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Unless you’ve personally been there, I imagine it’s something that’s difficult to stretch you mind around. It’s a position you can’t picture yourself being in and believe me if you could - you wouldn’t want to. But some people live there… in that darkness… on that knife edge (if you can call that living). But has it ever occurred to you that the reason you can’t imagine suicide ever being a viable option… the reason you can’t wrap your mind around the idea of a person wanting to choose a solution as devastatingly final as ending their life is because you’ve never really considered the kind of hell someone has to go through to arrive at that conclusion? The way you see the world – with its intoxicating highs and terrible lows and its mediocre boring ‘most of the time’ – is not how everybody experiences it. Some people have only lows. You experience life as an ever spinning ferrous wheel of emotions, but some people are hopelessly stuck at the bottom far lower than you will ever go. You think it’s a selfish option because you see a loving family, friends and lovers who will miss you if you left. You see lists of things that make life worth living but some people see a list of things they feel they’ll never be able to escape.
You do not know how heavy a person’s burden is unless you’ve walked in those shoes, you do not know how dark the world looks to some people because you cannot see it with their eyes and that is why you cannot imagine a future so terrifyingly bleak and painful that you would do just about anything to get away from it; a pain so soul destroying you’d do anything not to feel it any more. You cannot know it, cannot imagine it unless you’ve been there… so don’t judge. It’s just that simple. You’re not required to fix it, you’re not even required to be supportive if you don’t want to… just be kind to people and don’t judge. If you lack the emotional depth to empathise with someone else’s pain, then at least keep your mouth closed and stop contributing to it.
—  Ranata Suzuki | For anyone who says suicide is a cowards way out

To the people who were terrible to me in high school, who were very few, because i am so charming and well liked: I forgive you. And I am also flexing on you every day.

Thirteen Reasons Why - Explained

Thirteen Reasons Why

I’ve seen a lot of posts about Hannah being a ‘drama queen’ or overreacting to small things everyone did so I thought I’d explain a bit about what I understood.

1. Justin - Justin exaggerated what he and Hannah did. While this seems mild, it set Hannah up for a terrible high school career because she earned the reputation of 'slut’. This happens so often in schools and in the adult world and can RUIN someone’s life in a certain, if not all areas.

2. Alex - Alex put Hannah as having the best ass against Jessica as the worst. It is clear that the internet is doing its thing again and not taking time to understand things properly; this was NOT A COMPLIMENT AND HANNAH HAD EVERY RIGHT TO BE ANGRY. It was a clear violation of friendship and an obvious example of men pitting women against each other for their own benefit.

3. Jessica - I’m going more by the book here, but Jessica was on the tapes because she didn’t believe Hannah and abandoned her when she needed her. A clear example of how people can easily be lead by others and girls turning on each other because of guys. Jessica deserved to be on the tapes because she didn’t hear Hannah’s side of the story and instead took her anger out on her first friend at the school.

4. Tyler - I don’t think I need to explain much about this, but he abused his position as a photographer in school to violate boundaries for his own pleasure similar to how a lot of people in a power exploit those below them. He made Hannah feel vulnerable and took the lack of comfort she felt at school to her own bedroom.

5. Courtney - I suppose this is kind of harder to understand. Courtney was a closeted lesbian and therefore it is understandable that she was upset at the thought of her being outed before she was ready, but Hannah confided in her to help her expose someone else and instead she protected herself by further ruining Hannah. This shows the selfishness of those who feel the need to protect themselves by harming others.

6. Marcus - I haven’t seen much on Marcus honestly, but I dislike him immensely. He took advantage of Hannah because of the impression of her he had put together from rumours created by other reasons (Justin, Courtney) which is an expression of how men feel owed something from women, especially those who are seen as 'slutty’.

7. Zach - At first glance, Zach doesn’t seem too bad. At half a second glimpse, this changes. Hannah rejected him because he said something silly, a mistake, and if he had made an obvious effort to explain and apologise, he could have helped Hannah. Instead, he chooses to punish her by preventing her from receiving happiness from others. This is one of the clearest examples of how men can’t handle a woman’s right to say 'no’ and reject him…

8. Ryan - This tape is similar to that of Tyler in that he made her feel unsafe. What Tyler did was worse than Ryan, however the effect of Ryan’s actions had (in my opinion) worse consequences that Tyler’s. Ryan published her poem because he thought it was something that needed to be shared, a selfish and naive action (when considering the maturity of high school students), which meant that Hannah’s personal thoughts were no longer her own. She was not comfortable at school, home or in her own mind.

