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Hii I'm entering UST Law in a couple of days. I'm so nervous! I also don't have any idea what supplies to buy. I'm hoping u could help me thank you so much x PS. Love ur blog, u're one of the firsts that led me to the wonderful world of studyblrs ♡

Hi there!! The start of law school is one of the most terrifying moments ever! Sure, here are some of the law school must haves! :))

  1. A planner. I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a planner. You need one to take note of all the assignments for the next meetings, deadlines, dates of exams, holidays, and other university events.
  2. A good pen/s. It doesn’t have to be fountain pen or any expensive pen. It just has to be a good pen you can trust to not run out on you when you’re in the middle of taking notes, or worse, an exam.
  3. A heavy duty book bag. You’ll be carrying a lot of cases and law books, which can be quite heavy.
  4. A bookstand. You’ll be multitasking - reading your book, writing notes, and drinking coffee. Having a bookstand will surely help. These come in all shapes and sizes. There are wooden ones, plastic ones, even metal ones. Find one that will suit your studying style.
  5. Sticky notes. These will come in handy for those super short case digests that you can stick to your syllabi. 
  6. Page flags. Law books and codals are really thick. Page flags will help you mark the start of the chapters of the book or the sections of the law.
  7. HIGHLIGHTERS. It’s good to have more than one color of highlighter, or one highlighter and a pen of another color. These are very important when reading cases and making annotations on your codals. 

I hope this helped. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me. Good luck!! :)

Terrifying Moments
  • Lea:
  • That morning Lea had gone to her meeting with their directors and everything had gone smoothly, more than what she had anticipated it would. Thankfully it didn't take too long and she was relieved as she walked out of the office and headed back towards her car. Before she could get too far though she was struck down by a set of painful cramps and ended up heading into the bathroom before she could leave. It was there that she realised she was bleeding and it wasn't just spotting, it was more than that.
  • Picking up her phone she dialed Mark's number and waited for him to pick up all while trying not to panic. Her heart was racing and she felt physically sick but her mind was on the cramps she kept having and the way her hands were shaking. "Pick up." She groaned when it was taking a little longer than normal.

I heard barking and whining outback, I just assumed it was Gideon barking at Bosco and thought nothing of it. Well, The barking soon turned to loud cries. I went out to investigate and Gideon had somehow gotten himself stuck under the shed. He was pacing back and forth, trying to remember where he’d gotten out. Me being imaginative and his mom, starting imagining having to call the rescue crews to dig him out from under, and even imaging him dying due to dehydration… In panic, I went and got my brother and we both laid on the ground with a big flashlight, shining it on Gideon.Gideon eventually saw the flashlight and us. Somehow he managed to make his way our from under the shed and into my arms. It was terrifying :(. I’m definitely talking to my Dad about putting some chicken wire or something that will keep him from going under there again. 

that terrifying moment in an ice cream store when you have to decide whether to stay with your favourite, safe flavour you know you’ll enjoy or that new flavour that looks good but what if it isn’t and you’re stuck with the whole ice cream cone to finish?