territorial calls

February 8, 2017 - Mountain Plover (Charadrius montanus)

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These plovers are found in the short-grass prairies of the western United States, wintering as far south as northern Mexico. Their diet is not well known, but is probably mostly insects, such as beetles, flies, and grasshoppers. They have a variety of breeding systems, being either monogamous, polyandrous, or polygynous. Males display by flying slowly over their territory calling to females. Females build their nests in depressions in the ground, sometimes leaving a first clutch of eggs to be incubated and cared for by a male, before building another nest, where they or a different male care for a second brood. They are listed as Near Threatened by the IUCN due to declining populations and a loss of breeding habitat.

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Confession time: I don't really think Rowaelin is an abusive relationship. I still don't ship them though, mainly because I find the ship bland, forced, and lacking chemistry. But, yeah, it is messed up that the terrible things Rowan did to Aelin in HoF that Rowan never really says he's sorry for and/or are justfied in the narraitve.

It’s not healthy tho. He gets jealous of every man that is near her, even if they’re his friends. That’s pretty fucked up and not romantic at all

Do you ever realize in hindsight how fucked up your life was to that point? Yeah, me neither.

Coyote Medicine. Coyote is a cunning shapeshifter who can adapt to any habitat. While the habitats of most predators are diminishing, Coyote’s territory is expanding. Call upon Coyote for these shapeshifting qualities, but beware, for Coyote is a magician, trickster, and heyoka. The heyoka or sacred clown uses satire, folly and misadventure to awaken people to innovative and better ways of doing things. The mischievous heyoka behaves in ways that are contrary to conventional norms in order to violate peoples’ expectations. In such paradoxical states, people can assimilate new information quickly, without filtering. 

Coyote’s lesson is to stop acting out of habit. You must be willing to plow old habits into the soil in order to cultivate new patterns that enhance your natural growth. Innovative change will revitalize your life and precipitate renewed growth and creativity. 

Sometimes we unwittingly cut off the voice of our inner truth, or sense of what is correct; relying instead on old, soul-killing patterns of judgment, control, and distrust. Inner truth reflects, like a mirror, the higher, universal truth that exists in every situation. Yet even when our point of view is at its most positional, narrow and self-righteous, higher truth, often in the guise of the trickster, is there to open the way back to balance and wholeness.

We like to call it ‘territorial male nonsense,’“ Aelin confided. "Or 'territorial Fae bastard’ works just as nicely.” The Fae Prince coughed pointedly behind her. The queen looked over a shoulder, brows raised. “Am I forgetting another term of endearment?”
—  Empire of Stormes; Sarah J Maas
I Spy

“… All systems are in check and everyone is waiting for the signal, so Janna I’d really appreciate it if you would STOP MOVING.”

Janna smirk as she climbed over the the enemy’s wall and into enemy territory. “My call sign is witch darling, how unprofessional of you seashell.”

Seashell groaned. “You’re gonna blow everyone’s cover if you continue, stay put for once, do you hear me?”

“Come on seashell, have a little faith in me.” Janna picked up a grenade and played with it a little.


That’s when Janna turned off her intercom and heard a giant explosion from the other side of the wall. Fifteen minutes, she has fifteen minutes to get what she came for and get out. So naturally, she started running.

Janna O'Keefe was one of the worlds greatest spies. She was known for her crazy plans that always seem like they would fail, but end up successful anyway. She was jailed for stealing various things around America, but how she stole things was what interested the Outer Space Spies Organization, aka OSSO. An organization dedicated to protecting earth from alien life. The OSSO figured the Janna would be a good asset to the to the CoveOps team.

But now the OSSO is regretting their decision.

“MISSION ABORT!! MISSION ABORT!!!” The intercom suddenly turned on and Seashell was shooting at her ear.

Janna scoffed. “I’m almost at the target Seashell, just hold on.”

“Witch if you get caught right now you will never get out alive! So do everyone a favour and GET THE FUCK OUT!!”

“Aww so you do care about me seashell!” Janna said as she jumped into a small bunker. “But I gotta do my job.”

Janna turned the intercom off and could practically feel seashell anger from miles away. Janna mentally note to give her a coffee when she comes back.

Well, if she comes back.

Janna navigated herself through the thin corridors of the bunker. She was mentally counting of the seconds she was walking. She had thirteen minutes and forty three seconds. So time-wise, she was doing fine.

She needed to steal some secrets plans some planet has that could possibly destroy the earth as she knows it. But she doesn’t remember what the planet’s name is, because she fell asleep half way through the briefing. But if she had to take a wild guess, she would guess Saturn. Saturn feels sketchy with all those rings around it.

Janna finally found the room that contain what she needed. “Eleven minutes and twenty three seconds left, Not bad.”

So Janna did what she did the most, explode things. In a few seconds the door blasted open and the room was accessible.

Then an alarm went off.

“Shit!” Janna said quickly running in.

Sure the guards would be to distracted by the sudden explosion outside the wall, but as if they weren’t going to tend to the thing they were keeping safe in the first place. Janna’s time went down from eleven minutes to five minutes. She had to act fast.

