*furiously chugs water*

I do not sound like Cunt. Do not confuse me with Cunt. I may be *a* cunt, but I am not *that* Cunt.

Who, I might also mention, is gone *again*?? She’s literally gone at least one day a week, why tf is she still here.

(I’m secretly very jealous. I’d much rather be off doing something I enjoy instead of being here. Like sleeping. I’d love to be able to get away with what she does but I can’t and it’s hair-pullingly, mind-bogglingly annoying.)

*runs out of water*

Just like California.

A few winters ago, my friends said that there was a cosplay formal and that I should go. So I cobbled together a Ren cosplay that I was decently proud of. Everyone kept commenting on the facepaint, which is good, because it took me ten-thousand years to do. :D I met an Aoba there, who was positively terrific. 

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~*~*~Here’s my face~*~*~

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i love the amazing spider-man 2 too!! its honestly one of my favourite movies ever and when i found out people hated it i was like what

I love it! The Raimi movies don’t click with me, but I love both Amazings. Beautiful webslinging, beautiful colors, terrible jokes. Terrific May and Peter – the big “you’re my boy” scene in TASM2 gets me every time. And there’s like, a lot to dissect in them – I think those movies do a terrific job with a portrayal of Peter as someone who suffered a traumatic event and shift in circumstances very early in life and as a product of that is always just a little bit separate. 

Also TASM2′s Harry, damn.

Though I do think TASM2 would be a much better movie if they cut every scene with an airplane in it. Anyway bottom line I miss canon-by-word-of-actor bi Jewish Spider-Man.

[ It is absolutely, genuinely, one hundred percent terrifying to wake up and not know where you are. Your legs will cramp, your throat will go thick, your eyes will fly open and no matter how loud you’ll want to scream, you’ll fail. Not a single sound will come out, and that’s the scary part. You can’t do anything.

  Julius’ arms are hooked to thin tubes, and he can’t turn his head. It’s not like he doesn’t want to, but if he moves the nurse that’s standing over him will see that he’s awake. Julius can’t stop staring though. In the bright room she looks like a ghost as she gently pulls on the tubes that’s filling his body with transparent liquid. His throat tightens the moment he realizes that all of his limbs are wrapped in white bandages.

  So, of course, he is absolutely terrifed. There’s no screams. There’s no echoes of bombings. He’s not in the battle field anymore. When the nurse has left the silence that follows makes him stiffly sit up to stare out of the large window. It’s night and the clouds outside clearly show signs of rain. High houses shine against the slight mist. He’s never seen such houses. That’s all there is, high houses with large blinking letters, glaring him straight in the face. When he looks down on the white sheet that’s covering him he sees the pale blue glow they paint him in. It’s beautiful, but he needs to get out of here.

  Right now.

  Julius doesn’t know how he does it, but he rips the tubes straight out of his arms (followed by a high beep sound) and darts for the door with the slight limp he’s forced to deal with. His wound hasn’t healed, and it feels like it’s slowly opening up the faster he runs down the corridors, not having a single idea of where he’s going. Nurses and doctors yell after him as he scurries. The bandages around his legs unfolds and drags after him as he jumps down stairs with small cries of pain after each step he takes.

  People are gasping at him when he finally comes into a larger room with couches and plants and a large glass door on the opposite side. It’s crazy, he’s crazy, but he flies out the door and down the stairs and tumbles down and groans, and crawls until he can pull himself up to his feet.

  But it’s rude, it’s so rude, how a doctor slams his shoes down on the bandages that are collecting dirty behind him and grips him by the shoulder, and finally Julius can scream, so he does.

  It feels like the whole town is crumbling when he screams until his throat grows raspy, and he kicks as good as he can, warm blood running down his naked thighs under his hospital gown. ]

“You have to let me go, I don’t know where I am!”

[ Julius’ body gets forced back and once again he desperately kicks, but he’s so small, he’s always been small, so he feels more like a grumpy kid in a candy store than someone that feels like he’s fighting for his life. He takes a deep breath and gets close to the doctor’s face, having his eyes squeezed shut. ]

“Let me go!”

