“Maybe more possible than you realise… My real name is Sabine Wren. I was sent in to get you out.” When Commander Sato’s Rebel Cell receives information that a number of imperial cadets wish to defect to the Rebels, Sabine Wren is sent in undercover to rescue them. The pilots – Wedge Antilles and Derek ‘Hobbie’ Klivian – would become two of the Alliance’s greatest assets, fighting in numerous battles against the Empire. — Wedge Antilles’ revised backstory as an Imperial Fighter Pilot from Star Wars Rebels.

Women of Star Wars
  • ORIGINAL TRILOGY: Leia Organa, Beru Whitesun Lars, Mon Mothma, Dorovio Bold, Sila Kott, Toryn Farr, Oola
  • PREQUEL TRILOGY: Padmé Amidala, Shmi Skywalker, Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, Breha Organa, Sheltay Retrac, Cordé, Dormé, Sabé, Barriss Offee, Adi Gallia, Stass Allie, Zam Wesell, Aurra Sing, Shaak Ti, Yaddle, Depa Billaba, Sly Moore, Pooja Naberrie, Sola Naberrie, Jocasta Nu, Taun We, Gardulla the Hutt, Bultar Swan
  • THE CLONE WARS: Ahsoka Tano, Satine Kryze, Asajj Ventress, Bo-Katan Kryze, Queen Julia, Steela Gerrera, Mother Talzin, Riyo Chuchi, Peppi Bow, Sugi, Miraj Scintel, The Daughter, Queen Neeyutnee, R2-KT, Numa, Mina Bonteri
  • LEGENDS: Mara Jade Skywalker, Winter Celchu, Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka Djo, Jan Ors, Deena Shan, Tahiri Veila, Ru Murleen, Juno Eclipse, Sian Tesar, Rachi Sitra, Bria Tharen, Kasan Moor, Mirta Gev, Dani, Maris Brood, Darth Talon, Lumiya, Plouur Ilo, Cilghal, Meetra Surik, Bastila Shan, Arden Lyn, Nomi Sunrider, Iella Wessiri Antilles, Mirax Terrik Horn, Tionne Solusar, Callista Ming, Darth Traya, Vestara Khai, Sintas Vel, Ailyn Vel, Etain Tur-Mukan, Alema Rar, Leonia Tavira, Natasi Daala, Ysanne Isard, Tahl, Siri Tachi, Abeloth, Deliah Blue, Aimi Loto, Rianna Saren, Sariss, Cindel Towani, Besany Wennen, Parja Bralor, Tavion Axmis, Alora, Bera Kazan, Vana Sage, Darth Zannah, Syal Antilles, Wynnsa Starflare, Aeron Azzameen, Komari Vosa, Rozatta, Savan, Guri, Parja Bralor, Laseema, Jilka Zan Zentis, Besany Wennen, Laranth Tarak, Marasiah Fel, Astraal Vao, Dark Woman/An'ya Kuro, Mirith Sinn, Shirlee Faughn, Darth Maladi, Morrigan Corde, Azlyn Rae, Gunn Yage, Nera Dantels, Teneniel Djo, Charal, Kneesaa, Mallatobuck, Vergere, Kerra Holt, Serra Keto, Vima Sunrider, Eleena Daru, Shae Vizla, Satele Shan, Lana Beniko, Empress Vaylin, Vette, Kaliyo Djannis, Senya Tirall, T'ra Saa, Khaleen Hentz, SCORPIO, Mira, Visas Marr, Brianna the Handmaiden, Mission Vao, Juhani, Latara, IN-GA 44, Kyrisa, Silri, Yuthura Ban, Tyria Sarkin Tainer, Viqi Shesh, Chantique, Jarael, Raana Tey, Tia, Ghia, Sia-Lan Wezz, Soara Antana, Darra Thel-Tanis, Nei Rin, Dr. Amie Antin, Rilla, Donna Telmark, Raina Quill, Clee Rhara, Enna Lands, Malory Lands, Nen Yim, Astri Oddo-Divinian, Bant Eerin, Jenna Zan Arbor, Fy-Tor-Ana, Deara Antilles, Bhindi Drayson, Onimi, Qwi Xux, Inyri Forge, Shara, Queen Kylantha, Ona Nobis, Orykan Tamarik, Cerasi, Elan
  • CANON: Rey, Jyn Erso, Sana Starros, Evaan Verlaine, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Captain Phasma, Maz Kanata, Kaeden Larte, Miara Larte, Rae Sloane, Sosha Soruna, Chelli Lona Aphra, Norra Wexley, Karé Kun, Jessika Pava, Ciena Ree, Jude Edivon, Ketsu Onyo, Seventh Sister, Greer Sonnel, Carise Sindian, Korr Sella, Pamich Nerro Goode, Deathstick, Tynnra Pamlo, Kaydel Ko Connix, Shara Bey, Jas Emari, Lyra Erso, Nakari Kelen, Maketh Tua, Arihnda Pryce, Delian Mors, Bazine Netal, Harter Kalonia, Ursa Wren, Kyrsta Agate, Zal Dinnes, Chanath Cha, Brand/Lauren Mel Coelho, Dhara Leonis, Alecia Beck, Gina Moonsong, Suralinda Javos, Rose Tico, Iden Versio, Amilyn Holdo
  • LEGO STAR WARS: Vaash Ti, Bene, Kordi Freemaker, Naare, Lieutenant Ostic, Lieutenant Valeria

