terrifying but great

Another alternative for making maps! Instead of candy or rice


Very useful for people like me who have a very hard time picturing topography. After you finish sprinkling and molding to your heart’s content, take a bunch of photos from all sides so you can make visual note of it however works for you! 

I needed a more 3D option since I have a hard time planning the climate of whatever land I’m making. Knowing where the mountain ranges and valleys are makes it a lot easier to know weather patterns and where to put cities–usually along the best to travel routes and by port access where water is easiest to sail.


okay so part 2 of stingy and the mayor (with the segments from eps 11-20) is currently being uploaded so i’ll have that up here in an hour or so but in the meantime i wanted to share my favorite one… stingy is terrifying! have a great day!

I want what I was promised.  All of it.

Mini 8: I Can’t Decide

A summary of The Duke of Detroit, who all by himself is a perfectly sufficient reason to watch Motorcity.  It’s hard, being the glammest chaotic evil cockroach rockstar in post-apocalyptic Detroit.  It’s hard and nobody understands.

I just feel like all that slow, gradual, painstaking progress we scrimped and saved for over a hundred years was all for nothing. The sense of basic protection is gone.

I love how on ninja turtles 2003 there’s an episode called Same As It Never Was. Its a scary alternate universe where Donnie disappeared and Shredder took over. Now the Donnie from the regular verse is shoved in and we meet Mikey. He’s the ultimate badass and,,,,,,,, he’s disabled. He only has one arm. Doesn’t stop him from being a fucking cool ass ninja that can take down twenty foot ninjas at once and becoming a general/leaADING A REBELLION. Not only that but Leo is now blind and Raph lost an eye but their still motherfucking BAMFs. I just find it really cool as shit that CW made the turtles become disabled but still be really strong and incredible and you almost never see that in media, much less on a cartoon from 10 years ago

I don’t understand...

…why more people don’t hug Lucifer? Like…he’s so lean that hugging him must be very easy. And he wears good suits so it’s not like you’d get scratched by crappy wool or anything. And have you seen his puppy eyes? He can literally compete for hugs with actual puppies. And he really likes Cool Ranch Puffs and Teeny Tiny Donuts, so I don’t get why anyone would find him thereatening.


I thought you came asking for my forgiveness, but you like it better this way don’t you? Me owing you. And all that pretty fairy tale about me being part of the family. That only works if you’re in control. Klaus Mikaelson, smiling down like a benevolent king. Showing mercy to all his subjects. But you still have to be the king! Don’t you? The thing about kings, though - eventually they all fall. Even you, Klaus.

Can you imagine tho

enjolras and grantaire running into the latter’s parents, who could probably win the World’s Most Asshole Parents with their open hostility regarding their son’s, well, eveything. Grantaire’s mostly unruffled tbh, because god he endured this shit for more than two decades and he’s pretty happy with his life right now and he’s already been disowned so who the fuck cares what these people think because they really can’t do anything to him anymore

But enjolras?


enjolras is just dying to add in his two cents and destroy them

so obviously when grantaire’s parents switch their focus to the young man tightly holding their son’s hand and imperiously go “so what do you  do, young man???”

enjolras just fucking smiles and coolly says, “your son”

Every once in a while when watching Gravity falls, I can’t help but think…


Then I remember…




With that said, I think we should all stop gasping at the things that Gravity Falls “gets away with” for a “Disney show”. We should actually be going, “Yup, that’s definitely Disney alright!”