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Where It All Began (College AU) Masterpost

A College!AU where Dean, the quarterback for the school’s football team is best friends with an English Major who inspires to become a teacher after college. After almost four years of being by each others side something shifts in their relationship.

Part 1: How their relationship has evolved from freshman year to today. Told from the Reader’s POV

Part 2: Dean tells his side of their relationship since the day they met.

Part 3: The reader’s parents have cancelled Thanksgiving plans, leaving her to stay in the apartment over the holiday until Dean offers to take her home with him.

Part 4: Dean shows the reader around his hometown before Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

Part 5: The reader gets an urgent call from her father. Dean follows her to her hometown.

Part 6: Things between Dean and the reader become heated

Part 7: Dean gets ready for his big game, but he can’t get the reader out of his mind.

Part 8: Dean plays his football game, and the reader and him are finally in a good place, only for tragedy to hit them.

Part 9: The reader talks to Dean, hoping that he can hear her. Lisa makes an appearance.

Part 10: The long awaited talk finally happens. The reader finally opens up to Dean.

Part 11: After everything they’ve been through, they finally take that next step

Part 12: Dean plans a date for the reader.

In Class Special: the reader give Dean a blowjob in the middle of a lecture

Part 13: Dean finds a pregnancy test and doesn’t react well to it

Part 14: Dean and the reader celebrate their last day of college separately. Both both of them share how their nights went

Part 15: The reader and Dean go to visit Mary and John for their 25th wedding anniversary. Both of them get a job at a local high school.

Part 16: The reader and Dean get an apartment together and start their teaching  jobs. Anna marks her territory on Dean, causing BIG problems in your relationships

Part 17: Both the reader and Dean are dealing with their break up individually. Dean starts to make things right by dealing with Anna.

Part 18: Dean and the reader attend Jo’s wedding together not as a couple. Throughout the day you realize just how much you’ve missed Dean.

Part 19: Dean and the reader talk everything over, hoping they can form some solid ground to build on.

Part 20: The two of them get back into their routines together, which include flirting and all around sappy cuteness

Part 21: Thanksgiving at the Winchester house. Dean’s acting a little distant with the reader, only to reveal the reason why.

Part 22: The reader and Dean get ready for their last week of work before Christmas break when an unpleasant surprise has them wondering whether the holidays will be something they will be celebrating this year.

Part 23: The reader is in the hospital, unconscious. Dean sticks by her side, praying that she’ll be okay, and that she’ll wake up soon.

Part 24: The reader wakes up and the hospital releases her in time for Christmas. Dean won’t let her out of his sight. 

Part 25: Jess and the reader have a girls night, only to have the boys come back and cause a little trouble

Part 26: The reader and Dean’s wedding

Part 27: Dean and the Reader head off on their honeymoon.

Part 28: The reader and Dean face something that is about to change their lives forever.

Part 29: Y/N and Dean prepare themselves for their new bundle of joy on the way.

Part 30: The Final Part


Study Session
Christmas Decorating
Apartment Hunting

Cry Wolf - Part Five (Drabble)

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 818
Warnings: Angst??
AN: MINI DRABBLE ISH TYPE THING. This part is short. Cos I wanted it to be. So I’m counting it as kinda like… Tis an interluding drabble!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!



He could not believe Dean had the nerve to break into his apartment in the middle of the night, and just expect him to run off into the unknown with him. Especially with his interview so close.

Yes, he’d missed his brother, horrifically so, but this was not how he’d wanted to be reunited after 4 years apart. Not to be dragged off on a wild goose chase after their father who was, no doubt, just taking his sweet time on a hunt.

Not to mention how he just had to bring up that final argument.

“It was Dad who said if I was gunna go I should stay gone, and that’s what I’m doing” he snapped, trailing his brother.

Dean scoffed, barely looking back at his brother. “Yeah, well, Dad’s in real trouble right now, if he’s not dead already. I can feel it” he told him stubbornly.

Sam couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the ridiculous comment. In the hunting life, you were pretty much in a perpetual state of ‘real trouble’. It just came with the territory. Whatever Dean was thinking, he was clearly just overreacting.

He seemed to grow tired of his silence and finally turned to face him. “I can’t do this alone” he said, the vaguest tone of defeat in his voice.

Something about that comment didn’t sit right with Sam.

Why was Dean alone? Why wasn’t Y/N with him? Or had she disappeared with Dad…

“Dean” he started, his heart skipping a beat at the thought of his sister in danger. “What about Y/N? Why can’t she help you?”

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The Last Love

YIKES. Here it is, my first reader insert! Thanks to the advice of some great writers, I decided to heave it all at you guys in one go. I’m not gonna lie – I’m proud of this piece. So if you feel the need to criticize, please do so constructively.

Inspired by this imagine by @supernaturalfreewill originally – what if you got that reckless look right before Dean made a deal for Sam’s life? Then I listened to Last Love Song by ZZ Ward, and it took on a whole life of its own.

Word Count: 6909

Pairing: DeanxReader

Warnings: Some language, implied naughty times, fluff … I think that’s it.

A/N: I wrote this differently than I have seen other reader inserts, but hopefully it still flows well. Gosh, I’m so nervous! Okay, I’ve got to quit stalling, I’m just going to post! Enjoy!

“There’s nothing special about this story. No reason why you should want to listen to it – except, I’m begging you. I’ll tell you from the beginning, so you have all the details. Maybe then you’ll want to see how this love story ends, too, and you’ll understand why I cannot accept it as my ending. Our ending.”
When I met Dean Winchester, I wanted to get as far away from him as possible. I had heard my father and other hunters talking about the Winchesters, about all the bad things that followed them around. When my dad died and I took over our family business, I swore to myself I would never get involved with the Winchesters in any way, shape, or form. Enough bad things had happened to me and there were plenty more out in the world. I didn’t need that family adding to the list.
But, as fate or whatever would have it, Dean fell for me first. I will maintain until the day I die that it was really the chase that started it for him, but Dean would never let anyone believe that. He’d tell you it was because my hardened heart was a challenge he was determined to overcome – as though, in truth, that was any different than calling it the chase.
Then Dean’s father went missing. I never knew much about John Winchester beyond what my father had said and the niceties we exchanged if our paths crossed via his son. I hadn’t met Sam yet, either, but when John went missing … that’s when things started to pick up.
Dean had fallen for me, and I was fighting through a very intense friendship not to admit that I had fallen for him. I had gotten to know the read Dean Winchester by then – not the cocky one who thought he was the most adorable thing on the planet, but the Dean was caring and loyal and broken. The one who tried to think of any other option besides going to his brother Sam when John went missing, for fear of interrupting Sam’s relatively normal life. In the end, Sam’s life had really been ruined before it even began.
They found John, then lost him, several times over. When the man eventually gave up his soul for Dean’s life, the brothers were devastated. Both for different reasons, and both of them coped in different ways. Sam buried himself in research at a family friend’s house – Bobby Singer, who owned and lived on a salvage lot, where Dean got out his frustrations repairing the 1967 Chevrolet Impala he loved so much. It had been his father’s car, and Dean told me once that when John passed the car onto him, it was one of the few times in his life that he knew without a doubt that John Winchester was proud of him.
I was hunting a werewolf in Boston when Sam called and told me I should probably meet them in Dakota. I didn’t know Sam well at the time, having only met him once after his girlfriend died. Dean must have told him about me though, because the urgency in Sam’s voice told me that he wasn’t just finding any girl’s number in Dean’s phone to find comfort for his brother.
I passed off the werewolf case to another family friend, got in my car, and didn’t stop driving until I got to Dakota.
Dean was still asleep when I arrived. The empty bottles littering the night stand and floor closest to the side of the bed where he slept told me that he hadn’t fallen asleep voluntarily. I pushed of my boots and socks, tossed my jacket to the end of the bed, and climbed onto the mattress opposite where Dean was sleeping.
This sounds creepy, but all I did those first few minutes was watch him sleep. It was the most peaceful I had seen him look, ever, and even then, worry and grief were etched into his handsome features. Biting my bottom lip as a result of my tingling nerves, I scooted closer in on the bed, now a mere couple of inches away from Dean. I could feel the warmth coming from his body. I wanted to be closer to it.
Knowing that it could be the moved that changed everything in my relationship with Dean, and that it would give away the feelings I had kept locked deep in my heart up to that point, I closed in on those inches between us, pulling his arm around my shoulders and resting my head on his chest.
“Y/N. What are you doing here?”
Without even opening his eyes, the man had known it was me.
“Sam called,” I told him. “He and Bobby are worried about you.”
Slowly but surely, Dean’s eyelids open and revealed his bloodshot, tired eyes. His arm around my shoulders attempted to bring me even closer to him, and he buried his face in my hair.
“No, I mean here. With me. Like this.”
I shrugged and moved my focus to his throat; the stubble, the tan, the little jump of his pulse.
His voice was low and gravelly, partially from sleep, partially from the burn of the whiskey that he’d drowned his sorrows in the night before. I forced my eyes to connect with his; Dean held my gaze for a few seconds before leaning down and kissing me so softly, I wasn’t sure at first that our lips had actually touched or not.
“I’m scared, too,” he told me.
I swallowed hard. “I’m not scared. I was just worried about you. Sam called and said you were taking John’s passing really rough. I thought you could use some comforting, so –”
“Don’t,” Dean interrupted. “Don’t dismiss it like that. You of all people know how hard it is to love someone with the lives we live.”
Love. My instincts told me to run away, immediately, if not sooner. Not only was this man implying that it was possible to maintain a relationship with a hunter, he was under the impression it was possibly between two hunters.
Fate or whatever stepped in again, and encouraged me to fight my instincts. So I did. I gave in to Dean Winchester, giving him a little nod and tilting my chin up for a full kiss.
He didn’t disappoint.

