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It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.

Rhett and that cactus sweater sure do make quite the prickly pear. One could even say he looks sharp in it. Sorry if these puns succulent… What do you say we move on to some Rhett + cacti appreciation? 🌵💗

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24 Days of Christmas: Chris-Mas *Chris Evans x Reader*

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Day One

Summary: Ugly Christmas sweaters & Baking Cookies.

You grinned happily at your boyfriend, giggling at the sight; it was a truly wonderful sight to behold. Six-foot-one, over a hundred and eighty of pure muscle, freshly groomed beard that still didn’t hide the sulking pout. He was wearing one of the ugliest Christmas sweaters in the world. It was that deep green, the neck and sleeve cuffs lined with bright red, a picture over the broad chest of a tree. What made it ugly were the little different jingling bells, the hood it had for some reason that had a huge bell dangling, it also plays, ‘Have a holly-jolly Christmas’.

“If you take a photo-“he’s cut off by the camera shutter sound of your phone, your light giggles in your own equally, as terrible Christmas sweater. Only to him, you look cute, the snowman made from some itchy fluff like material, the protruding carrot nose. “If I knew dating you would lead to our first Christmas wearing ugly sweaters, I may have reconsidered getting your number!”  

You scoffed putting your phone away and skipped up to his side, he was still wearing the pout as he looked down at you. You leant up on your tippy toes, he instinctively leant down, and you grinned when you quickly snapped the thing onto his head causing him to jerk up into a straight standing position. You laughed at the sight, you had put reindeer antlers on his head and he looked positively adorable.

You clicked the button of his sweater and sang to him, “Have a holly jolly Christmas; it’s the best time of the year. I don’t know if there’ll be snow but have a cup of cheer. Have a holly-jolly Christmas; and when you walk down the street, say hello to friends you know and everyone you’ll meet.

“You’re way too into this.” Chris sighed teasingly and wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you to him; you chuckled as he dipped down, the light movement causing the bells to jingle softly between you both. He silenced you with a gentle kiss to your lips, beard tickling your cheeks and chin as he brushed a few strands of your hair behind your left ear.

“We got cookies to bake,” you mutter against his mouth and he just hums in agreement, making no effort to stop kissing you or allow you to pull away to breathe, not that you needed to yet! You exhaled softly through your nose, pushing him lightly off. “Christopher Robert Evans, we have to bake cookies for your nieces and nephews!”

He sighed with an eye roll, grinning at you. “Fine, let’s bake some cookies.” He stomped off to the kitchen with you skipping behind him, humming the godawful Christmas song.

The baking process was long and difficult, even more so, with the giant oaf known as Chris. He claimed to be an expert baker, you couldn’t see how since all he has done is complain and whine about not being able to eat the mixture. After much work, you were finally able to put the cookies into bake for fifteen minutes.

“Ugh, I got flour all over me!” You huff holding the sweater away from your body and showing Chris the white, powdery splotches. He chuckled at your little pouty face, “we’re meant to wear these on Christmas Eve at your parents!”

Chris widened his eyes, “Like fuck are we wearing these! Christmas photos, Y/N. Do you really want your first Christmas photos with my family to be in that?” he asked with a quirk of an eyebrow, you opened and closed your mouth a few times.

“Good point.” You murmur.

He nodded crossing his arms and leaning against the counter, knowing smirk on his handsome face, you often wondered if the line between punching or kissing him would be crossed one day.

“I just realised something, wanna know what?” You lean into his side and looks down at you, a small puff of air leaving him and blowing your hair lightly.


“This is my first Chris-mas, get it!?” The look of pain on Chris’s face lets you know he got it and didn’t exactly enjoy it. “Chris-mas presents and Chris-mas dinner!” Then Chris’s face flashes of amusement and you know he’s thought of at least, twenty inappropriate jokes. “Don’t even go there, Evans.”

He held his hands up in mock surrender, “I didn’t say anything, yet!” He was chuckling and you sighed, checking on the cookies. “Boston sausage is usually served on Chris-mas.” He mutters and snickers to himself, you turn around, trying to glare at the man-child.

“Not funny!” You slap his chest and he’s still laughing at his own joke, you sigh and slightly chuckle beside him with an eye roll. “You’re lucky I love you!”

Still laughing to himself he leans down and kisses your cheek softly, holding your hip with one hand and pulling back to goofily grin at you, you sighed and wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for an actual kiss.

(Day One, hope you’re excited for the nest 23 Days! Countdown to Christmas Eve with me, with various Christmas inspired One shots. - Rosalee)

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“No…” Came Harry’s unwavering response after pulling his hands away from his eyes; staring with a hard expression toward the horribly knitted sweater covering his bed. “No.”

“Dad, c’mon! It’s part of the fun.” Jesse cut playfully as she shoved at his shoulder and pointed toward the terrible reindeer sweaters you were both currently wearing. “We’re all doing it.”

“You know…” You began as you stepped forward and ran your fingers over the scratchy fabric of the Santa Claus beard that had been covering most of the bright, red sweater near the foot of the bed. “If you hadn’t been a complete dick about decorating the lab, I wouldn’t have needed to take such drastic measures.”

“I wasn’t a di-”

“You’re practically the Grinch.” Was your response.

“I’m not the Grin-”

Dad, you stole the star off the tree and hid all of Cisco’s Christmas mugs.” Jesse quipped, jerking a thumb over her shoulder and gesturing toward the cortex. 

“Grinch…” You supplied again with a smirk just moments before pointing toward the bed. “So, Santa Claus it is!“

Crossing his arms, Harrison breathed through a rough sigh and said, “I’ll wear this on one condition…”

“That sounds dangerous.” Cocking an eyebrow, you tucked your hands into your back pockets and shrugged. “Okay… I’ll bite. What do you want?”

 “You have to wear that lacy little…” He tried through a low rasp before waving a finger toward your torso and doing nothing to stifle the smirk curling through his lip. “That one thing you have.”

“Would that put you in good spirits?” You purred, you voice lowering in a way that made his head tilt to the side as if he needed to catch the sound and hang onto it for dear life.


“Ugh, don’t be gross.” Jesse started, scrunching her face up into a horrid sneer.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Convincing Harrison to Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters*

(1) @trinity23rose: I’m going to try sending a request since it seems like fun:DWhat about the reader turning grumpy-grinchy harry into happy harry during christmas? 

(2) @killrfrosts: So here it is : “Imagine convincing Harrison to wear matching Christmas sweaters” I can see the most ugly and cheesy one of course hahaha. Maybe you can include Jesse along with them too? :)

(3) Request: Something with Harry and the reader and lingerie! ANYTHING I BEG YOU! PLEASE!

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It’s Christmas Eve and Cas isn’t even sure he’s invited to stay in the Bunker over the holiday. Dean is determined to enjoy Christmas with his newly restored family and to mend bridges with Cas. But first they need to buy the worst Christmas sweaters in the world.