Tiffany Coris, an original character in my (currently in development) Sci Fi comic series The Adventures of Terrik Zion! Started as a morning sketch a couple days ago, and I went ahead and painted it up. I can’t wait to show everyone the actual comic pages, but those will be released in early 2018 in a local comics anthology.


Some major female characters from the Classic Era EU (all created before the Prequels).  These are my favorites and the ones I knew best.  Ysanne Isard remains one of my favorite villains from the novels, Jaina and her siblings were the characters I grew up with, Winter was omnipresent and unflappable, and Mara Jade was simply the Queen of the Universe.

Any Distance Greater - yunmin - Star Wars
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Chapters: 1/8
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Original Trilogy
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Wedge Antilles/Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles & Tycho Celchu
Characters: Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker, Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson, Derek “Hobbie” Klivian, Harter Kalonia, Eirtaé (Star Wars), Sosha Soruna, Anakin Skywalker, Poe Dameron, Kes Dameron, Leia Organa, Mirax Terrik, Original Male Character(s), Original Female Character(s), Background & Cameo Characters
Additional Tags: Whump, Hurt/Comfort, Misunderstandings, Rogue Squadron, Near Death Experiences, new canon, Injury Recovery, Planet Naboo (Star Wars), Reconciliation

After Akiva, it was already considered a wonder that Wedge Antilles ever made it back to the cockpit.

A year on from that, he almost dies in a starfighter crash. His injuries are even more severe this time. Enough that they wonder if he’ll pull through, if he’ll walk again, never mind the idea of him ever piloting again.

And then in comes Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi, the man who Wedge loves and walked away from because how could they make it work? And he says he’s going to stay. Stay with Wedge throughout all of this.

Wedge can barely believe it.

It’s HERE. Well, the start of it anyway. The fabled whump fic. Of which I’m still writing and editing bits towards the end, but hopefully this will light a fire under my ass about doing do.

It is, as I say in the author’s notes, ALL @dolly-bassett‘s FAULT and SHE SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING.


Mirax Terrik Horn was the daughter of the smuggler Booster Terrik, wife of the Jedi Corran Horn, and mother of Valin and Jysella Horn. Mirax’s smuggling was essential in supplying bacta to the newly-liberated Coruscant, which was suffering from the Krytos virus. In this time, she was partnered with Horn, whom she eventually forgave and befriended. By the time of the Bacta War they had fallen in love, and just before the final battle of that conflict, she agreed when he asked to marry her. Shortly after the battle, they were married onboard the captured Super Star Destroyer Lusankya by Wedge Antilles in his authority as acting ship’s captain. Shortly thereafter, a larger and more official ceremony was held on Coruscant.


Queering Star Wars Day 2: A character you headcanon as bi-, pan-, or polysexual

Ahsoka Tano, Zam Wesell, Leia Organa, Sian Tesar, Mirax Terrik, Mara Jade, Asyr Sei’lar, Tahiri Veila

Not pictured: Dhara Leonis (bi), Platt Okeefe (poly), Jessa Vandangante (pan), Myri Antilles (pan)

anonymous asked:

Who are your top 5 favorite EU ladies?