9. Clay - Though I agree when Hannah states that he shouldn’t have been on the tapes, Clay does represent 'everyone else’ who stands by and watched people like Hannah slowly fade and retreat into themselves because of the actions of others. The 'bystanders’ if you will, whose lack of part in our stories can be just as important as those who intrude on us.

10. Justin - It is evident in the series that Justin was extremely haunted by the rape at Jessica’s party and this is probably why he is gaining so much sympathy… this is also why I recommend you all READ THE BOOK. Justin stood by and watched his friend rape his girlfriend, why is he receiving more sympathy than I’ve seen for Jessica? Of course it was hard for Justin to witness that, but staying friends with Bryce and staying with Jessica without telling her is reason enough for him to be on the tapes again.

11. Jenny - Jenny was kind to Hannah, offering her a lift home, but she didn’t take responsibility for knocking down the stop sign which lead to someone’s DEATH. The guilt that Hannah was left with from this (because she was in the car) was understandably overwhelming, especially as the victim was a classmate who was blamed for drunk driving. Jenny is an example of how our reckless actions and lack of responsibility for them can destroy other lives; is that not the entire plot?

12. Bryce - Lord help you if you need an explaination.

13. Mr Porter - A perfect example of how there is not enough support out there for students (and people in general, honestly). The counsellor advising Hannah to 'move on’ after she confides in him that she was raped is one of the most haunting moments in the entire series, solidifying her reason for suicide- she had no comfort amongst her classmates, in her own home, in her mind and now, the specialist designated for dealing with situations like this bore no real interest in her problems and told her to 'move on’.

It’s extremely important for us when watching shows with topics like this to remember many things.

First, the show is not just this situation. Everything represents something more in society; each tape side is a problem in the world that leads to suicide, not only a small action by one character leading to Hannah Baker’s suicide. If you need help in understanding this, or want something else similar to this story, I recommend watching or reading 'An Inspector Calls’ by J.B. Priestly- a masterful piece tackling classism/sexism and how each person’s seemingly small actions lead to a girl’s suicide.

Second, memes are sometimes funny. The 'Clay every time he sees Tony’ memes are really funny, the 'fuck off, Courtney’ memes are funny, but the 'welcome to your tape over a slight inconvenience’ memes, they’re not. The show is raising awareness for the seriousness of suicide, not to create a fanbase of jokes about it. Promoting these after you watch the show, is a clear statement that you haven’t understood why it was made and is completely unacceptable.

Third, separate the character from the actor. Justin Prentice is NOT Bryce Walker, do not spam his comments with disgusting name calling or threatening- this is CLEARLY wrong and unnecessary. This also works the other way: Brandon Flynn is NOT Justin Foley. Just because Brandon is attractive and nice, doesn’t mean his character becomes as such.

Please don’t turn 13 reasons why into another generic element of pop culture. I love pop culture, don’t get me wrong, but we have a tendency to begin digging for meaning and giving up halfway; overusing the profound starting points of progress we find by loosely throwing them around, emptying them of all meaning.

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So I’ve been going through your blog for three hours and I just had to say that I’ve never really Been one for Monster High, but what I do remember from it is that Jackson was always sO COOL to me and I love that you have a spotlight on him!

thank you!!! (๑꒪▿꒪)

jackson and holt (and their collection of ugly fashion dolls) will always be my faves of the monster high boys even if they didn’t make it to the reboot; they’re such fun characters and i’m glad they’re appreciated even outside the fandom!

Happy birthday Sam <3

“How do you even get into that?” Sam complains loudly, gesturing at T’Challa’s Black Panther suit.

It comes out a tad too dramatic, maybe, but it’s already bad enough that Pepper paired him up with Mr. Tall, Dark and Deadly for the photo OPs, Sam shouldn’t also have to suffer through 2 hours of that ridiculous and stupidly tight cat costume.

Not that normal, non-superhero clothes would’ve been much better – T’Challa could probably make a pair of old sweatpants and a floral print shirt look regal as fuck. His clothes seem to always hug his muscles in all the right places, no matter what he’s wearing, so a suit or a jeans & black Henley combo weren’t going to make Sam’s evening any easier.

The problem, really, is that Sam wishes he could be the one hugging T’Challa’s muscles.

The problem is the goddamn suit looks like it’s been painted on, and Sam’s already starting to feel all hot and bothered in his own uniform, and they haven’t even stepped out of the waiting room yet.