Once we cemented that yes, we wanted this relationship and we were going to make it work, no matter what we had to do, we agreed we would cross paths when we could, text o call one a day to check in, and promised we wouldn’t leave any secrets on the road.
It wasn’t easy. Dean’s reputation for bad news following him wasn’t the only reputation that I had heard of. Having grown up a hunter’s daughter, I didn’t have a lot of (read: any) relationship experience and found myself often prone to jealous episodes. We fought about that a lot, until I learned to keep myself in check and trust Dean.
He was over-protective. If I took a case for a shifter, he wanted me to hand it off to someone who was physically stronger. When I took a vamp case, he sent Bobby to accompany me to the nest. I wasn’t the only one who had to learn to trust and keep myself in check, that’s for sure.
We did fight, but then we would find ourselves in the same town, or close to Bobby’s, or close enough to meet in the middle between cases, and all of that went away. We were just happy to be together.
The first time I told Dean that I loved him, we were in one of the shittiest motel rooms I had ever stayed in, eating pizza and watch Back to the Future on some local channel.
The words had been on the tip of my tongue since before that morning in South Dakota. Having so little experience with extreme emotions besides anger and grief, I didn’t really know how to go about any of this. But, we were a few months in now, and Dean had more or less told me he loved me that morning. Deciding I needed to just get it out of the way, I set down my pizza stood at the foot of the bed where Dean was reclined, pizza in his hand, and blurted out the whole thing.
“I love you. And I know you haven’t really said that to me yet, and it’s okay if you still don’t want to say it. But it’s something I maybe should have told you a long time ago. I was stubborn for a long time. I didn’t want to have anything to do with you because you’re a Winchester, but Dean, my dad and those other hunters, they don’t know you like I do. And once I knew you, it wasn’t hard to love you, except I don’t really know how all this works. But I know this feeling. And I know it’s love.”
He just stared at me, mouth half-open, pizza on its way into his mouth. After the few moments that passed before he regained his composure, Dean set his pizza on the nightstand and came to stand a couple of inches in front of me.
“I don’t mean to seem like I’m taken all by surprise,” he apologized. “It’s just – I thought it was an understood that felt that way about each other. I know this isn’t easy for you, so I just … Never expected you to say the words.”
“Are you upset that I did?” I winced.
Dean shook his head as a smile broke out. “Not at all. I love you too, Y/N.”
My grin matched his as he hugged me tight and twirled me around a couple of times. Dean’s lips found mine in a kiss so sweet, I never wanted it to end.
I didn’t want that kiss, or that moment, or anything with Dean to end. But, this is a Winchester we’re talking about, after all.

I won’t go into all the details about Sam and his involvement with the yellow-eyed demon Azazel’s “special children”; that’s kind of a whole different story. Suffice it to say, it all led us to where we are today.
Sam had been taken by Azazel, along with other “special children”. They were left in an abandoned area to fight each other off. I didn’t know until later exactly what for; I only knew that Dean was nearly beside himself.
“I’ll go with you to find him,” I told Dean, quickly packing things into my bag. “Where should I meet you?”
“Excuse me?”
“Listen, Y/N. I love you, but Sam is my brother. It’s Sam. I can’t be worrying about both of you at the same time. I’m taking Bobby with me.”
I was a little hurt, but I let it ride. I understood where he was coming from. Family didn’t end with blood, as Bobby always said, but it started there.
“Promise me you’ll be careful then,” I said quietly.
“There was a few moments of pause. “Yeah. I promise.”
He said it too nonchalantly. Like he knew he was making a promise he would inevitably break. I wanted to make him promise me again, to say it like he meant it, but I was already overcome with fear and heartbreak. I didn’t – couldn’t – say anything.
“I’ll see you on the other side, sweetheart. I love you.”
At least the I love you he said with confidence and purpose. It was everything I would hold onto as I waited in agony for the next phone call I would get.

Sam died. I don’t know exactly how it happened or why or whatever. All I know is Sam Winchester was dead.
And then he wasn’t.
Hearing Dean’s voice on the other end of the telephone line was such a relief; then he told me that Sammy was gone. He told me he was going to figure out how to fix it.
“I’m begging you,” I told him through tears and clenched teeth, “not to do anything stupid. Please, Dean. Promise me!”
Dean swallowed audibly. “I love you. I gotta go.”
He ended the call before I could respond. That familiar emotion of anger took over, and I threw my phone against the pavement of the parking lot I was standing in.
Everything was packed and loaded. I knew that either way, I would end up at Bobby’s, either mourning Dean with his brother and surrogate father, or thanking God that they had all survived it.
When I showed up on Bobby’s lot, Dean was outside waiting for me. The sleeves of his green Henley were pushed up to his elbows, his jeans were in need of washing, and his boots were dusty and stained.
But he was alive.
I nearly ran from my car; Dean met me halfway, sweeping me into his arms. He kissed me quickly before burying his face in the crook of my neck.
“Marry me.”
The words caught me off guard for a few reasons. First of all, with his lips against my skin, I thought maybe I hadn’t heard him correctly. Second, we knew that as hunters, if we chose to love each other and make life on the road work for us, that was as close to marriage as we would feasibly get. Not to mention, if he was proposing, then, chances were, some life altering even had taken place to make Dean decided to take the plunge.
I saw Sam’s smiling face in the window, briefly checkout of the scene just off the front porch before Bobby pulled him further back into the house.
Up to that point, I had only assumed that Sam was alive. Dean had said he would take care of it, and when it came to Sammy, Dean nearly always stuck to his words. Seeing Sam alive and happy – that’s what gave it away.
I pushed Dean away. “What did you do?”
“Marry me, Y/N. Tell me that you’ll marry me, then I will tell you what I did.”
I shook my head and shoved him again. “Tell me what the hell you did to bring Sam back, Dean! What did you do? What the fuck did you do?”
I repeated the question over and over as hot tears poured from my eyes. I refused to let him touch me, or say anything that wasn’t an explanation. I felt the anger all over again, but this time when I made to shove him, Dean grabbed my arms and pulled me close. He waited while I calmed down a little, enough to wrap my arms around his middle and not yell, although I did continue my questioning.
“Please,” I begged. “Tell me what you’ve done.”
“I had to bring Sammy back,” Dean told me. “There was only one way.”
“Oh God,” I whispered against his chest.
He went on to explain that he had made a deal to give up his soul to hell in exchange for Sam’s life. He knew that it wasn’t fair to me, but there was nothing that he wouldn’t give up for Sam. I didn’t fault him for it, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.
“Ten years then,” I said, letting out a deep breath. “We will make the best of this ten years. We’ll get out of the life and have a family and we’ll –”
“One year.”
“What? No. A deal is ten years, Dean. You get ten years.”
“Not this go-round, sweetheart.”
I stepped back and stared at him in disbelief. One year, and Dean would be gone.
The tears started again, but my voice was calm. “I don’t even know what to say.”
I’m sorry to say now, that I walked away then, up to the bedroom where we usually stayed at Bobby’s, and closed the door behind me.

Dean didn’t follow. Not immediately, anyway, and that was probably for the best. When he didn’t come in about an hour later, I was sitting on the edge of the bed, my booted feet drawing circles on the wooden floor.
“I know how unfair this is. I dragged you into this, more or less begged you to be with me, and now I’m breaking your heart. But I didn’t do it hurt you, Y/N. I swear. I didn’t it to save Sam.”
I wiped a tear and nodded. “Okay.”
“Okay? That’s it?”
“Okay,” I repeated. “Let’s get married.”
Dean looked suspicious, as thought I was going to rage at him all over again if he made any sudden movements. He came and sat next to me, searching for the words to say. All he came up with was, “Really?”
I briefly lifted one shoulder, a hint of a smile finally ghosting through. “I never thought any of this would be a part of my life. A man, a relationship, love. Really never expected anything life what you and I have – it’s intense and soft, terrifying and safety, all at the same time. If you’ve got a year left, let’s make the most of it.”
He kissed me softly. We both smiled through the tears.