Oh man. You know, I think about this all the time, how I would rank EU ladies and I’m never sure because you do you pick just five?? But when it comes down to it these are probably my top five:

1) Gara Petothel/Lara Notsil/Kirney Slane

I fucking love Gara, okay. She has one of the best storylines in the entire EU. She grows up in the Empire, she’s a part of Imperial Intelligence from a very young age, so she’s indoctrinated into this point of view and it’s literally all she knows. And then she ends up infiltrating Wraith Squadron. It’s the first time she’s really actually interacted with rebels or even just someone outside of the Empire on a more personal level and it forces her to reconsider everything she thought she knew. And even when it’s revealed that she used to be with the Empire and was at one point spying on the Wraiths and is forced to flee, she still ends up doing everything she can to help the Wraiths from the inside of Zsinj’s operations. She comes up with the whole using mouse droids as spies thing. And even though all of this is profoundly difficult for her on a mental and emotional level, she’s eventually able to help bring down Zsinj and then get away from all of it, to make it to Corellia and to set up her own business where she can live happily and safely. She ends up married and with kids that get to live safe, simple lives and she is just happy. I literally flipped my shit when she showed up in Mercy Kill because seeing Kirney Slane 30 years later happy was just so amazing. I need more characters like her okay.

2) Jaina Solo

Jaina was one of the most formative characters for me as teenager. She was seemed so self-assured in the first books I read with her in it, so sure of her abilities and where she fit in the universe and that was exactly what 13-year-old me wanted to emulate. I’m honestly gonna be forever bitter that despite the whole Sword of the Jedi thing she was horribly sidelined in NJO, DNT, LotF, and FotJ. Jaina worked so hard and put so much of herself into the Jedi and into protecting the galaxy and she never got enough credit from the people around her for everything she did.

3) Mara Jade

Mara is such an amazing character and as I get older I’m realizing more and more why she’s so great. I wrote a couple of years ago about how the Thrawn trilogy is about Mara regaining her agency after being manipulated by Palpatine for years both before and after his death. Survivor’s Quest is one of my favorite SW books because it has Mara having to work with Imperial style troops once more and having to come to terms with the parts of her past as an Emperor’s Hand that she actually does miss. She’s just this incredibly complex character that I love to pieces. So, of course, again I was disappointed in how Mara got treated from NJO on, where her roles essentially was truncated to accommodate her apparently more important position as Ben’s mom.

4) Winter Celchu

Leia’s best friend/surrogate sister who sometimes acts as a decoy for her so they can get more shit done for the Rebellion and who has an eidetic memory that is both incredibly useful for her work and incredibly painful for her personal life because she can never ever forget the awful things she’s seen? Sign me the fuck up.

5) Tahl

Blind Jedi of color who absolutely kicks ass and loves research and history? Again, sign me the fuck up. I haven’t read all of the Jedi Apprentice books so I’ve actually read more fanfic than published fic with her in it, but she’s just such a great character that I love her anyway.

Honorable mentions:

Tionne Sulusar, Tenel Ka Djo, Tahiri Veila, Mirax Terrik, Bria Tharen, Danni Quee, Sabe, Mon Mothma

  • Mirax Terrik: Corran is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?
  • Mara Jade: Punch him in the stomach, then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
  • Wedge Antilles: Tackle him.
  • Winter: Dump him.
  • Leia Organa: Kick him in the shin.

Star Wars Expanded Universe Character Art by Brian Rood

Characters from left to right going down: Anakin Solo, Mirta Gev, Corran Horn, Allana Solo, Mirax Terrik Horn,Tallisibeth Enwandung-EsterhazyBria Tharen,Tahiri VeilaTash ArrandaJax Pavan

Disney is looking to erase the old star wars EU and create a new one, let us not forget the original EU that kept the Star Wars universe alive for all these years.


2015, December 31st - New Year Surprises: Part I

Dr. Odolys Bujare, voted ‘Galaxy’s rosiest cheeks, unknown regions included’, belongs to me.
Jori Xaraan, voted ‘Best hair and beard’
Daffy, voted 'Most ni–[rest chewed by Bubu the gizka]’
Captain Kal-dur Vulpes, voted 'Most likely to get in trouble’
Daria Terrik, voted 'Most talented swordswoman’
Drikkah, voted 'Most likely to stare into your soul till you froze if you disturb the silence in the library’, belongs to @asceticcyan
Rahm Orade, voted 'Best Mandalorian Cook’, belongs to @phnog
T'reeshka Zabine, voted 'Most likely to get more scarves before the year ends’, belongs to @wiredraw
'Zaid, voted 'Most likely to get another tattoo’, belongs to @wiredraw

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  • Corran Horn: I'm gonna use the bathroom.
  • Mirax Terrik: Make sure you put down the toilet seat!
  • Corran Horn: Yes, dear.
  • Leia Organa: Aw, is that a bit you guys do?
  • Mirax Terrik: Yeah, we're pretending to be you two.
  • Leia Organa: What?! We don't do that! Han, tell her we don't do that!
  • Han Solo: Yes, dear.