So naturally, she went in and grabbed everything she could. Files, pictures, maps, a grocery list that was laying on the floor. Any evidence was good evidence.

Then she heard a gun click.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you.”

Janna stopped dead on her tracks. She was on a time limit, she didn’t need this right now.

“Now turn around and face me.”

Janna knew she had no choice but to follow the order of the person with the gun. Slowly she turned around.

Boy, was she hot.

Janna could practically feel her face burn up because of the mesmerizing beauty of the woman. She wouldn’t mind dying at the hands of this girl. The girl had blonde hair and hearts on her cheeks. Janna wondered, was she into anime?

“Now let’s make things easier for the both of us and give me the bag.” She smirked.

“And what makes you think I’ll do that?” Janna sneered.

“Because I have a gun pointing at your face.”

Janna reluctantly gave her the bag. But just before she could get her hands on it, Janna kicked her leg and grabbed the gun. Janna worn the bag over her shoulder and pointed the gun at the girl’s face. “Look who’s got the gun now?”

“Well, I’d love to stay and chat but I’m on the clock here so I’m just gonna-”

Suddenly there was gunshots.

“Shit!” They both yelled. Dunking behind the cover of the table. “They’re here! We have no escape!”

“This is all your fault!” The woman said. “If you just gave me the bag none of this would have happened!”

“Uh says the girl who pointed the gun at my face!” Janna yelled.

A soldier was yelling something in an alien language she recognized as Saturnian at outside the room. Janna was right, she was in Saturn. But she was more focused on the gun shots than anything else.

“Who cares! But if we both want our asses alive and out of here, we have to work together. Deal?” The woman offered.

The offer was scary. What if this woman was actually working for the other side? She could get herself and the CIA in danger because of it.

Well, Janna always accepted danger.

“Fine,” Janna said. “But once were out, we go our separate ways ok?”

“Ok then, can I have my gun back? I kinda need it.” She said.

Janna hesitantly gave the gun back to her. “You don’t have be scared ok? I’m not gonna shoot you.”

“Well you were gonna a few seconds ago.”

“Let’s not dwell on the past ok?”

Suddenly they heard foot steps coming from the door. “Shh they’re here!” Janna whispered.

Everything grew quiet as the soldiers filled the room. A mere whisper was enough for the soldiers to find out where they were and fill them with bullets.

“Hey! Over here!” The woman yelled out as loud as possible.


Suddenly, a barrage of bullets rained over the walls. “WOULD IT KILL YOU TO KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN?!”

“WELL-” The woman started before cutting herself off due to a bullet passing by her. “LETS NOT STICK AROUND TO FIND OUT!”

Luckily, since the soldiers were shooting everywhere, Janna and the girl were able to get out safely. “Whoa, how did you know that would work?”

The woman straighten herself up. “I didn’t.”

Janna was baffled. “What?! You’re a real risk taker!”

They both walked in silence and eventually, they reach outside and out of the enemy base.

“Woo! We did it!” Janna yelled.

That’s when she spotted the woman walking away with her own pieces of evidence. Janna called out to her.

“Hey! Why are you leaving?” Janna asked. “We could go back to my headquarters together!”

The woman smiled as she turned around. “Sorry but I’ve got a base of my own, beside, if we’re both after the same thing we must be fighting for the same cause.”

Janna smiled. “Can I at least get your name?”

“Starshine, and yours?”


She shrugged. “See you around witch.”

And just like that, Starshine disappeared. Janna turned on her intercom and heard a gasp of relief from the other side.

“Oh my god Janna! You’re alive! Did you make it out with the evidence?” Seashell exclaimed.

“Mhmm,” Janna smiled as she looked over her shoulder at the evidence she grabbed.

“I don’t know how you do it, Janna. You must be some kind of superhuman.”

Janna smiled. “Hey Jackie can you do me a favour?”

“Was is it?”

“Search for every secret organization fighting for earth, I need to confirm something.”

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{} ;; Tail twitched left to right in a sign of displeasure as corners of his lips curled downward. He hardly felt that inkling of frustration or annoyance; he just didn’t appreciate this sort of situation he landed himself in ( not that it was his fault! ). Head instinctively cocked to the right as pupils angled themselves as a downward glance. Within the back of his mind Ritoku urged his body to take a few more steps in closer yet his muscles stayed rigid in his spot, not moving a single inch forward again.

             All he wished for was a calm, easy evening with little to no problems, honestly! Actually, he wouldn’t mind get into a bit of trouble if it meant the curiosity embedded in his brain could be eased up without a problem. Gradually lids narrowed over sea foam irises as fingers curled around the shape of his hips. At first he only observed the situation with careful precision until he knew exactly how to go about this peculiarity ( Toki, you’re a peculiarity in of yourself, sheesh! ).

              You okay?  The words slipped off his tongue with a scratch against his vocals. He was still working on talking to the locals, after all. His tone sounded a little off-put, not that he cared so much about the situation as maybe others might. Emotions weren’t a big strong suit of his, considering he grew up in a building away from true family-bonding.