Our wedding day was possibly the happiest day of my life. I know everyone says that, but this day … It really was amazing.
A couple days after I agreed to marry Dean, we decided to keep it extremely simple. After we went to the courthouse to apply for the license that would be valid after we signed it a few days later, we went into town to find wedding bands. I surprised myself at the girly desires I suddenly had, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the sparkly gems set into pretty, precious metals.
“Get one you really want,” Dean encouraged. “I want you to.”
My eyes wandered over to the ring I would have picked had this been normal circumstances. I pictured Dean sliding the ring on my finger, standing with our few close “family” members, promising to love me for the rest of his life – a life that had more than a year left.
Finally though, I shook my head Dean shoved his phone back in his pocket and gave me his full attention.
“No. The simple band is fine. It’s what the ring represents, not what it looks like.”
My phone rang then; Sam’s number flashed across the screen.
Dean motioned me out the door. “Go ahead. I’ll get the rings and meet you outside.”
I stepped out of the shop and took the call from Sam. He blabbered on about some case he was considering, giving me details I didn’t need, and making the case sound entirely obvious.
“I mean, Sam, yes, I think it is a witch. All the telltale signs are there. In fact, why are you even asking me?”
I could hear the click of his other line beeping in before he said quickly, “Just keeping you on your game. Gotta go.”
I looked down at the ‘Call Disconnected’ message on the screen. He was being weird.
“Hey, ready?” Dean asked, wrapping his arms around me from behind.
“Yeah, I’m ready. Is Sam feeling okay? I mean, he wasn’t dead that long, but he was dead. I’m wondering if he’s ready for another hunt yet.”
Dean nodded. “The witch thing. Yeah, I told him to pass it on. He needs to rest for a few more days.”
“How could you have told him to forget it? I just got off the phone with him – like, two seconds before you came out here.”
“I texted him while the chick finished ringing me in. What do you say to pizza on our way home?”
Dean knew me too well; pizza was always a welcome and entirely successful distraction. I forgot about Sam’s strange phone call, focusing on the meaty, cheesy meal in my very near future.

Two days later, I woke up and reached for Dean. I found cold bedsheets instead.
Remembering that we had decided to do one traditional thing and not sleep in the same bed the night before we signed our marriage license, I smiled to myself. After today, I wouldn’t just be a woman or a hunter. I would be the thing I never thought I would be. A wife. Dean’s wife.
I had the urge to dress up, but this was not that kind of wedding day. I showered so I would at least have pretty hair, blow-drying it and running the flat iron over the locks to tame them. Somebody knocked on the door; I smiled, thinking my soon-to-be husband would be on the other side.
“Surprise,” Jo Harvelle grinned back at me.
“Jo? Ellen?” I stepped back into the room, allowing the women to join me. Their arms were loaded down with bags. “What is all this?”
“Your wedding, girl,” Ellen said, pulling me in for a hug.
I had known the Harvelles for a while – everyone who a hunter had passed through their roadhouse once or twice. My dad and Ellen had a thing at some point, I think. It was never serious enough for me to ask questions, but Ellen always checked in from time to time, and Jo was a good friend.
“I appreciate this, more than you know, but Dean and I agreed …” I trailed off, not sure how to let down the high hopes in their shining faces.
Ellen raised her brow. “You mean the boy actually kept a secret from you? How about that. Jo, fill her in while I air out this dress.”
The woman disappeared further into the room. I looked at Jo. “Dress?”
“Dean asked for our help – Sam and Bobby’s, too. I guess the way you were looking at those rings the other day got him thinking.” She squeezed my hand. “He wanted you to have a special day.”
Sam’s strange phone call suddenly made sense.
My heart nearly burst. I think the moment I heard those words from Jo’s mouth, that was the moment I finally believed that Dean truly loved me, that this was all really happening.
Jo and Ellen had brought me a dress, curled my hair pretty and pinned it half up, prettier than anything I was ever able to do with it. They put make-up on me – life, natural, only enhancing my features. When I walked out of the house to see Dean in slacks and a tie with his button-up – albeit rolled up to the sleeves – well, maybe I was imagining it, but I think I saw his eyes glaze over with the threat of tears. Happy ones.
“You’re beautiful,” he whispered when I stood before him.
“Not so bad yourself, Winchester.” I smiled up at him. “I can’t believe you planned all this.”
“I had a lot of help,” he returned, looking around at our small family. “You deserve this, Y/N. Every bit of it.”
I restrained myself from kissing him, determined if we were doing this the right away, my next kiss would be shared with my husband.
Bobby had ordained himself online to marry us. Jo, Ellen, and Sam stood together on the other side of us while Dean and I exchanged vows.
When it came to the rings, Jo handed me the plain black band that Dean had chosen a few days before. Dean took a ring box from Sam, and when he opened it, my hands flew to my throat. The box held the pretty wedding set I hadn’t been able to keep my eyes from at the jewelry shop.
“Dean! We said …”
“You deserve this,” he repeated.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Bobby said to Dean when all was said and done. “Kiss the girl!”
Dean grinned down at me before tipping me chin up and gently placing his lips on mine.

We enjoyed one night to ourselves before returning to reality.
The dream continued in the nicest hotel room I’m pretty sure either of us had ever stayed in. Dean went all out, carrying me over the threshold of the room and ordering up champagne and strawberries.
“This is all very fancy, Mr. Winchester,” I teased him, flashing the ring on my left hand, “but I’m a sure thing. The wining-and-dining is over.”
Dean smiled at my joke but shook his head as he approached me, letting his hands fall to my hips. “I will never stop trying to win you, Y/N. I promise.”
It was a repeated line from his vows, but it made me grin all over again at hearing it a second time.
That wasn’t the first night Dean and I had loved each other, but it was different this time.
His hands in my hair were gentler. They lingered on my skin as they passed over my body. He took his time unzipping my dress and pushing it off my shoulders. His lips lingered on my neck as he whispered words of love against my skin. He stayed there as he lifted me, my legs wrapping around his waist and my hands fumbling to remove the pins in my hair.
The backs of his knees found the bed and gave, dropping us to the mattress. Dean finally looked at me, taking my face in his hands.
“Listen to me. I know what I’m putting you through, and –”
I silenced him with a finger against his lips. “Don’t. Not tonight.”
I kissed him to keep him quiet, loosening his tie as I did. Both of us were suddenly hungry for each other, and while it was now familiar territory – the pushing and pulling, the grinding, the grabbing – it was still different. It was the rest of our lives.

After the wedding, a lot of lasts started happening.
I took a break from hunting to stay with Bobby and woke on the research end of things. As much as I would have liked to settle down and enjoy the last of my husband’s time with him, it wasn’t the way our lives were meant to be lived.
With the help of Ruby, a demon who had purportedly gone rogue on hell, they were searching out the demon Lilith who held the contract on Dean’s soul. I didn’t trust Ruby for a hot minutes, but Sam was determined to save his brother.
I want to be clear that I wanted Dean saved just as much as Sam. Maybe I was just more realistic, at the time.
Six months or so after we were married, around Christmas, we found ourselves in the room at Bobby’s that had become ours. We were sweaty and tangled in the sheets, still living out our honeymoon period, despite the circumstances. An unfortunately rare interlude on his road to attempted redemption.
Dean’s eyes were closed, his breathing evening out as I traced lazy circles on his bare chest. His hand around my waist gripped a little tighter.
“Sorry,” he mumbled. “That one tickled.”
His eyes opened and looked down at me. I took in his tousled brown hair, his unrealistically green eyes, and his perfect lips. My hand traveled over his muscular chest and abdomen, my mind reveled in his strong arm around me. I thought about my own physical appearance – I wasn’t necessarily Victoria’s Secret status, but I had turned heads in my life.
“Let’s have a baby.”
Dean’s eyes shot open, he pushed away from me and scrambled to pull his jeans back on. “Really, Y/N? A baby? When I have six months left to live, you want a baby?”
Anger coursed through me. “Think about what I’m really asking you, Dean! I’m asking you for a baby that I’ll have on my own. A baby I will raise on my own. A baby that I will have to tell one day, that the reason he doesn’t have a father because hellhounds dragged the man to hell!”
“That isn’t fair!” Dean yelled back. “Maybe that’s how it’ll be on your side, but think about me. You want me to give you a baby I’ll never get to meet. When I’m in hell, not only do I have to think about Sam and Bobby and how they’re doing without me, but now I have to worry about you, and hey, while we’re at it, let’s throw a kid – my own flesh and blood – into the mix. Because torture by demons on their turf for the rest of eternity isn’t enough.”
I pulled his flannel over my shoulders, buttoning it quickly before slipping back into my boy shorts. I sat back on the bed, fiddling with the hem of the sleeve, and shrugged.
“You’re right. It’s selfish. I have you, and you’ve given me a really wonderful life. I got greedy, wanting a piece of you after you were gone. I’m sorry.”
Dean sighed and crawled over the mattress to where I sat. He sat on his knees, pulling me into his lap. “I shouldn’t have gone off like that. You deserve everything I can give you while I’m here. A baby though … Do we really want to go there?”
I did. It had crossed my mind before Dean had made a deal, that it could one day be a reality. I wanted to be a mother, and I wanted to be the mother of Dean Winchester’s child. But I understood why he didn’t want that.
“Let’s just forget about it.”
He kissed me, running his hands over the backs of my thighs. It was a passionate kiss, not unlike others we had had but, again, different.
“Not that we’ve exactly been preventing that from happening as is,” Dean chuckled. “But I say we throw all caution to the wind. Not saying we try, but if it happens …”
“Really?” I had never heard my voice that close to a squeal.
“Well, the Christmas present I got you was kind of shitty, so I guess this will be my back up plan.”
I giggled as he eased me back against the pillows.

