Some major female characters from the Classic Era EU (all created before the Prequels).  These are my favorites and the ones I knew best.  Ysanne Isard remains one of my favorite villains from the novels, Jaina and her siblings were the characters I grew up with, Winter was omnipresent and unflappable, and Mara Jade was simply the Queen of the Universe.

Mirax Terrik-Horn, by Tony Foti

I was actually looking for a different image from Tony’s galleries for this weekend’s writeup when I stumbled across this smart image of one of my favorite heroines from the Star Wars Extended Universe. Admittedly, I have what amounts to a love/hate relationship with the Star Wars EU and won’t miss a lot of what got de-canonized, but to me Mirax Terrik remains one of the more interesting and worthwhile characters from the EU novels. Tony’s awesome portrait is another for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire role-playing game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Any friend of Wedge Antilles is a friend of mine, and sassy smuggler captain Mirax Terrik remains one of my favorite characters introduced in Michael Stackpole’s X-Wing novels. Her piloting skills and blaster marksmanship aside, what impressed me most about Captain Mirax was her business drive. When her father, notorious Corellian smuggler Booster Terrik, went to prison, the teenaged Mirax essentially took over and legitimatized his shipping business. She inherited her ship of choice, the Pulsar Skate, with her father’s business, using it for both legitimate shipping and smuggling. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she later aided the Rebel Alliance war effort by smuggling goods past Imperial blockades and customs.

I applaud Tony for his attention to character detail, particularly in how everything about Mirax’s smug grin, laid-back posture, and roguish flight outfit carry a smartly-rendered Corellian swagger.

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Capable Ladies of the Star Wars Expanded Universe

You can never go wrong by rounding up some of your friends for a costume group of some of the fantastic and capable ladies from the SWEU.  It didn’t even matter that Leia and Winter were from before A New Hope while Iella and Mirax were from post-Return of the Jedi.  We still had a fantastic time doing these costumes and this shoot especially since we got to recreate some choice comic book panels from Union and Agent of the Empire.

Winter = Bria
Leia Organa = nicolecieux
Iella Wessiri = bluebirdredsun 
Mirax Terrik = jedimara77
Photography by lanewinree

There are more pictures up over at WhiteHotRoom.com where Legends will always live on in our hearts.

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What would you look like as a Rito?

“I’ve never really thought of that… my guess would be something like this:

"That’d be really weird, all those feathers everywhere. I don’t know if I’d want to be a scout or a sorter, though…that’s a tough one.”

My first attempt at a real animation! Very much still a work in progress, but I figured I’d upload what I’ve done so far. :D

It’s actually a fair bit of fun! Except when the power goes out halfway through and PSE doesn’t like to auto-save so you end up losing your work |D


Queering Star Wars Day 2: A character you headcanon as bi-, pan-, or polysexual

Ahsoka Tano, Zam Wesell, Leia Organa, Sian Tesar, Mirax Terrik, Mara Jade, Asyr Sei’lar, Tahiri Veila

Not pictured: Dhara Leonis (bi), Platt Okeefe (poly), Jessa Vandangante (pan), Myri Antilles (pan)


Mirax Terrik Horn was the daughter of the smuggler Booster Terrik, wife of the Jedi Corran Horn, and mother of Valin and Jysella Horn. Mirax’s smuggling was essential in supplying bacta to the newly-liberated Coruscant, which was suffering from the Krytos virus. In this time, she was partnered with Horn, whom she eventually forgave and befriended. By the time of the Bacta War they had fallen in love, and just before the final battle of that conflict, she agreed when he asked to marry her. Shortly after the battle, they were married onboard the captured Super Star Destroyer Lusankya by Wedge Antilles in his authority as acting ship’s captain. Shortly thereafter, a larger and more official ceremony was held on Coruscant.


2015, December 31st - New Year Surprises: Part I

Dr. Odolys Bujare, voted ‘Galaxy’s rosiest cheeks, unknown regions included’, belongs to me.
Jori Xaraan, voted ‘Best hair and beard’
Daffy, voted 'Most ni–[rest chewed by Bubu the gizka]’
Captain Kal-dur Vulpes, voted 'Most likely to get in trouble’
Daria Terrik, voted 'Most talented swordswoman’
Drikkah, voted 'Most likely to stare into your soul till you froze if you disturb the silence in the library’, belongs to @asceticcyan
Rahm Orade, voted 'Best Mandalorian Cook’, belongs to @phnog
T'reeshka Zabine, voted 'Most likely to get more scarves before the year ends’, belongs to @wiredraw
'Zaid, voted 'Most likely to get another tattoo’, belongs to @wiredraw