[ But he’s not listening, and the panic just grows in Julius’ stomach as he’s getting lifted up the stairs at least a meter above the hard stone steps. He kicks even more, maybe even cries, staring down at the red droplets that are marking his tracks, and he sobs. ]


GUYS.  FOR REAL THOUGH: The weekend after this I have an opportunity to meet Tim Schafer and a bunch of the other crew at Double Fine, the video game studio that made Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and several of my other favorite games.  They are having a fan meet up in Seattle to coincide with PAX West but you don’t have to have PAX tickets to come, it’s free and open to everyone.  Seattle is only few hours away from me (albeit in horrible, terrible traffic) and even though I hate going to Seattle this is too great an opportunity to miss.  There will be music from their latest (terrific) game Headlander, group sessions of their fun-looking game Gangbeasts, and MAYBE the chance to play a little Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin (apparently they are trying to work out the logistics for that one - keep your fingers crossed!)  
I am preemptively freaking out about saying hi to Tim and any other Double Fine employees, and I want to bring some fan art to give to him/the rest of the Double Fine team.  But I cannot decide which one to take, and I probably won’t have time to draw anything new before then.  WHICH ONE SHOULD I BRING?!??!?!?!?!?  I’m thinking probably a Psychonauts one, but I really like the Brutal Legend War Father and Battle Nun drawing I did….
I NEED ADVICE because I am overthinking it!!

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Why didn't you loved The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2? I loved Peter and Gwen and Garfield and Stone had a lot of chemistry!

There were a lot of good actors in the films, and you’re right, their chemistry was terrific.

But I didn’t think the movies were well written at all.

And he just didn’t seem at all like the Peter Parker I know.

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Blair! Just wanted to say that you are such a spectacular writer. Your stories make me smile, cry, keep me on the edge of my seat. Seriously terrific. And you're a lovely person as well. I'm glad that you're in this little community :)

Ahh thank you lovely! I love your writing as well and literally every Dodds fic I’ve ever written (all two of them, yikes) has been for you hahaha

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sun signs

aries: adventurous. restless. energetic. they enjoy spontaneity, those with a good sense of humour and being the leader. an aries will make you laugh, stick up for you and introduce you to new things.

taurus: methodical. warm. sensitive. they enjoy challenge, giving advice and the materialistic aspects of life. a taurus will empathise with how you feel, have a terrific way with words and be honest.

gemini: witty. aware. adaptable. they enjoy change, socialising and stimulating conversation. a gemini will brighten your day, help you fix a problem and offer you a positive outlook on life.

cancer: family-orientated. sympathetic. withdrawn. they enjoy celebrations, seeing other succeed and time by themselves. a cancer will avoid conflict, offer you their imagination and will believe in you.

leo: playful. generous. loyal. they enjoy praise, getting their own way and motivation. a leo will be obvious with how they feel, work for what they care about and offer you their loyalty.

virgo: hardworking. observant. selective. they enjoy succeeding, appreciating the beauty that surrounds them and expressing their beliefs. a virgo will root for you, will remember important things about you and value a smaller group of important people rather than a bigger group.

libra: charming. animated. friendly. they enjoy entertaining, speaking up about their views and they look for the romantic aspects of life. a libra will make you feel at home, admire you and make you feel important.

scorpio: powerful. intuitive. dramatic. they enjoy achieving, expanding their knowledge and those who are genuine. a scorpio will treat you with respect, provide you with many inside jokes and are always thinking of the bigger picture.

sagittarius: independent. philosophical. explorers. they enjoy new experiences, meeting new people and setting new goals. a sagittarius will see the good in you, appreciate your different interests and share their dreams with you.

capricorn: ambitious. practical. wise. they enjoy success, those with wit and being right. a capricorn will encourage you to do your best, want to laugh with you and learn from you on how to be better.

aquarius: social. clever. humanitarians. they enjoy big events, expressing who they are and being slightly rebellious. an aquarius will want you to feel at home, encourage you to be bold and will always surprise you.

pisces: dreamy. imaginative. sacrificial. they enjoy helping others, relaxing with their thoughts and being noticed for their achievements. a pisces will show you romance, let you rely on them and will want to protect you.