“Aren’t you supposed to kneel in the presence of the Hokage?”

“Like I don’t already do that.”

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I just saw your pocketsized sauron with normalsized Ring from... ages ago, and at first I thought it was a life buoy-thingy, so now I'm thinking... a life buoy that "binds you in the darkness", it would literally drag you to the bottom of the sea and keep you there, wouldn't it?

mmm actually I think it might be how he got out of numenor after the flood…


This is only half joke. This mission took me forever because I actually thought this. I went through the entire building like a fucking idiot, picking up every resource box like “where’s the special one” and he’s… he’s just right there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Or maybe it was all wishful thinking because it would’ve been way better this way.

Kylo Ren yanked away from that scene, struggling to keep his breath steady as he pulled out of FN-2187’s mind and turned his masked face to Supreme Leader Snoke.

“Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker are on Nishr,” he said matter-of-factly. “In a large but unsophisticated base. They are in the Lukhur Badlands. They… there was some consideration of coming for Rey, but Luke Skywalker fears she has been wholly converted to the Dark Side.”

“And has she been converted, Kylo Ren?” Snoke’s grey face flashed with skepticism, and Ren hesitated a split second too long before he said,

“She is not the child of the light she was when I first took her from the cave on Ahch-To, Supreme Leader. She is mine now, and therefore yours.”

“I don’t think it works exactly like that,” Snoke said doubtfully.

- Chapter 20, Gravitational Lensing

“Hey, hey, hey ‘Kaashi!” A loud voice bellowed from the end of the hallways.

Keiji blinked and stepped slowly towards Koutarou with his bento in his hands.

“I’m going to go get lunch, are you coming with me or do we meet at the rooftop?” Koutarou asked while he jogged in place and Keiji wondered how much energy his senior really possessed.

“I’ll be at the rooftop Bokuto-san.” Keiji replied softly, apologising to every passing student inside his head for the noise in the corridor.

“Okay, I’ll see you! Line’s probably huge by now!” Koutarou shot a finger gun at Keiji before dashing off towards the cafeteria shop.

Keiji sighed and treaded to the rooftop. He knew Koutarou liked to eat out in the open, even though today was a particularly sunny day and Keiji did not like fact that the rooftop would be hotter than usual. However, he still climbed up the stairs and seated himself under the shade he found near the entrance.

Famished, he opened up his bento, not waiting for Koutarou. He ate his food, glancing around at the other people present on the rooftop besides him, leaning back against the wall and began to wonder if Koutarou got the chance to buy food.

His bento was empty now and if Koutarou returned empty handed, Keiji couldn’t offer him anything.


Keiji was caught by surprise by the sudden groan and a weight is placed upon his shoulder.

“The line was so long! But I managed to get food so I’m okay.” Koutarou breathed out, as if he had just returned from a war. He shifted away from Keiji and chomped on his sandwich, eying the bento.

“All done?” Koutarou questions with his mouth full.

“Please don’t speak with your mouth full Bokuto-san.”

“Mm ‘Kaashi…”

Keiji was about to chide him again for manners but his stomach growled instead as if it had decided to take the charge of speaking. He felt his neck grow warm and he pressed his lips into a thin line.

He was still hungry.

He felt something pat his shoulder and he turned to see Koutarou grinning while offering another packed sandwich.

“I knew you’d still be hungry, so I bought an extra one.”

Keiji accepted the sandwich and unwrapped it. He inwardly cursed his stomach for being too obvious but at the same time he was grateful for Koutarou’s thoughtfulness.

“Does this mean you can toss me twenty extra balls in practice?”

Keiji scrunched his face in annoyance and handed the other boy the half eaten sandwich. “You can have this back.”

Koutarou laughed and spoke between wheezes, “I was just joking Akaashi! Eat it!”

Keiji huffed out and looked away. The embarrassment was crumbling him from inside.

“You look cute when you’re like this.” Koutarou pinched Keiji’s cheek playfully making the other freeze in his thoughts.

The darker haired boy got up in reply and picked up his bento. “I guess I won’t toss to you at all today.”

“A-kaashi!! I was only kidding! No wait don’t leave! Akaashi!”

((Keiji made a mental note to toss him five extra balls.))