Christmas turned into New Year’s. February passed. March came.
Dean had a couple of months left, and, despite some adventures and good times, they were no closer to saving him from this deal. Lilith was teasing them, dangling the mouse in front of them and Ruby as they clawed at finding her.
I took off from Bobby’s to meet up with Dean and Sam that day, prepared to help them wind down from their latest endeavor. I stopped for pizza and beer on my way to the hotel, excited to see Dean, whatever shape he might be in; hoping he would be excited to see me.
A tall blonde answered the door and asked what I was doing there. I rolled my eyes and pushed into the room.
“Ruby. Always a pleasure.”
“Y/N. Likewise.”
I didn’t trust Ruby, and she wasn’t my favorite person, but sometimes I found myself not necessarily disliking her. Had she not been a demon, I might have tried to befriend her, in fact. But things were what they were, and the tension between us was always thick.
“Hey babe,” Dean greeted, roughly and quickly kissing me before popping open a beer. “Good to see you.”
That did not seem to be the case. I sat back in a chair, crossed my arms over my chest and raised my brow. So much for a warm welcome.
“So which one of you is going to tell me what’s going on?” I demanded. “Or do I have to after the demon?”
Sam and Dean were quiet. They glanced at each other, or at the floor, but avoided my eyes.
“Find. I’ll ask the damned.”
Shoving out of the chair, I went out to the lot to find Ruby. I didn’t see her, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t there.
“Come on, Ruby. The boys aren’t talking, so it’s gotta be you. You’ve never been against the harsh truth as far as I can tell, so don’t start being shy now.”
“You know, it’s a shame you and I didn’t meet in a different life.” The voice came from behind me.
I shoved my hands in my pockets as I turned around. “Can’t say I haven’t had the same thought myself once or twice. So what gives, Ruby? What are they not telling me?”
She eyed me carefully as she approached; I took my hands from my pockets, assuring her I was really just here for information. The haughty look left her face and was replaced by one more … regretful.
“We are running out of time and Lilith is getting father from our grasp every day. I don’t – I’m not sure …”
I swallowed back my tears. Maybe I had put more stock in Ruby saving my husband than I had thought. “You can’t save him, can you?”
“Even if we could catch up with Lilith, she strong. One of the oldest of the demons.”
I swallowed again. “Thanks for the honesty.”
“Like I said,” she told me. “In another life.”
Then she was gone.
I didn’t know what to do next. I wasn’t ready to go back into the hotel room. I just sat in the parking lot, leaned against my car, contemplating my options.
Sam found me. “Pizza’s getting cold.”
I nodded. “Not hungry.”
He leaned next to me. “So Ruby told you?”
“She did.”
“I’m not giving up,” Sam told me with all the determination in the world. “I won’t let my brother die.
Pushing myself off the car and making for the hotel room, I turned back to him. “You can’t win ‘em all, Sammy.”

After that, I really did lose hope of Dean getting out of dying. I stopped fighting with him – not just over the big things, but the smaller things, too. Anything. As far as I was concerned, it was his way or no way. If he asked me to meet him somewhere, I was in the car in minutes. If he told me he didn’t want me meeting him somewhere, I stayed at Bobby’s. If he wanted burgers instead of Chinese, we had burgers. I gave in to everything. When Dean questioned me about it, I shrugged him off.
On our last night together, we wrapped ourselves in a big blanket on Bobby’s back porch and just enjoyed the time together. When it was too dark to see anymore, we holed up in our room for the night.
When the obvious activities were done, we laid in my favorite position: his arm around me, my head on his bare chest, my fingers tracing circles on his skin. It all felt so routine; then, suddenly, I remembered it wasn’t.
This was it. This was all I had left with him. These passing moments were the last I would have with my husband. The tears came quick and furious in number.
“Hey, hey, hey,” Dean said, sitting me up and trying to wipe my tears, even as they were still falling. “Sweetheart, come on. What’s going on?”
“It’s all ending,” I sobbed out. “When you leave tomorrow, that’s all we get.”
He pulled me closer, stroking my hair and kissing my forehead. “I know. I know what I asked you to get into. When it all started, I honestly thought we’d get out of this. I thought you and I would get out of this business, for the most part, live a long and happy life together.
I sniffled back my tears. “Tell me about it. Please. That life we would have had together.”
So Dean told me everything. He went into detail about our house, our cars, and our kids. About holidays with Sam and Bobby and the kids. None of it involved demons or souls or contracts or anything.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the life you wanted.”
I kissed him, my crying episode over. “You’re right – you didn’t give me the life I wanted. You gave me more, Dean. The life I lived before you, the life I grew up in – you know how it works. How many hunters get what we have? You’ve given me everything. Will I be heartbroken to see it all go? Absolutely. But I wouldn’t trade a single minute of my life with you.”
Dean smiled. He kissed me again and stared at me for a few moments.
“I would have loved to see you pregnant,” Dean admitted with a blush and a grin. “Waddling around and craving tacos. Growing a life that we made together. I’m sorry I didn’t give you a baby.”
The ends of my mouth turned up a little bit. “Don’t worry. Dean. I’ll always have a piece of you with me.”
Dean’s hand found its way over my heart. He closed his eyes and felt for several beats before claiming my mouth with his own.
“One more time,” he whispered against my mouth. “Let me love you one more time.”
He was trying one last time to give me what I wanted. I needed to feel him as close as possible, one last time, so I let it happen.
When I woke the next morning, Dean was gone.

One week shy of our one year wedding anniversary, my husband, Dean Winchester, was mauled to death and dragged to the underworld by hellhounds.
I sat in a daze for a day or so after the boys left. Dean didn’t call or text. I got updates through Sam, via Bobby. I should have done something else – researching, making my own deal, something. I couldn’t move though. I didn’t move from my seated position on the edge of the mattress until I got the text message directly from Sam.
He didn’t say anything, just sent me coordinates. Maybe I had been in a daze before, but not now. I bypassed Bobby as I grabbed for my car keys, got in the car, and drove.
Sam was in an open field, next to a pine box. I frowned.
“You haven’t … Is he in there? Let me see him. Sam, you have to let me see him!” I fought against the man who was one-and-a-half (probably more) times my size, begging him to let me see my husband.
“Stop, Y/N! Stop!” Sam finally gathered me in a hug so fierce, there was no moving or fighting against him. “You don’t want to remember him like he is now.”
I pushed away. “Then why did you send me the coordinates?”
“Because I thought you deserved a chance to say goodbye,” Sam answered. “You’re his wife. You should be here.”
I stood by while Sam worked to lower the box into the ground, then helped him shovel dirt back in over Dean’s makeshift coffin.
“I couldn’t burn him,” Sam admitted. “I’m going to find a way to bring him back. I’m not done searching.”
I couldn’t help it. I cried. I cried because Dean was dead and because Sam couldn’t let go and because I didn’t want to let go.

Sam went looking for a way to bring Dean back. Bobby did what he always did, researching, making phone calls, trying to help Sam.
I stayed for a little while, until I couldn’t hide my secret any longer. Bobby tried to convince me to stay, because of course I couldn’t tell him why I was really leaving.
“I have to do this on my own,” I sighed. “Maybe with me and Sam both looking for a way to bring Dean back, we can cover more ground.”
Except, I didn’t do anything to look for the next few months. I pretty much hid in plain sight, finding receptionist work two towns over from Bobby. I moved into a modest, two-bedroom apartment. I tried to live on-my-own version of the life Dean had imagined for us.
“Until now,” you breathed. “I’m six months in now, and I don’t think I can do this by myself.”
You looked down at your abdomen, distended with the promise of new life.
“I should have told Dean when I first planned. The night when I went after Ruby in the parking lot. I just … I was selfish enough as it was, asking for this baby. When I knew that he was going to die, I thought about what he said. That he would be tortured enough as it was, without having to think about a child he never got to meet.”
You looked up at the sky, biting your lip and wondering if anyone was listening to your pleas.
“I’m not asking you to bring Dean back for our short-lived love story. I know that is only important to me. But you need to know that Dean wasn’t all anger and killing and whiskey. He was a good man. He loved with all his heart, and he wanted to save people. Sam needs him. Bobby needs him.” You pressed in on your abdomen; your baby girl kicked back against you. “We need Dean. But, more than any of that, the world needs Dean Winchester.”
You waited for another hour, as patient as you could be, but no answers came. Letting out a deep breath, you got up off the park bench and looked up at the sky one more time.
“Can’t blame me for trying, right?”

