terrier racing

Dine Out

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Jack and company are on a trip to LA for a race. They are doing their best to enjoy the sights, food, and the hot waiter.

Warning: A single very bad pun

“Dude, just ask him”

“Yeah, come on Jackie, he won’t bite… probably”

Jack set his head on the table as Russell and Terry continued to try to convince him to talk to the waiter when he came back. It was at times like this he really wished he hadn’t come out to his friends, not that they were doing any harm, it was just now instead of trying to get him to talk to just girls they were also trying to get him to flirt with guys.

This had, of course, led to them eating at the same place three times in the last four days during their trip to California. They had driven to LA from Bloomington for a hover-kart competition and by some stroke of fate Jack had managed to find the most attractive person in the entire state of California. Of course, said person was a waiter at a very nice sit-down Mexican restaurant.

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