How Dare You!

When your friends with me you will just have to except that I talk about my pets all the time.

Today my friend had the nerve to dis my kitty cat, and make fun of me.

So over the weekend my Mom and I cleaned out our movies so we could make more room, and get rid of the ones we don’t watch anymore. She threw a paper towel at my head super hard and told me you must never get rid of movies. How dare you for not ever watch Lord of The Rings or Star Wars.

I was only over at her place so she could fill out a survey I needed filled out for my group project in English class. Her dorm is so messy, and she placed the form on a greasy table, getting greasy marks all over the paper. I had to scan a clean sheet and fill it out with her answers once back in my dorm.

She wants to room with me next year. I told her sure, but I don’t think so anymore. She is loud, messy, corrects me all the time, and doesn’t like to laugh?! Who the hell doesn’t like to laugh. I don’t think rooming with her is such a good idea.

Does anyone know any good tricks on getting rid of a terrible friend?

Sorry for this rant. I needed to get crap off my chest.


I did what i did to see what i meant to you as just a friend. You were never there for me whether or not i was really sad or just pretending to see if you would be there,you would ignore me if i ever showed sadness and if you would talk to me you would reply with 1-2 word answers. As a friend i mean nothing to you, you made that loud and clear.

All Wrong

No matter how many times I tell myself it’s right
I still feel wrong
but I cannot help what is already done

I feel like a failure
a terrible friend
like I didn’t even deserve you
in the end.

but I can’t change what’s happened
the choices we’ve made

I can’t change who I am
I’m stuck in my ways

I’m afraid of what’s coming
will we even speak again?

Or will you walk away
like others
in the end?

I cannot change the past or what is yet to come
and I cannot change the choices
that we make.
but i think the path I go down
will be different from the one you take

and it hurts to say goodbye
all the memories I leave behind
and the what if’s are even worse

I miss the things that are yet to come
all the fun times we would have had
all the memories we would have made
if things did not have to go so bad

I pray you’ll understand
the decisions I must make
and that you won’t get mad and leave me
and make a huge mistake

I care for you deeply
more than words can say
I’ve struggled very greatly
and I hide the tears almost every day
I wish I could make you understand and see
that what I do is for your good
and that I don’t judge or hate
but I cannot follow the path you walk
though it hurts me deep inside

oh my friend don’t walk away
please come back to me
I cannot go where you wander
but I’ll always be waiting for you

right here

you can always find me
I’m never very far
and I’ll always accept you
with open arms

come back to me
don’t walk away
I’ll always pray and wait
that you will see and return to me

no matter how long I must wait