                                     Dean Winchester is saved.

Sequel: More of You

Reverse Lamb!Verse Prompt Fic: 

Lamb!dean throwing a tantrum and hurting cas feelings without meaning to? but apologising after because he feels so bad ;w; 

Consider it an outtake or teaser of the bigger story I’m writing and will post on AO3 as soon as I’ve made some more progress with it! :D I apologize if it doesn’t make much sense without more context.

Note: not beta read so I’m hoping for the best. *lol*

Dean rarely skipped breakfast. Now that the academic semester was nearing its end, Dean spent most of his time either locked up in his room or at the library. Their time together was consequently cut short. Castiel didn’t deny that he missed seeing Dean around all the time and that he took comfort in their quiet mornings together.

But this morning Castiel put their usual breakfast of porridge on the table, a smile on his face as he sat down. He ajusted the placement of the jug of juice, fidgeted a bit with the flowers he had put in a vase. And he waited. Dean wasn’t one to sleep long. For all of his grumbling early in the morning, he was usually up with the sun (or even before, now that the days were short) and studying by the time Castiel got up. Just as Castiel wanted to check on him, he heard him thundering down the stairs. But instead of coming into the kitchen Dean left the house without even a good-morning.

Castiel, while disappointed, didn’t put much stock in it. Dean was a teenager and his mood could be a bit tempestuous. He’d calm down soon enough. But one morning of ditched breakfasts became two, became three and by Friday, Castiel was worried.

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Green is not your colour...

Pairing: Dean x reader
Investigating a case in Lincoln, Nebraska, a depute gets a little to flirty for Deans liking. Dean’s anger and jealousy get’s the best of him and he marks his territory. You.
Anon requests:
- Angry! Dean x  Reader
- DeanxReader where Dean is very protective of reader? I love a protective jealous Dean :)
Words: 3788
Warning: Jealousy, shameless flirting, rough kissing and marking, Alpha/Omega

I decided to combine these to requests as they were kind of similiar, I hope that is okay :) Also, sorry it’s so long… I just couldn’t stop writing!!!

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Preference #6 - Marking His Territory (Which Is You)


Dean thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the world, and, quite frankly, the sexiest person in the world too, so he’s extremely wary of other men checking you out when you’re in public. He’s determined to show the rest of the population that’s into girls that you’re his and his alone. Quite often, you’ll be sitting at a bar and the bartender will start talking to you with a hint of a smirk and a gleam in his eye. When this happens, Dean immediately jumps into action. Whether it’s calling you “babe”, “baby” or “beautiful”, putting his arm round your waist or, at the worst, telling the bartender to “go screw yourself, and lay off my girlfriend”, Dean is quick to ensure everyone knows what’s what. Often, this will lead you to think Dean thinks you’re unfaithful. When you let him know of this, he reassures you he thinks nothing of the sort, he’s just a jealous man who’s clinging onto you for dear life because he’s unworthy of your love. Words don’t come as easy to him as that, though, so he usually stumbles over them when trying to give you this particular speech. Apparently, actions speak louder than words, though, so he usually ends up kissing you to prove his point better than he can with a few sentences. With his hand up your top slightly and his fingertips brushing your back, his lips soft and gentle yet passionate on your lips, and his chest flush against yours, it all but does the trick. It also shows the man flirting with you who’s yours sufficiently, while the two of you are at it.


Sam prefers to make his mark on you physically. It gives him way too much satisfaction to see Dean ask you how you got the “bruises” on your neck and sometimes on your chest when you wear a low cut t shirt, because they won’t be there because of an injury - they’re most likely the legacy of Sam sucking, kissing and biting your skin the previous night. He sits there grinning and biting his lip where Dean can’t see him, with a naughty glint in his eyes. You’ll always make up an excuse on the spot, in an attempt to minimalise Dean’s concern, but at the same time not reveal what the real reason is. Dean knows you two are in a relationship, but because Sam is his brother, he naturally doesn’t wish to hear about his sexual acts or what they leave behind. That isn’t the main reason, though. Keeping things like this a secret is something you and Sam love to share. It entails a thrill you can’t properly describe to do things like this, whether it be simply creating a cover up for hickeys or having sex in a place where Dean, or anyone else for that matter, could catch you in the act at any moment. Occasionally, Dean’ll catch on when he thinks about why you said you got those scratch marks on your back or why you can’t walk properly, and the pieces of the puzzle don’t quite fit together as they should. He won’t tell you or Sam, although he’ll smirk about it many a time - he thinks he’s on top of this. Meanwhile, you’re probably on top of Sam somewhere you shouldn’t be.


At this point, Castiel is extraordinarily fond of the stock outfit he is seen wearing - the trench coat, shirt etc. Not so fond of it that he can’t give it up so you can wear garments from it, though. Once he’d seen you wearing his shirt around the kitchen the morning after your first time, he became extremely attached to the idea of you wearing his clothes. He liked your smell mingling with his when you took them off and gave them back to him; he liked the way his shirt looked on you, baggy enough so you had to roll the sleeves right up; he liked the way you sometimes used his trench coat as a bathrobe when you had dried yourself off after a shower. In fact, he liked this whole affair so much he managed to cajole you into wearing his own clothes out of the place you lived in eventually. The day after you finally agreed, you wore his shirt out with him. A man in a grubby diner had asked you where you got your shirt from, and before you could answer, gone on to tell you that he liked how it looked on you, but he’d prefer the look of you if it was off. All the while, he smiled, giving you too vivid a view of his crooked, yellow teeth. You gasped and were about to think of a well deserved nasty retort for the man, when Cas told him not-so-politely that it was his shirt and he was the only one who would be seeing you without it on. After that, Cas has loved giving you his own clothes to wear out of doors and telling people at every possible opportunity that they were yours, hoping they will get the hint.

“Don’t you love me anymore?! Is that it? Is that why…?!”

“I swear, it’s not like that!”

“And all those times you said you loved me, you were screwing her! How dare you!”


“Just as I thought. Nothing to say. I thought you would break my heart one day. Never knew it would be so soon.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not. You know what, you can get out of here.”


Dean was on the edge of the stool, poised in such a way he could take the heartbreak for the next line. Dr. Sexy was going to proclaim his love to Dr. Juliana this episode - he had to. It’d been going on forever!

But unfortunately Dean’s viewing time was cut short with the shriek of Charlie Bradbury’s voice. “Hey, Winchester! We’re open, so get your ass out here now!”

Sighing, Dean turned his phone off and took out his headphones. Tucking them into his pocket, he jumped down with a spring in his steps before making his way into the counter.

“What’s got you?” Charlie nudged him.

“Dr. Sexy. Last nights episode. He’s just so…perfect. I can’t believe Dr. Juliana thinks he’s cheating on her. After all these seasons!”

Charlie rolled her eyes dramatically. “It’s just a tv show, Dean.”

“How dare you?!”

“I’m joking. That would be very hypocritical of me. Yeah, I’m not over Gilda from Fantasy Of Nightingale,” she sighed, her eyes glazed and staring out of the window as if her celebrity crush would fly through it and rescue her.

“Right,” Dean eventually said.

He had work to do.

In and out came customers, most boring, some hot, some weird in a good way…others, well, it’s safe to say not in a good way.

It approached around midday, the sun was high, the colours of city life outside the café were vibrant and complimentary to the shops design. Dean grinned to himself, breathing in the fresh air every time the door opened.

It’s not that he hated this job that made him want to quit: he loved every aspect of it here. He just felt like his mind was better off working someplace else. The where was yet to be found.

While Dean was daydreaming, a man entered through and looked slightly out of place.

Dean waited behind the counter and watched closely to the man approaching.

He had hair with no style; it was simply a short raven mess. And his clothing style was like he was going for the ancient-languages-lecturer-at-college aesthetic. The dark blue skinny jeans that were very worn down; the dark off-brown jacket; thin rimmed glasses; his ‘I haven’t shaved in a week’ beard; simply everything about him was a disheveled mess of a professor.

“Excuse me, can I have a medium cappuccino, sir?” His voice was rough and deeper than Dean had ever heard someone near enough his age speak. But it was like a purring engine almost, very sensual too.

“Coming right up. What’s your name?”

“Excuse me?”

Dean paused his actions, holding the cup in one hand and a permanent marker in the other. “For the cup. Your name.”

“Oh, uh…Skywalker, Luke,” the man said with a curl to his full and chapped lips.

“Okay, Mr. Skywalker,” Dean grinned back. This seemed to make 'Luke’ more relaxed. He leaned up against the counter even, looking through his shoulder back and through files (definitely a teacher of some sort, Dean thought), then pulled out his wallet.

