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my terribly inconsistent bujo and the most terrific album ever.

You’d think there’d be an inundation of Tove Lo remixes by now, considering her infectious pop music off debut album Queen Of The Clouds, a terrific album that was fashioned with multiple “chapters”. I don’t mind, since it gets a bit tiresome sometimes when I get sent a million (ok, exaggerating) remixes of the same song for weeks on end. But I’m eternally grateful for this new remix of the Swedish songstress’ Talking Body by New York based producer Gryffin, who’s also one half of The White Panda, if you didn’t know (fun fact for you for the day?). Talking Body is one of my favorites off Queen Of The Cloud, and Gryffin takes full advantage of Tove Lo’s ethereal vocals and snappy beat on the song to formulate an intoxicating and sublime house remix. It’s a blissful extravaganza filled with uplifting build ups and serene smoothness.

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In a combo of two things I’m extremely fond of, Scottish electropop band Prides has remixed Boston synthrockers Magic Man’s Texas. Texas also happens to be one of my favorite infectious Magic Man anthems, too, off of terrific debut album Before The Waves. Prides’ version of Texas is a sugary electronic treat, full of jagged bounce and pitchy vocals. All of a sudden, Magic Man sounds like a caffeinated, bubbling, effervescent AFI. Whoa.

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