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angelas a real interesting char in theory but in practice i can’t actually read too much about her in canon because ‘crooked doctor’ is basically a Primal Fear at this point and canon has given us… nothing to work with as far as her motives or even like… acknowledging her part in what she’s done


Director Dad making it extremely clear where he stands.

Nohr Retainer Halloween Headcanons

I woke up today with a heart full of creativity and love for halloween and goddamn it all if I won’t drag you all down with me kicking and screaming NO I DON’T care that we’re not even halfway through September

Laslow + Peri Laslow tries to coax some lovely ladies into accompanying him into a haunted house, thinking they’ll latch onto him when they’re scared. He failed to account for the fact he’s a pansy and once he actually lands a date for the haunted house, he abandons the plan altogether after the first go. Peri is banned from haunted houses due to her tendency to attack the actors. Partly because she’s terrified, partly because she treats it like an intense game of whack-a-mole. She spends her time making cute halloween themed pastries instead. An unsettling amount of red frosting is used.

Selena + Beruka - Selena, of course, wants to scare the crap out of everyone. The thing is she’s kind of bad at it. Her ghost stories are pretty cheesy and predictable. The only scary thing about her costume is how much time she put into it and what the end result was. She definitely tries to spook Beruka, but Beruka is impossible to spook. She unwittingly spooks Selena with her very intimate advice on how to create a realistic corpse prop.

Niles + Odin - Niles is pretty big on trick-or-treating. That is, he scouts out the houses that leave out big bowls of candy on the porch and rely on the honor system. Then takes huge handfuls of candy from the bowls and moves onto the next house. Odin is hyped up for this holiday. From the second its October 1st he is already talking about the Night of Unrelenting Darkness and the horrors which await. Puts the most thought and care into his costume.

Arthur + Effie Arthur is the good citizen who helps kids cross streets in the dark safely and hands out flashlights to anyone who may not have any. Repeatedly mistaken for a monster and/or kidnapper throughout the night. Keeps on trucking, though. Effie goes trick or treating with a ten gallon garbage bag and lets Elise pick out all the candy she wants out of it before she basically inhales the rest. Do not try to spook Effie. It won’t end well for you.

The Signs As: Halloween Things!
  • ARIES: Jack O'Lanterns
  • TAURUS: Trading candy with your friends
  • GEMINI: Makeup, whether it's beauty or beast
  • CANCER: The variety of costumes, and the one "it" costume you see 12 of on each street
  • LEO: The suspense leading up to dusk when you can finally trick or treat
  • VIRGO: Trick or treating
  • LIBRA: Terrifying the small children
  • SCORPIO: Pranks
  • SAGITTARIUS: Watching spooky movies
  • CAPRICORN: Jump scares
  • AQUARIUS: Haunted houses and hay rides
  • PISCES: Decorating the house with spiderwebs, window clings, and skeletons

Thoughts of You by Emela

Stiles just wants the pain to go away. He wants the dreams to go away, and when the nightmares of the Nogitsune get worse, he turns to BDSM.

He doesn’t know how to stop looking for that fix, even when he has a Dom who terrifies him and treats him badly.

He never expected Derek to help him but when Derek offers to be his Dom, Stiles learns Derek being there to hold him when he can’t sleep is one thing but falling in love with him is something he was entirely unprepared for. After all, the minute Stiles feels strong enough to be on his own again, it’s not like Derek will want to stay. Not with him. Derek will leave and things will go back to the way they were between them.

They always do.

After a year, I have finally been able to pick this fic back up again. Thank you to everyone for bring patient with me and for encouraging me to keep going with it. I hope you enjoy it and, above all, thank you for reading.  

while i understand being interested in small skeletons is unorthodox i would really rather not be made to feel like a horrible person because some people in the hobby don’t ethically source their bones, like… i have not purchased from them and if i were to purchase a preserved specimen i would search for a fairly obtained one that died of natural or unrelated causes before being preserved??