The weirdest thing was that he continued beaming and smiling fondly as Dean passed the cup to Charlie to finish up the drink. Dean felt a hint fondness towards this man well up in his chest.

When Charlie was done she called his name with a laugh in her tone.

Dean, by this time had moved onto another customer, but he didn’t stop watching over that man until they shared a glance and he went on his way about the world - never to see each other again.


“Who was that?” Charlie nudged Dean when they were hanging around at hers after their shift.

“Who was who?”

“That guy that you were giving heart eyes too earlier, Luke Skywalker, yeah, like you could forget him. Who was he?”

Dean would be lying if he said he hadn’t been thinking about bright blue eyes and red plaid shirts behind brown jackets all day. Who could blame him - really?

“I have no idea,” he sighed.

“Why didn’t you get his number!? He was totally into you.”

“No he wasn’t. You’re just wishing it was. And so am I. And it’s not like we’re going to find out if he was into me or not now.”

“Yep. Too late, you idiot.”


The next day, around lunch hour, the shift was busy. Dean had been rushing about all morning and he was glad he was only working half a day.

He checked the time. Soon, he thought.

In the midst of tidying up and getting down orders and names, one stood out for him.

“Cappuccino, please.” Dean looked up to see the same man from yesterday. Only today he’d shaved and was wearing a blue shirt with a few buttons undone. Fuck. He was gorgeous.

Dean stared at him for a moment before composing himself. “Same as yesterday?”

The man nodded. “Under the name 'Mulder’, thanks.”

“You got it.”


After that day, surely, surely, he wouldn’t come back for the same order 3 days in a row.

But he did.

“Can I have a-”

“Same as yesterday?” Dean asked, hopeful eyes staring softly at the gentleman in front of him. He felt like he was having a high school crush at this point despite seeing the man only a few times. But he was sweet. And beautiful. And nerdy - which is all Dean ever wanted in life.

“It’s Steve Rogers, the name for the cup,” the man squinted cutely at Dean’s name tag before looking at him back in the eyes, “thank you Dean.”

“You’re welcome.”


“Cappuccino, for Mr…?”

“Starlord.” The man looked smugly at Dean with his hands shoved in his pockets. Dean rolled his eyes at him, wrote down the name anyway. “Can you blame me?”

“No, I can’t. It’s funny, you know. Are you normally this sneaky?” Dean nodded at him. The man just chuckled to himself and looked down. “Okay, fine. Will I be seeing you tomorrow?”

'Starlord’ just winked before waiting for his drink over by Charlie.

For a cute guy he really left a lot of mystery and knowledge to be desired.


By the end of the first 5 days it had become their thing. Dean had the weekend off and just used the time thinking about his new crush. It probably wasn’t healthy but he couldn’t help it.

By the end of week two they had been edging near flirtatious territory. Dean was too scared to ask the guy out or even ask why he was coming to the same shop 5 days a week at near enough the same time. The other guy, well, Dean didn’t even know his real name. All he knew was the man was definitely not straight.

As week three came to a close they’d established this ritual: banter, light conversation, the name of the day before their shared small smiles or prolonged glances.

It was only when week 5 began things changed between them. Their hands lingered more when exchanging cash, or they itched nearer to each other with every moment they could afford.

Dean didn’t mind. It was just he didn’t want this all to be for nothing. A build up without a final hit, an almost something between him an a stranger once upon a time.

Dean waited. It was around this time of day that his 'friend’ entered. Charlie was ready with the cappuccino and Dean was ready with his most attractive smile he could pull of.

Then he came in. Dean sighed in relief.

But something was different about the man this time. Dean couldn’t quite figure it out. He seemed more nervous as he fingered his bag strap or held his own hands awkwardly.

“Are you alright?” Dean asked with some concern.

“I’m fine thank you, Dean.” Dean loved it when he said his name. And when he said he loved it, he means he had no way imagined 'I do, Dean’ in his dreams or anything like that…

“So…What’s it today?”

“Castiel,” he replied slowly.

Dean could pretend he understood what he meant but he didn’t. So with the cup in hand, he stood closer. “I don’t understand that reference?”

“I-It’s not a reference. It’s actually my name.”

“You’re joking- what sort of…” Dean’s almost laughter trailed off at Castiel’s stern look. “You’re not joking. Well, I- uh, well it’s very…” He was being eyed carefully. Dean took in a small breath and braced himself as he let the words flow. “Beautiful. It’s beautiful, Castiel. It’s breathtakingly angelic, l-like your eyes.”

“Way to make a guy feel special,” Castiel blushed.

“I have better ways, I swear.” Dean said it like a hopeful promise.

“I’m sure you do.”

Dean wrote down the name. But this time he added his number and a few kisses underneath before handing the cup over to Charlie. As per usual, Cas stood in the corner and waited for his order.

Smirking, Dean was half watching as to when Cas got his order. It was fairly soon after and Dean’s heart swelled with the look of surprise on Castiel’s face as he saw what Dean had written.

Then he looked back at Dean, biting his lip as if to stop his smile from spreading to wide.

Castiel left the shop with a spring in his step that day. When he got out of sight of Dean, he picked up his phone and called his brothers number.

“Have you done it?”

“I’ve got his number, Gabe! His number!” He practically jumped up and down on the side walk.

“Son of a bitch. Looks like you didn’t need your older brother intervening anyway. What are you going to do with it?” Gabriel said with pride.

“I’m going to ask him out for dinner tomorrow,” Cas nearly squeaked, “holy shit, Gabe. He’s so cute.”

“So you’ve been telling me for the last month,” he dryly said. “Stop wasting time talking about how much you think he’s a God and text him!”

“Okay, okay I’ll do that. What if he’s doesn’t like me? What if I’m too old or something? What if-”

“He wants to kiss you so hard bro, trust me! Now. Text. Him. And. Ask. Him. Out. Understand?”

Cas was too busy smiling to say anything else. He just hung up and wrote down Dean’s number into his contacts.

Something about this felt like it was going to be very special.

I thought of this last night and I haven't had time today but I needed to get this out before the episode tonight

“So how long have you two been together?” Mary asks.
Both Sam and Dean begin to cough up the pie they were eating while Cas tilts his head in confusion.
“They’ve been together since you passed away, considering that they are brothers,” Cas responds, no expression to be seen. Mary just chuckles and adds, “How long have you and Dean been together?”
Sam manages to hold back his laughter but looks at Dean with a smug look on his face.
“Mom, it’s not like that. Me and Cas- he’s just- we are just friends,” Dean finally settles for.
“Honey, I know I was gone a long time and I know you might think I’m not going to understand but if I can figure out a how to work a computer-”
“-laptop-” Sam interjects.
“-okay. A laptop,” Mary continues, “I’m sure I can understand men liking men.”
“Oh no Mrs.-” Cas begins but is soon cut off by Dean, much to his and Sam’s surprise.
“Thanks mom,” is all that is said and the conversation changes.

“So what was that about?” Sam asks when he and Dean are alone.
“What was what?”
“The whole thing with mom?” Why did you-“
"Listen, she’s having a hard time, hell I know I would too, and maybe accepting sexuality will make her feel like she’s moving forward.”
“So you don’t have a problem with her thinking you’re gay?”
“Sammy it’s 2016, get with the times,” Dean smiles and Sam just rolls his eyes.
Sam knows when it’s best to drop a topic and the joke was an indicator they were getting on to territory Dean would much rather not step foot in.

I Am No Saint (Part 5 of And the Devil Makes Three)

Based on Run, Pig, Run by Queens of the Stone Age.

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Summary of Part 5: Dean, Y/N, and Cas try to deal with everything as they plan to go after Lucifer.

Warning: Canon divergence, spoilers for seasons 1-5, smut, including a threesome, drug use as a coping mechanism

Word Count: 2500ish

A/N: I wrote this one from Dean’s perspective because it felt the most fitting. Tagging the creator of the playlist that inspired this, @littlegreenplasticsoldier , who I cannot thank enough for helping me with this story, because I am having so much fun writing it.You guys into it so far?

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Part 2

Sequel to this. | Streets and Sanctuaries Verse

“No ID, neither federal nor from any school, no entry in our databases, not with your finger prints and especially not under a teenaged ‘Peter Campbell’, no contract for your phone number, no lawyer, no address, and no,” Officer Novak looks at him for a moment, his gaze unreadable and yet not as harsh as the way with which the other officers looked at him, “no emergency contact.”

Despite craving to sink into himself and just hug his knees to his chest, finding that bit of comfort in the enemy’s territory, Dean puffs himself up and stares the officer dead in the eye. “What about it?”

“Yes. What about it indeed.” Officer Novak says and sits down on the sofa that is angled towards the one Dean sits on. For some reason, Officer Novak didn’t throw him in a holding cell or an interrogation room right away but shielded Dean and his flimsy clothing from the other officers, who just stared at him like a particularly interesting but also particularly repugnant insect, and led him into his own office and onto one of the two big leather couches. He also offered Dean water and cocoa and even some warm milk, but shut up with his offers when he received an indignant glare for the latter.