T’Challa shoots him a smirk, and that, too, is deadly.

“You ask me nicely,” the man replies.

Well, fuck.

It’s a joke.

It’s very clearly a joke, and Sam’s too fond of teasing people himself not to appreciate it, but fuck if it isn’t putting images in his head, and god, that’s the last thing Sam needs right now.

He tries to cover the fact that he almost just choked to death on his own spit with a derisive snort, but he’s pretty sure it comes out too high-pitched to be convincing, and his sweaty palms aren’t helping.

“What? Cat got your tongue?” T’Challa asks when Sam fails to come up with a witty response. And god, Sam wishes. It’s getting really fucking hot in here.

T’Challa’s obviously enjoying poking fun at him immensely, if the way the corners of his eyes are crinkling is anything to go by. If he wasn’t so drop-dead gorgeous, Sam would punch him.

“Are you always such a smartass or is it just ‘cause it’s my birthday?” he grunts.

T’Challa blinks, and then raises an interested eyebrow. “It’s your birthday?” he asks. Sam just shrugs. “And you’re here doing this?”

“Pepper offered to change the date, but whatever man, it’s just a few hours,” Sam says. “It’s cool.”

T’Challa doesn’t reply right away, just stares at him like the cat that ate the goddamn canary, killer smile still on his lips and doing all kinds of things to Sam’s stomach. “I didn’t know it was your birthday,” he tells him a moment later. “I would’ve gotten you something.”

“You don’t have to—”

“In Wakanda,” T’Challa cuts him off, taking a few steps in his direction, “we have this way of wishing people a happy birthday.”

“What way?” Sam asks. But before he can stop to think about how close T’Challa is all of a sudden, or about how it’s getting a bit harder to breathe, there’s an arm wrapping around his waist and a big, strong hand at his throat, tipping his chip up.

T’Challa kisses him unhurriedly, but firm and hot and claiming, swallowing Sam’s gasp right up and then licking into his mouth just right while his hands keep him securely in place. Which is good, because god, without them Sam would probably just slide down to the floor.

When T’Challa pulls back Sam can’t help but try to chase his lips, and even whimpers a little at the loss of him. Later, he might worry about how pathetically desperate he probably seems, but right now he can only think of how pleasantly dizzy he feels, and maybe lament the fact that he didn’t use this chance to let his hands roam over T’Challa’s magnificent chest.

“Wow, I… Dude, I think I want to move to Wakanda,” Sam manages to let out.

T’Challa laughs softly. “Happy birthday, Samuel,” he says, thumb still stroking Sam’s jaw.

“So, um…” Sam tells him, because hey, it is his birthday after all. He might as well. “If I were to ask you nicely… would you be okay with that?”

“Well,” T’Challa says, smiling. “This was just a happy birthday wish. Wait until you get your present.”

“Can’t wait to unwrap it,” Sam jokes, and then forgets how to breathe, because T’Challa is kissing him again.


you broke my heart, anyanka. don’t be so dramatic, torg. you don’t even have a heart. six spleens, two stomachs, half a brain maybe, but no heart.

Seaside Sabbatical (M)

Summary: After an accountant in your firm is sent to prison, you are assigned to clean up the mess he left behind. Sorting out your clients’ disastrous business records proves beneficial when you meet the fisherman who teaches you the value of taking a break.

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 11,145

Warning: Fisherman!Jin, Accountant!Reader, sexual themes, oral sex, profanity, discussion of taxes, terrible fishing jokes, unnaturally high levels of wish-fulfillment

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: This has enough wholesome fluff to give me a cavity, but it just felt right. Pardon the cheesiness, as there was no way to avoid it in this type of fic. Hope you enjoy!

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why the signs aren’t in a relationship

aries: never learns from their mistakes

taurus: too picky

gemini: terribly high standards

cancer: stuck on their ex

leo: rushes things

virgo: has a certain “type”

libra: knows who they want but is too shy to make the first move

scorpio: thinks that they’re too weird/awkward to be in a relationship

sagittarius: their mom said no

capricorn: is afraid of hurting and getting hurt

aquarius: just is truly not interested in anyone

pisces: too busy planning world domination

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Eighth year healing together

Draco’s bed creaks as he rolls onto his side, the moonlight casting an eerie shadow across the room. He lays there long minutes, the silence nearly swallowing him before his eyes begin to flutter shut.

It was only a dream. It had to have been a dream.

But seconds later his eyes snap open suddenly, an awful sound filling his ears again and he’s across the room and climbing into the other boy’s bed before he has time to think about the repercussions.

