So basically, to be a rebel/resistance fighter, you need to:

-wear dirty-looking white shirts and own a cool jacket

-look contemptuous 

-have high cheekbones and a prominent, slightly imperfect nose

-look broody and sad and make smart-ass remarks

-not own a hairbrush. You don’t need one. Your hair looks terrific anyway.


Pan girls? Wonderful! 💖💛💙

Pan boys? Extraordinary! 💖💛💙

Nonbinary pans? Magnificent! 💖💛💙

Agender/genderless pans? Amazing! 💖💛💙

Genderqueer pans? Terrific! 💖💛💙

Genderfluid pans? Courageous! 💖💛💙

Demigender pans? Phenomenal! 💖💛💙

Bigender pans? Splendid! 💖💛💙

Trigender pans? Marvellous! 💖💛💙

Polygender pans? Astounding! 💖💛💙

Gender questioning pans? Fantastic! 💖💛💙

anonymous asked:

hi! I hope you don't mind my question, I just think you give terrific answers and your fics are always very in-character. So what I've been wondering is, John has been through shit, he has seen Sherlock jump off a rooftop and thought he lost him forever, he came back, he gave up his life for him on the tarmac and then he learnt he had OD'd on top of that. Why is John not confessing? He has nearly lost him so many times. He has nothing to lose. He knows by now that he really cares unlike in teh.

because John thinks his love for Sherlock is killing Sherlock. John thinks his love is toxic. Sherlock was willing to do all of this for John without knowing that John was in love with him - what would he be willing to do if he knew John was? All of these things have been the result of John being in Sherlock’s life - Sherlock jumping, Sherlock being shot, Sherlock giving up his life a second time, Sherlock overdosing while reading about how he and John first met. John looks at this and sees that all of it is his fault. 

And that’s it, you know, because Sherlock would die for John, even without knowing that John loves him, and John doesn’t get the chance to die for Sherlock. He doesn’t get the chance to make it equal. He sees Sherlock give and give too much, and he can’t figure out how to give it back. And he can’t have Sherlock keep doing this, which is why at the end of TLD, John fixes to leave. He takes his cane to Sherlock in hospital and says goodbye, and he means goodbye forever, and the only reason why it doesn’t end there is because John gets to save Sherlock’s life, and it boosts John just enough to be vulnerable. When John is saying, you know, you should text her back, you need someone in your life to make you want to be better, Sherlock tries to say that John is that person, and John cuts him off because he’s trying to convince Sherlock that John can’t be that person. John is trying to convince Sherlock that he is a bad person, and that Sherlock should let him go and should not look to John to be that person, because John’s still got one thing left to lose: Sherlock’s life. 

that being said, however, if you follow the tfp as John’s tab theory, the point of tfp becomes the exploration of the idea that John’s love is toxic but then the subsequent realization that, by uncovering the truth, by speaking aloud, by being open, John’s love can save them both. that his love won’t kill Sherlock; it will save him. that John himself doesn’t need to die for Sherlock - only John’s fear of himself does.  

THUNDER THURSDAY #57: Good Friends

Hey folks, Paul here for THUNDER THURSDAY! Today’s post is a quick answer for @veronikarts (and anyone else who might’ve wondered).

Meg’s a terrific person with a beautiful soul, and I’m (at LEAST) a halfway decent human being. We have a good friendship, and we’re both seeing other people.

That said, we’ll accept the following names for shipping and/or character fusions:

  • Maul
  • Peg
  • Mega Pollywog (Meg’s vote for this one!)

Feel free to suggest other ideas. Now, back to arts, cats, and epic chickens!


I knew the ending before the season started, and I felt like the challenge was just laying in the groundwork throughout the season to be able to then wrap it up in one final two-hour episode. The real challenge all season long was to make sure we put enough Easter eggs in there and that we gave enough clues; laying the groundwork to build to that final episode. So writing it wasn’t that much of a challenge, especially with the help of the terrific writers room we have. I think it’s a beautiful path that lead to the finale.
—  Marlene King

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Mary shot Sherlock when all he did was offering to help her. Then she came to the hospital not to say she's sorry but to told him not to tell John. Then when she knew he got out of the hospital she took a gun with her and threatened to shoot him again??? And if Sherlock didn't offer to help her again, she'd have killed Magnussen herself. Plus the script shows that Magnussen reached for his phone when Sherlock got shot. But ofc she's nice kills people for money sometimes. Totally n*ce.