At least he wasn’t rough with Dean. When they were still in the car and on their way to the precinct, Dean offered for him to do whatever he wanted to with him in exchange for letting him go. But Officer Novak didn’t take him up on it, as much as he didn’t strike or threaten Dean for even suggesting such a thing. Wouldn’t have been the first time Dean would have gone through that; not the first time a cop got his hands on him and did whatever he wanted to. But the first time he actually made his way to the precinct instead of the backseat of the car.

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Not So Old Fashioned

Happy Birthday, @ordered—chaos! Here, have destiel and Mary. Congratulations!

Maybe it finally happens because Mum just accepts Cas from the first as part of the family – in more ways than one, as it turns out, but he doesn’t understand that until later. Dean hugged him in front of her, told her he’s an angel, and that was that, apparently.

After they finally managed to rescue Sam – his little brother already being well on the way of rescuing himself – things have quieted down a bit. For now. The British Men Of Letters are still out there, trying to lure hunters to their side, apparently, thankfully meeting with little success; and of course there’s Lucifer, running through vessels. They have no idea what he’ll do now that God personally told him off and Amara ripped him from Cas – it has become more and more difficult for Dean to think of Cas’ body over the years, he can’t help it.

And of course there’s Mum, trying to make sense of all that has happened in the last thirty-three years.

It’s weird, having her back. He won’t deny that. Weird, but wonderful too. She’s a good hunter, when push comes to shove, and she always keeps a cool head.

She always still makes a mean pie. Even Cas didn’t complain about the molecules.

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Read It Wednesday

Week three!! Here is this weeks compilation of all (or mostly all) the fics I’ve been tagged in this week. If you don’t see a series on here, it means that I’m not caught up on it, but be on the lookout for it in future Read it Wednesdays. If you’d like to be included in Read it Wednesday, go ahead and tag me in your fics, I’d be happy to read them! Now, onto this weeks lovely authors!

Dean x Reader

  • I Know Everything” by @iwantthedean (angst) You know, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be crying or smiling because of that ending. This hit the feels in so many ways. Wonderfully written.
  • On Fire” by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (fluff) Poor Dean. This was a very funny and fluffy fic, I enjoyed every second of it. Amazing visuals, plus, I really loved how you wrote Dean being all disappointed in himself.
  • Just a Nice Night” by  @deathtonormalcy56 (fluff) This fic brings me back to camping. Toasting marshmallows and hanging out by the warm fire in the cold night. I only wish I had Dean to be there with me. Very cute fic!
  • Lopsided” by @imagineteamfreewill (fluff) The part where Dean decides to proclaim his love for the reader in front of everyone was my favorite. Seems just like something Dean would do. This fic was adorable! 
  • Charms - Soulmate AU” by @supernaturalyobessed (fluff) I love Soulmate AU’s and I love the ending where it’s the reader talking to their child, telling her about how they met. 
  • Self Conscious” by @chelsea-winchester (fluff) I really connected to this fic. Truthfully, I was always the ‘bigger’ friend, so reading stuff like this makes me a whole lot more body confident. I have no issues with my body anymore, but I still really enjoy fics like this. And pie. I love me some pie. Awesome fic!
  • Bed Sharing” by @supernatural-jackles (fluff) YES. YES I AM HERE FOR BED SHARING AND BED SHARING BEING THE REASON RELATIONSHIPS HAPPEN! Super fluffy and sweet. Awesome job Jen!
  • It’s The Thought That Counts” by @impala-dreamer (fluff) I love territorial Dean in the kitchen! Dean was a jerk, but at least he made it up to her and apologized. Wonderful fic!
  • Wild Heart” by @torn-and-frayed (angst) I love how you stuck to the storyline of Sam and Dean being the vessels, but I love the spin on it with the readers son being able to be a true vessel. But that ending just tore my heart apart. 
  • Thanksgiving Night in the Bunker” by @impala-dreamer (fluff) SO CUTE! I can agree I felt the same way Dean did after Thanksgiving. Food coma and ready to pass out anywhere, as long as I got my pie.
  • Dirty Dancing Tribute” by @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps (smut) Ohhh man do I love dirty dancing! I loved this stripper Dean. A good funny fic with some great smut!
  • Imagine Dean not being able to get his shirt off” by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (fluff) AH YES I LOVE THAT GIF SO MUCH! I’m so so glad you made a little fic to go with it! This was just the right amount of funny and cute!
  • Zing” by @ellen-reincarnated1967 (angst/fluff) This was such a good fic! I love the whole description at the beginning and I also loved Dean and the readers sassy comments to each other. 
  • This is Goodbye” by @deals-with-demons (angst) First of all, I love your writing style and the tone of the fic. You captured both the boys very well! Second, I’m not crying, there’s just dust in my eyes.
  • Close” by @lipstickandwhiskey (fluff) Spelled!Dean is my jam! I really loved the idea for the spell and how it worked. Also, the awkwardness between the reader and Dean and the constant flirting between them was just amazingly written! I loved this fic a lot!
  • All That Matters” by @winchestersnco (smut) DAMMIT ERIN. I AM A SAM!GIRL. NOT A DEAN!GIRL. A SAM!GIRL. STOP TRYING TO TURN ME WITH YOUR WONDERFUL STEAMY HOT DEAN SEX! In other news, I really enjoyed the plot line for this. It was really great! I also really enjoyed the Dean sex… 
  • All I want for Christmas” by @fandommaniacx (smut) Wow!! This was a great fic, very smutty, very hot and smutty. And I’m totally with the reader on this, I think Christmas can be celebrated at any time, even in August!

Sam x Reader

  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (fluff) I am so ready for winter, you have no idea! I really loved the idea for the spell, very unique. I also wouldn’t mind Sam keeping me warm like that ;)
  • Work Song” by @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps (fluff) my heart is bursting!! I love this. I’m going to have to go listen to the song later, but I really love how you captured Sam’s memories and flashbacks throughout the song. 
  • Imagine Sam trying to find you the perfect Christmas gift” by @cleverdame (fluff) This was so cute! I love Dean’s input, but I also love that Sam completely ignores him. 
  • Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetie” by @teamfreewill-imagine (fluff) I love how you got the entire “family” involved, especially the part of Cas as a princess. This series gives me life!
  • Luck Be A Daisy” by @lipstickandwhiskey (fluff) First things first, Lips dedicated this fic to me and I still cry every time I remember that. Second things second, SAM AND DOGS! Daisy the dog has very good taste in men. This is the sweetest little fic about Sam and Dogs and I love every word.
  • Lost In Translation” by @inmysparetime0​ (fluff) CUTE CUTE! Of course Sam got mad, he can’t lose her! Really awesome fic and I love how they made up.
  • Imagine distracting Sam from research” by @spn-fan-girl-173 (fluff) I’d love to distract Sam any day. This was an awesome little fic and I can only imagine where things went from there ;)
  • Nine Years Later” by @inmysparetime0 (fluff) Well, first it hurt. Then it was wonderful! I loved the flashback especially, and I loved how you used the phrase. Awesome job!
  • More Than OK” by @impala-dreamer (smut) Well, I gotta say, the image you created of Sam in a pair of tight blue boxers is now stuck in my head. I loved that Sam kept checking in to make sure things were okay, and I mean, I will always love Sammy sex.
  • It’s a Guilty Pleasure” by @chelsea-winchester (fluff) I absolutely love the relationship between Dean and the reader. I was definitely laughing at their little exchange of the readers guilty pleasure. Awesome fic!
  • Blue Aint Your Color” by @impalaimagining​ (fluff/angst) Currently I’m in love with this song, so I was so excited to read this fic! I really like how you incorporated it into the fic along with the way the quote was used too. 

Jared x Reader

  • (Genevieve x Reader/Jared x Reader/Jared x Genevieve) I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind)” by @teamfreewill-imagine (smut) First of all, I’m here for Gen and Jared being so kind and understanding and letting the reader know that if she wanted to leave it was okay. I’m so here for this. Second of all, is it hot in here? I cannot wait for the next part of this(assuming there is more). The more I read this, the more in love with Gen I fall.

Cas x Reader

  • Preserving Tradition” by @ellen-reincarnated1967 (fluff) More Christmasy fics yay!! Now that it’s past Thanksgiving, it’s appropriate to read such fics. This was super cute and fluffy and I loved how you captured Cas being afraid for the trees. 
Wild Horses- Part 4

Based on Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones, sort of.

Sam and Dean have settled into a comfortable routine, with the trouble of the past finally settling down. They are back to hunting, back to being brothers. Only, now there’s something more. Something that might ruin everything.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Warning: Wincest, mild description of injuries, smut (finally!)