“Potter!” He hisses, hands on his shoulders. Potter doesn’t open his eyes though, just makes another terrible, high pitched sound that makes Draco’s blood to turn to ice.

He wants so much to run away. Wants to cover his ears and walk straight into the common room and pretend this isn’t happening. Potter sounds terrified, familiar words whimpered in his sleep and it’s all Draco can do to put his shaking hands on Potter’s face.

“It’s a dream, Potter. It’s only a dream.” Draco lies, because it’s not a dream. A memory is not a dream; it’s an insidious stain upon their hearts that will not leave them.

This isn’t the first time he’s caught Potter having a nightmare. It’s just the first time he’s been brave enough to try to wake him, to be there when Potter’s eyes open; to have to face the pain he will see there.

Potter, however, doesn’t seem to notice Draco’s presence. His chest begins to heave and his body quivers even in his sleep. The lines on his face are deep and visceral.

Draco feels the corners of his eyes prickle with moisture as he leans down pressing his forehead to Potter’s and letting the weight of his boy go lax and heavy upon the other boy’s body, offering the only comfort he knows how - the reality of his existence.

It takes another thirty seconds before Potter’s eyes fly open, a shuddering breath exhaled as his strong fingers dig into Draco’s forearms.

“Shh, it’s just a dream,” he lies again.

Potter looks at him with an honesty that makes it hard to breath; a breadth of pain and loss so deep Draco feels like he could drown in it. But still he doesn’t move, his thumb stroking over the inside of Potter’s wrist as he hums softly, knowing the only thing Potter hates more than the dark is the silence.

Slowly the other boy relaxes, his breathing deep and even as his eyes fall shut. But Draco doesn’t leave. He stays there until the sun comes up, until Potter’s eyes are fluttering open, not with fear but with the hope of a new day.

“You stayed,” Potter whispers, entwining their fingers. Draco feels naked under the weight of his gaze but he does not retreat.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Draco replies softly. This is not a lie.

Potter’s lips turn up in the beginnings of a smile and Draco thinks if Potter can be brave enough to share his fears, maybe Draco can be brave enough too.

Draco thinks that just maybe he can share his hope; it is small and a little broken but it’s all he has, and just maybe it can be enough for them both.

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Would you guys be wiling to do one that doesn't have Steve in it but is all about Steve? I'm thinking of Fury's initial meeting w/ Sharon asking her to protect Steve. Then, subsequent meetings where she reports relevant happenings. But since there are no relevant happenings (until TWS), Sharon's reports consist mainly of Steve's general comings and goings, his lame attempts to hit on her, and the embarrassing stuff he does when he's alone.

“Did you think I didn’t know?”  Fury raised an eyebrow.

“I think my recruiter didn’t look into it.  I expected you would know, sir.”  Sharon stood at parade rest, only allowing the slightest twich of her lips towards a smile.  

Fury hummed.  “It’s why you’re here.  And not why you’re here.”

“Sir?”  She liked Suduko, crosswords and thousand-piece puzzles.  Fury was more like one of the Fates speaking in riddles than anything else.  

“I chose you for this assignment because Former Director Carter wouldn’t trust anyone else with this detail.  I also chose you for this assignment because regardless of whose blood you’ve got, you’re the only one I trust with this assignment.”

Sharon let out a slow, steady breath, feeling the tension bleed out of her shoulders.  “Thank you, sir.”


Fury was mulling over a stack of paperwork, steam curling from his World’s Best Boss mug that sat at his left elbow. (She was pretty sure it was a gift from Natasha).  

“Your monthly report, sir.”

Fury looked up, and sat back.  “Go on.”

“Exercise commences at 0400 hours each day, and ends at 0600. Grocery shopping every other day, a—“

“—Single or multiple trips?”

“Supersoldiers only need single trips, sir.”

Fury smirked and sipped his coffee.

“Between 1400 and 1600 hours each Sunday he cleans and sings.  He orders take out once each week, only on Saturdays for his weekly movie marathon.  He’s reached the 80s, if I’m not mistaken.  There were a lot of lightsaber noises and don’t-you-forget-about-me’s coming from his apartment last week.  And the joke about his midday coffee run being ‘A mission from God’.”

“Anything unusual or concerning to report?”

“The number of times he’s watched Indiana Jones is concerning.”


“He was reckless in the field before, sir.  I worry what new ideas he’s been picking up.”

Fury smiled, all teeth.  “This is exactly why I chose you for this assignment, agent.”