We should not talk bad about saint Mary you know. There are only two types of people in this world. People who worship Mary and think she is a hero or “Misogynist” people who points out how Mary has always been the villain and would make a terrific villain and that redemption arc was bs. I should be ashamed because I happen to have eyes and fall in the latter category. You should be ashamed too. 🙃

Holidays 🌸

Hi followers, I won’t be able to post the lockscreens for this week because I’m going on holiday without the internet connection. 😪
Have a terrific week 🌷

I returned on Saturday and it’s been super busy. I haven’t had time to upload photos from my trip. Hopefully I can do that this weekend along with a recap of my adventures. Overall, I had a terrific time with my best friend! We hiked a ton, ate a ton, sang a ton (99.9% BSB songs), and spent a ton (on food, haha).

My vacation was also a treat because I got to hang out with my boy for a little bit at the end. I missed him so much. Even though he’s back from his work trip, I rarely saw him this week. He had a huge team building event this week. All of the other offices flew into CA to participate in meetings, planning, activities, and dinners. He would get home around 10/11pm, shower and go to bed, wake up around 6:30, and head to work. Last night, they had a big party at their CEO’s house (Toyota basically purchased a $10 million mansion for their CEO 😮). There were arcade games, pool tables, FULL open bars, a movie theater, hot tub, swimming pool, live music, DDR, yummy food (a frickin’ oyster bar! 😭), etc. Sometimes I envy my boy because he lives out the Silicon Valley techie life–awesome perks and freebies.

Confession: I’ve been mean to him this week, which is counterintuitive because you’d think I would be sweet since he’s not around much. However, I think I’m upset, jealous, frustrated, and disappointed that I don’t get to spend time with him. He was in Michigan for work and I missed him terribly. Now that he’s finally back, I’m eating dinner alone while he’s out with his coworkers. This is extremely selfish and immature of me. I realize that and this is one of the reasons my boy and I almost broke up a couple of years ago. It deeply bothered him that I always got angry/agitated when he went out without me. Perhaps it’s a combo of FOMO and my aversion to sharing him? Jeez, that sounds pretty needy.

I also understand these events are a part of his job and he is required to go. Work commitments, I get it. But I’m still being a total jerk about it. On Tuesday, my boy came home to take a quick shower before heading to a team dinner. I was eating dinner so I had a bunch of dishes in the sink. He was in a hurry but he still insisted on helping me wash the dishes. After finishing them, we chatted about our day before he had to leave. He gives 110% to me and our relationship. Every evening he comes home and he’s SO excited to see me. He showers me with kisses, makes me laugh with his silliness, asks about my day, helps cook dinner, tells me how much he loves me. Every day–despite being exhausted from work and his 3-4 hour commutes. But yet, here I am acting like an immature teenager. Even if he didn’t have to go out for work, if he was simply catching up with his buddies, I’d act like this. I’ve actually improved significantly in this area but there is still plenty more I can do.

I recognize the energy and dedication I invest in him and our relationship, too. I’m not giving him all of the credit because I also put in my time. But I just wish I could be less petty about this and more supportive. It’s healthy to have a life outside of your relationship. He doesn’t act this way when I go out without him (whether it’s with friends/family/work).

Anyway, this turned into a much longer post than I anticipated. It veered off from my vacation update as well. Lol, I guess I’m trying to vent, confess, and reflect on my bitchiness lately. OK, brb. Gotta apologize to my baby for how I’ve been acting!

Black Superheroes of the DCU.
A couple commissioned me to do this piece as a gift of inspiration and empowerment for their daughter. Loved drawing it :)

*Una pareja me encargó esta imagen como un regalo de inspiración y empoderamiento para su hija. Disfruté mucho dibujándola :)

  • People: What's your favourite Beauty and the Beast song? *smiles* Probably "Beauty and the Beast"? Or maybe "Bonjour"? No, I know, it has to be "Be Our Guest"!
  • What I say: Oh, I can't possibly choose, I love them all!