Reflecting this morning with sleepy eyes because the dogs had a rough night so I was up several times during the storms. I realize once again that life is amazing. Its amazing in so many ways and I have been blessed with the ability to wake up every morning and count my blessings and know that something wonderful will happen today. I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to find FREEDOM. Its an amazing adventure and a challenging one sometimes but like any good adventurer you love the challenge and your determination and focus never shifts because you KNOW that freedom is worth the time and energy you put into it. Adventures are not for weak people or people who don’t have laser focus on their path. It can be filled with difficult days BUT the freedom is worth it in the end!

I’m looking for 20 adventurers in May! 20 people who have the qualities needed to find their freedom with an amazing company with incredible products and a company that treats their distributors like family AND gives people the opportunities of a lifetime

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