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: My first Wincest series! Tagging @meganwinchester1999, @winchester-bait @pada-ackles, @mrswhozeewhatsis @kittenofdoomage, @latinenglishfandomblog, @mishasmuffin, and @heyobrothers. (The only Wincest shippers I know of.) Tag any other Wincest shippers, or let me know if you don’t want to be tagged!

Sam woke up hurting. Something was pressed against his stitches, pinning him down, and his muscles were stiff and sore from having been flat on his back, without moving, for who knows how long.

Dean’s arm. That was the weight he felt.

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A Ring That Fits

Summary: Picking out rings for the wedding of the guy he’s in love with is not easy. Cas’ insistence that he tries it on makes it worse.

So Dean has really slim fingers. They’re not small, but they’re slim, and in the past he always liked that because he could wear his mother’s wedding ring without having to cut it off every night.

Now, he could scream. Because of course Meg decided ring shopping was beneath her (she’s marrying Cas. Why should anyone bitch about that? It makes no sense) and sent his best friend out on his own, so naturally he asked Dean to accompany him.

And while it hurts to help the guy he has been gone on for years, long before Meg showed up, buy rings so he can ride off into the sunset with his wife, of course he would never have said no. This is Cas, after all.

And so he ends up picking Cas up and driving to the jeweller’s.

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Complicated Simplicity (Part 5)

Summary: After walking in on his girlfriend cheating on him, Dean leaves what he thought was a happy life and goes back to his hometown. There, he reunites with his first love and finds that maybe the life he thought he wanted wasn’t what was right for him.

Word Count: 1,644

Warnings: Some drinking. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Around 6pm that evening, Sam got a call from one of his cousins, Ash. Apparently, he and a few others wanted to take him out for drinks right before he got married. “It’s not right if we don’t party right before you tie the knot!” he had exclaimed. Sam had agreed and dragged Dean along with him, even though the latter complained about needing his rest.

But his words fell on deaf ears. At 8pm, they arrived to the town’s most popular bar and Sam helped a disgruntled Dean out of the car, draping an arm around his good shoulder.

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Dean Winchester Smut- Revealed

A/N- something about Dean pulling you back for more, I just n o p e *this is only half edited, so excuse me mistakes*

     “Truth or dare?” Dean looked at you from the edge of his bed. “What are we, twelve?” You let out a light chuckle before you caved in. “Fine..” Rolling your eyes at his childish ways, you spun around in the chair you had brought in. “Alright, truth or dare?” Dean watched you spin intently, a moment of silence falling over you two before your reply. “Truth.” Looking over at him, his smile faded. “Of course. Alright, what’s your biggest secret?” His expression looked bored but you knew he wouldn’t be when you told him. 

   “Uh.. Well..” A smile came to your face as you looked in his eyes. “I used to be a porn star.” Letting out a slight giggle at your past, you looked at Dean. As soon as the words fell from your lips, he had grabbed the laptop next to him and started typing. “What, you don’t think I’m lying?” You got up from the chair, walking over to him slowly. “I’m not risking it..” Dean was content with his typing, his eyes scanning the screen. “Dean Winchester, are you attracted to me?” Right as you said it, you reached out and closed the laptop on him. “Of fucking course I am..” Dean looked straight in your eyes as you leaned down, placing your hand on his chin and pulling him up to slowly kiss him. 

    Smiling into the kiss, you started to walk back to the door and leave him with his dirty thoughts, but he stopped you. A hand was placed on your hip, holding you. “Hold up, get your ass back over here..” You smirked to yourself, loving his dominance. “Is that a question or a demand?” You turned around slowly, but Dean had other plans. 

   His movements were fast, bringing you to stand between his legs before pulling you down. He was hungry for you, he was savoring your taste in a way you could only describe as practiced. You kissed him back immediately, but his hunger took over as his hands came down your lower back to your ass. As Dean’s hands fondled your ass, he pulled you forward, a signal to have you straddle him. More than willing, you got on top of him, removing your lips to kiss along his jaw line.

    Dean’s stubble was rough on your soft lips, just the right amount of friction to send your core throbbing, dripping for touch. “Dean..” You groaned as you began to travel to his neck, kissing and sucking, ultimately just marking your territory. “This is mine..” Dean was growling possessively as his hand came around you to cup your core through your jeans. Moaning in agreeance, you bit his neck lightly, earning him to slowly tease you by rubbing you through your jeans. 

    “Tell me who you belong to..” Dean pulled your face from his, looking into your eyes. His green ones had glazed over with lust, just begging you to help him reach his high. “Yours..” You practically melted under his finger tips as he removed his hand from rubbing you and placed it at your knee. Pushing it up, when he got to your shirt, he grabbed the hem, but your hands grabbed his wrist. Kissing him fast, you kept eye contact as you antagonizingly slowly pulled the cloth over your head. revealing your smooth skin. 

   “God you’re beautiful…” Dean’s eyes ran up and down your torso as you reached behind your back, undoing your bra clasp and throwing it on the floor. His large hands were holding your rib cage as you began to slowly grind down on him, earning a few throaty moans. “Y/N..” The noise was music to your ears as it rang out, his mouth coming down to suck on your chest, his hands coming up to cup your breasts. Letting your head fall back, your lips were slightly parted, letting small, breathy moans out. 

    “Dean please…” Your hands came up to fist hist hair, tugging lightly. Before you could think twice, Dean picked you up, turning you around and setting you on the bed. The cold sheets made a mix of temperature as he began to strip, his shirt going first. Watching in aw, the second he was naked, you put your arms out, reaching for him. Reaching for him to make you feel wanted, reaching for him to pull and feel you. 

    Wasting no time, Dean hurried to get on the bed, his hips resting between your legs. Delving down, he kissed you, your lips moving in perfect synchronization together. “Please..” A begging mess, you thrusted your hips up, grinding your denim clad core on his bare cock. Removing one hand from holding himself up, it came down to hold your hip, pushing you into the mattress. 

   Hands wandering your body, you became impatient with him, running your hands down your front to undo your jeans. Realizing your rushed behavior, Dean did the favor for you, pulling them down your legs, your panties right after. The hot air of the room ran across your heat,your legs twitching slightly. Kissing you once again, Dean’s hand wrapped around his cock, slowly stroking it before he placed it in your folds, running it up and down.

   Spreading your wetness, Dean continued to tease, pressing hit tip against your clit, rubbing a few slow circles.A moaning mess, you kept your legs wide open, waiting for him to enter. As if to read your mind, Dean lined himself up before pushing deep into your tight walls.

    “Holy fucking shit…” You groaned in unison with Dean as he began to thrust slow but deep. Without fail, he hit your g spot every time, your legs shaking as he did. Wrapping your legs around his hips, you focused on the way his thick length stretched and filled you, your walls tight to sheath him. “Fuck, Y/N..” Dean’s head came down, kissing your lips slowly with hist thrusts. 

   Pulling out for a mere second, Dean brought his wet length up, slapping it on your slit before he entered you again. “God dammit…” Your back arched as you felt your high come close. Gripping Dean’s shoulders, you felt him twitch inside you as you clenched, your nails running down his back. Before you could reach release, Dean stopped for a minute, pulling out. Glaring at him, you caught your breath. “You did not.” He smirked in response, your hand coming up to his chest, pushing him on his back. 

       His smirk never faded as he watched you throw a leg over his waist, sitting yourself on top of him. Rubbing slowly, his cock settled between your slit, your wetness running up and down his shaft as you ground on him. Now the moaning mess, Dean’s head was back, his eyes shut as his hands squeezed harshly on your thighs. 

      You let his cock head hit your entrance before you moved expertly to let him slip inside. Dean groaned at the sensation, his breath hitching. Slowly, you began to move, letting him slip in and out with ease. Your high came faster, approaching almost immediately. Moaning loudly, it echoed through the room as you clenched around him tightly, your cum spilling down his shaft, dripping onto the sheets. “Fuck F-Fuck…” Dean noticed your exhaustion, taking over, thrusting up in your core fast. He was racing to his high, having to slow down to catch his breath momentarily. Twitching one last time, Dean’s seed was hot inside you, your body falling limp on top of him. 


   Adjusting your breasts in your bra, you watched as Dean surfed through the videos of you that you had pulled up for him. “That was seriously the best sex I’ve ever had…” You smiled at him from where he was on the bed, still naked. “You keep saying that..” You looked away, glancing up fast to see Dean staring intently at your body. “Again?” 


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 741:
CM Punk Vs. Dean Ambrose

FCW Live Event [October 21st, 2011]

As the WWE Champion, CM Punk often would represent the company in various avenues, including a trip to developmental territory FCW. Dean Ambrose, who had risen through the independent ranks as Jon Moxley, had never squared off with CM Punk. Ambrose made a bold move by challenging the Straight Edge Superstar, and it led to a great one-on-one encounter between two of the roughest around the edges athletes the WWE had seen. The post-match was the icing on the cake, as Punk showed respect to the future of the WWE: