terrible sweater

It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.


kyungsoo X guilty parties



A Star Wars Holiday Special… because flower wreath crowns and terrible Christmas sweaters are universal X)

Happy holidays friends, and may the Force be with you! :D <3

Peeping Tom

When I was twelve years old I peeped into a girl’s window for the first and last time.

I lived in a pretty boisterous area of town, not too far away from the nearby college. Right down the street was a house leased to a group of maybe five to six girls. The neighborhood didn’t mind them, they didn’t have crazy parties or trash the place. In fact one of them had a habit of bringing my mom cookies, as a thank you for being so welcoming to the area.

It’s how my brother Elliot got the idea in the first place.

Carla was honestly really nice. Had a great smile, always had a joke to crack, and was even nice to me. However, Elliot had a different thought process, having two years of age on me and a little less respect.

“Carla has rainbow polka dot panties, you know.”

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GUYS as a certified San Francisco Person ™ i can tell u that SF in the morning can get cold, like really really foggy and ass cold. so sarek, a vulcan used to hot dry temps, lived in SF (bc ambassador things!!) and so he probably dressed up in enough cold weather clothing in the mornings to look like a Vulcan Sweater Burrito. imagine.

enter Amanda Grayson, who is a badass and whom i would marry if she weren’t already married to Vulcan Burrito Man. she decides to learn how to knit, bc no boyfriend of hers will walk around SF freezing his pointed ears off. she knits him a Terrible Sweater. sarek begins to own more than one of them. 

and he WEARS THEM. maybe even to work, where his colleagues are like :O but don’t say anything bc sarek is a Big Scary Vulcan and you can’t really call a guy out for wearing something his gf, whom he worships, made him.

basically i want you all to imagine sarek walking around SF with his gf, wearing some truly awful knitted gear bc eventually she makes him hats and gloves and socks too. it’s a beautiful sight.

(also: spock wears some interesting sweaters in the first two aos movies. perhaps….amanda made them??? idk but we all know kirk digs spock’s fashion sense)