aaaand some original art!! I drew these forever ago but I never posted them to tumblr and I’m still quite fond of them so–well–yeh!

Just some more character concepts for a story idea I’ve had rattling around in me head for a while. I’ve mostly decided on which design to go with for each but boy howdy was it tough.

The only one who has a name is the first one with the blue hair, everyone else I need to choose. That being said suggetions are welcome, lol.


“Just when I think I could have a decent conversation with you. We’re done here!”

*Chuckles* “I’ll bring Beau around 3PM.”

“You and your stallion dare come this side of the fence.”

“Willow ain’t gonna hold up against Beau’s charms… just as her owner can’t resist mine for too long.”

“If I get my hands on you…”

“I’m counting the moments for just that, baby.”

Me: wow the evil within 2 has such a great message about learning to forgive yourself and reaching a cathartic acceptance of your past even after you feel like everything is your fault. On top of that, the message that love is a powerful force that overcomes all is beautiful as well.

Also me: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love that stabby photo boy. Well dressed Italian art school drop out boyyy

but imagine the one day that james comes back super tired from quidditch practise and decides tat he will sit down for one moment before taking a shower and finding the boys and within seconds he falls asleep. imagine the boys coming into the common room and finding him strewn across an armchair with glasses askew and drool dripping down his chin. imagine how delighted they become because he is always the one who looks after them and how they came finally do something for him. imagine them levitating him up their dorm, charming the sweat mud and drool after him, leaning his glasses, transfiguring his uniform into comfortable sweats, tucking him in his bed, putting a plate of food and some hot chocolate beside his bed, and leaving off to the great hall for dinner. imagine him waking up, becoming a bit puzzled and realizing how he got hear and crying because he has raised such wonderful kids. imagine the boys coming back and finding him blubbering about how proud a mama he is and ending up cuddling with him in a massive ball of cuteness and drifting off the sleep together. and imagine sirius remembering this in azkaban and crying because he can never, ever get back the bestest mom ever he has ever had a n d

Why Kalluto joined the Phantom Troupe

It’s unclear why Kalluto joined the Troupe. It seems to have a relation to Killua : Kalluto wants to “bring his brother back”. The relation between his decision to become a Spider and how it will bring Killua back home are even more unclear. 

But look at what Kalluto is thinking about when he think about bringing “his brother back” : 

Killua is not the only sibling on the picture who had “disappeared”. Alluka is here, too.

What if Kalluto is looking for his “brother” because he doesn’t know that it’s actually his sister?

We don’t know how old Alluka was when her parents decided to lock her up and keep her outside the family’s business. On ths picture, we can deduce she’s around six or seven. She still wears traditionally masculine clothes. 

It’s sadly obvious that, beside Killua, no one in the Zoldyck family is keen to use Alluka”s real pronouns. We can safely assume that, for Kalluto, at this age, Alluka is still his “brother” to him. If she had been locked up before she had been able to claim her gender to every family member, she remains a “boy” to him. 

Now let’s take a look at the family chart by Killua :

It’s shown no relation between Kalluto and Killua. Not only it’s another argument for the theory - it’s not Killua that Kalluto is looking for - but also, if they weren’t that close, Killua probably never talked about Alluka’s gender to him.

And when I say “weren’t that close”, let’s remember that Killua didn’t even knew what nen was at an age when Kalluto already mastered it. Do this family even speak to each other at least once a year. Do kalluto and Killua even know how the other looks like. Seriously.

Now let’s talk about the really interesting thing : there is a relation between Kalluto and Alluka. A relation important enough for Killua to notice and write it down. 

The chart is a good indicator of the family relationships, but also of Killua”s subjectivity. For example, as readers, we know that Milluki doesn’t obey his father - he didn’t kill when asked, he broke the rule by asking a computer to Alluka. Also, the relationship between Silva and Zeno is far more complex that just “give and takes.” Killua is just a child, lacks objectivity when it comes to his family - for good reasons - and “Secrets” could be every Zoldyck’s second name. Killua interprets the relationship as a one sided “envy”, but maybe, just like the other family’s relationships, it’s more complex than that.

Alluka and Kalluto are around one year appart in age. And between the non-gender conforming boy, or non-binary child, and the transgender girl, maybe a special bound has been formed.

In fanon, Kikyo encourages Kalluto gender expression. It seems logical : Kikyo has a very feminine fashion sense, and the mother and the child are very close. But what if this fashion taste actually came from Alluka? Kalluto sees his “bother” growing “his” hair, wearing dresses, cute hair ornements, and looks adorable as hell.

Because of course, eventually, she started to wear what she wanted as soon as she asked for it. Alluka is not the girl to whom you can say “no” easily, right? At least not four times in a row.

Alluka is so pretty, she has everything she wants, she doesn’t suffer the terrible trainings and is cherished by Killua. She has everything he wants. She is everything he wants  - or so he thinks with his little child point of vue, little understanding of the situation. Children are very materailist sometimes. How Kalluto couldn’t be envious of her? And in the same time, how can’t he feel close to her?

And one day, suddenly, she disappears. She’s locked up, and no one has the right to see her without supervision. Alluka is too dangerous. She’s not family any more. Kalluto can’t be her brother anymore.

He misses her. Especially now that he’s allowed to wear kimono just as he always wanted. He wishes she could see him. But she can’t, not with this terrible power that lies inside of her, that can’t be separated from her. Kalluto accepts this fate, and get closer to his mother, the only other girl of his family.

Until one day, when his father returns from a mission against the Phantom Troupe, he talks about its leader who can extract his opponent’s power and keep it to himself.

Very little knows about the Ais by this time. Some knows about the parasitic nens. Maybe kalluto knows, and this is the closest of the nature of Nanika he can think about.

For Kalluto, this is the solution. He will join the Phantom Troupe, prove his worth, earn their trust, and will ask for a favor : break into the Zoldyck’s mansion, and get Chrollo stealing the “parasitic nen” from Alluka. Then, Alluka could “come back home” as his “brother”.

This is why he’s so diligent in helping to find an exorcist for Chrollo. This is why he’s so disappointed when he sees that he doesn’t have the level to impress the Troupe and be an authority. It will “take years” before he could ask the Troupe such a dangerous mission as opposing the Zoldycks - without hurting any, of course. But he’s ready to risk it all, without knowing it will lead to nothing.

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I really think malec getting so much criticism for their kisses is unfair. First of all, there is nothing wrong or bad about them. They are mostly sweet and soft. Second of all, straight couples are rarely scrutinized as much, although their kisses are often far from perfect :/

You’re preaching to the choir, friend.

There is nothing wrong with malec’s kisses. They’re soft and earnest and sweet. They’re sometimes hesitant, sometimes unsure, and other times confident and sweet, and all of their kisses during that first time scene are so wanting and needing.

Honestly, I love them.

But more than that, exactly what you say, there’s way more critiquing of their kisses than is necessary. Especially because I don’t think there’s any discomfort between Harry and Matt about it. I mean the wedding kiss literally has some tongue and spit lol like they’re fine. I think the way they kiss says everything about their characters and their relationship.

Would I complain about more wedding like kisses? No. Lol. But I’m also not at all complaining about their kisses now.

And listen, anyone who watches Dom trying to eat Kat and Alisha’s faces and doesn’t see anything wrong can’t say shit about Matt and Harry. Good lord. Someone help those poor girls and teach that boy how to kiss.