reserve regiment, left their desks for two weeks and deployed to Cyprus for a gruelling exercise designed to test their military skills and push them to their limits.

The training took place on the Western Sovereign Base Area of Cyprus where the terrain is arduous and as testing as the climate - which reached up to 30 degrees each day.

In addition to the helicopters, the patrols used zodiac boats for their night-time reconnaissance and a highly realistic medical scenario tested the skills of all medically trained solders. The exercise culminated with a Company attack conducted in a joint serial with 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers who are based in Cyprus.

Find out more about Exercise LION STAR 9 here:http://www.army.mod.uk/news/25840.aspx

Find out how to join the Territorial Army here: 

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Helmet of the Tower Hamlets Rifle Volunteers from 1903 on display at the Royal Armouries in the Tower of London

This Home Service Pattern helmet belonged to Lieutenant G E Colebrook who died in a motoring accident in 1903.

The White Tower emblem featured prominently on these regiments’ uniform badges, buttons and belt clasps. They were a Territorial Unit formed in 1861 and they served in the Boer War, First and Second World War as well as other conflicts afterwards.

Reservists have hosted one of the largest Armed Forces recruitment events London has ever seen, to help boost the national Army Reserve recruiting drive.

The event at Horse Guards Parade involved hundreds of soldiers, sailors and airmen from 17 different London-based units. They were all at the iconic venue to remind Londoners of the huge benefits of signing-up to the Reserve to serve their country in an exciting and fulfilling second career.

There was a huge variety of kit and equipment on display for visitors including Warrior, Jackal, Mastiff, Husky and Cougar Armoured Vehicles, highly-mobile fire support WMIK Land Rovers, High Velocity Missile systems, battlefield ambulances, a replica Chinook and the Armed Forces’ new Glock sidearm.

Visitors were also transported directly to the front line by an example of a working operational base, with field kitchen, which was constructed so that potential recruits can get a real understanding of military life on operations.

Deputy Commander Land Forces, Major General Ranald Munro said: “Joining the Reserves is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to do something extra with their time and benefit from a rewarding experience outside of normal working hours.

“No matter what your skills or background are, the Reserve Forces have something to offer you. They’re much more beyond military skills. It can take you abroad, equip you with new skills, give you invaluable experience and develop strengths you didn’t know you had.”

For more information about the exciting career opportunities available in the Army Reserve visit www.army.mod.uk/join


REME Reservists get hands-on with the latest operational equipment and vehicles during Exercise Southern Bluebell on Salisbury Plain.

High-tech Mastiff, Ridgeback, Coyote, Husky and Wolfhound vehicles, with a combined value of millions of pounds, were available for the soldiers to train on, bringing their skills up to date for future operations.

Read more here: http://www.army.mod.uk/news/25845.aspx

With over 200 roles, there are lots of full-time and spare-time opportunities. The Army is recruiting nowhttp://bit.ly/armyrecruitingnow